I Have A Super USB Drive Chapter 612


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“en? “

Chen Chen, who was standing outside the elevator, smelled a scent of sulfur.

He was slightly frowned, turned and looked towards the direction of the elevator, the smell seemed to radiate from inside.

“Ding! “

The scale on the elevator shows that you have arrived at the floor here. As the elevator doors slid open on both sides, Chen Chen saw Xiao Zheng being carried by two Dark Knights with his arms and legs arbitrarily climbing, and his mouth burst into tears. The lungs screamed.

At the same time, a special smell of sulfur assaults the senses.

For this scene, Chen Chen is no stranger to this scene. Except for Dark Knight, almost everyone will have this situation after entering the subspace. He doesn’t even think, the palm of his hand is slightly spread out, and the black stone slab suddenly burst out invisible power!

This time Chen Chen had experience. He simply let the power of the black slate sweep the whole body of the man in front of him, from the inside to the outside. In his induction, this sweep almost wiped out everything in Xiao’s body. The subspace atmosphere.

However, just when he was about to wipe out all the subspace breath in Xiao’s body, Chen Chen was slightly paused, and then left a wisp of subspace breath in the opponent’s body.

“chi… “

Chen Chen took back the black slate, and when he looked again, he saw that Xiao had stopped screaming and fainted completely.

“I left him a breath of subspace, but I didn’t clear it all.”

Chen Chen said solemnly, “The danger of subspace is more than I imagined. If you didn’t break the Heart Demon on the spot, even if you leave the subspace, you will be eroded and killed by the residual subspace atmosphere in your body.”

“That’s right.”

Chen Chen asked suddenly, “What is his Heart Demon?”

“In the elevator just now, I heard his questioning. He called the other party ‘Tina’, that’s his wife’s name.”

Nancy replied.

“It seems that he has always been guilty of killing his wife.”

Chen Chen knew it, “I left him a breath of subspace. These breaths shouldn’t be enough to kill him, but they can exercise his tolerance for subspace. At the same time, Nancy, you can arrange it to make people Take him back to Earth, I think it’s time to find some psychiatrists for him.”

“Understand, I will take him to the earth when he wakes up.”

Nancy agreed.

Chen Chen was nodded, and patrolled around Minaret No. 2 and found a few sites that still needed to be planned. About an hour later, Xiao had already regained consciousness.

“I… Where am I?”

Xiao was a little confused, he sat up from the hospital bed, and looked at all directions with some fear.

Fortunately, there was still darkness in front of me, and I did not see the existence of his wife’s Evil Spirit.

“You were in a coma just now, Mr. Waverard.”

However, when he was just sighed in relief, the door of the Medical Room was slowly pushed open. Suddenly, Xiao felt only a glare of golden light shining in. He turned his head quickly and didn’t dare to look at it. The dazzling silhouette said, “Is it you? You are the ruler of Blackwatch?”

“Just call me Mr. Chen.”

Chen Chen came to Xiao’s bed, “How do you feel, can you still smell the sulfur?”

“You, you actually know?”

Xiao heart startled, and then he smelled it towards all directions, and quickly shook the head, “I can’t smell it…”

“That kind of taste should be the breath of subspace that remains in your body that’s all.”

Chen Chen nodded, “I heard that before you fell unconscious, you saw the silhouette of your dead wife several times. Don’t worry, what you see is not your wife, but the subspace atmosphere that’s all that’s responsible for that’s all. Now I’ve cleared it. It has lost most of the subspace breath, and only left you a little bit.”

Xiao hearing this was a little dazed, he opened his mouth, but did not speak.

“I know what you want to ask.”

Chen Chen lightly said with a smile, “You want to ask why you don’t get rid of all the subspace breath in your body, right? That’s because I think you will definitely go to the subspace in the future. You can also exercise your tolerance for subspace, so as not to lose your life in the future.”

“Do I still go to that ghost place?”

Xiao bitterly smiled and shook the head, “I seem to understand. The reason you let us follow spaceship to the subspace is for experimentation. In the experiment, who can see things that ordinary people can’t see clearly, and guide the spaceship Go forward?”

“Although there are some discrepancies, but almost like this.”

