I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 460


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In a desolate small county in Africa, four men wearing black stockings and AKM rifles raged in the only bank in the city.

Several customers hugged their heads and huddled in the corner, while two men gathered around an iron door leading to the inside of the bank’s business window.

“Everyone raise their hands, come on! Whoever is not obedient, I will shoot him in the ass!”

“The people inside listen, open the iron door for me now, or I will kill the hostages!”

Kang Dang!

The bank manager had no choice but to open the iron door. Then, with a loud kick of the iron door, the iron door was kicked open directly. A man walked up to the bank manager and suddenly raised his hand. The butt smashed the opponent to the ground!

Suddenly, there was a cry from the hostages.

“Now, everyone will roll me into the lounge next to me, if you want to survive!”

The remaining two armed robbers drove everyone away, let them enter a lounge, and then locked the door of the lounge. Until this time, everyone moved quickly.

“Put the money here in the wallet first, hurry up!”

“Has the bomb in the vault been installed?”

“Ready to detonate!”


Then, there was another noise, and then the whole bank shook violently, blocking the vault door and being blown up…

At the same time as it exploded, the bank finally automatically sounded the alarm, but at this moment, except for a robber who was responsible for guarding the gate, all three of them rushed in.

When they came out again in two 3 minutes, the bag in front of them was full of green bills.

“Go, go now!”

Almost without stopping, the three of them prepared to charge ahead with the people guarding the door, but before they could take a step, a few police cars stopped outside the gate of the bank, blocking their way completely.

“Damn, why do these police officers come so fast!”

Seeing the police car that appeared suddenly, the four of them immediately drew their guns and fired. The raging fire was poured out, and several police cars were sieved!

Fortunately, a few policemen were hiding quickly. These policemen got out of the car and saw that the other party was holding a rifle, not at all hiding behind the police car, but hiding in shops across the road, and then they survived.

The two police officers who were hiding behind the police car were directly killed on the spot.

“Reinforcement, call for reinforcement!”

“There was a robbery at Finroche Bank. We were attacked by violent firepower. We request reinforcements!”

The remaining policemen hid in the opposite shop, not daring to show their heads at all, they could only shoot at the bank while calling for reinforcements.

For a time, the two sides fought back and forth, but the three police cars and a private car at the gate of the bank were completely scrapped.

“Damn it, our car!”

A robber suddenly realized something. He quickly looked next to the bank, only to see that the car they were going to use to escape had unexpectedly blown the tire of the other party.

The three police cars have also been completely scrapped. Now, they can’t leave at all.

“Listen to the police on the opposite side, we have six hostages in our hands. If we are not allowed to leave, we will kill the hostages now!”

Realizing the bad robbers started to take a hostage out of the lounge, put him in front of the bank, and pointed his gun at the other’s head, “Let us leave now!”

However, what they got in exchange was not a compromise, but all around more and more police cars.

So far, the bank has been completely surrounded by the police, and has entered the longest confrontation between police and robbers.

At this moment, the sheriff at the scene kept contacting his superiors, “We have surrounded the robbers, but they have hostages in their hands, we dare not act blindly without thinking!”

“Yes, I am holding them down…”

“What, BHB Men’s Police Team?”

“I understand that I will definitely delay the arrival of the police force!”

Silently hung up the phone, the sheriff took out his horn and stood behind the bunker, loudly shouted, “The people inside are listening, now release the hostages immediately, disarm and surrender, our Namibian police will not compromise, now release the hostages immediately !”

“Damn, boss, they don’t eat this set!”

In the bank, the four people were already anxious like ants on a hot pot. Among them, the robber who pointed the gun at the head of the hostage shouted inside, “They don’t seem to care about the safety of the hostage!”

“Impossible! Continue to tell them that we give them ten minutes. If they don’t withdraw from this street within ten minutes, we will immediately kill the hostage in front of them!”

Among the robbers, the strongest robber loudly shouted, “If ten minutes are up, you will kill this hostage! I don’t believe they will not retreat!”

Following the order of the robber leader, the robber who was in charge of negotiating shouted out the conditions. Suddenly, the sheriff’s heart became tense. After thinking about it, he finally opened the mouth and said, “Our police understand , Give us 20 minutes of thinking time, and don’t hurt the hostages within 20 minutes! Otherwise, we will rush into the bank at any price!”

“No, it must be ten minutes!”

The robber in charge of the negotiation was immediately frowned. He knew that the longer the time, the worse, so he insisted on the time and never let go.

However, when the two were constantly arguing across the street, all of a sudden, everyone just felt that the top of their heads was darkened, and something seemed to be blocking the sun.

at first, this robber thought it was a cloud, not at all taking seriously, until his peripheral light seemed to see something flashing past, then he subconsciously lifts the head, but he saw that a ship had An aircraft the size of a bus appeared above the crowd, blocking the sunlight at the entrance of the bank.

Immediately, a few palm-size drones flashed past the bank door, and when he wanted to find it, the other party flew out of his sight…

“What is it!”

