I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 642


Daomen Celestial Court is the core place of the Human Race territory, and the Human Race territory is the core place of the Fourth Universe.

It can be said that this is the central zone of the Fourth Universe!

At this moment, the starry sky is extremely silent, with eight huge monsters standing quietly.

They are the Heavenspan building of the Human Race camp, the two flying Supreme Treasures of the United camp, and the five flying Supreme Treasures of the Alliance of All Races, each of which is filled with powerhouses above the Daoist.

More than 90% of the Taoists of the Fourth Universe, and almost all the Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, gather here!

Each of them has the ability to overturn and destroy a piece of time and space, and can easily build a strong Peak group!

And now, they are gathered here, and a war will break out.

This battle will affect the future direction of the Fourth Universe and change the influence pattern of the entire universe!

“It’s finished.”

“It’s finished.”

“I’ve finished watching too.”

The five Supreme Treasures of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance are close to each other, and several powerhouse representatives sent out to check the inheritance information, not at all communicate in the Heavenspan Mountain Hetu, but outside the spiritual sense sound transmission.

“We have studied this part of the inheritance information now. Everyone, tell me, how does this inheritance information feel?” A deep voice sounded.

“Not bad.”

“Also useful.”

“So so.”

“This is the Yakumo inheritance that makes the influence of the Chaos Sea crazy? How to cultivate the inheritance information of the Heavenly Venerate powerhouse, it’s that simple?”

“Too general!”

Among the five Great Heavenly Venerate powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, some of them shook their heads.

The leaders of those ethnic factions mostly shook their heads, and some were disdainful.

“You decide, do you choose to join the Human Race camp now, or choose to support me?” The slightly low voice continued.

“Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, do you have to ask? I support you!”

“Haha, now everyone knows how to choose, Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, the Alliance Leader of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, you are the most suitable. Of course, you have to keep your promises.”

“Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, part of the inheritance information you provided us is more detailed than that given by Human Race. I will naturally support you.”

“Yes, the inheritance you provided has greatly increased our hopes of building Heavenly Venerate and will support you.”

The leaders of the Great Sect family of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance have surprisingly unified opinions.

Sanqi Heavenly Venerate also sound transmission: “Okay, then according to the second plan we made at the beginning, we will continue to make requests to Human Race,

If they agree, then we will join the Human Race camp,

If they are still not sincere, how should they choose? Everyone should be clear? “


“Just follow this plan.”

The leaders of the Great Sect family of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, as well as the other three Heavenly Venerate loners, all responded.

They have discussed it a long time ago. The plan set by Sanki Heavenly Venerate is very demanding for Human Race.

However, it is absolutely in the common interest of their Ten Thousand Races Alliance, and they certainly will not oppose it.

After all, only an alliance with the same interests is the most united and stable.


Heavenspan Mountain Hetu, in front of the stone table in the starry sky,

Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, and Nine Heavens Daoist are all looking at the powerhouse on the side of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, waiting for their reply.

“My Ten Thousand Races Alliance, the unity is represented by me.” A Heavenly Venerate powerhouse with three heads and blue snake scales suddenly spoke.

“en?” Jiang Ci their three people were all surprised.

Old Ancestor, the Alliance Leader of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, was a little bit astonished. He quickly turned his head and looked towards the other leaders of Heavenly Venerate and various sects.

“Yes, my Ten Thousand Races Alliance is now represented by Sanqi Heavenly Venerate.”


“Sanki Heavenly Venerate is our Alliance Leader!”

Other powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance spoke one after another.

Suddenly, Old Ancestor’s expression became ugly,

His real deity immediately sound transmission and asked those powerhouses under his command to find out the situation,

In fact, when Sanqi Heavenly Venerate and other powerhouse spiritual sense sound transmissions, Old Ancestor was also aware of it,

It’s just that those powerhouses didn’t talk to him on sound transmission, and he didn’t know the content.

Plus, the spiritual sense sound transmission is already fast, and it can be done in a few seconds.

Although he was puzzled, he didn’t have time to ask more, and this Sanqi Heavenly Venerate suddenly said that he was fully authorized to represent the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

“Old Ancestor, we are indeed unified by Sanqi Heavenly Venerate as the representative.”

“Sir Heavenly Venerable, I’m sorry, this involves our own interests. After the negotiation is over, we will explain the details to you.”

“Old Ancestor…”

The Taoist powerhouses who were close to him originally said the same.

Suddenly, Moxin Old Ancestor was agitated.

But he can’t help it. After all, these former powerhouses are the foundation of his ten thousand race alliance, and the group of powerhouses that have the best relationship with him.

At the same time, Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, and Nine Heavens from Heavenspan Mountain in Hetu are looking at each other.

They also found that the Demon Heart Old Ancestor and other Heavenly Venerate powerhouses did not deny it.

