I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 588

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This moment, Frank’s movements become a bit stiff, he slowly lifted the trousers, then turned around and walked away.

“pa Ta, flip!”

Frank stepped out stepped out of the bathroom, he looked around, and then he chose the corridor on the right and walked in the direction of the Moved Towards elevator.

After entering the elevator, Frank does not press the floor button, but directly put the palm on the platform under the floor button.


Suddenly, only listened to a message, then a micro camera popped up from a button.

Frank is slightly bent down, with the eyes of Looked Towards.

identity confirmation. “

suddenly, an electronic sound came from the elevator.

then, the elevator slightly trembled, drown directly down, but strange is that although the elevator falls down, the floor displayed is not changed, and the first floor is still displayed.

The approximate elevator fell for 30 seconds, and finally slowed down, and then came again to “”, the gate of the elevator opened.

is reflected in Frank eye blind, it is a narrow channel.

“is here …”

Chen Chen’s spirit in front of the screen slightly shock, the previous X-112 found in those messages found in the X-112, naturally there is an intelligence here, at the end of this channel, is the true confidential zone of NASA.

and this corridor, the laser corridor at the entrance to the minaret experiment base has the wonderful work, in addition to the defense of SYSTEM, anyone in this corridor will be scanned by X-ray, and he is on the body and even the body Everything is turned all over, so even if you want to put the foreign body into the body or hide the sole, you can’t make it off.

Chen Chen is not worried, because the GOD chip is made of biomass manufacturing, it is more difficult to distinguish between cervical vertebrae, plus the flesh and blood.

Soon, Frank came to the end of the corridor.

“di di di …”

The previous test has been detected. At this time, the big door in the corridor should come to someone, and it will be automatically opened.


When the door is open, when a rays of light is shining, and Chen Chen, who is far away from Frank’s eyes, and suddenly see a more huge space than NASA’s command room.

Here is the true secret base of NASA, almost all national secrets are stored here.

“Mr. Frank!”

A group of people in the door wearing military uniform immediately stood up and greeted.

Frank Nodded, did not speak, go directly to the Moved Towards hall.

On the way, Frank met a lot of researchers wearing white coats, but fortunately, Frank was the Director of Nasa after all, even here is one of the highest, there are several old researchers to see Frank immediately smiled and greeted, and it seems that Normally relationship is good, but Frank is still Nodded in the X-112 manipulation.

Soon, Frank is under the manipulation of X-112, the light car mats came to a closed steel door.

once again verified a status, not only that, Frank also took out a piece of authentication card, which opened the door, and suddenly revealed the layout of a computer room in the gate.

Enter the machine room, Frank opens a computer, some stiff input password, and then the confidential information that cannot be explored by the outside world is completely present.

“These are NASA real big secrets.”

Chen Chen Conders to see, these confidential, including various SpaceeshiP engine design, including the various space confidential tasks issued by the government, and the time can be traced back to the evaluation report of the Soviet hegemony, only all The information can only be seen in the eyes, and even the USB junction is even connected to the computer, it is not necessary to say to theft.

All this is naturally difficult to Chen Chen, for Frank, every data data is just a glance, the above content will be automatically recorded, and then processed, converted to a standard electronic file.

, even if the information on transition engine technology is still vast vast smoke, Frank has been watching two hours, but also copied one-fifth That’s ALL.

“time is almost.”

Chen Chenmer defaults to count time, suddenly said, “Let Frank leave, it is too long here, it will be suspicious.”


X-112 promised, and then Frank in front of the computer immediately closed the file and turned out of the computer room.

then, as before, Frank returned to the ground, and then came to the resisted room for the Director.

then, X-112 controls Frank to bed, and withdraws the control of Frank.


Next second, Frank once again opened his eyes, he had some doubtful looked touths all around, and then slowly sat up.

“What is going on, I just fell asleep?”

Frank exposed a horror look, his memory also stayed at the moment of his hand wash, and then only felt a sleek intention, but but did not expect it to open his eyes, he actually took the bed from the lounge. Woke up.

In the mind, it is like a drink, and Frank is somewhat surprised. This situation has never happened.

“Is it because of the old?”

Frank whispered muttered, a bit pale.

However, after a while, Frank is still coming out again, he has no doubt too much, just when he is old, nothing is not very good, but these thoughts have been thrown by him. After the brain.

Because he is more important, it is even more important to do things about your politics.

Chen Chen, in front of the screen, Sighd Slightly in relief, but THIS TIME Frank has not doubtful.

“Don’t do this next time.”

Chen Chen thinks about saying, “The next time, because the NASA headquarters must be very busy, Frank is not too much, and if so, wait for him to rest After you fall asleep, then control his body to flip the information of the transition engine. “

“understands, this matter is given to me.”


Indeed Compare insurance.

In the next more than 20 days, every other week, X-112 will take advantage of Frank to check the underground secret base, and there are also some thrilling conditions, such as entering the underground. When the base, I happened to meet Frank’s acquaintances, or in contact with the contact information, there are people in the contacts, but ultimately Turn Peril Into Safety, the information of the transition engine has all got all.

At this time, returning to Earth from the new field number, only twenty days left.

and this day is also the second rescue boat and a new year survivor docking day.

“I have to return to the channel opposite the passage.”

Federate, I finally got the transition engine information, Chen Chen, who had a transition engine, “Next, you continue to monitor NASA’s one fell, wait until I return, I will bring the interstellar clear house missile, understand “

“understand, I will pay close attention to the one fell swimming in NASA.”


