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“Well, we have worked hard for the three members of the BHB police team. We will leave the next site investigation to us.”

With four robbers dead and three injured, the bank robbery finally came to an end, and three BHB team members wearing black armor also left the camera.

At this time, the sheriff also greeted him and shook hands with the three of them, “You are the pride of Namibia, buddies.”

“Sergeant Elson is welcome, this is what we should do.”

Among the three, Brook, as Captain, was the first to smile and replied, but the sheriff always felt that the handsome, sculptural man in front of him had an inexplicable gloom.

Standing in front of the three non-human beings, he unconsciously fought a cold war, and then quickly nodded to the three of them, and began to get busy with his work.

At this moment, the sound of a helicopter propeller from far to near, everyone heard the sound, but saw a large transport helicopter capable of carrying more than ten people flying from the sky, and then landed on the side plan. In the clearing.

Then, a woman wearing an OL outfit with a fiery red hair and a fiery figure walked angrily on high heels.

“Uh…it seems that our Great Princess Lord seems a little unhappy…”

Seeing this, Bray, among the three, immediately took a half step back. He spread his hands and looked ridiculous.

And Hodge is also somewhat guilty. He coughed and was about to walk to the side.

“Hodge, Bray, you two stop me!”

However, before the two of them strayed away, the woman walked over on high heels, making them stiff.

Until this moment, the woman completely stood in front of the three of them.

Compared with the height of 1.9 meters and five for three people, the woman wears high heels only about 1.8 meters, the height difference is nearly 20 centimeters, but her aura does not lose to three people at all.

I saw her looking up at the three of them. Suddenly, Hodge and Bray lowered their heads in unison. Only Brooke was expressionless, looking at the woman calmly.

“Austin, what are your dissatisfaction with this operation?”

After looking at each other for a few seconds, Brook finally spoke and solemnly asked.

“Do you still ask me if I am not satisfied?”

The woman is frowned, she is coldly snorted, shaking her hair, “Brook, how did we teach you during the training? Try to keep the life of the suspect, this is the most basic one, but why did you kill this time?”

“Do you know that in the operation the day before yesterday, because you killed two suspects on the spot, 20% of the public opinion in that operation turned negative!”

“Captain is not to blame this time.”

Hodge quickly explained, “Ms. Austin, the suspect had taken hostages at the time. If we can’t kill with one shot, the hostages will probably be harmed. So Captain’s customized strategy is one strike certain. kill, otherwise once the hostage dies, public opinion will be more serious!”

“Then you can’t think about other methods?”

The woman called Austin was a little crazy, “We black light technology invested hundreds of millions of dollars in each of you. Do you know how much our company has lost to killing a suspect? And as yours Agents and spokespersons, how much pressure do I have from public opinion?”

“That’s about your black light technology, Ms. Austin.”

Brook frowned, coldly said, “We are the police in Namibia, and black light technology is only a cooperative relationship. It is your business whether black light technology is lost.”


Hodge quickly grabbed Brooke, “Captain, don’t be so heartless, after all, we were saved by black light technology…”


Brook is now sneaked, stepping over the woman’s side, and moving towards the helicopter.


The woman turned her head abruptly, her chest rising and falling violently with anger, and with her red hair, she had a unique charm.

“Hey, Austin, don’t care about Captain, you know his character.”

At this moment, a pair of iron hands suddenly came from behind and pinched the woman’s shoulders, seeming to help her release her anger, while Blay’s voice followed, “Austin, I like your angry look ……”

“Bray, if you don’t want to continue to try the performance of being debugged half a month, just take away your bad hands!”

The woman coldly said.

Bray was hearing this, retracting his hand like an electric shock, and said, “aaaaaah! I seem to have forgotten one thing, I will go now!”

Speaking, as if he was greatly frightened, he quickly moved towards the helicopter and ran away.

So far, only the red-haired woman and Hodge are left.

“Hodge, you are the most honest, you tell me, did you judge the armor-piercing bullet just now or was it Brooke’s order?”

Austin turned his head and asked Hodge questioningly.

“Of course…”

Hodge scratched his head, wondering, “I judged myself, sorry Ms. Austin…”


Austin is in hot pursuit.

“If you don’t believe me, you can watch the video playback we uploaded.”

Hodge replied, “There is really no other way this time, this is the way with the least loss.”

“Well, then I will believe you again.”

Austin was nodded, she was shrugged, “Well, let’s take a plane and go back. I hope that after this video is released, there will be no that many people questioning us, otherwise my bonus this month will be gone. ……”

“Ms. Austin, watch out for the gravel under your feet…”

Hodge was secretly relieved, and quickly helped him walk towards the helicopter.


When the helicopter flew back to Life Sciences City, there were already a dozen reporters gathered under the helicopter. These people rushed up before the helicopter stopped. They scrambled and quarreled and blocked the helipad .

“Mr. Brook, what do you think of killing two suspects last time? Would you feel guilty?”

“Mr. Bray, what do you think of the international public opinion on you?”

“Mr. Hodge, Officer Hodge, what kind of case was this operation, success or failure?”

