I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 641


At the same time, the base camp of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, above the starry sky continent surrounded by golden waves.

The 683 Taoist powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance and the five Great Heavenly Venerate powerhouses are all sitting on those thrones.

They just agreed, and they are waiting for the information about the inheritance of the Taoist cultivation to Heavenly Venerate promised by Human Race.

Old Ancestor sat on the black throne at the highest point. He smiled and was very proud: “Using the general trend of the Alliance of All Races to force Human Race,

Then contact Human Race secretly and ask for inheritance,

After some planning, you can easily get the inheritance information of cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate! “

Thinking of this, Old Ancestor became even more proud.

In fact, since Jiang Ci got the inheritance of Yakumo, Old Ancestor knew that inside the Fourth Universe, there was bound to be a great upheaval.

The increasingly powerful Human Race will have deeper and deeper conflicts with other races in the Fourth Universe, and even a big storm will occur.

So, from that time on, he began to make arrangements in secret, trying to make friends with as many Daoists of the Peak group as possible.

Those Dao lords of the Peak clan are not as good as the Peak clan, so they can associate with Heavenly Venerate loner, so they can’t ask for it.

So soon, Moxin Old Ancestor laid a large network of relationships.

It’s just to his surprise that Monster Race and the Ghost Race will suddenly start this war without any warning at all.

According to his prediction, it will take at least a million years, or even an era, before the war will break out.

However, he didn’t think much about it, and immediately set about forming the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

What surprised him even more was that the process of formation was surprisingly smooth.

It seems that no obstacles have been encountered at all. The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races with 194 Peak tribes at the core has been formed!

Devil Heart Old Ancestor can guess some, and there must be the influence of Chaos Sea.

After all, the news that the Second Universe and the Third Universe Human Race were almost annihilated has spread.

As the Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, he certainly knows the news, so it is not difficult to guess the connection behind this.

“You want to destroy the Human Race in each universe, it has nothing to do with me.”

“The power of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is useless to me.”

“I only pursue freedom, true eternal longevity!” Old Ancestor is full of ambition,

He himself is a Heavenly Venerate loner who does not like to participate in influence disputes, and does not like power.

This time the formation of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, I just want to use this as a bargaining chip to exchange the inheritance information I need from Human Race.

Now, when the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races unanimously agreed and decided to join the Human Race camp, his goal has been less than half completed.

Inheritance information from cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate, he has won one third.

As for the other four Heavenly Venerate loners, in order to stabilize them, Old Ancestor only took out a small part from this one third.

These are enough, he won’t lose!

At this moment, Old Ancestor is holding a Communication Bead, waiting for the call from Human Race.

He got the inheritance information he wanted, but the other powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance have not got it yet,

Only when other powerhouses get the inheritance from Daojun breakthrough to Heavenly Venerate, can they really join the Human Race camp.

At this moment, a message came from Communication Bead,

The smile on Old Ancestor’s face increased, but the next moment disappeared, becoming solemn and angry,

His gaze scanned the audience and shouted angrily: “Everyone, just now, we agreed on our opinions,

But now, the combined camp of Monster Race and Ghost Race has reached the Celestial Court of the Human Race Dao League! “

His angry shout resounded through every inch of the entire starry sky continent.

Ling the many Taoist powerhouses who were still talking and laughing, suddenly stunned.

“How could the united camp suddenly launch an attack?”

“We just agreed, this is a coincidence!”

“Who, who is it that sent the news? Isn’t it clear that doing so will make us lose the inheritance information we are about to get?”

“Who leaked it!”

One by one, the Taoist powerhouse, suddenly became angry.

The most angry person is the Devil Heart Old Ancestor, because this is likely to ruin his good deeds!

“Obviously, one of us must have passed the news.”

Moxin Old Ancestor’s cold and severe eyes swept towards the many Taoists present,

“This is destroying the hope of the future breakthrough of all Taoist powerhouse! Unforgivable!”

“Of course, maybe it’s just one of us who accidentally leaked when talking to dísciple and friends.”

“All of this, don’t worry about it now. The Human Race camp is now able to resist the attacks of the combined camp with the power of Supreme Treasure.

So the situation is not at all worsening. What we have to do now is to immediately go to the Human Race territory and join the Human Race camp! “Moxin Old Ancestor said decisively.



“Let’s go now!”

“All the powerhouses present at the scene must not be missing. Anyone who does not go will be suspected of leaking.” Some Taoists force their own breakthrough to Heavenly Venerate and their hopes of breaking through to Heavenly Venerate are destroyed. It is gnashing teeth. Everyone is like a leaker. .

Soon, the five Supreme Treasure flying with powerful aura appeared in the sky above the starry sky continent, followed by a huge Transmission Array appearing out of thin air, directly teleported away.

