I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 511


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At this time, as Chen Chen arrived, two Dark Knights who were in charge of guarding the passage immediately stepped forward and saluted Chen Chen.

Chen Chen clicked nodded, but then he heard a footstep on the ground behind him, and saw a bionic person in the image of a little girl transported from the opposite side of the passage. She was wearing a floral dress and she was still in her hands. Holding a weird mechanical device.

This device is a cube as a whole, like a Rubik’s Cube, but there is a blue-glowing gap in the center of the device. From the gap, you can only see the blue inside, and there seems to be neon lights in it. Flashing.

Immediately, the little girl said in a sweet voice, “Your Excellency Commander, long time no see, I am X-112.”

“long time no see.”

Chen Chen nodded with a smile.

X-112 is one of the commonly used Avatars of Little X. Like her sister X-111, it is another personality copied from Little X, except that X-111 is usually responsible for the daily life of the Minaret Experimental Base. X-112 often goes to the foreign world together with Chen Chen to break through those high-tech programs.

For example, the silhouette of X-112 can be seen in the first plane of Resident Evil, the plane of Bliss Space and the plane of Killing City.

As a distinction, X-111 is an electronic adult female voice without any emotions, while X-112 is a childlike voice that maintains a little girl.

“I have linked all the Dark Knights of the Doom Plane. At present, we have controlled the Ark Experimental Base and killed 35 security personnel, eight researchers, and captured 163 researchers. , Among which is included Court Academecian, Dean of Ark Experimental Base.”

X-112 continued, “Now I need to break through the main program of the Ark and make this place completely our territory.”

“Go ahead and leave me alone.”

Chen Chen clicked nodded, and then the little girl immediately moved towards the metal gate on the side, but at this time the metal gate had completely cracked a big opening, as if it was forcibly broken by something, and you can still see To the densely packed bullet holes.

At the door, a Dark Knight is on guard with a gun.

Chen Chen followed behind X-112, only to see her as if she was very familiar with this place moved towards one direction, walking through several narrow passages and passing through several destroyed airtight doors After that, Chen Chen’s vision finally widened, and they came to a vast hall.

At this time, the hall was already full of densely packed crowds, and next to them were teams of Dark Knight with guns. These people expressed fright, and looked towards Chen Chen who suddenly appeared, all with a frightened expression.

At this time, X-112 walked straight to a hair grey-white Elderly, she walked to the other person, and at the same time said in a sweet childlike voice, “Karsh Court Academecian, hello, now young man, you go with me. Ark control room, thank you for your cooperation.”

“Who are you guys…”

But this Elderly didn’t do anything. He just looked stern and said, “Do you know what you’re doing? Are you provoking the entire human confederation? To do this kind of thing, this World will not have Your place!”

Chen Chen on the side can’t help but tilt his head when he hears this. In other words, in 2145 AD where this World is located, human beings are indeed united into a whole, but the name of this whole is different from the reality, called the Human Federation. .

Hearing the other party’s rhetorical question, X-112 continued to talk nonsense, and another Dark Knight rushed forward directly. It grabbed Elderly’s hair and dragged him towards one direction!

This sudden violent behavior immediately triggered a new round of uproar among the crowd. Several female researchers screamed, while several male researchers stood up angrily, trying to stop the Dark Knight’s brutal actions .

However, they only had time to stand up, and suddenly there was a low buzzing sound. These researchers exploded directly from their waists, and blood and internal organs spilled over everyone behind them!


Another round of screams broke out in the crowd, but when Dark Knight pointed their guns at them, they could only hold their heads tightly and squat on the spot and whispered.

“Stay where you are, otherwise everyone will die.”

A trace of blood splashed on X-112’s face. While smiling sweetly, she looked around at everyone, and when she saw that everyone was absolutely silenced because of fear, she took the lead in moving towards a destroyed place. Go to the gate.

The Dark Knight clutching the hair of Court Academecian of Karsh followed closely.