This robber heart startled, he didn’t have time to think about anything, suddenly he only felt saw a flash, and then he completely lost consciousness…

A bullet directly penetrated the wall in front of him and hit his forehead…


Everyone in the bank was shocked. They were just about to raise the guns in their hands, but at this moment, a few people suddenly slammed into the side wall, and a tall soldier wearing black iron armor hits him. After breaking their side wall, before two of the robbers had time to react, their shoulders were directly pinched by the opponent!

In the next second, the two robbers directly rolled their eyes and trembled violently as if they were overcharged!

Seeing that all three of his subordinates were planted in an instant, and the remaining robber leader ran away, but before two steps were taken, the ceiling above his head suddenly began to shatter, and another armored soldier dropping from the sky, stand in front of him.

“die for me!”

The eyes of the leader of the robber were completely red. He took up the rifle in his hand and moved towards the armored warrior who was blocking his way!

da da da da da…

A series of violent gunshots came, but only a fire star burst out of the armored man’s body, 7.62 bullets with a kinetic energy of more than 2000J, even the opponent’s armor could not penetrate!


Until all the bullets were shot out, the robber leader still pulled the trigger, but he fully realized that he had failed…

Until this time, the mask of the armored warrior in front of him was completely bounced, revealing a face like a sword and axe, and the other party was righteous and stern: “Boswell, male, three 16 years old. , In accordance with Article 370 of the Namibian Criminal Law, you are suspected of violating robbery, dangerous crimes, crimes against personal safety, and possession of illegal fully automatic weapons. Now you and your comrades will be arrested. You can remain silent, but every word you say will become evidence in court!”

The man spoke loudly and forcefully, while directly grabbing the hands of the robber leader, the next moment and silver white handcuffs appeared in his hands.

A vicious robbery incident was completely calmed down without any hostage casualties…

In the next second, this scene was directly frozen, and then suddenly turned around, there appeared three armored warriors posing in silhouette——

The three stood in front of the ruined bank gate, with shattered glass on the ground and a police car shot into a sieve in the background.

Only at this time can I see that the three armored warriors have uncovered their fully enclosed helmets, revealing three heroic faces, and the three of them also looked at the screen in front of them, as if they were watching each one. The audience is average.

At this time, there was a burst of solemn and heavy orchestral BGM resounding at the same time.

Under the three people, the three-letter LOGO of BHB flashes, and the words in the row below-“All battle scenes are real, taken by micro drones, please do not imitate”.

Next, the picture turned into a close-up of the three people. The first thing that appeared was the man with a three-dimensional face that looked like a sculpture. He slowly turned around and looked towards the camera with a solemn expression, “BHB never asks how many criminals are. Just ask where the criminal is!”

Then, a bald black man, he also looked towards the camera and said in fluent English, “Try to race against time, every second will pass, innocent citizens may lose their lives!”

Finally, there is a slightly childish face of a teenager, he has a solemn expression, nodded and said, “Try hard to fight against all forms of crime. Justice may be late, but it will never be absent!”




The next second, the three of them spoke in turn, each uttering a word, and then the three of them extended the hand at the same time, and three manipulators filled with metallic feel were stacked on top of each other, and they shouted in unison, “We It’s-the BHB police team!”

At the same time, BGM has reached a climax.

“Yeah! So handsome, the BHB police team, they are simply my idols!”

At this moment, an adolescent boy in North America in front of the computer exclaimed excitedly, “Dad, Dad, I will join the BHB police team in the future, and I will also become a superhero!”

At the same time, in another city in North America, several youngsters who were watching a video while drinking Coke were also dancing with excitement. One of them was sticking out his tongue and posing like Brooks, “Damn, Brook So handsome!”

“Hodge is also handsome, isn’t he?”

Another young white teenager also shouted, “He is the youngest of the three and the strongest of the three!”

“What are you talking about nonsense, is it clearly that Bray is the strongest?”

Following the quarrel between the two, a black teenager also joined the argument. “Bray is a role model for us blacks. He is the most vigorous and has the most criminals arrested!”

“Nonsense, obviously Hodge is the strongest!”

“Shut up, Brook is the best!”


Not only offline. At this time, the entire network is also full of various words related to BHB. At this time, this video has been on the top of the tubing for a whole day, and the amount of playback has exceeded 500 million. Mark, and under this video, there are hundreds of comments breakthrough, and people keep asking [What is this video? Which promotional movie is it? What is BHB and why do you always see it in recent days? 】

Below this question, there are more than 50,000 likes and more than 30,000 likes, and the answer with the highest number of likes is this:

【BHB, is a public welfare activity organization of the Xingtian project of black light technology recently. The Xingtian project transforms a group of disabled police officers into super soldiers wearing mechanical armor for free, so that they can punish rape and eliminate evil. BHB is the abbreviation of the names of the three of them, they are called Brook, Hodge and Bray. 】

Many people followed this answer in a thread: [Yes, don’t look at these three fighters so powerful, in fact, their life experience is very miserable, all of them are pitiful persons…]

[Upstairs, why did you mention the word “poor”? BHB does not need anyone to be pitiful, they are all superheroes and evil nemesis! 】

[Support, we don’t need anyone to be pitiful in the house, he is a true powerhouse! 】

Of course, some people support it, and some people oppose it.

[What heroes, what super fighters, they are no longer humans, but robots! We humans should be wary of them, wary of black light technology, because it is destroying all of our humanity! 】