I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 548


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“There is another person…”

After Chen Chen killed Paladin Captain, he immediately remembered that another wizard had fled here, but it was too late to chase after him, and the other party had long since been integrated into the ruins of the city. Looking for it again is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However, from the very beginning until now, six people have been killed. Among them, only one wizard survived in the squad. Another squad also died, a wizard and a rogue. It seems that it should be Fourteen people survived.

Thinking about it, Chen Chen searched the corpses of this group of people and found many bottles and cans. Apart from some potions and some Gold Coins, there are also some things that Chen Chen can’t name. .

For example, some spices and a weird badge, but after seeing the pattern of this badge, Chen Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

This badge is tattooed with a blood-colored rose, blood is still flowing on the stem, and behind the badge, there is a string of numbers.

This is…

Chen Chen turned around and looked towards the top of the hall. The badge depicted on it was indeed exactly the same as this badge!

“In other words, does this badge actually belong to me?”

Chen Chen looked thoughtful, “Then if this string of numbers is correctly guessed, it should be the code for one of the four gates.”

Seeing this, Chen Chen simply packed all of them and put them back in the attic of his castle.

If you want to find these props, you must pass the level of Chen Chen first.

After doing all this, Chen Chen found that the sky began to light up slightly, and a ray of morning light appeared at the end of the sky. Obviously, the night was about to pass, and time ushered in 2nd day.

At the same time, Chen Chen also feels that his strength seems to be a little weak. This is obviously a mandatory buff. During the day, the power of the vampire may be reduced by 10 to 20%.

But Chen Chen thought for a while, he not at all returned to the passage in the fireplace, where it was like catching a turtle in a jar. If he was found by the other party, he might not be able to run, so Chen Chen simply got on. On the second floor, I found a room with a wide view and hid in.

In this way, if someone approaches the castle, he can immediately detect it and prevent them from finding the passage behind the fireplace.

After taking refuge, Chen Chen silently watched the sky start from the emergence of grey dawn and gradually become brighter. The original indigo azure color quickly faded, and the sky became blue like glass, pure and flawless.

As the sun gradually rose, a plume of black smoke suddenly rose at the western gate of the city.

The black smoke rises straight up, and the tall city wall blocks the wind from blowing, but after seeing the black smoke in the distance, Chen Chen couldn’t help being frowned.

The other party knew that it was daytime and restrained himself, so he dared to raise the smoke for cooking?

No, if these people are really a group of well-trained mercenaries licking blood, then they will definitely not make such a low-level mistake. At this time, the black smoke is like a trap. A trap that attracts oneself.

Chen Chen has already noticed that although he is a vampire, even if the ultraviolet rays are irradiated on his body, it will only cause burns to the skin and epidermis. At this time, the wound on his arm has long been unconsciously recovered completely.

In other words, short-term exposure to the sun will actually only cause minor injuries to yourself, and will not turn into ashes at a point like in movies or legends.

And this group of people seems to know themselves better than themselves, or they know the creatures like vampires well.

It’s a pity that apart from the powerful fleshly body strength, Chen Chen also has even more powerful field energy. Most of those people were killed by Chen Chen’s ubiquitous field energy.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen somewhat began to stir. He was thinking about whether he should beat somebody at their own game and kill all the squads near the black smoke. give up.

There are still two nights left, and I don’t need to worry at all, unless the group finds one of the other three badges.

However, this group of people came here after being entrusted to find treasures and kill themselves, which means that unless they have suffered a heavy loss and believe that things cannot be done, they will certainly not leave easily.

As for the consciousness stealer among the crowd, Chen Chen temporarily not at all what special method, it is best to go with the flow and kill this group of NPCs at the same time.

How long did the black smoke not at all rise? It seemed to know that Chen Chen would not be fooled, and soon went out again, and then there was silence as always.

Chen Chen couldn’t see any signs of movement, and no one stepped into the scope of the castle, but at some unknown time, he discovered that the doors of some nearby buildings had been opened and then closed again.

Apparently, the group of people are still searching for clues against themselves in various rooms in the city.

Until three or four hours later, when the sun set again, Chen Chen stood up again and stretched slightly.

The heat of the day faded a little bit, and the familiar power came again, penetrating Chen Chen’s body.

Chen Chen suddenly realized that he seemed to like the feeling of darkness coming.

However, after the night fell, he did not act immediately, but waited for a while in the castle, feeling that not at all people sneaked in before he walked out of the castle, moved towards the west gate where black smoke rose during the day near.

This time, Chen Chen’s speed was not fast. He didn’t see until he walked to the gate that a bonfire was piled up on the ground in front of the western gate. At this time, the bonfire was extinguished and only one after another was left. Smoke, but not at all people grilling food or resting.

Sure enough, the black smoke during the day was a trap.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen moved towards all around and looked at the houses. His field ability swept through the houses without any dead ends, and soon found clues in some rooms.

Chen Chen’s silhouette suddenly flashed, and in the next second he appeared on the first floor of that room, only to see a few scratches on the ground here, it seemed that someone in armor had lay here before. The doors in the room were all open, and there were even signs of violent breaking of the lock.

There is also an iron box in one of the rooms, but the iron box has been opened by someone, and the objects in it are gone.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight…

Chen Chen found a total of eight traces in the houses all around.

If there are eight people, that is to say, the two squads that he finally sensed after killing a wizard and a Rogue?

At this time, Chen Chen already knew that in this group of invaders, there were a total of four squads. One squad was killed with only one wizard, and the other two squads were the eight people today. It seems that Chen Chen has only one squad left that he has not touched yet.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen already has a faint enlightenment. Perhaps the consciousness stealer is hidden in the last squad…

However, given that the opponent has only five points of wisdom, what will it do and why should it hide?