Chen Chen replied, and as he said, the two Dark Knights stepped forward, helped Xiao get out of bed again, and followed Chen Chen towards the transfer room.

Soon, Chen Chen and Xiao were already standing on the watchman teleportation pile.

“We are now ready to return to Earth.”

Seeing a water-like substance floating in front of him, Chen Chen finally said, “Mr. Wilfried, I have decided to give you freedom. From now on, you are no longer a Delta-level experimenter without human rights. However, since you know a lot of the company’s secrets, I am willing to hire you as the company’s subspace navigation consultant with an annual salary of three million US dollars. The treatment is favorable, and I hope you don’t refuse.

“Do I have a choice?”

Xiao bitterly smiled and replied.

“If you agree, I can arrange an operation for you.”

Chen Chen bewitched, “You have to know that the company has developed a bionic prosthetic a long time ago, even the eyes are no exception. If you agree, we can perform an operation on you to remove your current eyeballs. Use a bionic electronic eye instead, this way it will not affect your life at ordinary times, and if you are sailing in subspace, you can also temporarily take out two eyes, so that you can work and live without delay.”

“Can it still be like this?”

Xiao was shocked all over, I have to say that the temptation to gain freedom is one of them, and the temptation to gain freedom is as great as the temptation to gain freedom, it is to see the light again.

“I am willing to join the company!”

In the end, Xiao made up his mind.

Seeing this, Chen Chen didn’t speak, he just gave Xiao a little lightly, and immediately pushed Xiao in front of the stream.


With a light sound, Xiao’s silhouette was immediately wrapped in water and disappeared without a trace!

Then, Chen Chen also returned to Earth.

Chen Chen is in a good mood. Now that he finds this kind of psionic person who can like a fish back in water on the subspace plane, it is a great progress. This kind of person is extremely important for the study of subspace. It can even be said that the importance of Xiao at this time even surpasses that of a billion-dollar Alpha-level psionicist like John.

The first thing Chen Chen did when he returned to Earth was to order Xiao X to search everywhere, looking for psionicists with similar abilities to Xiao, but it is a pity that most psionicists have been recorded, but only No second psionicist with this ability of Xiao existed.

Since psionicists with the same abilities could not be found because of the scarcity of abilities, Chen Chen tried to create such psionicists by extracting Xiao’s DNA.

So next, a new project was opened in the Minaret Experimental Base, a project on Xiao’s DNA research.


The following days were quiet, black light technology and the Earth Federation headed by the Four Great Continents area still secretly competed in the commercial and colonial fields, but both sides showed great restraint and did not cause any scandals.

And between the military field and the aerospace field, the two sides also maintain a good cooperative relationship. At least on the surface, the entire human civilization is happy and the pace of civilization is still moving forward.

3 months later, Chen Chen suddenly received a very pleasant news. Element 126, which has been studied for more than ten years, was finally synthesized by the Department of High Energy Physics today.

Element 126 can be successfully synthesized. In addition to hundreds of scientists here, the super-large particle accelerator built under the Erongo Plain in Namibia is also one of the main factors. Construction of this accelerator was started in September 2035 with a total investment. It took three hundred billion US dollars to complete it in four years.

This particle accelerator is the Hadron Collider, buried 100 meters deep underground in the Yaerungo Plain, with a total length of 110 kilometers. It is the largest monument in the history of human physics, larger than the one in Europe. The LHC of the Hadron Collider is more than four times longer, and because of the use of room temperature superconducting technology and various new technologies, both the power of the machine and the accuracy of the machine must far exceed the LHC.

The construction cost and post-maintenance are much less than the original LHC.

The emergence of this machine can be said to make the Earth Federation coveted. It has repeatedly asked Chen Chen to contribute a particle accelerator to allow scientists from all over the world to study the Higgs boson. It is a pity that Chen Chen ignored it, and instead used it. The name of this machine has gathered many high-energy physics scientists in the world.

At this time, when Chen Chen came to the High Energy Physics Laboratory, cheers broke out in the entire laboratory.

“Good job.”

When Chen Chen came to the laboratory, everyone was silent. They first greeted Chen Chen nodded, and then the professor in charge of the project, a gray-bearded old man greeted him.

“Professor Ultramar.”

