I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 611

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Seeing that the sky suddenly put her daughter, Fu Yuting is not impatient, facing the sky, sighing: “These years are you a person, hard work.”

空: “Nothing, it is not difficult.”

The other party seems to be unknown for so many years, but it is confessed.

To some extent, Fu Yuting did not say that his father and daughter did not say, in fact, in order to avoid them being implicated.

The first counterattack in the first counterattack in the first time, and the situation is relatively improved.

Although the empty temper is violent, in this matter, it will not be blamed Fu Yuting.

But at this moment, he doesn’t want to stay, and after talking about Fu Yuting, he will leave.

Fu Yuting is gone to the empty body and disappears, and it can not help but sneak.

Zhong Dongyun in the Yan’an City Daming Palace in the Yulin, looking at the gossip.

When you are with these SWORN Brothers, you will trust each other and then close to each other, and it is basically not seeing this.

It’s really speaking of which. Their husband and wife are separated, and you can use a simple old saying:

three views.

Skull in recent years, under Zhang Dongyun, Shenhe Rong, the killing does not have done so enough.

Although the temper is violent, it is no longer as bloody in the past.

But the sky is complete, it is exactly another matter.

may be in the face of his wife, he will not express how fierce.

But in essence, he is always a killing person like scysthing flax, view people with atrium.

It does not need to practice people.

But in a perspective, do not bring power, but he still kill, the nature is bad, it is uncomfortable.

and Fu Yuting is born in the Senli Tam Palace, although Martial Artist Sword Cultivator, there is no experience in fighting with people, but whether it is a personal spleen or sword inheritance, she is not a killer.

, with a lot of Cultivator, she belongs to the kind of person who is relatively careful.

I can walk together at the beginning, I have to say that it is already the abnormal coincidence of the cream.

After the two sides are separated, it will be sympathy.

As for later, the air should be laughed, and Fu Yuting, such as Dísciple, DíSCIPle, is back, it is.

The two sides are now going to meet again, but it can be said that it is another way to make people.

Although it is today, there are many changes, but the two can be renewed, but still unknown.

Zhang City Lord means yourself for follow-up, close attention to this gossip …

Of course, this is just some of his daily pastimes.

normally, it is important.

Under the eyes, there is not a few days, there is a new fish on the hook.

The dark and quiet universe INSIDE THE VOID, suddenly has a Blood Light flash, arrived in Inside the void outside the Yellow Cross.

Blood Light is still after standing, there is a thin man in an old age, 40 years old.

The cheeks are thin, as if not seeing flesh, only thin layer of mood, but in both eyes, flashing and cold Rays of Light.

It hides a bloody cloak, which is floating, and the expansion of Blood Mist.

There are two people’s figure in the blod Mist, a man and a woman.

“Master, is this Yellow Round?” asked the woman.

The thin man “Well”.

Women’s words: “The Yellow Big is an expert above FourTeenth Realm, but it is already a lot of years ago. In recent years, I have never heard of 15th Realm, and even Higher Realm’s Powerhouse emerges. Will Confucianism? “

Thin men’s words: “The quasi is not allowed, we know itself, you know, you will be asked as a teacher, go see.”

A male and a woman behind him should be said: “Yes, Master.”

“If you really seem to be the old Confucian named Du, the owner of this place will at least 16th realm, the true HAS Several Points of may, help the ANCESTOR MASTER busy, and join hands to clean up the chartroom.” The woman said.

It has been silent next to it. It seems that you are in the past 20 years old: “It is also careful, it is the trap of the bucket book, Duhai is still the chart of the hall.”

Thin men say: “So, you go, more care.”

His name Hang Feng, is the bloodless Demon Venerable Direct Disciple.

The remaining male and a woman is the taste of Hangfeng Disciple, the blood of the Demon Venerable.

For Mr. Duhai, they still value very much.

Although it is as good as Mr. Qing, the blood of the Demon Venerable is a more important thing to be in the moment, no power, but is a Dísciple, the Hang Feng, or personally come to the Yellow Crown.

Hang Feng acts carefully.

He contacts Mr. Duhai, he will send yourself two disciple, secretly sneak into the Yellow Cross.

When the time comes, both sides can be confirmed.

Soon, Mr. Duhai, Duhai, from the Yellow Round: “Mr. Hang, for a long time.”

“Mr. I Trust You Have Been Well Since We last Met.” Hang Feng and Zi PAID RESPECT.

Mr. Yu Qing said: “Chang’an City Lord has please, please come with Old Man.”

Hang Feng does not move, followed by Mr. He: “Mr. Ying finally decided, is it to fight the hall of the room with us?”


Mr. Duhai, Duhai, sigh: “Old Man is high, Life Essence will do, if you can’t go further, afraid that it will be turned into bones, and Chang’an City is … there is seven crystals “

Hang Feng silently Nodded.

Seven Yuli Corps The related news of Inheritance in the Classical Classic, he also heard.

Mr. Du Hairan will be determined as soon as possible, and it is natural to be a good thing for their bloody lineage.

As the other party, the age is old, if it is not possible for Breakthrough Realm, I am afraid that there is not much good job.

Bloody Demon Venerable is difficult to put a nail in the compartment book, naturally don’t want to look at the other side to die.

Confucianism in this area of ​​life is always quite big.

Two people enter the Yellow Crown, and Mr. Ethers suddenly get a message, Complex Greatly Changed, turned around LOOKED TOWARDS Hang Feng:

“Mr. Hang, have you come here, what is it? How do you also send people to dive into the Yellow Round?”

Hang Feng face does not change: “This is really a big misunderstanding, I haven’t arrived in the world for a long time, so I sent DísciPle into the Yellow Crown to find invitation, I want to be them, I collided with Changan. Middle people, this is our honest, but there is no need to let the merits, I am willing to see Chang’an City Lord personally invite sin. “

The two discilities are taken by the other party, and this is not a blow.

To some extent, it is the side to verify the strength of this Changan City Lord.

Two Dísciples, a Thirteenth Realm, repaired Demonic Path, a FOURTEENTH Realm, but also a Demonic Path Desolate god.

Look at this Fang Yanhuang is quite big. In this case, his two disciple sneaked away, it was found so soon, 15th Realm’s opponent generally speaking could not do it.

This Lord, the Changan City Lord, is really at least 16th Realm Expert.

If the two sides can join hands, the hope of attacking the hall of the room is a lot.

At the moment, he hits the other party, and the supper will pay for the sin, and people come down to take the book.

If it is really a reliable powerful allies, it is not acceptable to suit soft concessions.

Hang Feng’s bottom is in the heart, and the attitude is sincere.

Mr. Duhai, Duhai, is slightly complicated to each other: “So, with Old Man to see City Lord, everything has a City Lord San Dan.”

Hang Feng replied: “This nature.”

The two arrived at the Daming Palace all the way.

A city Lord seems to be very good to talk, and it will easily appreciate Hang Feng.

Mr. Duhai, Duhai, waiting outside the temple, Hang Feng Alone came to Zhang Dongyun.

However, no wait for him, Zhang Dongyun first told him first:

“He, do you know?”

The glory of the temple is flashing, and there are more people.

The people are clearly Demonic Path Cultivator, Wang Shenxing.

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