I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 462


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This is the first time Brooke has acted on someone other than criminals.

At this moment, Hodge looked embarrassed looking at Brook and Austin who had completely turned their faces.

He was originally innocent by nature. Although the previous trauma made him suffer, black light technology had thought of this a long time ago and assigned them a dedicated psychiatrist who would conduct psychological treatment two to three times a week.

After the treatment, Hodge felt much better. Although occasionally he was frustrated by his physical defects, he slowly began to pin his hopes on this new career——

Becoming a world-famous superhero, this is his until now dream.

The other team member, Bray, is the one with the best mentality of the three. Even if his limbs are amputated, he is not desperate. Now after getting this opportunity, he is gearing up every day, shouting for fans. Both are the highest scores.

Blake, as Captain, belongs to the strongest of the three.

Before his disability, he was the trump card of the police force. Both Spear Art and melee ability are far superior to ordinary people. The handling of the case is even more meticulous. It is only two years of disability that brought him huge psychological trauma and changed his personality. It was gloomy and twisted.

At this time, just when everyone did not know what to do, they didn’t know that everything that happened had been transmitted back to the BHB command center through the surveillance system on the armor.

The BHB command center is under the newly established BHB department of black light technology. This department on the surface is the logistics department of the BHB three people. In fact, it is a propaganda department that integrates logistics, planning, and operations. Make a name for it, so that the name “BHB War Police” can be transmitted to the entire international community.

At this time, in the BHB command center, the sirens broke out loudly, and an inspector loudly shouted, “Oops, Brooke’s physiological characteristics are in an unstable state. He is irritated!”

“What happened?”

“He attacked Ms. Austin!”

“Quickly, notify the manager and gentlemen in charge!”

Following the noise of the crowd, within two or three minutes, three department executives came to the command center, but at this time Brook had already left Austin.

“What happened?”

The middle-aged man who is the head of the Central Europeans frowned and asked.

“Brook attacked Ms. Austin just now. The situation is endangered, but it is all right now.”

An inspector replayed the video recording just now and then said, “We originally planned to shut down Brook’s bionic armor urgently, but he later let go of Ms. Austin, so we didn’t do it at all.” /p>

The three people hearing this looked at the replay on the screen. When they saw Brooke lift it up with Austin in one hand, everyone’s complexion didn’t look good.

Brook dares to treat Austin who represents black light technology like this, and he can treat everyone like this.

“That Brook has a big psychological problem.”

The middle continent man frowns saying, “I have read his information. His psychological evaluation was four times. Three of them failed. The last time he passed was the possibility of finding out the psychologist’s routine and actively concealing it. He has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance. In this case, he really shouldn’t have him enter the BHB police team so quickly.”

“No way, the money is always rushed.”

The bald man next to him spread his hands, “And at the beginning, didn’t you think that the psychological problem was just a small problem? You are a department manager. Without your signature, he would not just go through a few psychological counseling sessions with the other two. People set up BHB in a hurry.”

“hmph! What about now?”

Coldly snorted, dissatisfied with the Nakasu man, “Such a serious psychological problem and disobedience to our management will make us very passive. If this incident goes out, it will only make money feel that we have no management ability. If it happens What’s wrong, we should pat our ass and roll back to our original department.”

“Actually, the matter is said to be big, but not small.”

At this moment, the third middle-aged man suddenly said, “Let’s do it, Austin’s insulting the BHB players is wrong, and Brooke dared to attack the ordinary person. It must not be tolerated, but it must not be a big fan. To punish him, we can talk to him, let him understand that we hold his life and death, and then threaten and lure him, let him be completely obedient!”

“This is the only way to go.”

The middle continent man was nodded, pondered then said, “We all got up from the bottom step by step with great difficulty, and only then became the manager and supervisor of a department. Although the BHB department is a newly established department, we face us from above. The expectations are great, and it must not be stained because of this.”

“So, let me do his thought work myself…”


Brook glanced at Austin, who collapsed on the ground and almost fainted. He only felt that the frustration in his heart was vented. He was sneaked, turned and walked out of the corridor, despite Hodge’s constant calling behind him.