Chen Chen followed X-112 all the way to the tallest and heaviest gate. At this time, the gate was also torn apart by the bomb, and the center of the two tightly-sealed gates was exploded with a diameter. A large hole more than two meters away, the section of the entrance of the hole is even, and there are even signs of melting.

When Chen Chen walked in with X-112, he saw a room full of countless screens and countless control devices.

Obviously, this is the main control room of the laboratory, as well as the central control system of the Ark Laboratory.

“Here we are, Karsh Court Academecian.”

X-112 said softly, and at the same time the Dark Knight on the side released his hand, Karsh Court Academecian immediately stood up, he rubbed his hair, and a touch of fear appeared in his eyes, “What do you want, and human Are federal negotiations?”

“I need your permission to turn off the firewall of the Ark Experimental Base.”

X-112 said, “I hope you don’t refuse Court Academecian, Court Academecian.”


hearing this, the Karsh Court Academecian complexion changed, he quickly backed away, directly on the console behind him, “My authority can only control the security and daily operations of the Ark base at most, but I did not make the base not resist. Even if I kill it, I can’t do it!”

“Of course I know.”

X-112 walked to the Court Academecian in Karsh and said softly, “But I will do the rest by myself. You only need to reach the 1st Step.”


Kalsh Court Academecian immediately loudly roared, but his voice stopped abruptly at the next moment!

Because, in his eyes, he saw the little girl in front of him stretched out her right hand and inserted it straight into a GUGI socket in front of him. At the same time, the little girl’s slender fingers stretched out with a complex structure. The plug, that plug seems to have life, it is constantly changing its shape to fit the GUGI socket!

In just a few seconds, X-112 seemed to succeed in finding the right shape, and then a sweet smile was awakened at the corner of her mouth, and at the same time she turned to look towards Chen Chen, “Your Excellency, I have successfully invaded the Ark Inside the experimental base, the firewall here is being breached.”

“What about him?”

Chen Chen looked towards Court Academecian, who was already dumbfounded.

At this time, Court Academecian of Karsh heard X-112’s words, and he looked towards Chen Chen in shock. He had no idea that the little girl was a robot!

However, this shock only lasted for a moment. In the next second, X-112’s left hand was also lifted, and a piece of wire-like device suddenly protruded from the palm of her left hand. At the same time, the wire suddenly charged. In the next second, it plunged into the back of Karsh Court Academecian’s head like an arrow from the string!


Kalsh Court Academecian uttered a scream, but the scream only appeared in the throat and was quickly reached. Then, the expression of Karsh Court Academecian quickly became sluggish, and then suddenly turned to face the console in front of him, and brought it Said in a mechanical voice:

“I am the Court Academecian of Karsh, and the identification number is 3627. Please close all firewalls of Ark immediately…”


Sure enough, after hearing the voice of Court Academecian in Karsh, there was a mechanically synthesized electronic sound in the main control room. Just listen to this voice, “The Ark Experimental Base is identifying… The line is correct.”

“Recognizing the iris system…Iris anastomosis, please put your hand in front of the inspection table…”

Following that voice, Karsh Court Academecian extended the hand with a dull expression, slowly placing it on the console in front of him.

“The palm prints match, the DNA matches… the order content is being processed…”

The electronically synthesized voice continued, “All permissions have been displayed, and your control records have been recorded…”

Before finishing talking, X-112 suddenly closed his eyes!

Suddenly, a harsh alarm sounded in the entire main control room, “Alarm, alarm! Unknown intrusion, restarting the firewall!”

“The restart failed, the enemy has invaded the 1st floor firewall, and the 2nd floor and 3rd floor firewalls are being activated!”

“The 2nd floor firewall has been breached, and the 3rd floor firewall has restarted successfully!”

“Alert, alert! The 3rd floor firewall has been breached, the enemy invaded the central system…”

The sirens came one after another, X-112 closed her eyes, she connected to the main control room with one hand, and controlled the brain of Court Academecian of Karsh with the other.

“Alerts, alarms, the Ark’s secret experimental base was attacked by unknown hackers, ready to cut off the power!”

Suddenly, such a voice came from the main control room.

“Reject order!”

