I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 509


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A few days later, Chen Chen looked at the information from the fire star scientific expedition team, revealing a looking thoughtful expression.

At this time, many things about the fire star have been announced simultaneously. Under the intentional guidance of the Earth Federation, all mankind focused their attention on the fire star mission. The landing of Fire Star Into Cultivation drew countless cheers, and now, the fire star scientific research station has sent a news that shocked countless people——

On fire star, there is life!

And it is definitely not primordial eukaryotic life, nor is it single-celled life, but a multi-celled life similar to Earth!

This alone triggered a carnival feast for the entire Earth Commonwealth biological community.

The Four Great Continents district did not conceal any information from the returned information, and decided to disclose it frankly to the entire world, including fire star data, biological types, geological structure, etc. These data are not available in the Four Great Continents district Any concealment was announced, and it was praised by the whole world.

But there are reasons for this. The first is the most basic strategic purpose, which is to create a good reputation and maintain the image of the Four Great Continents District in the Earth Federation.

Of course, this is only one of the reasons, and the real reason is-Ares is a black light technology-led operation, and the black light technology was delivered to the Four Great Continents area three years ago. , Has exceeded the scope of the Earth Federation’s overall technology for decades…

In other words, even if the fire star data is released, it does not make any sense to other continents and countries, because apart from the Four Great Continents area and black light technology, no forces have the ability to launch spaceship to fire star.

This is the real reason the Four Great Continents District is willing to share information with the Earth Federation.

At this moment, Chen Chen looked at the thick pile of materials in his hand and waited ten minutes before slowly lifting the head.

“My Godfather, do you realize that the life on fire star and the seabed life on Earth seem to be somewhat similar?”

Little X asked suddenly.

“It’s more than similar.”

Chen Chen nodded, “The multicellular organisms found in the fire star underground lake can even be said to be homologous to the Earth deep-sea organisms, with a genetic similarity of more than 50%. Is it true that the people have guessed That way, in the past fire star is indeed a planet with civilization. Later, because of destruction, it brought life to Earth. Is fire star really Earth’s place of origin?”

“It may be just a coincidence. After all, we have only found low-level species, but we don’t know how much difference there are between high-level species.”

Xiao X explained, “But what you said is indeed possible. Maybe fire star is really related to the origin of life in Earth and the explosion of life in the Cambrian…”

The so-called Cambrian explosion of life is also known as a big unresolved case of paleontology and geology, and the reason is that it was about 540 to 530 million years ago in geological Academically considered to be the beginning of the Cambrian, a large number of invertebrate fossils suddenly appeared in the Cambrian strata over a period of more than 20 million years.

However, in the earlier and more ancient strata, the obvious ancestral fossils were not found at all, just as those invertebrate fossils appeared out of thin air…

This problem has been plagued by the biological academia since Darwin, because no reasonable explanation has been found so far, it has been called the “Cambrian explosion of life” by paleontologists.

However, these problems are not important to black light technology. At this time, Xiao X said again, “These problems may be discovered after we conducted a lot of inspections on fire star. The information is too one-sided, and it will take about three to five years before we can get more comprehensive and accurate information about fire star.”

“No, I’m not thinking about these.”

But Chen Chen suddenly shook the head, and he showed thoughtfulness, “I am thinking about it is still too long to go back and forth with the fire star in seven days, especially if it costs us to build a spaceship of Ares. In the case of tens of billions of dollars, if we want to achieve sufficient efficiency, we need to find a new way to fire star.”

“Do you mean…send?”

Xiao X was stunned for a moment, then opened the mouth and said, “This is difficult, the most optimized is the black ball Gantz in “Killing City”, but even so, we have prepared for a long time and paid a lot. Moreover, the black ball Gantz is limited by equipment, at most it can only be transmitted inside the Earth, and cannot be transmitted across the planet, unless we can create a Gantz server as huge as the Himalayas, so that the server’s signal can cover both the Earth and the fire star, but that Things that are impossible…”

“Of course I know this.”

Chen Chen laughed, “At the beginning, due to the energy limitation of the USB flash drive, we could not extract a large enough device, so we had to choose the black ball Gantz, but now it’s different. As we and Four Great The Continents zone jointly restores the super tokamak reactor, and we can also increase the charging speed of the U disk by several times. Therefore, those devices that were too large and discarded can be included in the selection, right?”

“You mean, the time machine in “Terminator”?”

Little X asked tentatively.

“That kind of device can be considered, but it is not the best choice.”

Chen Chen thought for a while and thought, “In addition to “Terminator”, there are many similar transmission devices in the history of movies, and now we detect the fire star scene, which reminds me of a very suitable device Come…”

“You mean… “Doom”?”

Little X asked.

“Nothing wrong.”

Chen Chen hearing this snapped his fingers, “The time machine of “Terminator” is actually a parallel Space Teleportation device at present, I am afraid it will be difficult to function, and “Mysterious Court Academecian”, “Interstellar Trek” etc. When the transmission device in the movie is either too illusory to be recognized by the USB flash drive, or it destroys the continuity of consciousness, I am afraid that after the transmission is passed, it will be another self, so I can’t rest assured of this, so it is only the “Doom “Only meet my requirements.”

“Doom” was originally called “DOOM”, also known as “Duke of Destruction”. It was originally a science fiction-themed Number One Person called a horror shooting game. It tells the story of the future human beings found a door on the fire star, and it After opening it was released a large number of terrifying monsters, and these monsters turned out to be the demons in the Bible.

This game was eventually adapted into a movie in 2005 because of its cross-generational status and huge number of fans. However, unlike the setting of the devil in the game, the enemy of the movie is set A monster produced for human experimentation.

