I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 640


“Yes, that’s what I meant. The inheritance information that Human Race gave to the entire Ten Thousand Races Alliance is the same as what you promised before.

As for the cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate, just give me one, I will help you Human Race,

Now the Ten Thousand Races Alliance is divided into two parts, and I am still very influential in the second part,

If I help you, this stalemate will end soon, and the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will join your Human Race camp.

And I’m not stupid. After I get it, of course I won’t pass it on to other powerhouses. Isn’t this cultivating enemies? “

The Old Ancestor stared into Jiang Ci’s eyes, “How do you, or your Human Race, feel?”

Jiang Ci is moved.

If only the inheritance experience of Yakumo inheritance from cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate is passed on to the old Ancestor of Moxin,

Then he does not have to worry that Heart Demon’s Old Ancestor will be rumored, unless Demon’s Old Ancestor is really stupid.

“Just pass it to him, in exchange for the 683 powerhouse monarchs to join?” Jiang Ci thought.

The crazy plan he prepared, although powerful, also has great risks,

It is not that he will be in danger, but that it is very likely that he will not be able to kill that many Daojun powerhouse at once.

After all, with his current Primordial Spirit strength, to use the Primordial Spirit Attack method in “Cloud Destruction”, the coverage is really limited,

Once the crazy plan fails, the war will go to its worst.

And if the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races joins the Human Race camp, then there is really no risk at all!

“Wait a minute.” Jiang Ci said.


At the same moment, Jiang Ci’s spiritual sense entered the river map of Heavenspan Mountain and met with Ming Heavenly Venerate and Nine Heavens.

“This is what his request is. Give him the inheritance information from Yakumo inheritance to the limit of Heavenly Venerate, and he will help us.” Jiang Ci briefly said the conversation just now.

“Heavenly Venerate, Master, what do you think?” he asked finally.

“Just give him one?” Ming Heavenly Venerate pondered.

“There are two voices in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, one is willing to join us, and the other is not reconciled and wants to get more.

The Old Ancestor of the Devil’s Heart is the leader of the second voice. If he helps us from it, it can indeed unify the opinions of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races quickly. “

“Just give him one, it’s okay.” Nine Heavens Daoist finally nodded, “A powerhouse with the limit of Heavenly Venerate, in the original universe can not affect the overall situation.”

“The inheritance information we gave him can be as brief as possible. He doesn’t know how the inheritance we get,

Even if we tell him that we get it, what can he do? “Ming Heavenly Venerate said with a smile.

Jiang Ci is also nodded.

They are the Big Three of Human Race today. After discussing it, they all feel that just giving Old Ancestor higher inheritance information can exchange 683 Daojun to join. This transaction can be done.

“Moreover, we gave him one before the war and part after the war.” Jiang Ci said with a slight smile,

“Give him a part before the war to make him greedy, and give him a part after the war. Even if he thinks the latter part is too brief, but the war is over, what can he regret?”

“en. ”


“That’s it, you can promise him.”

The three quickly decided on a plan,

Nine Heavens even contacted Zixiao Heavenly Venerate once and got an agreed answer.

Once it came, it was only for one person.

Secondly, even if the brief inheritance information is obtained, it is very difficult for the old Ancestor to cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate.



“I have negotiated within Human Race and agreed to this transaction.” Jiang Ci looked at Old Ancestor of Devil Heart.

The Old Ancestor was relaxed and smiled.

“Before the war, I Human Race will give you one third inheritance information. If the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races joins the Human Race camp to fight, we will give you another 2/3 information after the war.”

“Yes, when will you give me the previous information?”


“Well, when I receive the inheritance information from the first third, I will prompt the Ten Thousand Race Alliance to join your Human Race camp.” Old Ancestor nodded.

The transaction is very straightforward, and there is no wrangling.

And Human Race did get an inheritance message on the same day and gave it to Moxin Old Ancestor,

After he finished reading it, he was immediately excited. Only this part of the information touched him.

This also makes Moxin Old Ancestor look forward to the next 2/3 information.

It’s just that this must wait until the war is over.

The executives of Human Race are also anxiously waiting.

“It’s been so long! Old Ancestor got the inheritance information. Will it help us?”

“Don’t worry, Old Ancestor has worked hard to get an alliance of Ten Thousand Races and became the leader. Isn’t it just for cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate’s inheritance? He will definitely not give up the following 2/3 of the inheritance information.”

be that as it may, but Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, and Nine Heavens are still a little worried, worrying about accidents.

After all, the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is a powerhouse with a lot of super influence. Even with the help of Old Ancestor, it may not be 100% sure.

Soon half a month passed, the Old Ancestor finally got news,

“The opinions within the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races have been unified, and it is decided to…join the Human Race camp!”


The powerhouse gathering point of the Human Race camp is in Celestial Court of the Dao League.