Obviously, this alliance of ten thousand races is truly represented by Sanqi Heavenly Venerate.

“Sanqi Heavenly Venerate?” Daoist Nine Heavens smiled, “Please speak.”

“We have read the inheritance information you gave,” the three heads of Sanqi Heavenly Venerate looked at the three powerhouses of Human Race,

Then the voice said coldly: “Unfortunately, we can’t satisfy us!”

“en?” The faces of Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, and Nine Heavens all changed.

Not satisfied?

Jiang Ci frowned. This was sorted out by him himself, and it was definitely the information that would make the entire Chaos Sea’s influence be greedy.

How could this 10,000 race alliance be dissatisfied?

“Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, what do you mean?” Nine Heavens Daoist remained calm.

“The inheritance information alone is not worth the risk of our Ten Thousand Race Alliance.

If you really want the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to join, please show your sincerity and give us more, more detailed and richer inheritance information! “Sanqi Heavenly Venerate indifferently said.

“More?” Jiang Ci glanced at each other, and at the same time they secretly communicated.

“This is the starting price for sitting on the ground. They believe that our Human Race must be asking for him now, so the requirements are higher.” Nine Heavens Taoist sound transmission said.

“Greedy is a bottomless pit. Even if we give him more and more detailed inheritance, they will think that we have more to come out, and I am afraid they will continue to ask for squeeze.” Ming Heavenly Venerate also said.

“Jiang Ci, do you think the inheritance information we gave is enough?” Nine Heavens asked.

“Absolutely enough, no matter how much, it will shake the foundation of my future development of Human Race.” Jiang Ci said solemnly.

After the three exchanges, they made a decision. They looked at the powerhouse representative of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance.

Nine Heavens Daoist said: “This is the most and most detailed inheritance information that my Human Race can provide. If you want more detailed information, sorry, my Human Race is gone,

If your Ten Thousand Races Alliance is willing to help us, when the war is over, we will naturally take out the other half. “

“Really gone?” Sanqi Heavenly Venerate frowned.

“Nothing.” Nine Heavens Daojun shook his head.

Jiang Ci also frowned and watched. The fact that the Ten Thousand Races Alliance suddenly sat on the ground and raised prices at a critical moment was indeed uncomfortable.

“In that case…” Sanqi Heavenly Venerate turned his head and looked towards the other three Heavenly Venerate powerhouses on his side, as well as the leaders of the Great Sect department,

A few of them are also slightly nodded.

“The inheritance information you Human Race gave is too crude to be worth our risk!” Sanqi Heavenly Venerate said indifferently.

“You are too greedy!” Nine Heavens said solemnly, suppressing his anger.

“Don’t go too far!” Heavenly Venerate coldly snorted and said.

And Jiang Ci just sneered.

“Of course, there is another plan.” Sanqi Heavenly Venerate didn’t care about the attitude of the Human Race Big Three, he continued: “We don’t need more inheritance, but if you, Lord Shanhai… “

He fixed his eyes on Jiang Ci.

“If you wish, you swear by the mark of Yakumo inheritance that after the war, accompany me to the Holy Land in Juntian, and we can join the Human Race camp!” Sanqi Heavenly Venerate finally said His true purpose.

“This is impossible!”

“Don’t think about it!”

Nine Heavens and Ming Heavenly Venerate were coldly shouted almost at the same time.

“Nothing to talk about.” Jiang Ci shook his head.

See you in the poor picture,

It seems that everything behind this is that Juntian Holy Land is playing a ghost!

Behind Juntian Holy Land is the enemy of the upper realm, which is Star Realm!

Otherwise, Juntian Holy Land is absolutely impossible to know the existence of the mark of Yakumo inheritance.

So, he won’t be so stupid to agree to this request.

Go to Juntian Holy Land? That is to die!

“So, see you on the battlefield!”

“Let’s go!”

Sanqi Heavenly Venerate stood up, and the other powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance also stood up. Although the devil’s heart Old Ancestor looked ugly, he also stood up.


The powerhouse of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races disappeared one after another, and the spiritual sense left the Heavenspan Mountain river map.

In front of the stone table, there are only the Big Three from the Human Race side, and the standing Demon Heart Old Ancestor.

Moxin’s Old Ancestor station has taken the cultivation to the limit of Heavenly Venerate’s inheritance. Now it’s not sitting or walking, and its face is embarrassing.

“Devil Heart, what is going on?” Ming Heavenly Venerate asked him.

“Our previous agreement was not like this.” Jiang Ci also said,

Moxin Old Ancestor said with a bitter smile: “Wait first, let me know the situation first.”


The five flying Supreme Treasures on the side of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, one of which belongs to Old Ancestor.