Naturally, the three of them will not be surrounded by a crowd of reporters, and even before the security guards next to them disperse the crowd, the three of them rushed out of the crowd with great strength.

Seeing the unforeseen digging from the three of them, many reporters had to point their cameras at Austin, who was still in the helicopter, “Ms. Austin, as the agent of BHB, can you tell me about this Is the action within the body content?”

“Is there any casualties in this operation? Will it be made public in the form of a video?”

“Ms. Austin, may I ask…”

Listening to the buzzing sound like a fly in her ears, but Austin’s complexion was completely different from before. While keeping a smile, she suppressed everyone’s questions, “Everyone, reporters! This action It’s perfect, I can’t disclose the details, but if you’re interested, you can log on to the official website of black light technology or YouTube’s BHB channel, and we will immediately release the video of this action!”

The reporters became even more excited when they heard this news, but before they had time to ask more questions, a large group of security guards rushed up and pushed the group of reporters aside to protect Austin from leaving quickly…


When the outside world was full of heated discussions, the three of them had already sat in the recording room. According to the process, they watched the editor constantly replaying the previous actions, and at the same time, a staff member would ask the three of them what they thought at the time. The three of them answered one after another.

These questions and answers will also be edited into the video clips after the operation.

When the later work was completed, more than three hours passed before it was completely over amid Bray’s complaints.

“Every action is nothing. The key is that we will always do these vain things after the action. I feel more troublesome than the action itself…”

The three of them were walking on the way to the dining hall. Bray beat his back waist while complaining, “Damn, my granite panther armor still needs some detailed adjustments. The armor center seems a bit forward. Pour, my kidneys are almost broken…”

When he came to the cafeteria, Brooke kept his face as cold as ever, and ordered a few steaks under the gaze of the employees, and then sat in a corner alone and ate.

This canteen is also the canteen of the Biological Research Center. Although the three of them are police officers and are not affiliated with the black light technology, but because there are only enough technology and equipment to repair and supply, the three actually Still need to live here.

Only when large-scale criminal activities such as bank robbery occur in Namibia, the three people will go to the scene with a fast drone capable of flying at the speed of sound.

This kind of drone is controlled by a computer and can fly at low altitudes, but it cannot take off and land vertically. If the passengers on it want to land, they must jump off the drone. Therefore, there are only three Robocops from Hodge This drone is allowed to quickly rush to the scene.

At this moment, a black girl who appeared to be only 17-18 years old and dressed in nurse clothes ran over. She took a page and a pen with a shy face and handed it to Brooke. Mr. Brook, I, I am your loyal fan, can you sign me?”

Brook lifts the head and looked at it, but at this time, he didn’t have the righteousness in front of the camera. He just lightly took the other party’s pen and paper, and then directly shredded the paper in the other’s cheerful eyes.

The girl was stunned. She stared at all of this, and she forgot to leave for a while.


Bray hurriedly stepped forward. He pulled the black girl over and whispered, “That guy has always been like this. You don’t have to take seriously. If you don’t dislike it, can I sign you?”

“No, thank you…”

The girl broke free of Bray’s hand and ran away crying.

Hodge watched this scene, shook the head, and sat beside Bray with his own food. “Bray, if you have a handsome face like Captain, maybe a fan girl will ask you for an autograph. “

“Nonsense, there are so many people who want me to sign!”

Bray unconvincedly picked up his phone and turned on Twitter. There were hundreds of message records. “Look, there are so many people replying to me. Do you think I will be short of girls? Not only do I not lack, but I My nickname, Granite Panther, has been announced. This is my current name!”

“You will be scolded by Ms. Austin if you tweet so casually.”

Hodge honestly said, “After all, now we have attracted the attention of the whole world. According to Ms. Austin, we have become superheroes. You should have also watched Spider-Man. His uncle There is a saying-the greater the ability……”

“The more likely it is to fuck a white younger sister!”

Bray suddenly said with excitement, “Of course I have watched it. I watched all the superhero movies as early as when I was tuned in performance, but it seems that the “Black Panther” starring us black people is the most powerful. , The only regret is that he didn’t fuck the white younger sister. This is something I’ve never understood. Why didn’t he fuck…”

Actually, the three of them not only have the BHB channel on YouTube, but also each have their own official Twitter. From time to time, the three of them are asked to post some short videos to put up. The short content ranges from legal science popularization to answering fan questions.

Listening to the other party’s words, Hodge was speechless. He no longer persuaded the teammates who were minding their own business to start eating.

After the meal was over, the three of them had not had time to get off work, and saw Austin reappearing, she looked at the three with a cold face, “Prepare, there will be a press conference next, about today’s For the task, I will transfer the speech report to your computer.”

Hearing these words, Bray suddenly yelled. While he said that he was unwell and needed to be adjusted, he lay down directly on the ground and said that he didn’t want to get up.

Brook is even more frowned. He looked at the time and then said with a cold face, “Now it’s time for get off work, I haven’t seen my wife and children half a month before, and I promised that they would stay with them. Sunday.”