I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 687

Bai Yanjun, a island in the Lake Camp of the British Legion.

jiang Ci shook his head gently, some helpless.

“I will move the stone to my own feet.”

After the elite sequence task is completed, four Great Commander asked him: Do you want to open this news? Once disclosed, the four major troops will soon know, see you will be very respectful.

At that time, JIANG CI rejected directly.

In his opinion, he is going to leave the dream in the middle of the dream, there is no need to make the four major armies.

Currently knowing Jiang Ci identity, in addition to the four Great Commander of Divine King Valley, it is the four Great General of the army.

Because of this, the big Chinese collar is not clear about the identity of JIANG CI.

and jiang ci saw the opponent’s killing, and did not leave the hand, directly using the World Source of the Dream World, to suppress the other party.

At this moment, the general violation is still in the shock.


“Is it a foreign mix primordial Spirit, specially camouflage a Daojun warrior,

As long as you don’t touch the general, other no one can see his camouflage, so Powerhouse, you have to do this, there is definitely a big try! “

Unreasoned unspeak the idea.

call …

jiang Ci is coming to the big inflammation, looking at him in indifference, “Why do you come here? Want to move murderous intertions?”

“Who are you? A Daojun warrior, it is not so strong!” The unscrupulous silent trip.

He has already sent it to the generals of the white flame. He wants to come, here is the White Flame Army Army, the general said,

White flames are coming, naturally, you can grasp this outside!

“en?” jiang ci frowned, and lookards.

I saw a Daoist SECT in IN The Sky in the distance, and an figure came out from it.

White Battle Armor, White Skin, White Flames, White Flames, the invisible power is far more than Eternal Reverence, which is obviously a mixed Primordial Spirit!

After seeing this figure, the unscrupulous leadership is immediately happy.

“General!” He shouted.

“White Flame.” JIANG Ci also said with a smile.

“Shanhai.” White flames suddenly smile, walk to the front of JIANG CI,

He saw that after the ground on the ground was bonded, you saten: “British, how are you here?”

Navy collar, stunned.

Because he thinks the generals of the White flames come, it will be able to do with this foreign trend Powerhouse,

However, both laughing each other, with good friends.

“General.” The big bristons are inhabitation, “this mountain sea, it is very likely that the outside life enters the treason, the general Must is careful!”

White flames read him at a glance, and the red violence was not paid.

“How do I do it, also use you?” White Flame Coldly Said, “Shanhai adult identity, you can know,

You dare to take the mountains and sea, I hope that the mountains will not be a big anger, cathave it. “

The Navy is unified.

Mountain Hai people?


He immediately understood that the status of the big people in the mountains should be very high, I want to kill him this eternal paragon, it is just a word.

can now be the highest in the dream world, isn’t it four Great general?

What existence, can you let four Great general calls be adults?

The unscrupulous commanders thought that he should be in contact with the core confidentiality, it is really a great disaster!

“This …” he panicked.

then he saw that the generals of the white flames and the Warrianshan sea, talking about smiling and talking, he can’t hear it.

For a time, he became more fearful, and the mountain sea adults were afraid of killing him.


“Shanhai, Didn’t Expect you come back so fast, I just got the newsletter of Divine King Valley, I haven’t had time to pay, I heard the news of your head.” Bai Yan Said with a smile.

“I think you have publicly open the elite sequence, as the elite sequence, no one dares to distinguish you.”

“No.” JIANG CI shakes his head, don’t want to make it all know,

has no enemy in his current strength, whether in the dream circle, or in the chaotic sea.

However, there is still a thousand fantasy will not be resolved.

If his identity is open, the Powerhouse from Chaos Sea will definitely know his existence.

The Eternal Reverence of the Chaotic Sea TW Great Holy Lands may have a means of contacting the Thousand Fantasy God, and if the other party has a preparation, it may lead unnecessary trouble.

“How do you prepare to place it?” Bai Yan also looked at the county collar on the ground.

For the Dream Director, even if they are a residual army who remains in the Yuanjie, an Eternal Reverence is nothing,

jiang ci must kill, no one can stop.

“You ask him first, why will you get a heart to me?” JIANG CI.

“Good.” White Flame Nodded, immediately asked the big news.

