I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 686

At the moment of Jiang Ci left Qingyun Building.

Inside the gray palace, four Great Commanders are excited.


“elite sequence task disappeared!”

“This represents, the mountain sea is going to the Qingyun Building!”

four Great Commander laughs,

嗖 …

They came to Qingyun Tower at the same time and saw JIANG CI just came out.

“We are the four commanders of Divine King Valley, the life of Divine King Your Majesty, Guardian God Wang Valley.” Mixed Primordial Spirit will lead Said With a smile, “Shanhai, congratulations, successfully Top Qingyun Building, became the first Daojun elite sequence in the dream world! “

“Shanhai, please talk to the temple.” Black fog string also Opened the mouth and said.

In their tone, there is respectful,

, especially the three controversy of the three eternal Supreme Realm, from the body move, it can be respectful to jiang Ci.

Obviously, four Great Commander also knows that JIANG CI is now different.

Although it is still a Taojun warrior, it can crack them because of the palm of WORLD SOURCE.


After half a day, Jiang Ci is sent in the passion of four Great Commander, leaving Divine King Valley.

looks at the vast boundless Divine King mainland and endless ocean, Jiang Ci Laughd.

“When you come, take a year, now just a moment.”

He now doesn’t have any concealing, then ThoughtS Move disappears over the Divine King continent.

next moment, there is an outside of the White Flame Army Camp.

he controls the world source of the Dream World, naturally you can arrive at any place at will.

can even be a Single Thought, you can kill the soul below this World Eternal Reverence, which can easily suppress the Eternal Reverence and Mix Primordial Spirit.

This is also a respectable reason for the four Great Commander.

The White Flame Army Camp, the lake station of the inflammation of LEGION.

jiang Ci is leisurely flying over the lake, flying to your islands.

“see, is the mountain sea!”

“He is the mountain sea? I heard that your third squad is also afraid of this new soldier?”

“I remember that he disappeared three for 3,000 years, I thought he was dead, Didn’t expect actually alive!”

On a island below, two soldiers saw Jiang Ci’s figure.


The Warrior Haihui returned, this news was quickly transmitted in the fourth Battallion third squad of inflammation.

is very fast, and the entire fourth Battallion is transmitted.

of the sixth squad of a red face, a red face, getting this news, directly eye.

“He is back!”

Eight arms, naturally the Dao Jun Powerhouse of Chaos Haimen Holy Land.

His strength is good, so many years, it has also joined special Legion.

“Is it possible to start the killing?” The eight arm soldiers were silent and felt intangible pressure.

At the same time, there is a grievance in his heart. He has been in the dream circle for three for three yuan, and he already likes it,

Here is more free than 天 Holy Land, and even he can find a way to become a Heavenly Venerate, find a modified method, rather than an attachment of the ancestor Heavenly SuPreme.

However, he shouldered the command of Heavenly SuPreme, must deal with Jiang Ci!

“begins.” Eight arm soldiers sighed.

His Book is still in Yumi Holy Land, and life and death is controlled by paragon, he can only follow the command.

Soon, the eight arm soldiers flew to the core station of the inflammation Legion.

This is a vast island, which is covered with a Fiery-Red forest.

and in the center of the forest, there is this 巍 的 神, there is a team of Heavenly Venerate Guards at the door.

The temple is in the temple, which is the leader of the inflammation Legion!

can serve as a special Legion command in the army, is Eternal Reverence, and it is more powerful Eternal Reverence, which is not eternal Paragon, which is not much different.


“This is the leadership, it is forbidden!”

Heavenly Venerate Guard before the temple, stopped eight arm soldiers.

“I have to seek leaders!” The eight arm soldiers were busy.

“Warrior!” A Heavenly Venerate Guard Coldly Shouted: “The command is what you want to see? Speed ​​speed leave!”

“I really have to be tight.” The eight arm soldiers rushed.

The Heavenly Venerate Guards look at it, slightly hesitant, after all, come to see the soldiers of their inflammatory Legion.

“Let him come in.” A cold voice sounded.

Heavenly Venerate Guard no longer blocks.

Eight arm warrior is relexed.


Inside the Temple, a evil youth wearing a Fiery-Red robes, sitting above the Great Hall.

“See the leadership!” The eight arm warrior respectfully rose.

“What is your important thing?” The big fur bodies fell on the eight arm soldiers. “If you can’t say any press, the army will dispose.”

“Trend, I accidentally discovered a big secret.” The eight arm warrior is busy, “the fourth Battallion third squad’s Warrior Shanhai is sneaken from the outside world!”

“Outside Influnce?” Burgian Union, the Terrifying’s Killing Intent broke.

Any life in the dream circle, has an absolute loyalty to the dream circle. It is hostile to the outside world. This is engraved in in The Depth of One’s Soul.

“You didn’t lie to me?” Burgian Union came.

“Never dare to deceive the lead!”

“Do you have evidence?”

“I …”

Eight arm soldiers are anxious, “This is my own eyes, this evidence …”

“You said with the mouth, I will go to check the mountain sea?” Burrito leads the bruise, “returned, I spare your sin.”

Eight arm soldiers clenched the teeth, the face is crazy: “The leader, this is definitely what I see, as long as you shout the mountain sea, you can know the true and false!”

“Illusion Technique?” The leaders of Napph were impatient. “How can I do it, I can’t teach you, roll!”

“Condition, I don’t have false! Let him live, it is unfavorable to my dream!” The eight arm soldiers have some hysterical,

“If the leader is not believed, I am willing to have a death!”


The eight arm soldiers are all annihilated in the Self-Destruct, the body, and Primordial Spirit in the temple.

This scene is that the big inflammation is surprised,

“Self-Destruct? actually with Death Mission?”

“Didn’t Expect, this warrior is so faithful, but unfortunately.”

In the long years, he has seen many faithful warriors, but in front of him, this is the first.

“Is it true that the outside life enters my dream circle?” Burglades blinks.


subsequently disappeared.

next moment, he appeared over the island of Jiang Ci.

At this time, Jiang Ci is leisurely fishing on the water.

“It’s really leisurely!” Natan led the brids.

“is coming? It’s going down!”

Suddenly, a light fluttering sound rang in his ear.

“en?” Burglasses are horrified.


followed, a strengthening from all Directions, directly pressed him down to the bottom, directly on the water.

and the water is hard, and the big inflammation will take the confused.

This makes him more shocking, but he is powerful in Eternal Reverence, Body and Primordial Spirit, which is actually swayed directly?

and like an ordinary life, there is no resistance to resistance.

“Is it Possible That This person is really a foreign life?” Burgian collar quickly wanted to send the generals of Bai Yan.

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