The gathering point of Monster Race and the joint camp of ghost races is in the original dark Secret Realm.

The original dark Secret Realm is an extremely dangerous Universe Secret Realm in the Fourth Universe, located in the Star Domain at the border of Monster Race and Ghost Race.

At this moment, there is a huge temple floating above the original dark continent in Secret Realm.

In the temple, a small half of the Peak Powerhouse of the Fourth Universe gathered together, and they were enjoying wine and food together,

“If there is no Union of Ten Thousand Races, with the strength of our alliance, what would that little Human Race be!”

“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races? It was so loose. It was only under the oppression of Two Great Factions that they had to come together as a last resort. After this war, you just looked at it,

They must have had internal disputes a long time ago, and they are too much to deal with, and they are not rivals at all. “

“With our concerted efforts, there are many 7th grade Supreme Treasures, plus two Sir Heavenly Venerable 8th-grade Supreme Treasures, we will definitely be able to exert the strongest battle strength,

Even if the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races and Human Race are united, we are not without the possibility of victory. “


These vassals take refuge in Monster Race, the powerhouses of the powerhouses of the ghost race, and they are talking about it,

I will talk about this ethnic war for a while, Chaos Sea for a while, and other powerhouses for a while.

When we were talking about it, suddenly, the ten thousand demons Heavenly Venerate and Yan Du Heavenly Venerate, who had been sitting above the temple, stood up at the same time.

“Everyone!” Heavenly Venerate’s voice was angry.

The eyes of many foreign Taoists in the temple gathered.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened?”

“How can Heavenly Venerate be so angry?”

Heavenly Venerate said solemnly: “We just got news that the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races has agreed to join the Human Race camp!”


“Join the Human Race camp?”

“Not good!”

Many different race lords are complexion greatly changed.

I just talked about returning to talk, but they are naturally not fools if they can cultivate into Taoism.

Before this, they did have the confidence to beat the Human Race camp,

But if the Ten Thousand Races Alliance really joins forces with the Human Race faction, then their winning probability will be too low and too low!

“Two Heavenly Venerates, we have to act now! No, act now!” A Peak Yu-class Daojun in the form of an alien roared.

Other alien lords, all looked towards Heavenly Venerate and Yandu Heavenly Venerate.

“I can’t take care of it anymore. We are united. Now we must set off immediately and head directly to the core of Human Race!”

“Yes, act now!”

“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races just unified their opinions. I am afraid that they have not yet received part of the inheritance information from Human Race. Before the two of them have got together, I will immediately enter the Celestial Court, the core of Human Race.

Two Great Factions are fighting, and the time is very short. When the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races arrives, maybe our battle is over! “

“You are very fast, so take all the time!”

All the alien lords in the temple almost made the same decision.

They all understand that if the Ten Thousand Race Alliance and the Human Race camp get together, then this war will be difficult to fight.

This battle is full of variables, and only do it quickly can you kill these variables!

“It must be fast! End this battle as soon as possible!”

Ten thousand monsters Heavenly Venerate and Yan Du Heavenly Venerate looked at each other,

They are also in a hurry, and they all know that once the Ten Thousand Races Alliance makes a decision, they will definitely rush to Celestial Court of the Dao League soon,

With the speed of peak powerhouse and Transmission Array, it is estimated that it will arrive soon.

So, it is too difficult to dare to end the battle before the Ten Thousand Race Alliance arrives.

But they must do this,

This is the only way to win right now.




The powerhouse in the temple immediately moved, and it was naturally fast.

A flying Supreme Treasure resembling a palace, and a flying Supreme Treasure resembling a flying boat appear in the Secret Realm at the same time.

These two Supreme Treasures belong to the Ten Thousand Monsters Heavenly Venerate and Yan Du Heavenly Venerate respectively, and they each lead nearly two hundred powerhouses of Taoists.

“In this battle, what I am waiting to do is to kill the Celestial Court of the Human Race Dao League, and then we will use our means to directly defeat the Human Race camp and kill their living strength!”

“Everyone, for the community, for the future!”

“Go, Human Race Celestial Court!”

Along with the sound of Heavenly Venerate resounding everywhere, the two flying Supreme Treasures of the united camp moved away almost simultaneously.

The united camp has not taken the initiative to attack before, because it is waiting for the decision of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races,

After all, if the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races has not made a decision, they will immediately attack Human Race, then the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will definitely be furious,

Because the united camp is doing this, all the benefits of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance will be lost. I am afraid that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance will quickly join the Human Race camp.

Before they were afraid of forcing the Alliance of All Races to join the Human Race camp and did not dare to act.

Now that the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races has made a decision, they naturally don’t have to worry about it anymore.


At the same time, in the territory of Human Race, Celestial Court of the Dao League.