“Everyone, what is going on?” Old Ancestor of Moxin looked at the powerhouses in the Supreme Treasure space,

these all are The powerhouse he has made with, the Taoist monarch who has a good relationship, is also one of the ways he has enough voice in the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races.

A giant who belongs to the rock life muffled: “Master Devil, we have friendship, but we also want to be stronger,

Only when we are strong, can our respective races have a higher status in the fourth universe,

Especially after becoming Heavenly Venerate, with its own mini-universe, then the race has a real foundation,

So, we can’t be blamed. “

“Say, what the hell is going on!” Old Ancestor shouted, not wanting to listen to these nonsense.

Another Peak Clan’s Daoist sighed: “It’s like this. Before we argued about whether to join the Human Race camp in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, when there were many disputes,

Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, without telling you, provided us with part of the inheritance information from the Daojun to Heavenly Venerate,

He said, if Human Race is more detailed than this one, then we can still help Human Race,

On the contrary, we will help unite the camp to deal with Human Race, in order to persecute Lord Shanhai Dao. “

“This is how things are, we don’t know where the inheritance information of Sanqi Heavenly Venerate comes from.”

“But the inheritance information he took out was more detailed and richer than Human Race’s, and it was more than ten times higher in terms of value. The ones that Human Race took out are simply crude!”

“Master Devil, how do we choose?”

In the Supreme Treasure space, the Taoist powerhouse, all looked at the old Ancestor of the devil’s heart.

Old Ancestor showed a bitter smile, full of helplessness.

“It turned out to be like this.” Moxin Old Ancestor shook his head gently.

Combined with the request made by Sanqi Heavenly Venerate to Jiang Ci just now, he knew that all of this was controlled by Juntian Holy Land behind him.

No wonder, that Sanqi Heavenly Venerate was so enthusiastic to help him when he planned to form the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races before.

It’s no wonder that the establishment of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance will be so smooth, without any obstacles or disputes.

His purpose is to use the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races to obtain the ultimate inheritance information of the cultivation success Heavenly Venerate from Human Race,

And the Juntian Holy Land behind that, is it not taking his hand to form the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races?

“For those of us Peak people, what we want is survival, what we want is strength.”

“The inheritance information given by Sanqi Heavenly Venerate far exceeds that given by Human Race.”

“We are impossible to sit back and watch Human Race become stronger and bigger. They become stronger and they will definitely squeeze our living space!”

“Furthermore, it is definitely easier for us to join the joint camp in this battle, and the cost is the least.”

“Many considerations, whether it is from the present, the future, or the benefits that can be obtained, we chose this way, Old Ancestor, you should understand.”

The powerhouses of these aliens who are close to Old Ancestor are very calm.

Their exchange soon ended.


Heavenspan Mountain in the picture,

Moxin Old Ancestor sighed slightly, looked at the Big Three of Human Race, and said: “Behind Sanqi Heavenly Venerate, there should be Juntian Holy Land,

He brought out a piece of inheritance information ten times more detailed than yours, so many powerhouses of the Ten Thousand Races Alliance turned to him. “

“Ten times?” Jiang Ci complexion slightly changed.

This Juntian Holy Land is really cruel!

He thinks that the inheritance information he has compiled is good enough to make many influences of Chaos Sea jealous,

But didn’t expect, Juntian Holy Land was willing to come out with a better inheritance!

Jiang Ci understands, even if he knows it now, there is no way.

Because he can’t come up with a better one,

Otherwise, it would be nurturing a tiger to invite calamity, and that would shake the foundation of Human Race’s future development.

I really come up with a better inheritance. With the huge number of ethnic groups in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, a large number of Taoist powerhouses and Heavenly Venerate powerhouses will definitely be born quickly.

At that time, the situation of Human Race will be more dangerous.

Moreover, at this time, it’s useless to say anything.

Sanqi Heavenly Venerate is here for him. Before asking for more inheritance, it was just a cover!

“I didn’t do a good job this time, but since I got some of the inheritance information you gave, I won’t take action in this battle!” Old Ancestor sighed softly,

Then he left the Heavenspan Mountain river map.

Jiang Ci, Ming Heavenly Venerate, Nine Heavens Daoist, watched him leave without stopping.

They understand that if they agree to give the other 2/3 of the inheritance information about the limit of cultivation to Heavenly Venerate, then the old Ancestor of the devil should still stand on the side of the Human Race camp,

However, in the face of such a huge number of powerhouse wars, a Heavenly Venerate powerhouse that can only exert the ultimate battle strength of the debut monarch has no effect on the overall situation.

It’s useless to stay or not.

“Fight to the death!” The Daoist Nine Heavens who has always been calm, his eyes are full of crazy colors.

“My Human Race never compromises!” Ming Heavenly Venerate snorted angrily.

“Master, Ming Heavenly Venerate, it seems that there is only crazy planning this way.” Jiang Ci was full of killing intent awe-inspiring.

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