I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 549


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Seeing the humanoid monster with tentacles in front of him, Chen Chen’s eyes were cold, he resisted the injury on his body, and the field energy turned into a drill directly in front of him, and rushed towards the opponent with an irresistible force. past!


The next second, the consciousness stealer completely turned into a burst of plasma, splashing the entire castle hall!


Chen Chen stood weakly on the spot, staring at the fuzzy mass of flesh and blood on the ground, but immediately, this mass of flesh and blood turned into countless azure spots of light, moving towards Chen Chen and flying over…

Chen Chen took a step back. He instinctively used the field energy to resist these light spots, but the weird thing was that these light spots didn’t seem to have any shape. They passed through the field energy and instantly merged into Chen Chen’s body. !

At the moment of fusion, Chen Chen seemed to see countless pictures. In those pictures there were endless starry sky and huge and vast alien land. At the same time, he also saw a huge black shadow…

The black shadow hovered directly above the planet, and half of its body even submerged under the horizon. Because of the backlight, he could barely see the outline of the black shadow, which was a whole body stretched out by tens of thousands. The tiny tentacles are like the silhouette of a monster made up of endless flesh and blood!

Chen Chen felt that he was about to fall into endless despair and madness just by looking at it!


“The battlefield of consciousness is over!”

Suddenly, the magnificent voice in the sky awakened Chen Chen again, only to hear it continue to resound, “Chen Chen candidate, you have swallowed your opponent and you are returning.”

When he heard this familiar voice, Chen Chen finally relaxed slowly. He was limp on the ground, feeling the change in consciousness silently, but before he was relieved, everything in front of him suddenly made a ka ka sound. Then a trace of cracks slowly surfaced in front of him, as if a mirror was shattering little by little.

Chen Chen subconsciously rubbed his eyes, but found that the scenery in front of him continued to shatter and collapse. At the same time, he heard only a bang, as if the mirror in front of him was completely shattered, and his eyes turned into darkness again.

No, something is wrong!

At this time, Chen Chen’s face suddenly changed after victory. This darkness gave people a very strange feeling. Chen Chen couldn’t tell what kind of feeling it was, as if his consciousness was divided into half. Two copies, each one can sense different perceptions?

What’s the matter?

For an instant, Chen Chen suddenly felt extremely weak. He wanted to sit up, but his head banged against the metal plate above his head, causing Chen Chen to be full of blood.

Chen Chen rubbed his head with some pain. At this time, he had time to open his eyes, but what he saw from the eyes was a narrow, cramped space.

At this time, Chen Chen found himself lying in a coffin-like space. The front, back, left, and right sides of the space were all walls blocked by metal, only two faint red lights were on on both sides of his body.

Am I still inside the dormant bin?

Chen Chen looked at all this with a bit of confusion, but the spirit in his mind became weaker, one after another deep sleepiness hit, but Chen Chen insisted on not letting himself fall asleep, because the world in front of him was presenting Two completely different pictures are presented.

One of them, there are two red lights on all around me, and the red lights barely illuminate the space all around, but the other is pitch black.

What’s the matter, is there a problem in the consciousness battlefield?

Chen Chen showed a look of shock and inexplicability, but before he had time to think about it, the pajamas came in waves like a tsunami.

Soon Chen Chen lost consciousness completely…

Almost at the same moment, far away in the Minaret Experimental Base, the USB flash drive being charged suddenly burst out with a weird white light, and at the same time it melted automatically like a liquid!

When the white light disappeared, the USB flash drive completely melted into a puddle of black liquid. This liquid kept evaporating. When I felt the abnormal little X just switched the viewing angle to the charging room, I saw that the USB flash drive has completely disappeared. !

No one knows where the USB flash drive has gone…


I don’t know when, the weird infectious disease that could threaten the world and destroy the entire human civilization disappeared.

It’s as if someone had pressed the pause button, and the originally aggressive infectious disease disappeared completely. After the bodies of the last batch of dead people were processed, other infected people began to recover their sanity, and there was an uncertain risk of potential infection. All of them turned from danger to safety, and there was no sign of mutation in the isolation room.

at first, the Earth Federation is not sure yet, but as time passed, there were no new infections and no new deaths until 1 month later, and finally everyone was secretly relieved.