Although they are an alliance, the internal factional struggle is indeed serious.

Some Peak ethnic groups have life and death feuds with each other, so naturally they don’t want to be together, so they are divided into five teams to act.

Each team has more than one hundred powerhouses and is led by a Heavenly Venerate loner.

It is conceivable that such a huge influence and tyrannical strength!


Human Race territory, Celestial Court of Dao League, 9-Layer tower stands in the sky,

In the distance, there are two scattered sixth rank Supreme Treasures. Among them, the powerhouses are attacking wildly.

The mighty momentum of hiding the sky and covering the earth turned the void into a torrent of space, and the hong long long fell on the Heavenspan building.

oh la la!

bang bang bang!

Although the Heavenspan Tower trembles slightly, it seems to have taken root, standing in the sky without being knocked out.

This also shocked the powerhouses of the united camp.

“We have so many powerhouses, two Great Heavenly Venerates, and four 7th grade attacks on Supreme Treasure,

With such a powerful strength combination, I couldn’t even fly that 9-Layer tower.

Could it be that the more than one hundred Taoists from the Human Race camp are helping to stabilize this flying Supreme Treasure? “

“This 9-Layer tower is under the control of Shanhaidao-kun. He got Yakumo inheritance. Indeed, strange things can happen. Maybe this is Yakumo inheritance’s method.”

“It seems that the war of attrition is about to be fought.”

“Wait for the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to come, then it will be troublesome.”

“Anyway, this battle must not be given up. Even if it is not for inheritance, we must not look at the strength of Human Race. This time our many influences have combined and let Human Race go free. That is a big joke!”

The powerhouses of the united camp, some are impatient, some are helpless.

Soon, the attack ceased.

Because they know very well that if they continue to attack like this, they are wasting their energy.

In the Supreme Treasure space of Heavenspan Building,

“Flying Heavenspan Building?” Jiang Ci’s face was calm.

Even if you are in the Chaos Sea, let the Heavenly Venerate going all out in three steps, but you can’t shake the Heavenspan Tower. What are these Taoists in front of you.

“Wait, when the Ten Thousand Races Alliance arrives, we will win!” Nine Heavens Dao Sovereign also said softly.

Jiang Ci and the others powerhouse is also lightly nodded.

Especially Jiang Ci, he knows very well that although the Heavenspan building cannot be shaken, it is limited by the Heaven and Earth Rule of the original universe, and he is also unable to use the power of the Heavenspan building.

Whether it is Supreme Treasure, or beings, they must abide by the rules of Daojun’s limit.

If there is no help from the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, the combined camp of Monster Race and Ghost Race can trap the Heavenspan building and the Human Race camp, and it will be trapped forever,

To be precise, there are close to 400 powerhouses in the joint camp, and their masters need to keep 70% to 80% of the powerhouses in order to suppress the Human Race camp.

Other powerhouses can take turns and go to the Chaos Sea to take risks and improve their strength at any time.

They can also take away the territory of Human Race and limit the development space of Human Race.

In this case, those alien lords who joined the Human Race camp may find it difficult to stick to it, and may leave the camp directly,

As a result, the Human Race camp will become weaker and weaker until there is no resistance.

“If this is the case, there are only crazy plans…”

The only problem is that this plan is too risky. Once it fails and fails to kill the living strength of the united camp, there will be no second chance.

By then, Human Race is still facing a major crisis.

Jiang Ci looked at the starry sky outside through the Heavenspan Tower, the two Supreme Treasure flying far apart.

Obviously, Monster Race and the ghost race are also very cautious, not at all get together.

“So it depends on the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races. With their participation, my Human Race camp will have a big advantage!” Jiang Ci thought.


At this moment, Jiang Ci, Nine Heavens Daoist, Ming Heavenly Venerate, Liu Heavenly Venerate, Lieshan Heavenly Venerate, and other Daoist powerhouses in the Heavenspan building all sensed the temporal and spatial fluctuations coming from outside, and immediately Get excited.

I saw in the sky of Celestial Court of the Dao League, the two Supreme Treasures of the combined camp, just like war fortress, became extremely large, but the distance between each other was very long.


“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is Coming!”

Monster Race and the powerhouses of the ghost tribe united camp have also sensed the fluctuations in time and space, and their faces have changed.

whiz whiz whiz ……

Suddenly, there are five Supreme Treasure flying in different shapes, appear out of thin air in this starry sky, each exudes tremendous pressure,

Obviously, this was deliberately distributed by the powerhouses of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, just to demonstrate their power as the strongest influence of the Fourth Universe.

“Human Race, we have arrived.”

“We will decide the outcome of this battle!”

Laughter and roar sounded one after another from the five powerful flying Supreme Treasure, resounding through the entire starry sky.

