I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 443


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Although Twilight is strong, she has a shallow foundation.

Xiniu Hezhou Buddha Country Pure Land, but it is a foundation for thousands of years.

How many Upright Sect holy sites have disappeared into history since eternity?

Buddhism has always been prosperous. The entire West Niu Hezhou is under the rule of Buddha Country, and it has further expanded its penetration to Dongsheng Divine State, Nanzhan Buzhou, and Reed Continent in the North.

And the results are outstanding.

Many big demons in Nanzhan have converted to Buddhism.

Northern Reed Continent is divided into Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird White Tiger, and Black Tortoise Four. Among them, the White Tiger Continent and Vermilion Bird Continent in the west and south have Buddhism inheritance.

East victory over the five lands of Divine State. The Western Regions originally belonged to Buddhism. Middle-earth also has such treasures as Thunder Sound Temple.

Xiniu Hezhou, as the source of Buddhism, is not only a powerful monk, but also has accumulated many years of heritage.

In the Western Regions of Divine State, Dongsheng, the Buddhist Upright Sect, such as the Great Compassion Temple and the Ganye Temple, does not seem to have a large formation guarded by Taoists, but it has accumulated incense for many years and has become a Buddha’s radiance barrier to guard the temple.

It’s just that, facing Su Pozhi’s fierce and powerful, Western Buddhist Holy Land such as Great Compassion Temple and Ganye Temple, they couldn’t resist.

But Xiniu Hezhou is different.

Here is the accumulation of countless Buddhism believers in Hezhou, Xiniu, over tens of thousands of years. They are extremely thick and integrated.

When there is an attack from outsiders, there is no need for the monks to respond, and the Dharma prohibition will automatically be sensed, and even more aware of the unkindness of the Supolai.

Buddha’s radiance of Dao Dao Liuli suddenly soared into the sky, spreading across the entire West Niu Hezhou, covering an area even larger than the Daoist Sixth Radiance.

Su Po was also the first time to come to Hezhou, Xi Niu. Under the shroud of Buddha’s radiance, he suddenly felt slightly confused.

Although he was not disturbed, the sword energy all over his body exploded and immediately separated the surrounding Buddha’s radiance.

Sword edge moves forward, and Su Po’s sword breaks all abilities, and he splits Buddha’s radiance.

Compared with the smoothness in the past, this time with the power of Su-break, I also feel the sword edge is sluggish, as if falling into mud.

Compared to the previous six-team formation in the early days, the current Buddha Country lacks powerful people to host.

If someone hosts, it’s not like Formation is better than Formation’s Buddha Country Pure Land. It’s worse than the Six Teams in the early days.

Not necessarily more sharp than the countless primordial Yuanlei attacks in the primordial six formations, but far less than the weak spot of the previous primordial six formations.

After many years of operation and perfection of Buddhism, this Buddha Country has almost no weak spot and has reached its current level of completion.

In the Daming Palace of Chang’an City, Zhang Dongyun met and had the same judgment as Su Po.

With the blessing of Impenetrable Fortress System, he picks out faults in this Buddha Country Pure Land, and he can only pick out a few.

However, there is currently a lack of moderators in this Buddha Country Pure Land. Does it mean that the Buddha of Buddhism has something wrong at the moment, too busy to spare time for a separate task?

Zhang Dongyun and Su Po had the same thought in their hearts.

Su Po immediately overcame the thorns and thorns, and must further break through the Buddha Country Pure Land to explore the reality of Xiniu Hezhou.

He rushed forward with a sword. No matter how slow Xiniu Hezhou reacted, he had to respond at this time.

A middle-aged monk wearing a cassock who looked about forty years old appeared, with his palms folded together, turning into an endless sea of ​​lotus flowers and blocking Su Po’s path.

“this poor monk Niutuo Temple Miao Kunluo, please stay with the donor.” The monk said.

Buddha’s radiance on his body turned into the Pure Land of Dharma Body, now Immeasurable Light radiant, extending to all directions, as if it became one body with the entire Xiniu Hezhou.