After a while, the white flaming is also against Jiang Ci: “It is an eight arm road of the inflammation Legion, saying that you are an external life, and in the death of the law, the big violence will have a suspicion of you. Murderous intenion. ”

Bai Yan army is not doubtful, because he knows, the Soldiers in front of you, the identity is certified by Qingyun Building,

and the Qingyun Building is Divine King your Majesty left. If the mountain sea is a treason, then Impossible is alive from Qingyun Building.

“eight arm road jun?” jiang ci brushed a trace of killing intent.

天 HOLY LAND is dominated by the Yumiyi Nationality, the biggest characteristics of this family is eight arms.

“Since you want to kill me, then I will kill you in the dream dynasty!”

Subsequently, JIANG Ci did not have a unfamiliar commander and punishment, let the white flame left the other party.


Half a day later, wait for no one to pay attention to his islands,

jiang Ci A Single Thought, a military Great Hall, who came to the inflammatory Legion.

Just entered Great Hall, sudden World change, came to a very true world of He Realm.


A Golden Light figure appears, and full of respectful Jiang Ci: “Meet people in the mountains.”

jiang ci nodded, I saw a circle at All Around, and there was no soldier around, he should have entered an independent space.

“I have to check the last thirty-fifth thousand years, join the four major army of all the Daojun warriors and the information of the Heavenly Venerate warrior,” He also figured the Golden, “and can you simulate their AURA? “

“Yes, life AURA is the foundation of confirming their identity, I have a record here.” Golden Light.


hua hua …

In this huge space, start simulating a movie, with a little life Aura, soldiers who have joined the four major troops in the last more than 300,000 years.

look at it, Grandiose.

“Really!” JIANG CI shakes his head. Fortunately, it is just more than 300,000 years. If an era, then it is troublesome.

start search! “

Taking his strength, just a moment, it is filtered.

“天 HOLY LAND joins the four major army, there are 238-bit Jun, 1 Heavenly Venerate.”

“Killing them is simple.” JIANG CI Secretly Thought, he controlled the World Source of the Dream World, and A Single Thought can let these 钧天 HOLY LAND’s PowerHouse is annihilated.

and this respect, Avatar is annihilated together, can’t keep half-point!

“en?” JIANG CI thinks again.


The fourth universe, the human race domain.

“Master.” JIANG CI’s Avatar entered the source Ancient Boundary, found Jiuyi Heavenly Venerate, and said that he had to do.

“What?” Jiuyi Heavenly Verete is shocked, “You said, you have permission to kill all the Powerhouse in the dream circle?”


He did not disclose his experience in the dream circle, nine Heavenly Venerate did not ask.

“My intend, is the Powerhouse, which is not only killing the Holy Land, and the fourth universe and the Powerhouse who do our human race are also 100 million to kill!” JIANG Ci.

It is now 100,000 years, and Human Race has occupied the fourth universe, the fourth universe, the territory,

, but many and Human Race, Heavenly Venerate, have escaped to the chaos sea, want to completely kill, difficulty is still very big.

These Powerhouse leaves that it is a hidden danger.

“I want MASTER to do something …” JIANG CI said that the idea in his heart was over.

“Do you say?” Jiuyi Heavenly Venerate immediately understood.

“haha, good!” “went to laugh,

“I understand what you mean, you are planning to make me spread out, let more PowerHouse enters the dream world, and then join the army, you will do it again?”

“right!” jiang ci nodded.

“is given to me.” Jiuyi Heavenly Venerate laughed, hiding in the eyes of crazy and expectations.

All enemies of Human Race in a glance, this matter is exciting!


is very fast, there is news in the chaotic sea.

Get the eternal level other in the army of the Dream World,

and, the army of the dream world seems to be expanded, and the screening assessment is much lower than ever.

After this news, the chaos sea major influnce’s Powerhouse, naturally half-skewers.

However, when everyone goes to the Dream Transportation Try to join the army, it is found that it is simple.

For example, the Tianyu family of the first universe, originally of their ten Daojun, can have three or four joined the army.

now, there can be eight, or even nine enters!

, the chaotic sea major influnce is crazy.

There is an eternal inheritance in the army, and the screening of the joining the army is also reduced. What is it waiting for!