However, just as he entered the elevator, arrived in the underground parking lot, and was about to drive away, the communicator on his armor suddenly ticked.

It was not someone else who received the communication request. It was Liu Zhijian, the department manager of the BHB department.

“Damn it!”

The time of his free activities was interrupted again. Brook suddenly showed a furious look. He slammed the wall, and immediately the wall in front of him made a bang. A large cloud of smoke dispersed, and a huge depression appeared in Brook before!

With just one punch, the wall formed by the load-bearing wall was pierced by Brooke, and the deformed steel bars inside are vividly visible.

After venting the inner anger, Brooke connected to the communication, only to hear a low voice from the communicator, “Brook, come to my office now.”

“Okay, I will come now!”

Brook suppressed his anger and returned to the elevator.

Five minutes later, when Brook came to the door of the department manager’s office, he was about to knock on the door, and he heard the voice again, “The door is unlocked, just come in.”

Brook hearing this pushed the door in and saw a man from Central Europe sitting behind a huge expensive desk, staring at himself expressionlessly.

This Central European man is about three and 15 years old. He has a slightly fat body, flat face, and slightly shifted hairline. Apart from this ruddy complexion is obviously the reason for frequent maintenance.

Seeing the man putting on airs in front of him, Brooke suddenly said coldly, “Manager Liu, you’re looking for me?”

“Come, please sit down.”

The man called Manager Liu pointed to the opposite chair, and then pressed one of the buttons on the table, “Xiao Zhou, come in and pour tea.”


Brook waved his hand, coldly said, “If anything, I don’t want to waste too much time here because I am going to be with my family.”

Mr Liu didn’t mind when he heard this sentence, but just said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll just say it.”

Speaking, he took out a thick contract directly from the drawer and threw it on the desk, while looking serious, “Mr. Brook, I know you belong to the Namibian police, but don’t forget, you and black light Technology is also an employment relationship. The contract you signed clearly states that you are obligated to cooperate with the activities arranged by black light technology.”

“I know.”

Brook glanced at the contract on the table, but in his eyes, legal clauses began to appear automatically. After looking at these legal clauses, Brooke continued to open the mouth and said:

“During this time, I checked the laws of Namibia and found that some of the treaties in this contract did not comply with Namibia’s Labor Law, including the 24-hour standby clause.”

“It was mentioned in the labor law that, except for some important departments in some countries, private companies should not squeeze the rest time of citizens. Strictly speaking, my working hours should not exceed 12 hours, but I have been on standby at the company seventy two More than hours.”

As the legal clauses in his eyes were quickly swept away, Brooke continued, “Apart from this, there are also some clauses that seriously violate the laws of Namibia, and even the Constitution of Namibia is also violated, such as the thirty Article twenty six in paragraph two, Article 13 in paragraph 45, Article 8 in paragraph 57th…”

Listening to the other party’s words, Liu Zhijian’s expression gradually became hard to look at. He asked in an incredible way, “You are crazy, do you know what you are talking about? Do you want to break the contract?”

“Of course not.”

Brook shook the head, “black light technology gave me a chance to be reborn. Of course I won’t requite kindness with enmity, but in this contract, I almost become black light technology from head to toe, including the name , Signature moves, mantras and even appearance… If the contents of these contracts are exposed internationally, I think the reputation of black light technology is not good, so I hope to revise some of the terms of the contract.”

“Not only that…”

Brook continued, “As the core of the whole department, our BHB men are the core of the whole department. Compared with the investment of billions of dollars in the whole department, our compensation is too small, and the employment fee is so small that’s all, but I hope to get the department. Share dividends, so that we can pay more attention to the BHB department, and hope that Manager Liu can consider it…”

Hearing Brooke’s string of requests, Liu Zhijian looked at each other as if he were a lunatic, “The three of you are all standard contracts. If you change the others, don’t you have to change it? You’d better not consider this. As for shares Dividends are more impossible, even I do not have the right to receive project dividends!”

“In this case, there is nothing to say.”

