I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 442


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With the twinkling talisman seal, Ao Kong’s brutal and tyrannical aura is more vigorous than before.

His evil shadow gradually turned into evil spirits covering all directions.

Under the infestation of evil, you can see Heaven and Earth in the four directions, and all mutations have occurred.

“Desolate God…” Upon seeing Mu Ha, she took a deep breath.

At present, Ao Kong clearly rises from the thirteenth realm cultivation base, forcibly to the demonic path fourteenth realm.

demonic path Desolate God, accustomed to eroding and occupying Heaven and Earth into their own use.

When the Taoist Primordial Spirit has cultivated to the realm of Heshen, the Primordial Spirit merges with Heaven and Earth, and the current changes in Ao Kong are most obvious.

Don’t say that Mu Ai has not set up a battle around her at the moment, but has set up a big battle formation, which might be eroded by Ao Kong’s Huang God’s Force.

To be able to resist the demonic path Desolate God to fight a big array, I’m afraid it will take the level of the six in the early days.

Ao Kong’s strength suddenly improved, and Mu Ai was not surprised. After all, she had seen Ao Kong’s twelfth realm suddenly change to thirteenth realm when she met last time.

If it was said that Ao Kong was not sure whether he would hide the cultivation base first or make a temporary progress, then this time Mu Ha can confirm that Ao Kong really suddenly has a sudden progress in cultivation.

Not surprised is not surprised, but Mu Ha’s heart is undoubtedly sinking to the bottom.

under the same realm, she asked herself is not Ao Kong’s opponent…

Sure enough, Ao Kong Desolate God manifests the appearance of a mountain demon ape, able to support both heaven and earth, just like a giant god.

The huge demon ape roared like thunder, and stretched out its claws, and then grabbed the Heavenly Fire dragons of Mu Ha’s body protection.

Mu Ai is a cultivation base and his strength is not easy to match. Through Heavenly Fire, the dragon collectively chants, and the milk-white pure Yang True Fire keeps burning the body surface of the mountain-moving monster.

But next moment, behind this huge magic ape, a pair of golden wings suddenly stretched out.

The huge wings spread out, and the sky suddenly exploded.

The two claws of the demon ape also turned into bird claws.

Combining the power of the two bloodline powers of the mountain-moving magic ape and the Golden Winged Great Peng, Ao Kong’s Desolate God used his hands to smash the dragons through Heavenly Fire.

Strong power, horrible to see.

Mu Ai knows that Ao Kong is not easy to deal with.

She withdrew Chen Chaoyan with her hands form a secret art.

So those pure Yang True Fire remnants scattered all around, at the same time, paused in the air, and then recondensed, turned into a sharp sword light, and cut Ao Kong’s neck straight.

Ao Kong is coldly snorted, and the devil is over him.

Fantasy Heavenly Dragon Divine Ability cast, his figure suddenly became faintly discernible.

However, the secret art of the tree demon twilight changed, and the surrounding light between Heaven and Earth suddenly pressed down, and the void seemed to turn into a peaceful night sky.

Under the night sky, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, the space is twisted and changed in this brief moment.

The distance between Ao Kong and the opponent’s sword light was shortened in an instant, and the sword edge was unexpectedly cut to the vicinity of him.

The giant Great Demon monster transformed by Ao Kong, looking back, is a claw, grabbing at the golden sword light.

But under the turmoil of the void, the sword light suddenly changed again, and quickly turned into a rain of swords in all directions, as if everywhere, surrounding Ao Kong from all directions, and he was about to be stabbed into a hole in his body.

The monsters transformed by Ao Kong suddenly seemed to be covered with an illusory tulle.

The huge clam shell was faintly discernible behind him, and Dragon’s roar sounded at the same time.

The combination of phantom mirage and phantom Heavenly Dragon two bloodlines makes Ao Kong seem illusory, suddenly outside of this world.

Rao is the sharp Sword Controlling Art of Mu Ai, but seeing the sword light piercing through the air, I only feel that the sword edge only pierces the empty space.

The Daoist demon was not discouraged, but lightly shouted: “Evil!”

She had previously fought against Su Po and Ao Kong separately. Knowing that the opponent was tough, how could she not think about how to deal with it?