Chen Chen is nodded with a smile on his face. Chen Chen also has respect for these top scientists at the level of humanity. Such people have long ceased to care about money and status. After all, with their knowledge, no matter where they go. Countries are all top treatment.

In fact, what they value more is the experimental conditions and environment, which is one of the reasons why it was difficult to retain the top scientists in the Central Continent in the past.

And this Ultramar professor, whose full name is Ultramar Bieber, was once one of the top professors at the University of Munich, and he was also famous in the field of physics. Chen Chen was able to dig him back. It is the world’s most particle accelerator, and there are more generous commitments, such as more advanced aging reversal treatment projects and so on.

The addition of all the conditions that are sufficient for the leaders of the continent can make these scientists abandon their original country and become a member of the black light technology.

“Your Excellency Chen Chen.”

The opposite party shook hands with Chen Chen in a gentle color, and then Chen Chen invited to a huge metal isolation chamber, and at the same time moved towards the glass of the isolation chamber, pointed upwards, “Fortunately, no shame, we have synthesized element 126. Up.”

Chen Chen walked to this window, this kind of window is at least ZFLevel 6 heavy lead protective glass, which can block quite strong ionizing radiation, Chen Chen looked along the window to the temple, and he saw it on the opposite side of the window. It was showing a small metal lump that looked like an iron block.

The metal bumps are irregular in shape, just like a piece of iron ingot burned. Generally speaking, the elements after lead are basically radioactive, and this element number 126 is also the same, so it is necessary to use lead. Glass to block radiation.

“This magical element, we spent so many years and a huge price, we finally synthesized it.”

Looking at the material in the window, Professor Otmar exclaimed, “Generally speaking, the later the heavier elements have a shorter half-life, and this is true. If you want to synthesize element 126, you must first synthesize it. Element 125, and if you want to synthesize 125, you must synthesize 124 first… and the half-life of these elements as short as nanoseconds is really a test.”

“But you still succeeded.”

Chen Chen nodded admired, and then asked, “Isn’t No. 126 supposed to be a stability element? It also has radiation?”

“If you said he had radiation before synthesis, I would not agree.”

Professor Otmar replied, “According to the theory of islands of stability, when the number of nuclei of an element coincides with certain magic number values, the stability of the nucleus is relatively large, but have you noticed that I just say’relative’ here But it didn’t say absolute.”

Chen Chen is nodded, looking thoughtful, “In other words, element 126 is a relatively stable, superheavy element with a long half-life.”

“Probably that’s what it means.”

Professor Otmar agreed, “However, the specific situation still needs to be studied, but for this, I still want to thank you, Your Excellency Chen Chen.”

Before Chen Chen could answer, he said to himself, “Synthesizing element 126 is another major milestone in human history. After all, as early as 2006, the physics community could not synthesize elements after 118. However, synthesizing heavier elements requires more powerful particle accelerators and more advanced detectors, and these are only available in Blackwatch.”

“Don’t say that, Professor Ultramar.”

Chen Chen looked calm, he waved his hand and said, “Without you, it would be difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice without you equipment. Regardless of the equipment, all this should be attributed to you and your team for more than ten years of hard work.”

Hearing this sentence, Professor Ultramar’s eyes immediately lit up, because since Chen Chen said this passage, it represents all these achievements. Chen Chen will not take the slightest, and all the reputation All will be attributed to myself and my team.

“Your Excellency Chen Chen…”

Professor Otmar was a little choked. He wore a messy beard and bowed slightly to Chen Chen, “Thank you for your gift. You not only bestow your reputation on us, but you also do to the whole mankind.” You have made a huge contribution, and whatever it is, your name will be left in history books!”

Chen Chen nodded.

After many thanks, Professor Otmar took the team down to rest, while Chen Chen stood in front of the window, silently watching the silhouettes of the people leaving, and a strange smile was raised at the corners of his mouth.

“Your Godfather, what the other party meant is that you will be as famous as Newton and Einstein!”

Little Xhehe smiled, and the voice came from the headset.

“Leave a name in the history?”

Chen Chen shook the head with a light smile, and murmured in a low voice, “I never thought of leaving a name in history, because…I will be more immortal than history books!”