“The Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, please act quickly. I will join forces and repel the joint camp!” Nine Heavens Daojun responded on behalf of the Human Race camp.

“No hurry.”

“Nine Heavens, don’t worry.”

“The inheritance information you promised by Human Race has not been given to us. According to the prior agreement, part of it will be given before the war and part of it after the war.

Now, please take out some of the inheritance information. We have watched and verified it. After confirmation, we will naturally help you.

Otherwise, we won’t be able to make a move. “

“Yes, this is the truth.”

“Take out part of the inheritance information first.”

The leaders of several factions within the Ten Thousand Races Alliance said so.

Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, Nine Heavens Taoist and the others powerhouse looked at each other, and then nodded.


Soon, everyone gathered at the Heavenspan Mountain River Map.

In a starry sky in the Mountains and Rivers Chart, a stone table is suspended,

Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, Nine Heavens Daojun, three people sit on one side.

On the other side, there are the five Great Heavenly Venerate powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance and the powerhouse representatives of several ethnic factions.

With the permission of Human Race, their spiritual sense can also enter the river map of Heavenspan Mountain.

“Our two parties are a fair deal. Now that we have not seen the inheritance information, the Ten Thousand Races Alliance will not help in vain.” Old Ancestor said with a smile,

“According to your promise, before the war, you need to provide us with information on the inheritance of Dao Monarchs who have cultivated Heavenly Venerate,”

“Now, please let us watch that part of the inheritance information, only to confirm that you have not fooled our Ten Thousand Races Alliance,

In this way, we can agree to join and help you deal with the joint camp! “Sanqi Heavenly Venerate also said solemnly.

“Don’t worry, everyone, the inheritance information has already been prepared, and you can check it now.” Nine Heavens nodded.


“It’s so good.”

The powerhouses of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races spoke.

“That’s it. You have to take a closer look. Our Human Race never falsifies.” Nine Heavens said with a smile.

Immediately afterwards, he was in this starry sky, showing part of the prepared inheritance information.

Various symbols, secret patterns, graphics, etc. circulate in a mysterious way in the starry sky.

The Great Heavenly Venerate powerhouses on the side of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, and the Dao Monarchs who are the leaders of the factions, looked carefully and studied them carefully.

Even Moxin Old Ancestor was watching curiously. Although he was already Heavenly Venerate, he was confused when the breakthrough became Heavenly Venerate, and had no systematic experience at all.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, and Nine Heavens Daojun looked at each other. They were all slightly nodded and full of confidence.

Especially Jiang Ci, because this is his carefully prepared inheritance information. Although it has been simplified a lot, many important key points have been omitted.

But anyway, this is after all picked out from the massive outer inheritance stone of Yakumo inheritance. Even if it is simplified, it is many times better than the inheritance of Chaos Sea’s many influences.

Looking at the entire Chaos Sea, except Two Great Holy Lands, which may have inheritance from Daojun breakthrough to Heavenly Venerate,

Other major influences are crossing the river by feeling the stones, and I don’t know the correct way to build Heavenly Venerate!

Jiang Ci believes that the inheritance information he compiled will be stunned for any Taoist powerhouse to see,

And it will make them eager for the remaining part of the inheritance information,

So, I am not afraid that the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races will not help Human Race!

“There is a lot of information. Even if it is the strength of the Primordial Spirit of the Daoist, it will take a while to read it all.” Jiang Ci sound transmission said.

“Then wait a while, we are all in the Heavenspan building now, the united camp can’t help us at all, it doesn’t hurt to wait a while.” Nine Heavens said with a smile.

“Wait for the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to join forces with us, then this battle will be won!” Ming Heavenly Venerate also smiled.

Not only are the three people waiting, but other powerhouses in the Human Race camp are also waiting anxiously.

Time passes by every minute and every second,

On the contrary, Monster Race and the powerhouse of the ghost tribe united camp are waiting first.

“Why haven’t you moved yet?”

“Are we waiting here?”

“Don’t worry, the Ten Thousand Races Alliance just made a decision before, we immediately started, so they should not have time to get the inheritance information from Human Race,

Come here now, I must read the inheritance information before deciding whether to join,

I estimate that they should be studying inheritance information now. “Heavenly Venerate said.

“We must not mess around at this time. Once we attack in advance, it is very likely to anger the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races, and I am afraid that it will directly push the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to the Human Race camp.” Yan Du Heavenly Venerate is also nodded and said.

“Do the two Sir Heavenly Venerable think that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance still hopes to join us?” asked a Taoist powerhouse boldly.

“Hope is slim, but if we do it now, there is really no hope. Wait a minute, maybe there is a turning point.” Heavenly Venerate said again.

Other alien powerhouses, all looked at each other in blank dismay,

They have calculated it many times, and they want the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to join them. This is basically impossible!

There is a turnaround?

(One more chapter, later)

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