At this moment, she ate her two fingers and stood side by side like a sword, pinching a sword tactic, and the scattered sword light immediately became more subtle, just like sunlight.

At the same time, Mu Ha’s other hand tied another Dharma seal, bringing the Yixing Dafa learned from the self-disciplined ink to the extreme.

Ao Kong’s figure looks illusory, but at this time the void of all directions is centered on him, constantly squeezing inward.

Space, press from outside to inside.

sword light, break through from the inside to the outside, and break through to the outside.

Under internal trouble and outside aggression, Ao Kong uses the body protection Divine Ability method, which will fail at a glance.

But Great Demon didn’t see any panic on his face, instead, he sneered again and again.

The surface of his body suddenly gathered a fierce and fierce air.

This breath actively expanded outward together with the golden wind of Golden Winged Great Peng, breaking Ao Kong’s own body protection method.

But this one after another Gang Feng is like Su Po’s sharp sword, no stronghold one cannot overcome!

Golden Winged Great Peng’s wind is just like a sharp blade, and the fierce and fierce aura seems to quench the blade again, adding an unprecedented edge.

Twilight’s sword light was shattered by this invisible blade, and the void that was oppressed from the outside was also split.

“This is…Jiaxuan?”

Although Mu Ai has a Taoist method, she is born in Southern Desolate Monster Race after all.

She rarely interacts with the outside world, but at this moment, she recognizes that Ao Kong has just turned the Golden Winged Great Peng and the Bloodline Strength fuse together into her own tyrannical path Magical Powers.

Jai Su, one of the ominous beasts of the dragon, was born with a leopard body and a dragon head, with cross-brows and glaring eyes, a fierce and aggressive temperament, and a sword and soldier spirit, and extremely fierce.

Soldier, fierce.

Jai Sui is the ominous beast of the strongest to fierce. It kills sharply and attacks fiercely.

However, on the land of Southern Desolate, there is no Peak Great Demon of the climatic Juju clan. Only a few races live in Southern Desolate, not among the former Seven-Great Demon Races.

In the end, Ao Kong took a fancy to him, and took the bloodline to practice magic.

In the eyes of Zhang Dongyun and Shen Herong, Ao Kong’s magic skills are already extremely fierce. What Must said is that he is more offensive than defensive.

The pure body protection method only relies on moving the scales of the magic ape and the heavenly dragon.

Normal speaking, defensive power is also considered strong, but Ao Kong always faces opponents whose cultivation base is higher than himself.

In this way, it is often a bit more dangerous.

Ao Kong used to confuse the enemy with the magic Heavenly Dragon and the magic mirage, or the magic Heavenly Dragon and the Golden Winged Great Peng to avoid the enemy at high speed to make up for his own defense.

After all, no matter how strong an attack can’t be hit, it’s the same as nothing. No matter how weak the defense is, the enemy’s inability to hit is also indestructible.

But this is always a tightrope walk.

Since Ao Kong is proficient in a variety of Monster Race bloodline fusion training methods, choosing one that is good at defense can completely make up for the shortcomings and completely become a hexagonal full-filled fighter.

But what about Ao Kong and the others?

His name can be completely dismantled as jealous mania, except for his own brothers, arrogant.

He believes in the best defense, which is offense!

So, his fifth type of demon blood training, he chose Jairan who is also good at killing and attacking.

Continue walking the tightrope on defense, forward and forward on offense, keep moving forward!

Ao Kong smashed Twilight spell and stood proudly in midair. God’s Force plunged the surrounding Heaven and Earth into a barren and dark scene.

Golden Winged Great Peng, Jai Su, Phantom Mirage, Magic Ape Moving Mountain, Phantom Heavenly Dragon Five Great Demon phase phantoms, countless, scattered all over the four places, surrounded by dusk.

5th layer The magical phantoms merge with each other, giving birth to a fierce monster with the characteristics of five Monster Races.

“Nowadays,’Ape Dragon King’ is no longer the name of your eleven brother, and’Devil King’ is more suitable.” Zhang Dongyun’s voice sounded calmly on the sea.

“It’s really time to change.” Ao Kong laughed heartily.

Amidst the laughter, he was not slow in his movements, and many monsters rushed towards Twilight.

