I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 612

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Wang Shenxing said to Hang Feng, the first eye feels to be unfamiliar.

In his memory, he did not have seen this youngster.

but next moment, he fadiously feels wrong.

Hang Feng is a proud of blood, Demon venerable, Dísciple, Rohan, Emospheric Rohan, Mr. Duhai, Supervisor, Daoist, etc., is a 15th Realm Peak Expert.

Although people see him, First Impression in my mind is often a DísCIPle, but in fact, don’t consider him Master, he is already in the universe inside the vid. Old Demon.

Only two DísCIples under his door, two people in the Demon Venerable, a Demonic Path Thirteenth Realm, a Demonic Path Fourteenth Realm, in the ordinary side of world, can also be a super devil head .

The Bucketch College is hostile DEMONIC PATH, and the blood of Lineage still has such a scene, and its strength is strong, it can be seen.

Demon Venerable this Lineage Inheritance, is self-alive.

Hang Feng see Wang Shenxing’s first reaction is to see its appearance.

but next moment, he pays attention to the other party CultiVation atmosphere.

Wang Caoxing’s CultiVation Base is unprofitable. At this moment, it comes to the Daming Palace. It naturally converges a breath, it seems to be a different from ORDINARY PERSON.

But Hang Feng is the Demonic Path giant of Heavenly Demon, can still be seen that the other CultiVation Base is Demonic Path.

At the same time, he makes him more familiarity.

The other party seems to be related to his blood, Lineage Demonic Path Inheritance.

However, there are DíSCIPLEs, Dísciple, and Hang Feng all clear.

is the bloody demon venerable, and the cardiogon is chance to dial a young pass, buried a seed, and will give them these DísciPle doors.

does not say that Master receives a new Dísciple to report to the original Disciple of Grand Discilis.

but the Oriental Cang Tian has a compartment department, and the people in DEMONIC PATH are relatively bad.

Hang Feng and the Others knows that MASTER is another pass, and it will take care of it.

Although Demonic Path is brutal, but the foreign enemy is too many, everyone is still not coming, and it is still not a ranging from each other to guess each other.

Wang Caoxing’s Cultivation Realm is not low.

Bloodage Demonic Path If there is such a formal pass, Hang Feng basically has an impression.

unless …

“This recognition, it will not be recognized.”

Hang Feng Took a Deep Breath, constitute your heart, no longer watching Wang Shenxing, but looking forward to Zhang Dongyun:

“After all, it should have been so fast for 30 years. If he is really the child.”

zhang dongyun IndifanceLy Smiled: “That is also considered.”

Hang Feng is slightly silent.

Wang Shenxing does not send a word.

His about the current situation, in fact, there is still a bit can’t touch the mind, but it is obvious that things are closely related to their own interests, or even critical.

Listen to Hang Feng talk, this person has seen him many years ago …

Wang Caoxing has an instant haze in his heart, and

The thing he is in his own child, does not understand.

I have memories, it is Alone, I don’t know the father Mother, I don’t know the origin of the hometown, silently struggling to survive in a completely unfamiliar world.

His childhood, only two keywords.

One is survive.

The second is killing.

and his killing and survival capital, a Qilin magic work, is also unknown, as if it is born.

CultiVation Technique pulse is clear, like directly engraved in his memory and Divine Soul.

is a happy year, but he still successfully cultivated Demonic Path real body, and finally greed himself, completely control his demon blood Demon Art.

Today, completely depends on his own place to fight, Wang Shenxing’s heart is not so concerned.

After a moment of incitement, his mood quickly resumed calm, and silently standing on the side, waiting for your Majesty Arrangement.

If Must speaks, he is more concerned about his origin of his demon Blood Demon ART.

This is the capital of his life, but in the case of true, who knows is God who cares, or a hidden disaster?

Inthetic telling Wang Shenxing, the answer, maybe there is a falling fall today, and falling in front of this, this seemingly thin man.

“Properly Speaking, I can’t think of him, just seeing a side in his childhood.” Hang Feng replied very bachelor.

His calm looked toards looks at our king: “When you are young, En, the teacher, let you plant, INHERITANCE, but unfortunately the unexpected disappearance, you are too small when you are too small, everyone is too small I thought you were still unable to live. “

Wang Shenxing, who has been silent, is open: “Meaning, we are Same SECT?”

Hang Feng said: “You can also say this, but for so many years, you will be yourself, you have today, you will live yourself.”

Wang Shenxing asked: “What is my parents and other families?”

Hang Feng replied: “It was killed by Master.”

…… etc!

What am I? !

Hang Feng suddenly shocked.

This is the truth.

But it is not that he wants to say!

but why, this is the export of INVOLUNTARILY, which is so natural?

Wang Shenxing in front of Hang Feng listened to this, slightly.

His tempered is dark, and there is not much change in the face on the face, but the Cold Light is vaguely blinking in both eyes.

Hang Feng Looked Towards Shang Dongyun.

The face of the other party is blocked under gli, and he does not see the top of the five senses.

But the relative to the sea is like a Clearly Understood.

“Why? My parents and your master are Henture?”

, Wang Shenxing asked.

Hang Feng Zhangkou: “Your parents are well integrated with Qilin Race, help Qilin, bad master’s good things, Master kill them, no hate, see you young, so I am nourishing with qilin blood, teach you to send Under the door, killing qilin. “

One sentence says, he first is surprised and angry, then Clear Comprehension, then fear, it is numb.

The heart is honest, complete Involuntarily.

Causes all of this, naturally only the mysterious and powerful Changan City Lord!

Wang Shenxing squinted his eyes, and the eyes were squatted, such as needle: “This …”

Honestly, he has also been very indifferent to his parents, and the double pro only gives him a Jade Pendant and two blurred faces that engrave “Wang” words.

Even the names of “cautious” are all sent to him after he went to the Yellow world.

but listened to the intention of Demon Venerable, or called him to give birth to anger.

Hang Feng At this time, it does not look at Wang Shenxing, and it is easy to go to the ZHANG Dongyun.

“I have never thought that this Qilin is in the Yellow Crown. I entered Chang’an City. I naturally won’t be difficult with it. It is his way to live, I am waitingGic WITHDRAWAL.”

Hang Feng said: “I dare not threaten Changan, just ask City Lord twice, with the bucket college, such a strong enemy, the teacher Heavenly Demon PEAK, the help of Changan, non-Earth Demon Mention on Equal Terms “

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