I Have an Experience Panel Chapter 688

JIANG CI is still in the dream circle Cultivation, with a big dream Divine King, a massive eternal fragment, he doesn’t have to worry about Experience Points.

Now, he just uses a panel to upgrade the body, Primordial Spirit, the road, the heart, the four aspects of Realm!

and once his heart Streamth can reach the Eternal Realm, you can start to deal with thousands of fantasy, solve this in the chaotic sea, the only thing that threatens his existence.



In the first million years of Jiang Ci,

another Master Wine Sword of JIANG CI, finally repaired Dao Jun.

To this end, JIANG CI’s Avatar is customized to celebrate the Master.


Another era past, JIANG CI’s Big Brother Xuantian, also repaired Daojun, became the second Daojun of Earth.

After that, he has been tens of millions of years, and second sisters Li Baibai, the same becomes Dao Jun, became the third Daojun Earth.

and two of their Breakthrough, it seems to open the Powerhouse seal of Earth Lineage, the true king, Daojun, and appeared.

In the next ten era, the fourth, fifth, sixth Dao … until more than ten Daojun, has not ended.

Earth Lineage, and therefore became the strongest Lineage of Human Race!


In this process, JIANG CI has not until Qingshi God will solve the sleep seal of jiang Doudou.

Because he already knows, the thousand fantasy will be in the mountain starfish,

It is exactly that it is rushing to find an ultravel.

According to Daden DiVine King, Jiang Doudou is the key to open super away. Once wake up, it will attract attention to the attention of Magic God.

Even if the Magic God will be suppressed by the dream circle, but maybe this is close to the god king level Powerhouse, and Avatar is in the upper bound.

Thousands of fantasy will take this to pass the message to the other Powerhouse of Star Realm, which will definitely attract more Star Realm God, and even God King Level Powerhouse!

Even if there is a HEAVEN AND Earth Rule restriction of chaotic sea overbearing, JIANG CI did not grasp the Divine King that can be dealt.

Mixed Primordial Spirit King is another level, even in a larger all Heavens Myriad Realms, it is also the presence of Peak Level.

is not fully restricted by Heaven and Earth Rule.

So, if you don’t solve the thousands of fantasy, Jiang Ci will not open the sleeping seal of jiang Doudou.


After jiang ci enters the tenth era of the Dream World, it has passed 320 million years.

Dream circle, a banned island of the British Legion lake camp.

is indeed forbidden islands, because Jiang Ci lives in the island, has been listed as forbidden, more than a soldier in more than 3 million years, no warrior dare to step into it.

and jiang Ci, it has been closed here!

This day, JIANG CI finally woke up.

He opened his eyes and flashed in an ancient intention of vicissitudes.

“call, finally succeeded!”


CultiVation Base:

本-etet 元er (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Element)

avatar -eeternal reverence (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Road method:

Eternal Sword DAO (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal knife (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal Five Elements (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal Life (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal space (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal Time (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Element)

Eternal Destruction (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eternal Renewal (1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Secret Technique:

Classic of Mountains and Seas (Eternity 1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Heart Classic (one weight 1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Eight life (4th Layer 1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Cloud (4th Layer 1 Million Yuan 1 Million Yuan)

Decrection: 1 yuan Eternal Experience PointS times

Transformation: 1 yuan Eternal fragment = 1 yuan eternal Experience Points

Eternal Experience Points: 84.34 million yuan


“Everything, all of the eternal limit!” JIANG CI has emerged in powerful confidence.

When used in 3s6 million years, he finally enhanced the heart, the road, the body, Primordial Spirit, four areas, all of the eternal Perfection Realm.

of its own CultiVation Base has also reached the eternal success, surpassing Eternal Paragon.

“With my strength, in the dream circle, even if you don’t use World Source, I also have several mixed primordial spirit and four Great General Spirit will be a battle!”

Because he is the four routes to achieve the limit!

The heart Stregth, invisible, any SuPreme Treasure can’t defend, mix Primordial Spirit will be able to resist the resistance, it is estimated that the strength will be greatly weakened by the heart strengthen.

