I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 535


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Shadow is near the sea off Xiniu Hezhou.

His figure is hidden, looking in the middle of nowhere, he seems to have a goal.

After searching for a while, he suddenly stopped, calmed down and waited.

On the far sea, a group of Changan people are slowly returning to the direction of Xiniu Hezhou.

In the deep sea, the experts of the cream of the crop on both sides are fighting.

The Chang’an Zhongren, who had a relatively low cultivation base, gradually retreated under the leadership of Wang Shenxing and Huo Yiming.

They weren’t out of fear, but they were on guard against their opponent lured the tiger away from the mountain.

Although Buddhism should not be able to produce more Peak powerhouses of the fourth realm.

But they also have monks from the thirteenth realm.

The two sides have fought and fought for so long, not only knowing each other thoroughly, they have already touched the reality of each other.

Xiniu Hezhou Pure Land Buddha Kingdom inheritance brilliant.

Even Buddhist monks whose cultivation realm is slightly lower, the cultivation base strength is often the top level in the same realm.

On the Chang’an side, there are only a few various sects Peak figures such as Huo Yiming and Wang Shenxing. Under the same realm, facing the Xiniu Hezhou Buddhist expert, they will not suffer.

Huo Yiming, Wang Shenxing, and Ao Ying still have the upper hand, even if there are only a few people.

At the moment, Su Po, Shen Herong, Ao Kong, “Chu Yaoguang” and even Chengyang daoist are not there.

If there are other Buddhist experts who come around and attack Xiniu Hezhou, it is not impossible for Xiniu Hezhou to catch fire.

There is also Shushan Sect Sect Master here.

However, as the continent with the largest single land area in the Four Great Continents, Xiniu Hezhou is still vast even if it is split in half.

If the opponent presses heavily from all directions, Gu Pu alone may not be able to take care of it well.

Wang Shenxing, Huo Yiming, and other Level 1 Chang’an players are required to spread them all around to prevent the opponent from infiltrating.

“Brother Huo, watch out.” Wang Shenxing asked Huo Yiming cup one fist in the other hand.

“Brother Wang is the same, we will see you later.” Huo Yiming also cup one fist in the other hand in return.

The two parties said goodbye, separated and led their teams to patrol the surrounding seas of Hezhou, Xiniu.

It’s not just the two of them, but Chang’an City’s Level 1 expert in the west is scattered and patrolled separately.

Most of those who walk with Huo Yiming today are not the same as Dragon Sect.

Prison Dragon Sect Sect Master Xie Feng was ordered to sit in Nanzhan Buzhou, and a large number of elite backbones in the gate went together.

In this way, Xie Feng can quickly grasp the situation in Nanzhan Buzhou.

Dongsheng Divine Continent On the other side of the Western Regions is the ancestral land of the mountain gate of Dragon Sect.

Now that the entire Dongsheng Divine Continent is already within Chang’an City, it is basically impossible for foreign enemies to invade.

So Dragon Sect doesn’t have too many experts to stay at the mountain gate.

However, as the foundation, we must seize the opportunity to participate in the navigation between Dongsheng Divine Continent and Nanzhan Buzhou. Naturally, Dragon Sect still needs to leave a large number of capable personnel in the Western Regions for stable development.

As a result, along with Huo Yiming, the Dragon Sect dísciple, the prison on the front line of Xiniu Hezhou, is much less.

Although this is a good opportunity to make military exploits, even if Dragon Sect has a great career, the manpower cannot help being divided.

Xie Feng has ordered a large-scale expansion of enrollment, a broad collection of disciplines, and has begun to further expand the foundation of Dragon Sect.

But the dísciple that enters the door still needs time to grow before it can come up.

At the moment, it can only be supported by existing people.

The expansion and development of Chang’an City is too rapid.

The speed is so fast that my family in the city can’t adapt, and can’t keep up with the trip.

It’s not just Dragon Sect, the prison of Jiefeng, many people in Chang’an City are full of the urgency of waiting for time.

Chang’an is expanding too fast. If they are not able to achieve this speed, they may be marginalized until they are completely left behind.

When the city first started, many people and sects of Dongsheng Divine Continent Dongjiang have this trend now.

When other people see this, how can they not be anxious?

However, even if the prison Dragon Sect was tight, Xie Feng still insisted, letting Huo Yiming bring a few people to the front line of Hezhou in Xiniu to take part in the battle.

Huo Yiming took people and walked around.

After spinning around a few times, he ordered everyone to spread out and expand the range of patrol and defense.

But there must be a certain distance between each other, not beyond.

In this way, if an enemy is really coming, everyone can quickly detect and help each other.

However, everyone stayed at sea for a long time without seeing the enemy.

Huo Yiming has a calm mind, not arrogant or impetuous, standing quietly in the waves and storms.

He doesn’t resist the raging storms of the desert sea, but these storms that make the world talked about can’t hurt him.

Huo Yiming converges his mind, maximizes his Martial Artist’s perception ability, and keeps expanding.

He is now the Martial Dao Twelfth realm, that is, the Martial Sovereign Third Stage, the Martial Artist of the realm.

But a person with extraordinary strength and bravery, even the opponent of the ordinary thirteenth realm, may not be able to beat him.

His sensitivity as a Martial Artist is far superior to other same realm cultivator.

But this time, Huo Yiming didn’t notice that people from Buddhism approached.

On the contrary, a hot burning sensation suddenly rose in my heart.

This means that Martial Dao expert is coming.

Originally, Huo Yiming’s eyes closed, seeming to be rested, suddenly eyes opened.

Very close.

The opponent is equally strong, so close to this level, he is alert.

Compared with his cultivation base, Huo Yiming is not so competitive. He does not at all plan to face the opponent single-handedly. Even if he is ready to greet others, he will surround the opponent together.

But at this moment, his heart suddenly moved and he was shocked.

Because he faintly felt that the other party’s Martial Dao Concept had a familiar feeling.

It seems very similar to him.

However, the same prison Dragon Sect Martial Dao inheritance seems right but actually isn’t.

Huo Yiming was stunned, and the convenience was already close.

The comer, not at all, is planning to do it first, just watching Huo Yiming calmly.

Huo Yiming came back to his senses, looking at the other side the same.

A middle-aged man shrouded in black mist.

In the black mist, Dragon’s roar faintly echoes.

Then the fog gradually dissipated, revealing the other’s facial features.

See you Huo Yiming, frightened and scared: “…Dragon Demon Emperor?!”

The appearance of the visitor is clearly the appearance of “Dragon Demon” Lei Han.

Since the rise of Chang’an City, few people named Chang’an City have suffered setbacks. For the cultivator of the high realm in Chang’an City, Lei Han’s identity and appearance have basically reached the level of street knowledge. .

Huo Yiming is no exception.

To a certain extent, even if the Buddha of Buddhism successfully breaks through to the fourth realm, in the eyes of many Chang’an people, the number one enemy is still Lei Han.

Huo Yiming was uncertain in his heart, guarding looking towards the other party, ready to take action at any time.

But the two sides are now close enough to face each other, and the strange feeling in his heart is getting stronger and stronger.

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