I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1018


Zhou Xuanji lifted the bold Divine Sword to boycott the black dress man’s sword.


The ground collapsed and Zhou Xuanji was directly blown out.

A piece of mud rock collapses, trees rise up, and the wind runs along with the tsunami.

Zhou Xuanji overflew several fighting and stabilized in the air.

He looked up and saw only black dress men fly away.

Zhou Xuanji slight his mouth.

a light sword, all of which refers directly to Zhou Xuanji, appears behind Black Limited men.

“Brother, do you need such a big position?”

Zhou Xuanji asked him if he was a little naughty.

how can this guy fly?

Doesn’t Dao Cultivator go far beyond him?


seems that the no-flight rules here are not absolute.

black Limited men stare at him, chilly saying, “You’re an anomaly, you have to eradicate it!”

bang! Bang…

All light sword Zi killed Zhou Xuanji, loud and fuzzy.

Zhou Xuanji immediately plays the sword, and although he does not have divine power, he has swords sufficient to carry out many Sword Dao Magical Powers.

the sword was wiped out, sword energy went like a moon of vandalism, growing rapidly and destroying all light sword.

black Limited Man was touched and said, “Who the hell are you, and why are you on the highway?”

Zhou Xuanji wrinkles and asks say, “What is it?”

To the highway?

Is he playing a sword at the top of the road?

“The world is my heart’s lung, why are you breaking up, which is not in line with the rules, and you have no reason to pass it to Sword Emperor.”

black Limited Man coldly said, complexion ashen, full of anger.

Zhou Xuanji apparently felt his killing plan was withdrawn.

“Sword Emperor? I’m Sword Emperor, who are you talking about?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

The more he determines this is an illusion.

It does not seem to be the memory of the originator.

It’s a whole new illusion.

black Limited men are angry, two words, crazy sword, countless sword shadow from all around drowned to Zhou Xuanji.


Great Desolate Sword Shadow?

Zhou Xuanji is acting weird, hiding and starting to guess.

Is that Sword Emperor really him?

The illusion is to let him fight Surpassing oneself, so awakening?

Zhou Xuanji jumped quickly, hiding from each and everyone sword shadow.

The mountains were bombed, countless dust flowing and fragmented.

Heaven and Earth collapsed like the end of the world.

Far away tribes can also hear it.

Kunlun stood on the giant stones, wrinkled away.

He was worried about Zhou Xuanji, but he thought Zhou Xuanji was strong and should be fine.

The children of the tribes are coming out, and they are talking about each other.

“Are the vicious beast gone again?”

“Unright, there’s a danger aura in the air.”

“What the hell happened? Shall we go see it?”

“What are you looking at? What about dead?”

“The Creator said that death is terrifying.”

The king squeezes out of the crowd, the eyes are complicated.

On the

other side.

Zhou Xuanji moved towards the depth of the mountains so as not to affect children’s tribes.

Although he thinks it’s probably a hallucination, he’s afraid it’s true.

black suit men get angry, and he’s fast accelerating.

Zhou Xuanji cannot feel his aura, consciously redeploying hundreds of Divine Sword, controlling sword with heart to resist attacks from all directions.

Ding! Ding! Tink…

sword shadow is all disbanded by Divine Sword, and black dress men stare at their eyes.

“These swords…”

black Limited man’s heart shocked, and he decided to use the strongest sword technique to defeat that guy.

And then, his heart has to be destroyed.

He’s got two hands holding swords, sword edge in front of himself, and his eyes have become invisible.

His body was scattered out of strange silver light.

“This is…”

Zhou Xuanji, mysterious.

Sword Emperor?

To annihilate the decision?


had a bad feeling in his heart.

black dress man suddenly took a sword.

Zhou Xuanji is conscious of Sword-Fusion Technique, all Divine Sword is integrated into his soul, and his arms want to stand in front of his chest, step up, stand by, stand by and hide.

A sword light has been looted!

Zhou Xuanji was closed.


He suddenly lost consciousness and fell into absolute darkness.

Zhou Xuanji had a dream.

Dreams are challenging themselves, precisely the Sword Emperor identity.

This Sword Emperor, like him, is the generation strongest, who dominates everything.

Without divine power, he was beaten up without a fight against Sword Emperor.

Eventually, he was killed by Sword Emperor in Gang.

He woke up.

Open your eyes again and find yourself lying in a huge cage.

He’s got a headache, hanging on his forehead, sitting on his side.

“This is…”

Zhou Xuanji fuzzed himself and found dozens of people around him.

This huge cage is high, like a giant bird cage.

The bird cage is the blue dome, the uninterrupted, the clouds are scarce, and nothing else can be seen.

The iron column on the edge of the cage, two times one meter, is easy for normal people to walk out, but each and everyone here is in the mood, despair, and no one wants to escape.

Is there a danger out there?

Zhou Xuanji swept his eyes, locked on a man in the corner.

Everybody’s lying or paralyzed, only he’s playing cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji walked down in front of him and said, “What is this place?”

Men didn’t answer.

He was wearing a broken robe, his hair was short, his face was cold and his body was slight.

Zhou Xuanji wrinkles again and says, “How long have you been here?”

Men still don’t answer, like statues, not even breathe.

Zhou Xuanji is born and can only be abandoned.

He walked to the edge of the cage, hesitated not to step directly out.

His body is now weak, and if it’s dangerous, it’s probably gonna make him soul destruction.

“Don’t go out…”

A weak voice came out, and Zhou Xuanji looked back, and the spokesman was an old man with skinny bones like diesel, lying on the ground, dark circles were deep and impressive.

Zhou Xuanji was staring at him, and said, “What is this place?”

“This is Emperor, who holds food in general…” Oldman replied.

He aura, like Scorpion, could be out of breath at any time.

Emperor in the cage?

Zhou Xuanji wrinkles, who had never heard that name in the children’s tribe before.

“Whose food?” Zhou Xuanji went after him.

oldman showed fear of the color, and the body began to tremble, said, “Put food in custody for Emperor’s pets…”

Zhou Xuanji wrinkles again, pets?

He looked back, and under the sky there was no clouds, no earth, nor the sea.

hong long long…

At this time Emperor was suddenly shaken and stormed, Zhou Xuanji and other prisoners were unable to live up and directly flew.

They hit the fence, brakes, horror fluctuations surrounded their surroundings.

Zhou Xuanji has also been electronically almost dizzy.

This pain…

It’s true!

After a while, the wind stopped.

Zhou Xuanji landed, and he wanted to stand up but couldn’t do it.

One voice came out of the cage and said, “Is that him? Is he going to the highway?”

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