But just as this voice came out, Karsh Court Academecian suddenly uttered, interrupting the execution of the order at the Ark Base.

“Command conflict, the command has been uploaded, request the superior…”

When the electronic synthesis voice said the word ‘advanced’, it suddenly began to lengthen as if it were a pitch shift, and the pitch also quickly dropped, and then all the lights in the main control room suddenly went out and then flickered again!

Until this time, X-112 opened her eyes again. She turned her head and looked towards Chen Chen, “Your Excellency Commander, I have successfully controlled the Ark Experimental Base.”

Speaking of her, she withdrew her left hand directly, and Karsh Court Academecian immediately fell to the ground like a dead dog, convulsing constantly.

“Good job.”

Chen Chen suddenly laughed. Obviously X-112not at all disappointed him, but then he suddenly changed his words, “In fact, it is a pity that these researchers should be able to play a great role if they bring back reality. .”

“I’m just the Avatar of X, so I inherit the style of X.”

X-112 said with a smile, “And these habits of X, I think you should know who you learned from.”


Chen Chen felt helpless. He turned and walked towards the outside world. At the same time, he instructed, “Copy all the data contained in the Ark and bring it back to Earth, and you will keep it here and open the door to the outside world!”

“What about you?”

X-112 asked quickly.

“I will go to the outside world to take a look.”

Chen Chen walked out non-stop, “Appreciate this world in 2145 in the future.”

Speaking, Chen Chen left the main control room directly. He came directly to an elevator. The elevator door opened automatically after detecting Chen Chen, and Chen Chen walked in directly.

“Wait, your commander!”

But in the elevator room, the sound of X-112 came directly from the overhead speakers. At the same time, a Dark Knight wearing PK armor quickly walked over. He took off the armor directly in front of Chen Chen and placed it. Hand it to Chen Chen, “Be careful, Commander.”


Chen Chen did not refuse. He directly took the metal arm guard and put it in his hand, and then a sound of mechanical locking came out. The black arm guard quickly shrank, and the originally huge arm guard was directly attached to Chen Chen’s arm. !

At the same time, a deep buzzer sounded, and the blue light formed by the plasma flashed rapidly, and quickly moved towards Chen Chen’s whole body.

Before the elevator was closed, Chen Chen was already covered by PK armor…

A hot mask covered Chen Chen’s face, and then the elevator began to rise. Obviously, the Ark Experimental Base, like the minaret, was located deep underground.

“Your Excellency Commander, there is a good news and a bad news. Which one would you like to hear first?”

X-112’s voice came from the headset again.

“I listen to them all.”

Chen Chen’s brief replied.

“Well, the good news is that I have connected to the outside world through the information here, and analyzed the technological strength of this world. Because of the third world war, the level of human technology in 2145 is not at All is greatly improved, especially weapon technology, not even equal to me. They are not even in the real world. They have not even used robots and bionics on a large scale, so we are not inferior to each other in terms of military force.”

“What about the bad news?”

Chen Chen then asked.

“The bad news is…there is not at all the science and technology that store the transmission equipment of the Ark, only the application technology, which means that the technology of the Ark has not been completely cracked even by the humans of this plane, they are just The legacy of people who use fire star that’s all.”

“That’s enough.”

Chen Chen said indifferently, “Even so, there are many technologies that have value for us to learn from. By the way, do you know how many’arks’ are in this seating area?”

“According to the information in the base, in addition to this one in the Ark base where we are located, and the one on the fire star, there is another one, and that one is located in the UK in Europe.”


“In this case, you contact the human power authorities on this seat and ask them to hand over another set of “Ark” equipment.”

Chen Chen said, “Tell them that if they don’t want to hand over another Ark, I will carry out a natural disaster-level military force attack on this world.”


X-112replied, “At present, more than a dozen special forces are coming here, please pay attention.”

“It came just right.”

As these words were said, Chen Chen only felt the elevator stop suddenly. With a ding sound, the elevator door in front of him opened quickly, exposing a deserted plain outside the door.

On the far side of the plain, dozens of weird and dark “Hell Warrior” helicopters are coming from the sky…