Under this atmosphere, more and more Chaos Powerhouse join the army.

and they have seen the eternal inheritance, and some people are exchanged to a small amount of inheritance information.

Under multi-faceted, in just 10,000 years, there are more than 5,000 chaotic sea Powerhouse, and enter the four major troops in the Dream World.


jiang Ci is waiting in silently.

All this is of course he controlled.

With his position in the dream circle, it reduces the screening assessment conditions of entering the army, and then simply.

and it is only a short period of time, and the four Great general has no reason to reject.

The small amount of eternal inheritance is also he took out, looked at the temptation, but it is just tempting.


According to his statistics, the four major universes of Chaos Sea, the Two Great Holy Lands universe, all the Dao Jun added, which is more than 10,000.

, most of them are and Human Race has no hatred, not in his range.

His goal is the Powerhouse, the first universe, the first universe, and the fourth universe Monster Race, the ghosts and other coalition camps.

of the Tianyu, Jiang Ci has not been forgotten,

This ethnic group is the eternal ethnic group, the bloodline general yu,


is the betrayal of this day Divine General Yu, so that Star Realm has the opportunity of the Sneak Attack Elementary Army.

So, this ethnic group, also in the range of JIANG CI.

and later, if there is an opportunity, he will completely cut this eternal bLOODLINE.


is like this, it has been over 10,000 years.

The big influence of Chaos Sea into the Dream World’s Powerhouse is close to 8,000.

and the Powerhouse and the Human Race are doing more than 70%, all entered the dream circle, joined the army.

“It’s enough!” JIANG CI is cold.

I want to kill all, one does not stay, it is definitely unreal, these Influnce will not send all Powerhouse to the dream circle.

Killing 70%, the rest of the third completion is completely no threat.

“That is dying!”

Jiang Ci Thoughts Move, the world source fuse together,

of the entire dream world

This moment, several mixed Primordial Spirit in the Dream World will be the direction of Had a feeling in the heart, and the direction of the inquiry.

In their view, as long as the mountains are not a thought, destroy the entire world, they don’t have to pay more.


jiang Ci Locks the live Aura, which is screened by him, and perceived that one will be killed by him, most of them are Daojun, a small amount of Heavenly Venerate.

call …

Quietly, a threatened world source invaded the Powerhouse’s body and Primordial Spirit, all killing!

, not only to kill this body,

The kind of mysterious Stueth, which also killed all of these Powerhouse’s body and avatar all through the link between the body and Avatar!



“Who! Who!” Heavenly SuPreme is crazy.

天 HOLY LAND more than 500 Daojun Powerhouse, it is nearly four hundred in an instant!

If they have a lot of survey, you can add it.

However, a one-time supplement will nearly 400 Daojun Powerhouse, and also CultiVation to the extreme high realm, that consumption …

I am afraid that I will have another ten quantities of robbery, and I Holy Land is also difficult to recover to the PEAK state!


The first universe, Tian Yu family.

“NO! No! Who?” Tian Yu’s only one Heavenly Venerate Powerhouse, seventh holy lord, and then desperate.

This time, in order to get the eternal inheritance in the Dream World, they can be said to be a tipst,

The ethnic group leaving only one of him a Heavenly Venerate, there is also ten Daojun, all other entered the dream circle.

But just now, those PowerHouse entering the dream circle, all fall!

Seventh Holy Lord knows that Tianyu is over!


At the same time, some of the fourth universe Monster Race, ghosts such as the Chaos Sea, is also desperate.

, especially the Monster Race, the ghost, the people of their ethnic Heavenly Venerate, 阎 都 heavenly Venerate, the same entered the dream circle, just now fall!

After this, the coalition camp can no longer cause any threat to Human Race.


Compared to these desperate groups,

At this moment, the fourth universe Human Race, a jubilant.

finally, the fourth universe ushered in the Human Race era!

They occupy the entire universe, such a huge territory, they will be born more and more Peak Genius, more Dao Jun, more Heavenly Venerate!

At the same time, in the high-level communication of Human Race, the name of Jiang Ci is again well known by each Human Race.

Because this is the founder of the Human Race Peak era, it is now a well-deserved Number One Powerhouse!

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