I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 614

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“Please Your Majesty instructions.”

Wang Shenxing gift from Zhang Dongyun.

zhang dongyun: “The blood is busy with the embassy qilin. If he doesn’t come to fish, you will take a trip, and you will take Qilin to Yellow.”

Mr. Duhai, Duhai, only knows that there is a thing of the blood, Demon venerable, is busy, innocent.

, Zhang Dongyun, through Hang Feng Master and Disciple, what is it busy with Demon Venerable.

CultiVation Demonic Path Qilin’s bloody Demon Venerable, the same Qilin Race is a dead enemy.

qilin is eliminating the other party, and the blood, Demon Venerable, also intended to kill qilin for ourselves or gates.

The hatred of the two sides, margin for many years.

When Wang Caoxing parents are killed, it is therefore related.

In recent years, the blood of the Demon Venerable, Qilin Race gradually disappeared.

If the non-fighting room book, Saint is once bad, he is afraid that the East Cang Tian is extracted.

qilin race has been forced to migrate to the Oriental sky.

but unfortunately, he is accomplished and documented by the blood of the Demon Venerable.

Today, Qilin Race is escaping. Internal and external news, you want to contact others.

Demon Venerable, you have a hard work, killing this family qilin.

ZHANG DONGYUN Although the news is sent through Hang Feng, according to the current situation, the bloodless Demon Venerable may not be able to put down his hand, no matter what IMMEDITELY is coming.

More than half of the other parties are not willing to abandonment, will strive to solve qilin’s things first, and then take the Yellow.

If he can break his good things, take a batch of qilin to Yanhuang, the Naturally Is The Best.

qilin is the beast, although it is Monster Race, but “character” is better than the bloody Demon venerable.

Great Ancheng helps, they have reported and can trust.

Although qilin race is smashed by the bloodless demon venerable, but that is because 17th Realm’s bloodless Demon Venerable is too strong, not qilin is too weak.

Surrounded by Perils, there is still 16th Realm’s Powerhouse in this Qilin.

Have you want to escape Qilin, you have to be these Expert.

With these qilin, plus Hang Feng and the Others, the bloodless Demon venerable, it is difficult to take a slap in the shackles.

Of course, I want to pull the tiger from him, it is difficult to do, it is not a small person.

“Only do only search, find the specific orientation, reward, I will arrange again.” ZHANG Dongyun’s new one in Great Hall.

Wang Shenxing to the other party Cup One fist in The other hand: “Please Feng Palace’s main pointing Junior.”

The person in Great Hall is the singer of the singer of the singer.

he didn’t have a sky, Fu Yuting and the others returned to Kingdom together, but left in the Yellow Cross.

zhang dongyun’s best Senli Sword has a little bit of merits, he will help Fengqi healing.

Now, the Senlijian Palace is quite supporting Chang’an City, two plans can’t change the change, and the Qilin’s child will come out.

Fengqi’s eyes see ZHANG DONGYUN CASUALLY, just call him before the injury, Recover Completely, and I can’t help but sigh.

In the face of Zhang Dongyun, he should immediately: “Yes, Old Man understands.”

Feng Qi again, Wang Shenxing, Nodded, paying: “This line, Old Man mainly gives you a care method, how to act, and you are dominated.”

Wang Cao Ying itself has the change of Demonic Path Qilin, and Zhang Dongyun is squeezed from Hang Feng. Although his Cultivation Realm is lower than Fengqi, the main force of the search is indeed him.

“Xie passed the Feng Palace.” Wang Shenxing said.

ZHANG DONGYUN waves hands, and the two people immediately return to the Daming Palace, go back to prepare.

zhang dongyun waiting for a period of time, never see the blood of the Demon Venerable, the Yellow Cross, and the king will be killed, and the two offered by Feng Qi.

In addition to the Demonic Path giants, Zhang Dongyun is also looking forward to Taoist and Confucianism.

but sometimes there will be some special chain reactions.

At this moment, Dongjiao Heavenly Dao SECT will be chaotic in the head of Supreme Unity Sect.

From the outside, young Dísciple is still leisurely.

Only some people have accidentally mentioned that he has heard that the ELDER is difficult to have in an affair, and I don’t know what it is.

But everyone is generally optimistic.

After all, Shao Qing Daoist and other four Great Expert went to horses aid, I want to come to the supervision of Daoist to solve the enemy Very Easy.

is what you have to do in Supreme Unity SECT, your mood is relaxed, more curious, who dares to send tiger?

But at the moment Overwhelming Majority people don’t know, the core high-level high-rise in Supreme Unity SECT is gathered.

but the atmosphere is dead.

Some Supreme Elder, which originally closed the magic weapon, barely suspended the treasure, will maintain a balance, and share the mind to discuss all things.

There is a more important thing to SuPreme Unity SECT.

It is actually difficult to survive in life and death.

“Strict blocking news, except for the few people we have, no one knows the fourth image of Formation Diagram lost.”

White haired old road said solemnly.

There are few old priests in front of him, but the real age is not old, and the CultiVation Base is deep, and the virtue is highly high, and it is the most core of the Supreme Unity SECT.

One of which appearance looks like a middle-aged priest: “It is our great idea, addicted to refining magic weapons, and read the world expert.”

Another old road refutes: “The Yellow shop is quirky, otherwise no one has heard of it, there is such EXPERT suddenly rising?”

Middle Aged Daoist sigh: “It is late to say that these are late.”

He turned his head to the white-haired Old Daoist Priest, the first white-haired Old Daoist Priest, said: “Xue Shibo, we still inform SEct Founder as soon as possible, please return to the mountain gate soon.”

Xue Daoist, white hair like a snow: “Has been trying to contact Master, but can pass it to him in Seenior, is not known.”

Everyone is heavy.

Xue Daoist said: “The urgency is still tight, and the news should not be leaked.”

Some people are worried: “Only we keep confidential, afraid of it, the Yellow Cross will not keep our secrets!”

Xue Daoist is also interested in painting: “Today, only do personality listen to life, how is the Yellow world, Shaoqing them, only temporarily put itide.”

He looks at everyone: “The magic weaites can be made, but before Master returns, we only have a hope!”

Everyone is all solemn.

is scheduled to stop, everyone will immediately re-open the furnace and continue to refine the magic weapon.

but unfortunately, there is no more time to leave them.

Xue Daoist, etc. SUPREME Unity SECT high-rise, just re-investment, it is a very powerful will, which is an extremely powerful will, come to the Supreme Unity Sect Hill.

However, the Supreme Unity SECT is returned to the Sepreme Unity Secto.

Universe Martial Dao Will, shocking the universe: “Without four elephants, how can you block the footsteps!”

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