I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 459


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I don’t know how long it took, when Hodge opened his eyes again, he had gradually accepted reality.

The famous black light technology he certainly knows, and he also knows the existence of Xingtian project, which is a bionic prosthetic project developed by black light technology last year.

Then the rest is easy to infer-I had some accident in that chase, so I came here.

But this also means that some very bad conditions have appeared in my body…

In front of him is still the pure white, clean and transparent laboratory. The light in the laboratory is so bright that it makes people dizzy. But for this discomfort, his eyes do not feel any, even looking directly The light source has no effect at all.

“Director, the patient is awake again.”

Before he could think about anything, another woman’s voice came from the side. He wanted to turn his head to look, but found that his body was still unable to make any actions.


The familiar voice came, and Dr. Todd’s face appeared in his field of vision. The other party lowered his head and looked at him kindly, “Did you sleep well this time?”

“Tell me, what happened to me?”

Hodge swallowed and solemnly asked, “Why can’t I act by myself, why should I wear this damn thing, what happened to me?”

Doctor Todd was silent for a while, and then looked at Hodge’s body data, and then replied, “Sooner or later you need to face reality anyway. If you can stay calm now, I can let you take a look. You will understand afterwards… but are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m pretty sure!”

Hodge was a little excited and nodded, “I want to know everything.”

Seeing this, Dr. Todd stopped talking. He just pondered for a while, and then said to the assistant next to him, “Get ready, ready to disassemble the XTN-118 police bionic armor.”

Speaking, he suddenly waved his hand, and the waiting virtual screen appeared directly in front of Hodge, so that Hodge could see the whole picture of his body without having to sit up.

Up to this time, Huo Genius saw his current body for the first time. In his eyes, he is now wrapped in a layer of pure black armor. This suit is tightly stitched and even his fingers are wrapped. At the same time, there is a perfect ergonomic streamlined shape, which seems to be synonymous with violent aesthetics. It looks cold and murderous.

As an embellishment, there are red and blue fluorescent lines on the armor, which is the exclusive color for police use worldwide.

Huo Qiming remembers that his body is definitely not so good. This suit looks like he has a height of 1.9 m or more, and his hands are long and legs are in line with the golden ratio of the human body. The muscle feel is just right, inverted triangle. Her figure is neither too bloated nor slender.

“This armor seems to be quite higher than myself…”

Huo Qiqiang said with a smile, until now, he still had some unrealistic illusions.

“It is normal, after all, it is not your original body.”

Doctor Todd glanced at him slightly.

Huoqi’s heart sank before he had time to ask again. Suddenly, a few manipulators rose automatically from the place he was lying down. These manipulators, like the fastest workers, began to dismantle his body quickly. The legs, then the arms, and finally even the small half of his lower body was removed…

When he saw this, Hodge was already short of breath, his eyes widened, he looked at the screen in front of him incredulously, and muttered, “God, this is not true!”

“Sorry, this is indeed true…”

Todd regretted, “You may have forgotten the situation at the time because of the traumatic stress effect. You were in a car accident. Your body was burned to 100%, and your limbs were burned to coke. For this reason, the local hospital I had to undergo an amputation operation. Now whether it is your eyes, nose, mouth or skin, we have recovered after a long period of repair.”

Hodge has been paying attention to his body until he heard Dr. Todd’s words, and he subconsciously looked towards his face. This look immediately made him eyes shrank, only to see that his face had already changed , The whole head is bald, neither the eyes nor the nose look a bit like me, but a stranger…

“No, damn, damn, damn!”

Hodge murmured with his lips trembling.

But the disassembly not at all was completed. After his limbs were dismantled, the other two manipulators suddenly moved up and began to dismantle Hodge’s chest armor at the fastest speed. When the abdomen and chest armor was removed, Finally, Hodge finally saw his whole picture…

Looking at the monster wrinkled and wrinkled on the screen like a stick, Hodge was completely stunned.

“We transplanted you a set of bionic lungs, implanted bionic tubes, bionic eyeballs, and performed anal reconstruction surgery on you. It’s a pity that we can’t do anything about your reproductive function…”

Doctor Todd sighed, “I know it’s hard to accept, but… let’s face it.”

Hodge closed his eyes slowly. He gritted his teeth and didn’t want to look any more.

When Dr. Todd saw this, he removed the virtual screen in front of him, and said, “You can take a break first, and then we will bring you food to let your stomach gradually recover. After all, you have I slept for three months.”

“Then, you need to cooperate with us to conduct various data tests. If the tests pass, you can return to the police post, or even return to your own life…”

“Please let me die…”

However, just as Dr. Todd was talking about the next plan, Hodge spoke suddenly, his voice was dead gray, slowly said.

“Please let me die, please.”

hearing this, Todd paused, he shook the head, and his expression gradually became serious, “Listen, child, I know how desperate you are now, but please believe me, black light technology is capable of bringing you back Yes, would you believe it?”

“Black light technology has done a lot of impossible things, such as using stem cells to make people young again-just like me, you may not believe it, in fact, I am seven and 13 years old.”

“Similarly, maybe in the near future, stem cells will be able to grow independent organs, such as a hand, a leg, or even…”

Doctor Todd paused, continued, “You may have to wait five years, or ten years, or even longer, but you have to understand that now that lifespan generally begins to artificially extend, humans will slowly Obtain a more long-lasting lifespan. This is a policy that the whole world is pursuing, especially those developed continents. They are eager to extend the technology of the’aging reversal treatment project’ to everyone in their country, so as to alleviate the aging phenomenon To alleviate the human crisis…”

“So, you can wait until that day, even in the past ten years and 20 years, don’t worry, because the life span of human beings will be greatly extended in general, and it is a high-quality young life, rather than old age. Slow lifespan!”