Su Po has never heard of the name of Miao Kunluo, but when he sees it, he knows that the other party is the Peak Realm of Buddhism Dharma Body. He has cultivated an immeasurable Dharma body, and his Dharma is superb. Victory in Divine State Buddhism.

Currently in the pure land of Buddha Country in Xiniu Hezhou, his Dharma is more profound, and the lotus flower blocks Su Po from shooting.

“The young disciples Tuosang and Kumarajiva, I heard that they have been killed in the hands of Chang’an City, the donor entire group, why are they forced to each other?” Miao Kunluo folded his palms together and declared the Buddha’s name.

Su Po calmly said: “I’m looking for Lu Xueyuan.”

The opponent is tyrannical, he didn’t care, he cut out the sword edge that was stronger than before, breaking through the lotus ocean that was integrated with Pure Land Buddha Kingdom.

Miao Kunluo’s handprints change, and his hands touch the ground: “The past is like just a passing scene. There is no road snow garden here.”

Buddha’s radiance condensed and formed a Vajra bell. During the shock, the sound of the powerful Buddha singing Zen came out, which was breathtaking.

The sound waves condensed into substance, like a ring of gold, set on Su Po, to subdue and suppress it.

Su Po successively shot out his sword, cutting and dropping one golden ring after another.

“If you can’t be the master, then ask the one who can be the master.” With one sword faster than one, he approached Miao Kunluo.

The monk seems to fuse together with Pure Land Buddha Kingdom, there are boundless magical powers, at a moderate pace, to deal with Su Po: “The donor should go back to Divine State.”

Su Po’s eyes were slightly awe-inspiring, and the other party seemed to be The words mean more than they say.

At this moment, Zhang Dongyun’s voice suddenly came into his ear: “Lu Xueyuan and Peng Ziling and the others have re-invaded the Western Regions.”

The Miao Kun Luo opposite Su Po could also hear the voice, his expression changed slightly.

With the Buddha Country Pure Land blocking, the other party can still come in with sound transmission?

Is this the Lord Chang’an City?

Miao Kun Luo is surprised, but Su Po is used to it: “Should I go back?”

“No, you can explore the bottom of Xi Niu Hezhou for me.” Zhang Dongyun said.

Su Po hearing this slightly nodded: “Good.”

Miao Kun Luo listened, his face gradually calmed down, but his mood was extremely heavy.

Peng Ziling and the others, there is a six-team formation in the early days, but Chang’an City does not need Su Po back to help. How many experts are there in the city?

The other party wants Su Po to explore the bottom of Xi Niu Hezhou, that Jinghua, Jiashu Shangren, Peng Ziling and the others, can this trip discover the bottom of Chang’an City?

Miao Kun Luo is worried, but now he can only concentrate all his energy and fight against Su Po.

The other party must alarm the World-Honored one and never make it happen.

Su Po smashed into the Pure Land of Buddha Country in Xi Niu Hezhou, Jing Hua and the others did not return, but went all the way to fight eastward to win the Divine State Western Region.

They are worried about the situation in Hezhou, Xiniu, but they know they must not follow the enemy’s baton.

Xiniu Hezhou Buddha Country Pure Land has a fourth realm expert from Miao Kunluo at present.

Senior Jiashu went back with Jinghua. Compared with Buddha Country, Pure Land is only a straggler. Facing an overbearing opponent like Su Po, he can only beat the side drum.

As for Peng Ziling and the others, even if they are willing to help Xiniu Hezhou, it is difficult to coexist with the Buddhism protection and prohibition of the Liuhe Formation in the early days, and it is impossible to superimpose their strength after they are gone.

Now, it is better to fight back against Chang’an City with all your strength. If you attack the enemy, you will be saved, forcing Su Po to give up and retreat from Hezhou, Xiniu.

Everyone’s determination this time is not only to retake the Western Regions, but also to attack Middle-earth, which continues to the east, so that they can ring the alarm bell to Chang’an.

In the Daming Palace, Zhang Dongyun sits upright, watching this scene quietly.

Lack of Su Po, Chang’an City’s defense line to the west, losing the current Heaven-supporting Pillar.

