I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1010

“Not yet, leave a remnant soul.”

Zhou Xuanji responded quietly that the ancient Sky was still inside the Kunlun sword of the soul and was often forgotten by him.

If he had not raised ancient pride, he would have remembered the ancient sky.

“Then it makes sense that ancient pride will come to you, and our crisis begins.”

Ancient pride and kingdom are endless overlord, but if people ask, who is stronger.

The vast majority of creature will answer it as an ancient pride.

Ancient pride is the first person in the universe today!

“All right, let him come on. I’ll wait!”

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile, with blood dragon ghosts, old prisoners, gods in there, what is he afraid of?

Ancient pride can’t even handle Paragon’s day. Wanna kill him?

100 years?

Millions of years can’t!

“Send down the message and prepare for the battle, and in the face of the infinite North, the reward of the medal is twice as high as ever!”

Zhou Xuanji runs the course, is angry and is completely not afraid of ancient pride.

As a result of this statement, it is with complexion greatly changed today.

“Double exaggeration.”

Divine courts would taxe the population in order to maintain the cost of the army and all authority affiliations.

Zhou Xuanji had only given birth to a feast, and now promised twice as much incentive as he was going to drive them crazy.

Zhou Xuanji is Lordship and does not have to care about the specific operation below, but they care.

In addition to paying attention to fighting, they have to think about income generation.

“Don’t worry, as long as we win, there will be more influence coming to bid, and if we want to pay a little price, we are no longer the same.”

Zhou Xuanji does not care that the Sword Emperor Divine Court is not just fighting.

They have sheltered the many chambers of commerce alliances, and the Chamber of Commerce alliances will also provide resources support.

The reason for this is to take a look at it today, and it can only be answered.

When they leave, Zhou Xuanji has no cultivation but disappeared in the palace.

He was prepared to visit the girls’ situation.

In the blue-blue Universe, silver is empty, with three giant stone monument standing ahead, and there are lots of black creature like lizards.

“Imperial Clan, why didn’t those old people do it?”

A loud voice comes out of stone monument, with a strong voice.

silver beneath and answered to say, “There is a man Imperial Clan Old Ancestor who surrendered to Zhou Xuanji, so none of them came out.”

Speaking of this, he felt weird.

Imperial Clan old ancestors, what do you want?

What exactly does Zhou Xuanji hide behind?

“Is that the one in prison?”

Another stone monument passed out the mute and asked Silver.

silver Son Nodded, curious question said, “Who is he?”

“A traitor.” The pale voice answered.

silver was more curious, but he was afraid to ask a lot.

“Full help to help ancient pride and infinite the north, whoever is behind Zhou Xuanji, and with Paragon Tianyi, the traitor’s cultivation base is good, and we’ll give you a magical treasure, which can suppress him!”

Dude sounds ordered, listen to Silver Boys shrank.

He understood each other’s anger.

The reason is not Zhou Xuanji, but the traitor.

“You bugs also want to betray God when you really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!”

The mute doesn’t laugh, Murderous Tusson.

silver’s heart is not silent for Zhou Xuanji.


clouds are surrounded by the mountains, and Zhou Tanhua is on the Dao for several of his own disciple lecture.

He’s talking about his Sword Dao, and disciple’s listening very carefully.

He didn’t notice that someone was staring at them on the cloud.

It’s his father.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the situation and fell into a sense of sentiment.

In mortal world, he also spoke to Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian and the others.

“Time is fast.”

Zhou Xuanji is grateful, and now calm down and think about it, and suddenly he’s a little lost.

Does it

really make sense to be strong?

Seems like every time he thinks the strongest presence is actually sitting in the well.

To strengthen this path, never to stop.

And if the Lord of Heaven is strong, it is not but the Spirit of the Lord?

Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts are spreading.

After a while.

He stayed in the temple of the stars, and clone passed the message to him.

He immediately moved back.

He sat on the throne, let the stars come in.

The stars go to the stairs before their faces are dizzy.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhou Xuanji laughed and said, “The Star didn’t come directly this time, but wandered outside the temple for a while.”

Look at her face, I guess it’s all right.

“I don’t feel right, my cultivation base is gone, meditation seems to have calamity coming.”

Her eyes are worrying.

She tried Zhou Xuanji, and said, “Do you feel that way?”

Zhou Xuanji shake his head, said, “Why should I?”

“Probably related to Primordial Chaos’ day of fate, Primordial Chaos is said to be a curse.”

Zhou Xuanji is funny. What curse can affect them?

“Yes, really, I had that feeling before I fell, so I was upset, stuck in blind self-comfort, and finally went to Imperial Clan World.”

Zhou Xuanji comforted with said: “Don’t think, is it too much pressure that ancient pride has given you?”

The Star stared at him.

She took a deep breath, seriously said, “I remind you anyway.”

After that, she turned around and was ready to leave.

“Wait, are you doing this for this?” Zhou Xuanji called her, felt baffling.

The Star looked for him, Nazi said, “What else? Why don’t I have other enemies looking for the door? Now you have more enemies than me.”

She twisted her head and left quickly.

Somehow, looking at her back, Zhou Xuanji felt something wrong.

the girl’s in the wrong state.

Zhou Xuanji is not deeply thinking, is Primordial Chaos really cursed?

Half an hour later.

It’s because of it.

“Lordship, Sword Emperor Divine Court, responsible for the unimpeded edge of the army, the war is coming!”

And he said, “The other side is a pride, even though they have done nothing to do with it, he has some disbelief.”

“Then start fighting.”

Zhou Xuanji is already ready.

For nodded, ask said, “Would you please move the blood dragon ghost? It was said that this time there was a Supreme belt, specifically who was temporarily unclear, but that blood dragon ghosts were present to reduce casualties.”

Sword Emperor Divine Court has developed rapidly, and the number of creature creature is far from overlord levels in the Quartet.

Zhou Xuanji hesitated and summon came out of blood dragon.

Evil blood dragon ghosts show up and look like eyebrows laugh.

“Remember, don’t be greedy and listen to the arrangements.” Zhou Xuanji is staring at the blood dragon ghosts.

the blood dragon ghost has turned into an eye, reluctant nodded.

After the two left, Zhou Xuanji was taking out the main gate, and a murderous aura appeared in the palace.

He wrinkled his eyebrows, coldly said, “Who? Come out!”

The sound fell, a silhouette fell off the roof.

It’s silver.

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