Twilight had to parry for a while.

She is proficient in the method of void shifting, and she is also in the realm of Yang God. Under normal circumstances, she wants to leave. It is difficult for the same realm opponent to keep her.

Reluctantly, Ao Kong played the magic Heavenly Dragon and Golden Winged Great Peng Divine Ability to the extreme.

For a time, I saw gold and silver, two colors radiantly covering the sky and sun covering the vault.

With the power of twilight, you can’t split open space for a while.

However, after experiencing the previous frustration when facing Su Po, Twilight was impossible to make any preparations to prevent being blocked by Su Po again.

Just didn’t expect to be forced into the desperate situation by Ao Kong before meeting Su Po.

I haven’t seen him for a year, this servant has re-climbed the cultivation base of the thirteenth realm, and has cultivated the fifth type of demon blood, further improving his strength.

In addition to the weird method promotion, it is directly a Great Demon with a demonic path real Peak.

Normally speaking, a Taoist power of Primordial Spirit Peak Realm, where can Heaven and Earth is big go?

Neither she nor Peng Ziling, the instructor of the Grand Purity Palace, were driven to flee.

Mu Ha secretly sighed in her heart, and the secret art in her hand changed.

A picture scroll flew out and unfolded in the air, brightening up.

Under the brilliance of gold and silver, two colors created by Ao Kong’s demonic path Magical Powers, the scroll suddenly shook.

But the picture scroll still insists on changing into a portal.

Mu Ha immediately took Chen Chaoyan into the door, and escaped into the void through the blockade of Ao Kong.

But her own Primordial Spirit has passed, but Chen Chaoyan, who has a low cultivation base, was stuck outside.

Twilight’s face changed, and her body shape is involuntarily a meal.

But it was just such a meal. The giant ape made by Ao Kong’s incarnation rushed to the front of the door, protruding his claws, grabbing the door and pulling it hard.

The flashing glorious portal shook immediately, and then it degenerated into a picture scroll, falling into Ao Kong’s hands, and being torn to pieces by him.

In addition to Chen Chaoyan, Mu Ai’s figure also automatically popped up.

Ao Kong laughed strangely: “Tree monster, your expression just now is really wonderful, it’s not like master and disciple love!”

Mu Ha’s face was sullen and she guarded Chen Chaoyan behind her, with the stars moving around.

The stars in the night sky are burning, showing a milk-white flame.

“Talking to Lao Tzu, can’t my face hang anymore?”

Amidst Ao Kong’s laughter, a troll with the characteristics of the five Monster Races, including Heavenly Dragon, Golden Winged Great Peng, Momo Ape, Juxuan, and Mirage, appeared.

The colorful rays of light of silver, gold, black, dark gold, and white shine together to create a desperate situation, trapping Twilight in it. No matter how she rushes to kill Twilight, it’s difficult to break through.

Better than Ao Kong’s previous Quartet desperate situation. Divine Ability In the five-way desperate situation, all kinds of terror forces are pressing on Mu Hae together.

Twilight looks solemn and defends with the body protection of the night sky.

After all, she is the respected Yang God, she is the head of two families, and under full defense, Ao Kong couldn’t break through for a while.

But the matter has come to this, she is completely trapped here by Ao Kong, and there is no possibility of getting out of it.

Ao Kong spends some time and some water milling time, and he can definitely break this iron walnut.

The overall situation has been determined…In Chang’an City Daming Palace, Zhang Dongyun is slightly nodded.

Ao Kong is a second-hand, but he has married a wife, and she can understand a woman’s mood by putting it on display.

If it weren’t for this, how could Zhang Dongyun be certain that Mu Ha would suffer this boring loss because of Chen Chaoyan?

When I first saw Chen Chaoyan before, Mu Ha’s surprise was greater than joy, and Zhang Dongyun still remembered her beeping expression.

Mandarin ducks and ducks are in pairs, and two females can also match…Stop!

Zhang Dongyun shook his head, throwing his confusion out of his mind.

Mu Ai can hand it over to Ao Kong, Zhang Dongyun wiped it, and another light and shadow image appeared in the midair of the palace.

While Ao Kong troubled Mu Ai, Su Po also went to Xi Niu Hezhou.

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