Brook looked cold, “black light technology and I are a cooperative relationship. I am not an employee of black light technology. From now on, I will only work here in the same way as the police station. Please don’t give me more I delegate work, and even if I perform the task of fighting crime, I will only execute it according to the plan I made, and will not obey the orders of black light technology.”

“So you still have to breach the contract?”

Liu Zhijian looked at each other as if he was an idiot. A trace of pity flashed through his expression. He finally understood that because Brook was paralyzed on the bed in the past two years, and his family was too poor and the information was blocked, he had no idea about black light technology. What does each word mean.

However, Liu Zhijian could not say clearly about this. He could only coldly said, “Mr. Brook, if you insist on doing this, the company will probably hold you accountable and take back your bionic armor!”

Brook is even narrowing his eyes when hearing this. He got up from the chair and walked forward step by step, “Are you threatening me?”

Hearing this sentence, Liu Zhijian was shocked. He saw how the other party taught Austin, but when he saw a red emergency button on the desktop covered in a transparent lid, suddenly I must have said in my heart:

“Mr. Brook, this is not a threat, but a piece of advice! I don’t think you want to go back to the life where you could only lie in bed and couldn’t move, right?”

“I believe you have the right to take back the bionic armor.”

Brook nodded, and then asked, “But if this step is reached, it means that the BHB police team has been stained, and it is also equal to the black light technology’s early stage propaganda of hundreds of millions of dollars. I think when the time comes Liu Can’t sit down in this position as the manager?”

Speaking, Brooke turned around and moved towards the office.


Seeing that the other party is about to leave, Liu Zhijian’s heart is cold. No wonder the other party dared to negotiate terms with him. It turned out that he didn’t want to make things happen if he was right, but he knew that dealing with such a person must not be controlled by the other party. Otherwise it will cause no end of trouble.

Thinking of this, Liu Zhijian quickly opened the crystal cover on the desktop and pressed fiercely on the red button!


There was a rush of sirens. The next second, Brook only felt that his body instantly lost consciousness. His movements were directly frozen in midair, and then he slowly fell to the ground because he lost his center of gravity.

“What’s going on!”

At this point, Brooke finally showed a panic expression in his eyes, “Why is my body…”

“Mr. Brook, this is not your body.”

Liu Zhijian took a deep breath. He stood up, walked directly to Brook and squatted down, “Since you have read the contract, you should understand that this bionic armor belongs to the company. You just borrow that’s all, we have Take back the right to bionic armor!”

At this time, Brook finally panicked, and he began to struggle, “You can’t do this, it’s illegal! Damn it!”

“If you think that black light technology can be threatened by investing hundreds of millions of dollars, you are wrong.”

Liu Zhijian was cruel in his heart. He directly pinched Brooke’s mouth to stop the chatter of the other party, “I hope you’d better not mess with me, and be your Robocop, so you are good and I am fine.” /p>

“If something really happened, I would be dismissed at worst, but you don’t even have the body that you finally got. You can only be as dirty as Austin said, like a fat pig Roll in the pigpen!”

Hearing these words, Brooke, who was still struggling, suddenly stiffened and fell silent.


Seeing that Brooke didn’t answer, Liu Zhijian gritted his teeth and only heard a slap. He slapped the opponent directly in the face.

“I understand!”

Brook nodded, then lowered his head.

“Very good.”

Liu Zhijian exhaled, stood up again and returned to the desk, and then pressed the red button again.

Suddenly, Brook’s body regained consciousness again, and he rolled and got up directly from the ground, then looked towards Liu Zhijian with a cold expression.

“Any questions, Mr. Brooke?”

Liu Zhijian put his right hand on the button and stared at him, a drop of cold sweat slowly ran down his forehead.

However, Brooke not at all replied. He just took a deep look at Liu Zhijian, then pushed the door open without looking back, and turned and left.

Liu Zhijian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead until he saw Brook completely leave from the surveillance, and completely relaxed.

“Unexpectedly, I haven’t had a fight since I was in elementary school, and now I want to use violence to threaten others…Sure enough, the benevolence, justice, etiquette and wisdom of Zhongzhou District will not work in the outer area…”

Thinking of this, Liu Zhijian couldn’t help but shook the head with a wry smile, and then fell into deep contemplation.