The plot of the movie tells that in 2026, humans discovered a special device left over from an ancient civilization on Earth. This device is called “Ark” and its function is to transmit. The destination of the transmission turned out to be fire star.

So in order to study the “Ark”, the national forces blocked this secret and established a research station on the fire star. Only then did they discover that there were humanoid remains on the fire star. Obviously these humanoids are fire. Aboriginal people of star.

Through genetic research on the fire star aboriginal people, humans found that most fire star people have the same genes as humans, and they have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but some fire star people actually have the 24th Pairs chromosome.

Humanity has discovered through research that this 24 Pairs chromosome has amazing power. The fire star with 24 Pairs chromosome is much faster than ordinary people in terms of strength, reaction ability, life force or healing speed after injury, almost equal to Superman.

However, according to the continuous investigation of the fire star research base, humans have gradually discovered that this 24th Pairs chromosome still has strong side effects, that is, after most people get the 24th Pairs chromosome, they will mutate and lose their minds. It is a mixture of zombie and monster, only knowing killing, without any emotion.

Only a small number of people can adapt to this 24th Pairs chromosome.

But even so, because most human beings have a certain tendency to violence. Deep in one’s heart has a dark side. After getting the 24th Pairs chromosome, this violent tendency and dark side will be infinitely magnified and become a loss of self. But kill Human Demon wisely.

Only a handful of humans with integrity can resist all the side effects of the 24th Pairs chromosome and become a superhuman being.

From this point of view, this 24th Pairs chromosome is like a mixture of T virus and American team serum. On the one hand, it can infect humans and become zombies and monsters. On the other hand, it can strengthen humans. The physique and character make good people become better and evil people become evil.

According to the story of the movie, after discovering that the 24th Pairs gene of fire star people has such a powerful advantage, the country also began to allow people in the fire star research station to study the 24th Pairs chromosome, which eventually led to the monster in the fire star research station Loss of control caused a series of disasters.

Chen Chen once thought about whether to try the enhancement method in the movie “Doom”, but think about Chen Chen but PASS dropped. After all, people have self-knowledge, if that chromosome is given to Chen Chen , He is basically impossible to become the kind of reinforcement man who is the protagonist of the movie, but the probability of becoming a human Demon is infinite.

After all, everyone knows that Chen Chen is not a good guy like the US team.

even more how The 24th Pairs chromosome is basically the same as the T virus at the level of physique enhancement. Chen Chen is naturally impossible.

At this time, these thoughts flashed through Chen Chen’s mind, and then he said, “This is the case now. Although “Doom” is a game adaptation, it completely changes the background in the game. A fantasy work has been changed to a science fiction work. In that case, I can try whether the USB flash drive can recognize it.”

Just do it, Chen Chen went directly to the protective charging room where the USB flash drive was stored, but saw the USB flash drive that had just emptied all its power more than a month ago. At this time, he was constantly braving strangely. The red light illuminates the whole room in a gloomy darkness, and at the same time, an arc of half a meter in diameter can be seen faintly surrounding it.

This is the most common “corona” effect.

However, with the arrival of Chen Chen, the charging process of the USB flash drive was quickly stopped. That was because the reactor behind the USB flash drive was quickly stopping power generation.

The red light inside the USB flash drive that lost its charge quickly dimmed, and then turned to pure black again. However, unlike before, on the surface of the USB flash drive, it began to sparkle again stand up.

It’s like there is a starry sky in the U disk…

Chen Chen knows that this situation will only occur when the internal charge is a lot, and this situation will never happen when he first obtained the U disk.

This is the problem of the efficiency of the charging method. Before Chen Chen built a nuclear power plant, the amount of charging power for a few months was only a pitiful little bit, but now four or five high-power nuclear fusion reactors with tens of millions of kilowatts At the same time, the electricity absorbed by the U disk each hour is equivalent to a giant international city that consumes more than one day.

Even so, it will take at least three years to fill the USB flash drive, which is enough to show how terrifying the capacity of the USB flash drive is.

Chen Chen stepped forward, gently pulled out the USB flash drive, and then said, “Although it has only been charged for one month, the current one month is enough to withstand the past several decades, and at least a few hundred tons of material can be ingested. There is no problem, it should be enough to get what I want…”

Speaking, he walked into the transfer room with the USB flash drive, and when a burst of blue light flashed, Chen Chen had arrived at a new location.

This room is as vast as an assembly hall. The interior is empty, with only giant steel pillars leading directly to the roof, and all around walls are made of steel, without any entrance or exit.

Obviously, this is a Danger Land.

This place is a new test site that Chen Chen ordered Xiao X to build after the last U disk test overturned.

The purpose of this venue is also very simple. After three years, when the USB flash drive is filled again, Chen Chen will open an Einstein-Rosen Bridge again and create a foreign world that belongs only to him. .

But now, this hall has a new purpose.

At this time, in front of Chen Chen, a writing desk has been set up, and there is a laptop computer that is not connected to the Internet. Chen Chen walked up, but saw that the computer was turned on and the desktop was on. There is only one file, and that is a movie in AVI format.


Seeing the name of the movie, Chen Chen was nodded. He slowly sat down, sitting in front of the computer, then took out the U disk and gently inserted it into the USB port on the side.

After the computer recognized the USB flash drive, Chen Chen decisively opened the USB flash drive letter, and then he gently dragged the movie on the desktop into the USB flash drive.


With a light sound, one more movie was successfully released in the USB flash drive!

“Doom” was actually recognized by the USB flash drive!