In order to determine whether the infection has really disappeared, the Earth Federation also specifically asked Adam, the quantum computer, and Adam’s answer was simple, that is-humanity has not yet faced any crisis of civilization destruction…

This answer is passed to the countries of the world, to the high-level leaders of each continent, but the corners of these people’s mouths only show a bit of bitterness.

Adam, seems to have gradually lost the ability to predict.

Although no one knows the reason, this is an obvious fact. The Adam quantum computer seems to be malfunctioning in some respects. Otherwise, it is impossible to ignore the crises facing mankind today and have no response.

Therefore, this bizarre infectious disease event, which occurred for two and a half months, spread to the world and killed more than 3 million people, finally came to an end.

The infectious disease disappeared so suddenly, as if it came, without any warning.

And those consciousness stealers cloned from the protoplasmic liquid in the meteorite all died at the moment the infectious disease disappeared a month ago. After that, no matter how they cloned, they could never be cloned again.

Even the protoplasmic fluid quickly decayed and lost its vitality.

Just when the whole world was grateful for it, not at all people discovered that a person who had been standing on the front line against consciousness stealers in secret, suddenly disappeared.

Time passes day by day.

One month, two months, three months…

A beautiful-looking young girl waited silently everyday all. She was sitting next to a blue metal coffin, curled up, waiting for the familiar movement inside the coffin.

“di di di ……”

Suddenly, a cell phone placed aside rang, and the girl slowly opened her eyes. She picked up the phone and pressed the answer button.

“Xiaochen, it’s been so long, why haven’t you come home yet? I don’t know if you come to see us?”

On the phone, there was a slightly vicissitudes of woman’s voice, but the weird thing is that although the tone of that voice is a little vicissitudes, but her own tone doesn’t sound old, it seems to be only in her thirties.

“Mom, I have been busy recently. You and Dad take good care of your health. I will be back later…”

The girl opened her mouth, but the voice she made was a male voice.

“Well, hey, you child, don’t tire yourself too much. You must rest when you are tired. Your dad misses you too.”

The woman’s voice continued, “Last time it was parents who were wrong, we won’t force you to find a partner anymore, please don’t be angry with your parents?”


The girl laughed lightly, showing a calm look, “Really.”

“That’s good…”


The call is hung up.

Seeing this, the girl gently put the phone aside again, and then continued to sit on the ground beside her, waiting in silence with her back leaning on the metal coffin.

No one knows what she is waiting for…


Just when the girl closed her eyes slightly and began to close her eyes to rest, suddenly, it seemed like an illusion, a slight noise suddenly came from the metal coffin behind her.


It’s as if someone was knocking on the coffin inside. The girl’s eyes widened in vain. She quickly turned around, widened her beautiful eyes, and seemed to be expecting something.

Ka, ka-cha-chick!

Suddenly, the coffin made a light sound, as if someone had dispatched a mechanism inside, and then I saw the cover of the coffin tremble, and then it slid away a little bit!


The girl suddenly let out a cry of surprise. She quickly looked into the coffin, but saw a young man squinting his eyes slightly. As the coffin opened, the light from the outside came in, and he immediately raised his palm to block it. The outside light.

“Your Godfather!”

Little Goddess looks even more pleasantly surprised. She grabbed the mouth of the coffin and said excitedly, “You finally woke up from your sleep!”

At this time, Chen Chen’s expression was a little dazed. He looked at the happy little X, but not at all any response, instead, his eyes were full of doubts.

“Where am I…”

Chen Chen didn’t sit up, just put his palm in front of his eyes, watching continuously, as if he was looking at something he had never seen before.

“This is the teleportation hall?”

The girl’s surprised expression gradually solidified. Seeing Chen Chen’s unfamiliar expression, she stepped back hesitantly, “Are you the Godfather?”

“I am.”

Chen Chen lowered his palm. He looked towards Xiao X, who was a little surprised and nervous, and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Don’t worry, I have swallowed the Conscious Stealer, you don’t have to worry about that.”