In the Nine Heavens Hall,

Human Race’s powerhouses are all here, talking and laughing with each other, the situation has changed, and they all have a lot easier.

“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races has agreed to join. Soon, they will come collectively. Once they arrive, we will win this battle. The combined camp of Monster Race and Ghost Race will have no chance of winning!”


Everyone is waiting for the five Great Heavenly Venerates of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance and hundreds of Taoists to come.

“The united camp won’t get the news, and then seize the time difference and attack us immediately, right?” Daojun Nagaki suddenly said.

Suddenly, there was silence in the great hall.

“It should not be. This is decided by the Supreme Council of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance. Those who know this matter are all powerhouses above the Daoist monarchs, which involve their own interests.

They notified us as soon as they made a decision. Are they stupid enough to notify the united camp? Unless they didn’t plan to want inheritance information at all! “Yanqing Daojun said with a smile.

The voice almost fell off.

“Not good!” Nine Heavens Daojun complexion greatly changed, and suddenly shouted: “Gather now! All Daojun, gather now! Ready to fight!”

The sound rumbling, resounding through the Celestial Court of the Dao League,

More than a hundred powerhouses from the Human Race camp heard them all.

In the hall, Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate and other Human Race powerhouses are also complexion greatly changed, knowing that the situation is not good.

Nine Heavens Daojun looked solemnly: “The Purple Heavenly Venerate just discovered through the Heavenspan Mountain river map that the joint camp of Monster Race and the Ghost Race has built a large Transmission Array and is coming to our Human Race territory.

At their speed, they will be able to come to us soon, leaving us not much time,

All powerhouses in our Human Race camp must gather immediately,

Jiang Ci, if the situation is not good, follow your crazy plan first. “

“Understood!” Jiang Ci nodded.

shua~ shua~ shua~!

I saw in the great hall, one after another silhouette began to appear one after another, it was the alien lords who joined the Human Race camp.

After Jiang Ci saw it, he didn’t talk nonsense. He waved his hand, and suddenly a 9-Layer tower quickly grew bigger and stood directly in this great hall.

At this juncture, he already not in, will he expose the Heavenspan building?

Furthermore, with his current strength, he doesn’t need to hide anymore. All the methods can be displayed boldly!

Jiang Ci shouted: “This is the 7th grade Flying Supreme Treasure Heavenspan building. Please go in and get ready to fight!”


“7th grade flying Supreme Treasure?”

“Hurry in!”

Those alien lords are very surprised, especially those who just joined the Human Race camp not long ago. I have never seen such a high-level Supreme Treasure before.

This also gave them a lot of confidence. As long as they hide in the 7th grade flying Supreme Treasure, they can almost fear all the enemy’s attack methods!

During the war, if they can’t resist, they can hide in this Supreme Treasure, at least it’s okay to save their lives.

whiz whiz whiz!

The alien lords turned into streamers and quickly flew into the Heavenspan building one by one.

When everyone is in, Nine Heavens Daoist is relaxed.

Anyway, the response is ready, and they can go to fight at any time.

Then he sounded transmission to the more than one hundred Dao Monarchs in the Heavenspan building: “Everyone, the combined camp of Monster Race and Ghost Race suddenly came, and it is estimated to be here soon,

The strength of the united camp is far greater than ours, but don’t worry, everyone,

I have another good news to tell everyone that the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races has agreed to join our Human Race camp.

In this battle, we only need to survive for a while to win! “

“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races also joined?”

“haha, don’t worry!”

“Guaranteed to fight to the end!”

Those more than a hundred alien lords spoke one after another. They are already tied to the Human Race camp, so naturally they won’t shrink back.

“What can we do now?”

At this time, two more figures appeared in the great hall.

An elf girl in a green shirt, and a special life fire Spiritual Mountain. Although it is a human form, the surface of the body is covered with a layer of rock, braving red flames.

These two are Liu Heavenly Venerate and Lieshan Heavenly Venerate.

“Wait!” Ming Heavenly Venerate said solemnly.

“Yes, Senior Liu, Lieshan Senior, as long as you are ready to shoot at any time.” Jiang Ci also opened the mouth and said.

“Okay.” Liu Heavenly Venerate and Lieshan Heavenly Venerate didn’t say much.

At the same time, the voice of Nine Heavens Daojun sounded in the Celestial Court of the Dao League: “All the robbers and true princes, immediately leave through the starry sky transmission platform!”

Suddenly, the servants and immortal soldiers who were originally in the Celestial Court area, upon hearing this order, immediately began to evacuate in an orderly manner.

Passing through the starry sky transport platform of South Heaven Gate, within one minute, they all left Celestial Court.

“Let’s go, too.” Nine Heavens Daojun ordered.

“Go!” Jiang Ci, they are also nodded.