Duanfa STRENGTH, he is now eight models all reaches the eternal limit. The next step is to go to Primordial Chaos Realm Realm.

and, he has also achieved eight fusements, with this, “Classic of Mountains and Seas”,

This SECRET Technique, which can be called Absolute Art, All-Inclusive, which is already called mixed elements, interpret all the Mysterious of the eight roads.

Body Stregth, he has enhanced “eight lives” in the eight cloud inheritance, raised to 4th Layer, and the physical strength is better than the eternal SuPreme Treasure, Stregth is not too much.

jiang ci self-confidence, with your body Stregth, he can make a happiness to be seriously injured.

Primordial Spirit Stregth, the same “cloud” in the eight cloud inheritance, 4th Layer is successful, the Primordial Spirit intensity has reached the limit of Eternal Realm,

Once the PRIMORDIAL SPIRT broke out, it is a thousand outbreaks, and even God will not be more than his Primordial SPIRIT intensity.

“Today, the most important thing is to be the heart strengthenthth.” JIANG CI eyes Divine Light.

Heaven and Earth Rule of Chaotic Sea cannot be limited to the ultimate ultrastonnesth, the Heaven and Earth Rule of Chaos Sea.

He can play a successful strength in Chaos Sea, and waving all enemies!

Even if Star Realm’s Divine King is coming, he is not afraid!

Because Divine King is largely, it is also limited to Heaven and Earth Rule, which is limited to Chaos Sea, there is no way to play a truly powerful strength.

“that can start!”

jiang Ci Looked Towards Divine King Mainland, Thoughts Move, appearing in Divine King Valley 9th Floor.

and Jiang Doudou have the same dream DiVine King, just like ancient times, sitting in the courtyard space of 9th floor.

and the illusion of Qingshi God is also standing next to Motionless.

“Are you ready?” Daden Divine King Said with a smile.

“You can do it at any time.” JIANG CI is self-confident.

Next, Qingshi God will also laugh, “It seems that I don’t have to shoot.”

“Qing Senior Shi helps me protect Doudou.” JIANG CI.

“Reassured, in the independent space of my body, the Thousand Fantasy will not be close to DiVine King, and I can’t find Doudou.” Qingshi god will.

“That start.” JIANG CI Nodded.

The three people are not doing things, Dream DiVine King directly raises his hand.


Jiang Ci disappears directly in the dream circle, Next Moment appears in the endless chaotic fog of the chaotic sea in the Endian Chaos.

At the same time, the medioliosis in the Source Space in the Dream World is also excluded.


Boundless’s chaotic ocean, the four original universities are like four continents, floating in endless chaotic fog.

There is a hEAVENLY VENERATE small universe around the stars, all over arrone.

Two Holy Land universe is much larger, just like islands, like a powerful Imposing Manner.

In this huge world, there are three places to be bigger, that is, three Danger Land: Big Golden River, trapped in the abyss, Wanjie Market.

At this moment, the edge of the Wanjie, which is covered by the air, can be seen in all areas of flight Supreme Treasure distribution.

Although a large amount of Powerhouse is falling in the dream circle,

But those who live down, indeed gaining a small body, and even a lot of Dao is therefore become Heavenly Venerate Powerhouse.

So, there is still a lot of Influence Powerhouse stationed here.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in the periphery of Wanjie Market.

“en? That is!”

“Shanhai Road!”

“He disappeared hundreds of millions of years, how did you suddenly appear?”

“Hurry to hide, he is now the chaotic sea Number One Expert, who can’t hear him!”

Those PowerHouse quickly returned and transferred the message to the ethnic group, so that this Powerhouse is temporarily close to Wanjie.

and jiang ci is waiting quietly outside this row, he didn’t go.

next moment, another body appears, I saw a hand-held spear, the British boy, who was wearing Silver Battle Armor, is being a thousand fantasy.

“Haha, a group of elderly dead resilings, I still want to suppress me?” The thousands of fantasy will laugh next to no one.

“I have been touched, after this, this ruin is generally chaotic sea, no powerhouse can block me!”