Little X is nodded all the time. Indeed, the infected people from the outside world have all died, and the people in front of him are impossible by consciousness stealers.

It’s just that Chen Chen’s expression is still a little weird at this time, he keeps closing his eyes and opening them again, but the special weirdness still lingers.

Because in his perception, there seem to be two pictures in front of him——

One of the pictures shows the opened sleeping cabin and the small X next to the sleeping cabin, and outside the sleeping cabin is the familiar teleportation hall.

On the other one, it was pitch black.

Chen Chen’s consciousness seems to be split into two parts, one of which has been awakened, but the other is still asleep.

This feeling is so strange that Chen Chen even has an illusion that reality and illusion intersect each other.

“My Godfather, are you uncomfortable in any way?”

Little X asked with concern.

“No, it’s just…”

Chen Chen opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to describe how he feels now. Thinking of this, he didn’t explain at all. Instead, he pulled out his left hand, and at the same time leaned on the sides of the sleeping cabin with both hands, propped up from it. body.

But as he sat up from the inside, he felt the sensation of a foreign object in his left hand again. He picked it up and saw that it was not something else, but a dark U disk without any embellishment.

“This USB flash drive disappeared three months ago.”

Seeing this, Xiao X said immediately, “I also suspected that the USB flash drive might have ran into your hands again.”

“Three months ago? It turns out I have slept for so long…”

Chen Chen couldn’t help being frowned, because there had been examples of the sudden disappearance of the USB flash drive before, so Chen Chen was not at all strange, he just got up weakly from inside, and then stepped out of the sleeping compartment.

Next, a group of Dark Knights walked in. They served Chen Chen and left the teleportation hall and returned to the Spire Experimental Base.

After carrying out a full-body examination of Chen Chen, the results were quickly obtained-apart from malnutrition, Chen Chen’s body did not have any other changes.

At this time, Chen Chen also knew that Hannibal, who was infected at the same time as him, had thawed and recovered three months ago.

At that time, Hannibal was almost unable to hold on. After all, he did not have Chen Chen’s Willpower, so Xiao X froze him in the same way, and waited until Chen Chen completely swallowed the consciousness stealer before thawing him.

Hannibal has now returned to his post.

After supplementing some nutrients, Chen Chen stayed in the recuperation room of the Minaret Experimental Base. Although the three-month slumber caused his life to stagnate and consumed a lot of nutrients, he now needs to do Yes, it is to supplement these nutrients back.

Lying on the soft bed, Chen Chen felt sleepy again, he closed his eyes slightly, and fell asleep again…

However, something that made Chen Chen feel weird appeared. When he just fell asleep, his consciousness was awakened again. Chen Chen’s somewhat bewildered eyes opened, but found himself not at all in the soft bed. In, but returned to the sleeping cabin.

What’s the matter?

Chen Chen felt frightened and suspiciously on the walls of the sleeping cabins on both sides, but at the same time a feeling of weakness came. He realized that he had become weaker than before. With the green light on the walls of the cabin, Chen Chen only saw a pair of skinny palms.

At the same time, Chen Chen’s brain is still in a daze.

“What’s going on, this is a phenomenon that only occurs after frozen sleep, that is, have I been frozen for hundreds of years?”

Chen Chen looked even more surprised. At this time, his memory seemed to be confused. He clearly remembered that he had awakened and left the sleeping cabin, but what is it now?


Or is it a dream that happened before, but is it real now?

Chen Chen only felt a paste in his mind. He just wanted to press the side button again to open the sleeping compartment, but he heard an inexplicable vibration outside the sleeping compartment.

It seems that someone is violently opening the sleeping compartment…

Chen Chen frowned, the high-deflection armor has the title of the hardest matter in the solar system. Except for being directly hit by a nuclear bomb, it cannot be destroyed by any natural or man-made disaster. It can only be opened from the inside. If it is Xiao X, she must know of.

In other words, it is not Xiao X who is trying to open the sleeping compartment outside…

Then it’s not Little X, who would it be?

Thinking of this, a touch of madness and killing intent appeared in Chen Chen’s eyes……