Chen Chen satisfied with Nodded, returned to reality with the information of the transition engine.

Of course, Chen Chen’s purpose has been reached. He can also choose to completely leave the “black hole surface” place, but Chen Chen did not want to do this. After all, he got the U disk for so long, he was the first time that it is close to U The secret of the disk, especially the emergence of Zhao Shanhe is a big surprise, Chen Chen can dig more about the secret of Professor U disk and Wang Hao from Zhao Shanhe.

However, after a few hours, in the NASA Command Hall, everyone looked at a picture from the computer.

Because the distance is too far away, they also see the pictures of the three hours, but they can only refresh the picture information than the previous six hours, and the picture has reached twenty. The speed of the frame is like watching the PPT report.

“docking, docking!”

At this point, on the huge screen of the top of the command hall, everyone looks at the head, and silently looks at the slow refresh picture. The rescue Squad on the screen has been successfully docked with the new field number, more Five rescue team members have opened the new field number next to the hydraulic tank, Moved Towards.

Everyone is dead and staring at the screen, watching the head of the head on the screen slowly open the new field number, then goes in, and come to the cabin of frozen sleep.

, then one of them presses the buttons of the frozen sleep bin, wakes up the sleepers in the two frozen sleep warehouses.

Suddenly, the water level line in the two frozen sleep is rapidly declining, and the people inside, one is a thin blonde woman. If Chen Chen is here, the other party is a movie story. One of the two survivors, Stark lieutenant, and the other person, it is a black libert.

Just after the two people released the two, the Lieutenant of Stark suddenly looked Towards lens, as I saw what the horrible picture, shouted loudly!

Of course, many researchers in the NASA headquarters command hall, they can only see the silent screen every three seconds, as for the sound, don’t think about it.

In the “P> Command hall, many people started discuss spiritedly. They don’t understand why Stark is going to make a scream, but at this time, the new field number is coming back suddenly. All pictures are exhausted, and become a blurred mosaic image.

“What is going on, why is the signal weakened?”

Frank turns the head, the technician in the Moved Towards signal is asked loudly, “I will solve this problem, immediately, immediately!”

“Yes, Mr. Director!”

Responsible Signal Received Department Immediately Brow Beaded with Sweat to keep pressing the keyboard before his console, sending out Shua Shua’s voice, but no matter how they work hard, the top of everyone is still refreshing on the top of everyone. Mosaic.

is a little anxious in the hearts, suddenly, the picture will recover clearly, but at the moment of recovery, everyone is completely stunned …

Because they see, on the post-back screen, there is a face, a person who is laughing in the camera, only two of the eyes left in the eyes …


After half a day, when the sky was reinstalled, Chen Chen took it back from the U disk channel. This Time, he still had five Silhouette behind him, and the five Silhouette had a half-man. The metal instrument is like a artillery with four emitted square artillery.

and these five Silhouette are the latest universal combat humanoid soldiers under Chen Chen, the company – XTN-032.

XTN-032 is an improvement version of the humanoid combat robot XTN-002, all of which are human-shaped robots, and other types of robots. The biggest advantage of XTN-032 is balanced. All the weapons that all human soldiers can use. Use, no matter what the battlefield is 100%.

and behind them, it is the union strategic missile “Interstellar clear road” of Black Light Technology. Each transmitter is equipped with four micro INTERSTELLAR cleavage to Tian missiles, five robots. It is enough to use twenty, and it is more than enough to deal with the new domain number of the space weapon.

Just, as Chen Chen returns to the channel, immediately receives the X-112 news, “Expedition, just five hours ago, NASA rescue team and return new domain number have been successfully docked.”

“Oh, is it?”

Chen Chenlian regards the beach, with his release field, the tourists near the black night are all unsatisfactory, lost their consciousness, “What is the situation, how did the Professor Will?”

“No …”

The sound of X-112 is a bit heavy, “Frank has lost contact with me, not only him, but the entire NASA headquarters is completely related to the outside world, this incident has been alarmed the White House.”

Chen Chen hearing this heart is sinking, “Is the model? The video of the new field number has a modulus factor?”


x-112obediently and honestly Answer, “I just explored some clues with Dark Knight. It is known that the entire NASA headquarters has already fallen into a strange black fog.”

“black fog?”

Chen Chen god gloomy and unientain, he no longer queried, after arranging the XTN robot to the nearby Dark Knight, Direct Moved Towards Washington fly.

After more than an hour, when Chen Chen quickly rushed to Washington City, suddenly saw a human flow in the feet, thousands of traffic continued to poured from Washington city, and on both sides of a road I can also see a large number of military soldiers stationed next to it, just look at the night, just like a large migrated locust.

When Chen Chenshun is in the distance, but when he sees the scenery of the distance, suddenly Eyes Shrenk!

Even if you have a few kilometers away, he still sees the position in the city center, and a thick black fog is being filled in the city center, and the Moved Towards All Directions is exhausted.

The black fog is like substantive, even if it is very conspicuous under the night, it is even more strange, once the black fog envelopes the building in the city, the lights of the buildings will slightly flash the two flashes, and then quickly extinguish !

The heart of the heart is scattered, and Chen Chen just looks at it, there is a kind of illusion in the abyss!

Chen Chen’s heart is sinking, did not think of the warner, the Calamity TRIBULATION of the black hole surface, or as coming …