“buried in many of the opportunities here, will also be a thousand fantasies!”

maybe in the future, I can take this into the Divinity King Realm, becoming a thousand fantasy Divine King! “

His eyes Looked Towards All Around, eventually falls on Jiang Ci.

Because of this, Jiang Ci is left.

“Why are you not afraid of me?” The thousand fantasy will arrogly.

“Why are I afraid of you?” JIANG CI Laughd.

“Oh? It seems that Has Several Points of Ability.” The thousand fantasy will stare at Jiang Ci.

Soon, he wrinkled frowned because he found that jiang ci’s CultiVation Base is somewhat strange,

It is Heavenly Venerate, but it is like Eternal Reverence, and then look at it, it is like mixed Primordial Spirit.

is a weird!

“I ask you, do you know the mountain starfish?” The thousand fantasy will suddenly ask.

He still did not put Jiang Ci in his eyes. This question is that JIANG CI should be a calendar, maybe I know some secret.

“Mountain Starfish?” JIANG CI laughed, “I am known as Jiang Ci, also called Shanhai, you said I don’t know?”

“You!” The thousand fantasy will never keep the look.

then release the murder in his eyes, Coldly Said: “The weak life of the lower world, also dare to play in me?”

“first seize you again!”


He directly raised his hand, all arrone endless chaotic fog, as if he listened to him, condensed into a huge incompetent palm, and pressed into the JIANG CI.

Chaotic fog, that is, chaotic energy, only mixing powerhouse, can be controlled.

Although the Thousand Fantasy will be limited to the Heaven and Earth Rule of Chaos Sea, it can only play the strength of the Heavenly Venerate limit, but still can operate chaotic energy.

but next moment, he was shocked.

I saw JIANG CI without any action, just soft: “scatter!”

I don’t know what STRENGTH is disadvantaged, and it is directly defeated as if I can annihilate all chaotic Giant Palm.

“impossible!” The thousand fantasy will start StartLED.

In the chaotic sea, it can be displayed so power, it is only possible to mix Yuan God King Level PowerHouse!

“Nothing Impossible!” JIANG CI smile.

“forbidden!” I saw him saying softly.

The heart strengthenth once again spread, invisible Strength, like a big network, directly to the thousands of fantasy.

“not good!” The thousands of fantasy will notep the heart strengthenth, but he can feel an invisible danger is in a hurry.


He quickly retreats quickly.

“What is Stregth? It’s not a way, not a body, is not Primordial Spirit? What is it?”

The thousand fantasy will refund while thinking.

he has never seen this Stregth at all, and I can’t think of the answer for a while.

“Escape?” JIANG Ci has not moved, and the heart is all his attack.

“forbidden!” he opened again.

invisible heart strengthenth suddenly increased to the eternal Perfection Level.


Instant, a portable big net directly bonded to the thousand fantasy gods, bonded him firmly, the body, Primordial Spirit is all imprisoned, Unable to move even a little bit.

“This impossible!” The unbelievable of the thousand fantasy will be full, and there is a panic,

“Who are you? You are the Yuanjie Yuko? Impossible, the Employee Army has turned into a resilient, Impossible is still living!”

jiang Ci is gently step, go to him, said with a smile: “You will know in a while.”

“The law of heartfall.”

Said, while he showed the law of the slavery inside “heart”.

Suddenly, the intangible big net consisting of the heart Stregth, began to go deep into the body and PRIMORDIAL SPIRIT,

is like branding, to completely control the body, Primordial Spirit, and the soul.

“NO! No!” The thousand fantasy will want self-destruct, abandon this body, but he can’t do it under the control of the heart strengthen.

He crazy struggle, mix Primordial Spirit Clear Cultivation Base, wants to resist this intangible Stregth.

“This is …” He suddenly realized what,

“This is the STRENGTH of that person! It is a heart strengthening!”

Thousand fantasy will finally think of a very long-standing legend.

That is the Elementary Flourishing Period, the super Level EXISTENCE named yuan, unique Stregth,

yuan, sweep all the super powerhouse!

Come this time, the thousand fantasy will think of it is useless, because he doesn’t have any resisted means!

he has played up to the strength of the Heavenly Venerate limit.