Chen Chen discovered that he might be able to guess the minds of smart people, but he could not guess the minds of such monsters, and no one knew what they were thinking.

Thinking of this, Chen Chen returned to the castle again, but when he approached the castle, he suddenly smelled a strong blood-reeking qi. Chen Chen had never been so sensitive to the smell of blood, but at this time it was in the battlefield of consciousness after all. Although the smell of blood was the same as usual, for Chen Chen, there was a hint of sweetness in the smell of blood.

However, this kind of misleading is not at all too tempting for the determined Chen Chen. He flew straight to the castle and immediately saw a trace of blood flowing from the inner floor of the castle.

Someone seems to be injured.

Chen Chen moved towards the trap inside and took a look. Sure enough, all the spikes flew out on the floor tile above his head, and they were directly densely packed on the ground. At the same time, there were a few spikes missing. Flying, leaving only a pool of blood on the ground.

The line of blood stretched out from the castle, and extended into the group of houses behind him.

Chen Chen’s expression flashed twice. He just wanted to follow the bloodstains to catch up, but he once again had a meal. “Spiked traps were shot from the top of the head. If there is no defense, it will definitely die directly. It is very difficult. Bleeding but alive, even more how the amount of bleeding is not much… In other words, someone is setting up an ambush for this trap again?”

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s mouth raised a smile again, “Interesting…”

He did not directly follow the bloodstain of the line to catch up, but returned to the castle. At the same time reached out and beckoned, the spikes popped out of the ground one by one, and then fell into Chen Chen’s palm like a swallow returning home. in.

Afterwards, Chen Chen walked to the other side of the second floor of the castle, turned the window from behind and left.

At this time, his field power was fully opened, and he tried his best to detect all around people. At the same time, he made a circle from the side moved towards the direction with blood traces. Finally, after traveling hundreds of meters, finally I saw a pile of bandages left over after dressing in a small square.

In the all around houses in the small square, several adventurers are waiting there quietly. Sure enough, this is still a trap.

The first thing Chen Chen found were two scruffy fighters. One of them was only about 1.6 meters tall, but his head was twice as large as an ordinary person, plus a big nose, and he was holding two. giant axe, Chen Chen immediately recognized that this was a dwarf warrior.

The other person is an ordinary human warrior, and not Paladin, because Chen Chen didn’t feel the threat of Paladin in him.

In a residential building near these two people, there is a black clothed man who is ready to go. He wraps himself in black clothed, only a pair of eyes is exposed, and he does not wear anything. Armor, just two scimitars hung around his waist, just like an assassin.

There are already three people in the two rooms alone.

Chen Chen doesn’t know where the remaining people are, but he can think of it. The remaining people are definitely in the house that surrounds the small square, but at this time these people are already horns of each other. Chen Chen is impossible personally. Enter the small square to find the remaining people, and if he continues to approach this group of people, he will certainly be noticed by the other party.

Chen Chen still remembers the distance of 40 meters.

Unless, Chen Chen can get in without disturbing most people…

Thinking of this, Chen Chen immediately narrowed his eyes. He first selected the black clothed assassin, and then he approached the opponent step by step. Although the maximum field ability distance is 50 meters, the control of this distance is no matter what Both accuracy and strength are greatly exhausted.

Forty-five meters, forty-four meters, 43 meters…

When approaching the black clothed assassin at a distance of 43 meters, the opponent suddenly trembled. He quickly stood up, just about to pull out the scimitar at his waist, but his waist was suddenly empty!


There was a sound of metal piercing the flesh, and the black clothed assassin only felt a cold neck, and then a large amount of blood spattered from his neck!

chi chi chi ……

The black clothed assassin struggled constantly, but he couldn’t break free from the invisible bondage. He opened his mouth, but his machete had already cut his throat, making him unable to make a sound.

After half a minute, the black clothed assassin completely weakened, and stepped into death little by little.

Although Chen Chen was far away, he knew that there must be a bloody smell at the scene, and he had to kill as many as possible before others could smell the blood.

So, Chen Chen did not stop. He once again focused on the two fighters who were staying together, and flicked the fingers at the same time. The four spikes moved towards the houses of the two fighters at a slow speed. go with.


The four spikes are like four feathers. They drifted into the building from the cracks in the doors and windows, and silently hovered above the two of them. Until then, Chen Chen lifted them. Raise the right hand, and suddenly fiercely make a fist!


In an instant, the four spikes suddenly accelerated, and got into the opened eyes of the two at a speed that could not cover their ears!



Two screams came from inside the house. Chen Chen not at all continued to kill each other, but immediately retreated and retreated into the shadows behind him.


Sure enough, outside the small square, an angry roar suddenly appeared in one of the hidden buildings, and then a soldier with a white light halo rushed out from it. This soldier was even bigger than the Paladin Captain killed by Chen Chen. He The silver white halo on the body surface is also thicker.

At this time, Chen Chen was already hiding in the shadows. He watched the Paladin rushing forward blankly, but when he saw the weapon in his hand, he suddenly eyes shrank.

The other party was holding the long sword that he first discovered without any embellishments and a simple shape?

Thinking of this, Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became gloomy. Obviously, this long sword was clearly prepared for Paladin, so it hurt himself strongly.

Now, the long sword was actually found by the opponent. As a result, the danger level is definitely soaring. Chen Chen is not even sure that his field can stop the opponent’s chopping!