I Have An Impenetrable Fortress Chapter 659


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Shangqing Taoist, Xiangyuan Daoist, Dinglin Arhat, and Kongshan Arhat, along with the entire Four Elephants Executing Immortal Array, were dragged by invisible and irresistible forces and forced to split open space to move and flee to them. Unknown destination.

No matter how hard the four people work, they can’t reverse it.

The Taoist Heavenly Monarch of the 15th realm of the Shangqing Taoist, with superb strength, flying through the air and flying in the Star Sea is nosy.

Xiangyuan Daoist is the 16th realm Taoist Heavenly Venerate, but the two of them can’t be autonomous at this moment.

When everyone stopped again, the dark and deep universe in front of them seemed to be the same as before, but in front of them, a world stood quietly.

Xiangyuan Daoist and Dinglin Luohan are also that’s all, while Shangqing Daoist and Kongshan Luohan are both pupil shrink.

The world in front of them is the world of Yan and Huang!

In a short moment, they were moved from the universe in the sky, which is not so far away from Yanhuang, to inside the Void, which is a short distance away from the realm of Yanhuang.

Who, is so capable?

Although most of the Chang’an City masters took action in this posture, everyone is still very reluctant to admit this.

Because of this possesses great magical power, it is really unacceptable.

Even the Peak expert of the 17th realm may be able to travel through such a distant void in a short time, really as if the space is nothing, but it is impossible to take the four of them over such a long distance.

Not to mention that the four of them are all very powerful.

Just now, they are in the Executing Immortal Array of the Four Elephants.

As a result, the other party even moved the Four Elephants Executing Immortal Array!

This Formation is not as stable as the Four Destiny Array of Supreme Unity, but the extremely violent Killing Formation.

The only role is to attack and kill.

It is more than lethality than the Four Elephants Good Fortune Array.

Such a violent array, if moved, is bound to be unstable and will fall apart in an instant.

But now…

Xiangyuan Daoist, Kongshan Arhat, Dinglin Arhat glanced all around at the same time.

Although the sound of thunder disappeared, the fresh air still wandered around, like clouds and mists, forming a stable formation.

From the outside, this Killing Formation is also extremely huge. Although it is not as good as the Yanhuang Realm, it is in the sky outside the realm and is far away from the Yanhuang Realm.

The sight of Xiangyuan Daoist, Dinglin Arhat and Kongshan Arhat fell on the Shangqing Taoist at the same time.

Shangqing Daoist shook his head: “It’s not Poor Daoist.”

Xiangyuan Daoist They are undoubtedly suspecting that the Shangqing Daoist and Chang’an City have long been secretly colluding.

What happened today is precisely because the Shangqing Taoist array cooperated with Chang’an City, so the three of them were taken together and brought to the vicinity of the Yanhuang Realm.

In fact, for a moment, the Shangqing Taoists also suspected that any of the three of them had colluded with Chang’an, and secretly made tricks, and told him to talk today.

But Sixiang Executing Immortal Array is his big array. In this array, Xiangyuan Daoist also impossible to hide from him to engage in small actions.

The Shangqing Taoists kept checking secretly, but still failed to find out what was wrong in the formation.

Including the skeletal remains of the Remaining Sun, there is also no mechanism.

A fragment of a fairy trail with me, but it is shining brightly.

But it was not because of this fairy fragment that what happened today.

On the contrary, this fragment has just helped him resist the power of picking from the Yan and Huang world.

But only persisted for a short while, but was quickly dragged down by the other party.

The entire group, etc., was forcibly brought to the vicinity of the Yanhuang Realm after all.

In this case, it is hard not to doubt that Chang’an City did it.


The Shangqing Taoist felt his brows and Niwan Palace slightly beating.

He has a real sense, and looks to the other side.

Sure enough, there was Purple Qi surging there.

Purple Qi spread out, and he saw a young man dressed in black robe, high crown and ancient clothes, as if he was a great scholar who had read poetry and books.

It is Mr. Taiqing.

Xiangyuan Daoist, Dinglin Arhat, and Kongshan Arhat also saw Mr. Taiqing, and everyone was surprised and silent for a while.

On the contrary, Mr. Taiqing looked peaceful, only a little surprised at first.

The Niwan Palace in the center of his eyebrows was also beating slightly, and he immediately looked up to the Daoist.

The two looked at each other, Mr. Taiqing slightly smiled, and did not mention the current situation, but first praised: “Good Formation.”


The Shangqing Taoist said slowly: “It doesn’t look like you and Yuqing Fellow Daoist joined forces.”

Mr. Taiqing nodded: “Yes, in fact, I was also very surprised. I was about to leave the eastern sky, but I was moved here in an instant.”

The Shangqing Daoist looked away and turned to the Yanhuang Realm: “I heard that Yuqing Fellow Daoist got a chance, but even so, he can’t do such a thing by himself.”

Mr. Taiqing did the same thing: “Ming Shi is a Martial Dao genius. I never thought that the Taoist cultivation base was so brilliant, or is it because of the fragments of the fairy trail?”

Shangqing Taoist did not reply, but looked at the Yanhuang World.

There, another Purple Qi appeared, flying out of the Yanhuang Realm.

In Purple Qi, there is a Yuqing Taoist wearing a purple daoist robe and wearing a Taoist crown.

Three young men with exactly the same appearance are now reunited in the outer universe of the Yanhuang Territory.

The three faced each other in a distance, and none of them spoke immediately.

Xiangyuan Daoist, Dinglin Arhat, and Kongshan Arhat looked at the three Li Shulou that were exactly the same except for the clothes and accessories. Although they had expected them, they still felt a little shocked.

“Frankly speaking, Poor Daoist was also very surprised, now and here, we met in this way.” Taoist Yuqing said.

The Shangqing Taoist did not answer the conversation, and looked up slightly with a dilemma.

In the Yanhuangjie, in the Daming Palace of Chang’an City, Zhang Dongyun also quietly watched the reunion of the three Li Shulou.

He knew exactly what the Shangqing Taoist was thinking at the moment.

To put it simply, regret.

The person concerned regretted it.

Quite regretful.

When he first returned to the Yanhuang world, he really didn’t realize that the Lord Chang’an City and Chang’an City were so capable.

You are so capable, what did you do?

As for Yanhuang Realm, are they playing slowly like Mahaloni and the others?

Could it be said that in just a few years, you can grow from nothing, and your strength has skyrocketed to this level?

Relatively speaking, the probability of your cat and mouse is even greater.


It’s not that personal strength has grown so quickly, but the research on more than one piece of fairy trails on hand, has a major breakthrough in a short period of time?

If the personal strength is really strong enough to take the four of them and Mr. Taiqing from such a long distance, then you can also directly suppress and kill a few of them far away.

Many thoughts flashed through the minds of Taoists in Shangqing.

Regret, really regret.

But it was only a short moment.

The spiritual mind and mood of Shangqing Taoists quickly recovered calm and composed.

“Yuqing Fellow Daoist joined the Yanhuang world, poor Dao Idol believes, but Taiqing Fellow Daoist, are you serious?”

The Shangqing Taoist asked Mr. Taiqing.

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