“Trust me, this day will come sooner or later, when the time comes, you can regain the ability of limbs and even reproduction with biotechnology!”

On hearing Dr. Todd’s words, Hodge opened his eyes. His eyes were full of movement, and he looked towards Todd with hope, “Are you true?”

“Of course it is true. The bionic prosthesis is just a transition. After all, no matter how good it is, it cannot replace the human body. Therefore, this is an inevitable development direction of technology.”

Doctor Todd kindly said with a smile, “And I can promise you that black light technology has been studying the technology of directly cultivating stem cells into complete organs. It will not be too long before completion…”

Hearing these words, Hodge seemed to have ignited the flames of survival. He was nodded, as if he had made an agreement with Dr. Todd, and then said again, “Let me take another look… “


Doctor Todd agreed, and then the virtual screen appeared in front of Hodge. In the screen, he was lying on a bed-like instrument, and behind his head, there seemed to be several wires connecting With.

“This is a nerve conduction line.”

Doctor Todd seemed to know what he was thinking and said directly, “They go directly into your cerebral cortex, read your consciousness, and transmit these signals to your limbs to replace your spine to work, so that you can Get active.”

“I remember a few months ago, didn’t a VR brain control technology appeared? It can directly receive signals from the brain.”

Hodge frowned and asked.

“That’s just an external brain-computer interface, there is still some delay.”

Doctor Todd lightly said with a smile, “It’s okay to play games, but it doesn’t mean it can be used for combat. It’s like a wireless mouse, no matter how sensitive it is, it cannot be compared with a wired mouse. Apart from this, The anti-interference ability of wireless cannot be compared with that of wired, so please rest assured that we are not trying to do anything in your brain.”

Hodge did not continue to ask questions.

Seeing this, Doctor Todd gestured to the side. Suddenly, pieces of black armor returned to Hodge’s body like piles of wood. Soon Hodge became a full-body armor again. Looks like.

“I release you now, you should also try to control this new body.”

Doctor Todd said, seeing Hodge nodded, he pressed the button again. Suddenly Hodge only felt his body loose and his body regained control.

He sat up slowly, and at the same time there was a mechanical turning zhi zhi sound within the body. Hodge raised his hand blankly, looked towards his hands, and touched various objects around him. This kind of special touch is directly passed into the mind.

“This set of XTN-118 police bionic armor on your body is made of carbon fiber ceramic composite material, which can resist rifle shooting within ten meters.”

“Excellent impact resistance can also protect your body and internal organs from the impact of bullets.”

Doctor Todd stood in front of Hodge and said with a look of appreciation, “You can even jump from a height of ten meters without worrying about being hurt. This suit comes with support The system can also automatically adjust the center of gravity in midair to protect your head from landing.”

“This kind of touch…”

Hodge murmured, “It’s amazing.”

“So you meant this.”

Todd replied, “We used nano-bionic neuron technology to make this armor sense pressure and touch like skin. If your armor is damaged, you can also sense the pain in the corresponding part, so you In order to better judge whether the opponent’s attack is dangerous.”

“Then what’s in front of me?”

Hodge lifts the head. He stared at Dr. Todd. In his sight, Dr. Todd was drawn out of a box. Not only that, but a row of data popped up below, including Dr. Todd’s height, Weight, heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.

“This is the ability of the bionic eye that we installed for you.”

Doctor Todd replied, “It is equipped with a combat system, which can estimate a lot of data, including analysis of weapon data, enemy threats, etc., and even photography and video playback functions. When you catch criminals, you will I know how convenient this system is.”

Hearing these words, Hodge just shook the head, and at the same time he started to support the equipment under him with both hands and slowly stood up.

“Be careful, it may be a little uncomfortable to walk for the first time.”

Doctor Todd took a few steps back, watching Hodge stand up like a toddler, and then slowly stepped out.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Just a few steps away, Hodge’s posture gradually became familiar from the very beginning.

“Very well, it seems that you are very suitable for this body.”

Doctor Todd encouraged, “It’s perfect.”

As Hodge tried to walk, he looked at all around uncomfortably. At this time, he had discovered that this bionic armor was indeed much taller than the previous self. He was only 1.8 metres tall. Now it is at least 1.9 m, and when he came to the mirror, he realized that the armor was really beautiful.

Seeing the other party’s self-observation, Todd couldn’t help shook the head. He wouldn’t tell Hodge that the reason why this suit is so beautifully designed is to catch criminals, and more importantly, to use this image to the outside world. Promote.

In other words, Hodge and the others are actually more like a face-saving project. Their real combat capability is not even comparable to an ordinary XTN-003 military robot, but their cost and maintenance price are XTN-003. Ten times or even dozens of times.

At this moment, the doorbell of the laboratory rang suddenly, and Dr. Todd looked subconsciously at the surveillance screen at the door, only to see two other robocops similar to Hodge were already standing outside the door. The black man named Bray even had a cream cake in his hand.

“Child, it seems that your friend came to see you.”

Doctor Todd said with a smile.

“Who are they?”

Hodge also saw the two people on the screen. He was frowned and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“They are the same as you, because they are in a situation similar to yours because of the fight against crime, and then they are treated by us.”

Doctor Todd replied, and then said, “Since your friend has come to see you, then you should also go out. Come with me now…”

Speaking, Dr. Todd put down his work and walked out of the laboratory first.

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