It will take time for Ao Kong to suppress refining Mu Ha, and Zhang Dongyun has no intention of recalling him.

Led by Shen Herong and Chengyang Daoist, who is carrying a Yuanjing, everyone in Chang’an fought and retreated.

There was a six-team formation in the early days, and it is difficult for everyone to fight the enemy.

However, Shen Herong is truly extraordinary. In such an unfavorable situation, she used Zhang Dongyun’s instructions to draw inferences and set a trap in advance.

Peng Ziling and the others gathered the big array, scattered and reunited, and kept moving eastward, only to step on the trap.

I saw the eight characters of “Soil collapsed and lost one’s power” soaring into the sky, and the Sixth Formation in the early days suddenly collapsed, breaking a huge gap.

Jinghua and the others, who were originally advancing under the cover of the big formation, were all completely unprepared.

Jinghua knows Shen Herong’s ability, but she still didn’t expect that she would have the power to counterattack under such adverse circumstances.

The big formation suddenly dispersed, and Shen Herong looked solemn, wrote a word “kill” early, and immediately went straight to Jinghua.

On the occasion of Jinghua at the crucial moment, form a meditation seal in time to be in harmony with one’s own pure land, and all the troubles far away.

However, the word “kill” Shen Herong has changed again when it gets closer, and it has scattered into a large cloud of thick ink.

If the ink is alive, it will flow around after it spreads out, from various tricky directions, in unexpected ways, into the pure land of Jinghua.

Jinghua was unable to smash the ink for a while. The other party completely caught the weak spot in her Magical Powers, some of which she hadn’t even noticed before.

The ink reunites in the pure land of Jinghua, but it is no longer a “kill” character, but a “broken” character.

The Pure Land of Buddhism Dharma Body suddenly broke.

At the same time, Shen Herong’s second “kill” word has arrived.

Jinghua failed to win back with one move, and was immediately hit hard by Shen Herong’s “killing”, and even more “Death” character follow closely from behind.

The girl-like Shen Herong looks calm and indifferent, which is like a spring breeze, as if she is here for an outing, without any smoke or fire.

But when you shoot against the enemy, you are ruthless, very ruthless.

This Confucian Great Grandmaster’s shot is far more cold than her face.

Master Jiashu hurried forward to help, and finally saved Jinghua.

But in the previous solemn appearance, the face was beautiful and beautiful like the Bodhisattva in the world. At this moment, his face was decayed, his face was like golden paper, and for a while, he seemed to breathe more and less.

Jia Shushangren prefers that he is injured himself rather than Jinghua suffer from this tribulation.

He is hurt, and Jinghua’s rain can heal him in a short time.

Jinghua’s injury is so severe that he and Abbot Huaiyong can’t recover in a short time. I’m afraid they will only be returned to Hezhou, Xiniu as soon as possible.

“Thanks to the donor Shen, the poor nun has been taught today.” Jinghua herself was still calm, struggling to face Shen Herong and put her hands together for eleven.

Shen and Rong said indifferently: “It’s a pity.”

After the blow, no matter what the result was, she didn’t stay much, and the body flashed away.

There, Peng Ziling and the others have re-established a large array, almost covering Shen Herong in again.

With such a huge advantage, the opponent stolen the chicken, causing serious damage to Jinghua, and everyone present was dumbfounded.

“Ashamed, the poor nuns are not good enough in their studies, and the people in Changan see their weaknesses. Please be careful with all the donors,” Jinghua said slowly.

“Teacher Tai stays behind the formation to cultivate and adjust your breath. After the Pure Land repels Su Po, he will return to the Pure Land to heal his injuries. Let us leave the matter to us.” Peng Ziling said solemnly.

Although there is a difference in Buddhism and Taoism, and the other party is the twelve Yamas of the past, it is ultimately up to everyone to work together and face the threat posed by Chang’an City.

Senior Jiashu specially stayed and looked after Jinghua.

Peng Ziling and the others relied on the Sixth Formation in the early days, covering the Western Regions step by step and advancing eastward.

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