Immediately, in addition to Jiang Ci, Nine Heavens Daojun, Ming Heavenly Venerate, Liu Heavenly Venerate, and Lieshan Heavenly Venerate also flew into the Heavenspan building.


In the starry sky more than 6,000 light-years away from Celestial Court, the two flying Supreme Treasures of the Monster Race and the Ghost Race united camp suddenly teleported.

“We are close to the Human Race Celestial Court!”

“Telemove once again, you will be there, everyone is ready for battle!”

Heavenly Venerate’s indifferent voice sounded in this starry sky.


The two flying Supreme Treasure silently disappeared into the starry sky.

next moment, they appeared in the Immortal Qi’s Celestial Court, where in the sky are floating islands of Immortal Palace,

The Celestial Court used to be very lively, but now it is deserted, with only one 9-Layer tower standing above countless Immortal Palaces.

“Why not even a Human Race?”


“There are no creatures, you can’t even find a foreign race!”

As soon as they arrived, Ten Thousand Monsters Heavenly Venerate and Yan Du Heavenly Venerate were surprised to find that the core place of Human Race seemed to be a dead place, and there was no living being.

This is also the situation they worry about most.

“The 9-Layer tower should belong to the Lord of Shanhai Dao. It once appeared in the Bayun Ruins!” Ten thousand monster Heavenly Venerate’s eyes fell on the Heavenspan building.

“I remember that at the time, the news from Yakumo Ruins said that this 9-Layer tower was suspected to be the 7th grade flying Supreme Treasure.” Yan Du Heavenly Venerate said solemnly.

“The 7th grade flying Supreme Treasure is strong, but it can still be shaken by us. We are afraid that our attacks cannot defeat them in a short time!” Heavenly Venerate snorted angrily.

“I’m afraid of this. If they can’t escape like this, they can be dragged to the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.” Yan Du Heavenly Venerate is also worried.

“Hateful! Hateful Human Race!”

“How did they know that we were dispatched? We are so fast, they should be completely unprepared!”

The foreign lords of the united camp are also very angry.

“First attack once, I don’t believe that our two Great Heavenly Venerates, together with 389 Dao Monarchs, can not shake this 9-Layer tower!” Heavenly Venerate growled low.


“Kill Human Race!”

“Break out the Human Race camp!”

Suddenly, the many powerhouses in the Monster Race and the Ghost Race Flying Supreme Treasure began to use various powerful attack methods.

Countless forms of secret techniques, condensed and formed, all called huge monsters, exuding terrifying auras, covering the entire Celestial Court of the Dao League within a hundred light-years.

The target of the attack was the 9-Layer tower.

bang bang bang!

The attack of hiding the sky and covering the earth, almost at the same time, the grandiose pouring on the Heavenspan building.

oh la la ……

Star River burst, Heaven and Earth roared, countless space fragments poured out of nothingness, forming space turbulence,

The gorgeous palaces and immortal islands of Celestial Court of the Dao League were all shattered and turned into fly ash.

weng weng weng!

Heavenspan building is shaking gently,

Those powerful secret technique attacks want to penetrate the barrier of Supreme Treasure to attack the powerhouse of the Human Race camp inside.

Finally, when everything subsided, the Heavenspan Tower stopped in the sky unharmed.


“How is it possible? We do so many powerhouses!”

“In the previous attack, there were four 7th grade attacks on the Supreme Treasure, which can definitely penetrate the barrier of the 7th grade flying Supreme Treasure, wounding or even killing the Daoist inside!”

Ten Thousand Monsters Heavenly Venerate and Yan Du Heavenly Venerate, waiting for the powerhouses of the joint camp, are all startled, some can’t believe it.

Their full attack did not cause any harm to the Human Race camp, but only destroyed the Celestial Court of the Dao League.

But even if 10,000 Celestial Courts are destroyed, it is useless. As long as the Human Race powerhouse is still alive, one can be rebuilt in an instant with the rich and imposing of Human Race.

In the Supreme Treasure space on the Heavenspan Building.

The powerhouses of the Human Race camp are all relaxed.

The terrifying attack of hiding the sky and covering the earth just now, if it is outside, I am afraid they will fall half of it directly.

After all, the powerhouse of the joint camp is close to 400,

There are only more than one hundred powerhouses in the Human Race camp.

The strength gap is too big.

Fortunately, it was blocked.

Only Jiang Ci’s complexion is very calm. Others don’t know the power of Heavenspan Building. As the owner of Supreme Treasure, he is naturally clear.

In the original universe, even if the enemy came ten times a hundred times, the Heavenspan building could not be attacked.

“So, now we just have to wait until the Ten Thousand Races Alliance arrives!” Nine Heavens Dao Sovereign glanced at Jiang Ci and felt that he couldn’t understand this dísciple even more.

This 9-Layer tower is another powerful Supreme Treasure that Human Race doesn’t know about.

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