I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 536


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Facing the middle-aged man shrouded in black mist, Huo Yiming felt like looking in a mirror at this moment.

On the appearance of the two sides, except for the nose hooks, there are not many similarities.

But Huo Yiming faintly felt that inside him, and the other party, they actually like a mold.

As Martial Sovereign, he knows better than anyone that he is a Martial Dao Cultivation Base, and he is in the same prison as Dragon Sect inheritance. In fact, he has some differences.

The higher the cultivation realm, the more so.

In recent years, Huo Yiming has gradually become accustomed to concealing his shots. Before the real moment of life and death, he cannot see his true strength.

In addition to the same Martial Dao, the same people who cultivated may have different understandings and strengths, so Dragon Sect same sect is not surprised.

Lian Xiefeng, on the contrary, appreciates this genius dísciple who can come out of his own accord.

He has great expectations for Huo Yiming.

Not only Huo Yiming’s future strength may be blue, but the other party may also improve the Dragon Sect inheritance, making the Dragon Sect Martial Dao inheritance more sophisticated and powerful.

But Huo Yiming himself knows that the changes in his Blade Technique are not entirely his own subjective thinking and inspiration creation.

Many times, it comes from an intuition that seems to come from bloodline.

It’s like, he would have been another Absolute Art, but now he seems to have forgotten.

But when he was cultivating Dragon Sect martial arts, all this was like a ghost, and his unnoticeable influence affected him.

The higher the cultivation base strength, the deeper his understanding of Martial Dao, the more obvious this phenomenon is.

This is the reason why his own Blade Technique gradually surpassed the prison dragon sword of the prison Dragon Sect.

Huo Yiming suspected earlier that he might have Qianchen Suhui’s legacy.

Perhaps, he had a peerless cultivation base in his previous life. Now he is reincarnated. Although he has no memory of his previous life, some of the influence of Martial Dao Concept still remains.

But now, facing Lei Han, Huo Yiming’s heart is almost irresistible, and he has a conjecture that he refuses to believe.

Lei Han looked calm and indifferent: “It seems that you are aware of it yourself.”

His words, like a heavy blow, hit Huo Yiming’s heart.

In this matter, the other party can’t talk about deceiving him, nor can they deceive him.

However, his own feeling is the most real.

The conjecture he tried to suppress to the bottom of his heart, then involuntarily resurfaced again.

I have something to do with this Dragon Demon Great Emperor.

Huo Yiming was silent for a while, while Lei Han said quietly: “You should feel it too. This comes from bloodline.”

While speaking, he raised his hand and hit the empty space.

A Black Dragon appeared, with blood red eyes, fierce and domineering.

Huo Yiming saw this, his body swayed in the air.

Lei Han looked at him: “I like straight to the point, blunt.

You should have thought of it now, your surname is Lei, not Huo, you are my son.

Only my bloodline inheritance will make you and me Martial Dao Concept the same. This is something other people who cultivation my “Xuanlong Cult” cannot do. “

Huo Yiming took a deep breath.

He calmed down slowly now.

The youth did not evade, looking directly into Lei Han’s eyes: “As long as I can remember, my surname is Huo, not anything else.”

Lei Han’s expression is calm, nodded: “It was not what I wanted when you and my father and son were separated. Now we are finally reunited. I hope you can come back to me. I also want to make up for your lost childhood.”

Huo Yiming’s expression is slightly complicated, looking at each other: “I don’t need seniors to compensate me for anything. If must say yes, seniors will also compensate Chang’an City, but I don’t think you are willing to do this.”

“Not bad.”

Lei Han said calmly: “But it’s not because of you. If you change an enemy, I am willing to make an exception for you, but Chang’an City can’t. I am different from Ming Tonghui. Dai Tian, ​​he owes me And other brothers, I don’t owe him Chang’an City.”

Huo Yiming shook his head: “I don’t know the truth about the grievances of all of you in the past, and I am not qualified to comment. But at the moment, Senior Chu, Senior Ao, and Senior Shen are all in Chang’an, and are advancing and retreating together with Your Majesty. They all betrayed you back then, can’t you?”

Lei Han’s expression remained unchanged: “It is basically certain that the seventh is not, and the probability of the eleventh and twelfth sisters is also very small, so I have always wanted to win over them, but unfortunately, they are all blinded by Ming Tonghui.” /p>

Under the black mist, he realized to look to the east: “I have a plan in my heart, there is a place, maybe I can find evidence to prove that I am right.”

Huo Yiming said: “Back then, I really didn’t understand the whole story.

But I know that nowadays, under the rule of Chang’an, the people have a better life.

As for Reed Continent, the Northern Club under the predecessor’s previous rule, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the people don’t live a life, and you can often see the red land for thousands of miles. “

Lei Han said indifferently: “It’s just hypocrisy, do you care how many ants you have trampled to death?”

Huo Yiming has no fear on his face, and stares at him: “Senior has the truth of seniors, and I have my own ideas. Today, if seniors are not willing to turn hostility into friendship with Chang’an City, then they have to Said, I hope Chang’an City will win, and I myself will follow the orders of Chang’an.”

He said slowly but firmly: “Senior does not need to show mercy. Although I am invincible, I will never stand by and die. Besides, I only face Senior with an Avatar now.”

While speaking, a long knife came out of his back.

Black Dragon, the same blood eye as Lei Han, appeared above the vast ocean.

“You see people in Chang’an as your own, but the other person is not necessarily.”

Lei Han put his hands behind his back, but he didn’t seem to mean to do it: “You, it’s too easy to trust others.”

Huo Yiming’s blade pointed diagonally to the opposite side: “Does senior want to make our relationship public?”

“Are you scared?” Lei Han asked calmly.

Huo Yiming said: “Maybe you will have some misunderstandings and misunderstandings at first, but I believe that everyone will gradually believe in me.”

Lei Han nodded: “Then I wait and see.”

Huo Yiming’s right hand with a knife began to lift it above his head, preparing to cut it down: “Even if an Avatar is a senior, it is not an enemy of ordinary people. If you leave it alone, it will be dangerous to others. Forgive me! “

After that, he slashed.

Thousands of Blade Qi, condensed into a blood-eyed Black Dragon, danced more aggressively than thousands of Black Dragons, and cut off the Lei Han Avatar in front of him.

Lei Han neither dodges nor dodges nor resists.

Just like that, Huo Yiming took a shot.

His Avatar, like Huo Yiming, is in the Twelfth realm.

The cultivation base is brilliant, even Huo Yiming is not sure of winning.

However, Leihan’s all-out stab was in vain, and no Twelfth cultivator in the world could bear it.

Lei Han’s Avatar was immediately slashed by Huo Yiming.

“I’ve never done my duty as a father, this blade, tentatively, I will pay you some interest first.”

The black clothed man still has no expression, and said calmly.

Then his body split into two halves as the wound bled.

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