Intangible brand finally went deep into the Magic God’s mood, and eroded his heart.

He closed his eyes, the last desperate and struggle in the eyes, eventually disappeared.

When the thousand fantasy will open your eyes, then only the eyes are only fanatics and respect in the eyes.

“Thousands of fantasy” “”

The law of heartfall, since then, the thousand fantasy will be the heart slaves of jiang ci!


Before repairing the heart, JIANG CI is indeed directly to kill the Magic God.

But when he knows that the heart is in this kind of heartfall, he has changed the idea and trying to control the legend of thousands of fantasy.

Because he will definitely go to the upper bound, if there is a thousand fantasy, it will naturally be much convenient.

After the Magic God will now, JIANG CI knows, this is close to God King Level, which is indeed Avatar stayed in Star Realm.

This, he buried a nail in Star Realm in Star Realm, and it will definitely be used!

After all, the Thousand Fantasy God will do this, even if it is in the upper boundary, there is not much.


Since then, JIANG CI has no more enemy in the chaotic sea in the ENTER,

and he did not stop, and took a step forward, and how many light years were spanned, he came to the outside of God’s Holy Land.

“Chaos Sea will establish a new Holy Land universe, and he has no need for Holy Land.”


Intangible heart strengthening on his fist, plus the eternal Supreme Treasure level body Stregth, this fist suddenly surpasses the limits of Chaos Sea.

Endless chaotic energy, crazy to jiang Ci, condense to the fist.

finally, when this fist is completely condensed, it seems to destroy everything!

and then a punch to the huge Holy Land universe!


天 HOLY LAND, a hierge of giant hammer god world.

Since the dream circle appears, the blur of Heavenly SuPreme has not lost.

At this time, he suddenly turned a heart.

“What happened?”

next moment, Heavenly SuPreme shocked his eyes, covering the fog of the figure, also disappeared, showing a similar figure with Human Race.


oh la la!

hong long long …

destroying Heaven Extinguishing Earth, all kinds of giant sounds echoed throughout the Holy Land universe.

The collapse is collapsed, and the land is trapped.

in the Sky cracking the cracks of One after another terrifying, lightning thunder, gray fog, flame, etc., in Between Heaven and Earth hovering.

The Holy Land universe collapsed, the block space fragment forms a chaos, and begins to impact the entire universe.

huhuhu ……

It attaches the soul of the Holy Land, no matter where you are, you have quietly died, and die as the destruction of the universe.

“Who! Who!” Heavenly SuPreme roaring, the anger reached the extreme.

His body has already went to the upper bound, but it is only a unlikely aware of the original, there is no strength, you can control the source of the eternal universe, deterrence Holy Land’s Powerhouse.

So now, he can only look at his universe collapse, and it is impossible.

The most fascinating Heavenly SuPreme is desperate, now his eternal universe is destroyed, and his strength in the upper bound, will also Dropped a thousand zhangin one fall.

The strength represents the status, and his position in the stars will be greatly reduced.

In his long years, the enemy’s enemies will definitely come to kill him!

In other words, he is over!

“Who is broken, I’m roaring in the Holy Land universe that gradually turns into ruins.

He didn’t see the enemy’s figure.

Finally, when the universe is about to collapse, heavenly supreme sees, see the figure that is standing outside the Holy Land.

“jiang ci! Shanhai Road! You should die!” Heavenly SuPreme anger.


The 天 HOLY LAND that has become ruined, completely turned into the debris of Large and Small, scattered in an endless chaotic gray fog.

天 HOLY LAND, destroy!

very fast, the whole chaotic sea is shocked,

standing in the chaos holy land, the first Influence of Chaos Sea, suddenly died!

No one knows that someone smashed the Holy Land.


but immediately, the other shocked the chaotic sea major influnce happened.

The edge of the fourth universe, a small universe, expanding rapidly.

1 trillion light years, 2 Trillion light year, 3 trillion light years … 100,000 billion light years, 200,000 billion light year, three 100,000 billion light years …

three 100,000 billion, has exceeded the Red Lotus Holy Land Universe!

However, the volume expansion process of this Holy Land universe has not ended!

Five 100,000 billion, five 100,000 billion … More than the original 钧 天 HOLY LAND!

six 100 million, 7 100 million …

until one hundred trillion light years!

This is the limit that the ETERNAL HOLY LAND universe can achieve!

Chaotic Hai Xin’s Holy Land universe appeared, since appearing in the edge of the fourth universe, it is obvious, this is the Human Race’s Holy Land Universe!

named Shanhai Holy Land!

However, it has not yet ended.

The edge of the fourth universe, and a small universe starts expansion.

and the mountain sea Holy Land, the expansion is as fast as it is.

is very fast, it reaches four 100,000 billion light years, more than Honglian Holy Land!

and the name of this Holy Land universe is called Purple Thunder Holy Land!

is Zi Zi Heavenly Venerate … should be said to be Purple Paragon’s Holy Land Universe!


The fourth universe, Human Race, Daily Tianship.

Human Race high-level gathering, Jiang Ci is sitting upright, next to a white robes.

“During this time, I am Human Race is happy.”

“Zi Yu Heavenly Venerate, is not … Zi Zi Paragon is striking, the So Great Holy Lands universe opens up, gratifying!”

Jiuyi Venerable Lord held this banquet, he stood there loudly.

Other Human Race high-rise, whether it is Dao Jun, or HeAvenly Venerate, is full of smile.

is really a happy event!

Since then, the fourth universe Human Race is the first large Influnce of Chaos Sea, sitting on the Two Great Holy Lands Universe.

There are also thousands of Daojun, seven Heavenly Venerate, Two Great Supremes!

Such a heritage, they don’t need to be afraid of the crisis, you can enjoy forever!

“Jiang Ci, Many Thanks.” Zi Zi Paragon raised.

“Ancestor Master, you have a lot of hard work to my human race, and the Zi Yan Jian, who left, and led my Sword Dao CultiVation,

I now have a strength to help you get stripping, of course, will not sit. “JIANG CI SAID with A Smile.

It is naturally unable to compete with the local source of the fourth universe with his current strength.

However, the fourth universe is a big dream Divine King to open up.

Don’t let it go, isn’t a dream DiVine King?


After the banquet, JIANG CI returned to Earth, stopped on the moon, looking at the Blue Planet.

“Earth, mountain starfish, super off).”

He knows that his future, must open the road, go to the ultra-off, do things that you have not done before!

For jiang Ci, Experience Panel is, becoming a mixed element, just a morning and evening.

Because of Experience Panel, it was the ultravel strengthening from the ultravel.

then, Jiang Ci has opened the void in one hand to come to an independent space.

It is the independent space of Qingshi God, a world with Birdsong and Fragrant Flowers.

“You are coming.” Qingshi god will said with a smile.

“Qing Senior Shi.” JIANG CI respects.

Single is Qingshi God will guardiang Doudou countless years, it is worthy of him.

Because Jiang Doudou is the key to open super from, Aura on your body is different from other PowerHouse.

If it is not Qingshi God, it will let Jiang Doudou enter the sleep. I am afraid that the Magic God will feel the AURA of JIANG Doudou in the moment.

“Go.” Qingshi God will laugh, then disappered.

jiang ci is awkward, now he already knows, Qingshi God will be actually the ancestor of the Qingyuan family,

When the big military in the first election, the final road, leaving the Qingyuan family and Tianyu people, rear,

Tianyu rebellion, and the Qingyuan family fights to resist, and finally defeated by Star World Controller, Qingshi God will seriously hurt.

The special space that can monitor the entire chaotic sea is the key to the Qingyuan family, and the key to Qingshi will be able to hide the star World Controller.

jiang Ci shakes his head, walks into the flowerbed, seeing JIANG Doudou, who is sleeping.

From the face, Jiang Doudou and Daden Dream DiVine King are exactly the same,

but obviously, the lively and smart in Jiang Doudou, and the majestic End of Dream Divine King is different.

jiang Ci waves gently, and the sleep seal disappears directly.

Sleeping beauty, jiang Doudou, eyelashes, then open your eyes, I saw a familiar figure.


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