I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1027

Once again, Zhou Xuanji will focus on refining divine power.

The whole world’s beginning to be used for him alone.

human race and all communities vicious beast do not know how to use their power, but only at his own expense.

With the unconstitutional creation, his cultivation base could be called a thousand miles a day.

Less than ten years.

His divine power reached Peak’s standard on the endless universe.


must be said that the beginning here is much higher than Spiritual Qi in the endless universe, and it’s more powerful.

He’s been obsessed with here.

Here he can change with impunity.

About five decades.

Sword Emperor’s daughter found Zhou Xuanji again.

“My father wants to see you!”

Sword Emperor’s daughter stared at Zhou Xuanji and said that she was blinking in her eyes.

He’s getting stronger again!

It is now not weak to the original owners.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, no questioning.

Sword Emperor wants to see him, and he can only see, and it doesn’t make sense.

Sword Emperor’s daughter was instantly waving away Zhou Xuanji.

On the cliff, the sword’s children look at each other in shock.

What did they hear?

Sword Emperor?

Who’s that woman?

Kunlun looked up in the sky, silent out of God, and his eyes showed the color of desire.


Zhou Xuanji looked around the air flow, and suddenly he found the tendency of these currents to be hidden as empty windows of time.

Is this woman using a state of God?

Sword Emperor’s daughter noticed his eyes and said, “What are you looking at?”

Zhou Xuanji is not hiding either.

“God’s state of absence? Good name!” Sword Emperor’s daughter eyes shined.

Zhou Xuanji, did he take the name of the deity?

It was this causal relationship.

Soon, they flew out of Space-Time Tunnel to an absolute dark vacuum, with a strong light ahead.

Sword Emperor’s daughter took him into the bright light at an extremely rapid pace.

Zhou Xuanji felt only saw a flash and opened his eyes again, and he saw the silhouette of Sword Emperor.

Sword Emperor is still so domineering, unable to identify his real body with his eyes.

“Heard you came from the Hereafter?” Sword Emperor ghost query.

hearthis, Zhou Xuanji is not headed to the daughter of Sword Emperor.

this girl said it!

Sword Emperor’s daughter smiling, doesn’t seem to see his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, say: “Yes.”

Sword Emperor continues to ask and say, “You’re my Sword Emperor lineage, your Sword Dao is very much like us.”

Zhou Xuanji hesitated to say: “I am also known as Sword Emperor in the Hereafter, but before me there was no stronger Sword Emperor, and the Lord was the first myth.”

Sword Emperor’s daughter, she didn’t hear what Zhou Xuanji said.

What does that mean?

Why didn’t they leave a reputation in the Hereafter?

She’s not looking for Sword Emperor.

Sword Emperor is in silence.


atmosphere became depressed, Zhou Xuanji waited quietly.

He didn’t feel killing intent, which means not at all pissed off Sword Emperor.

Sword Emperor 估计是在思考。

Perhaps his words today are directly related to legend of the Hereafter.

After a while.

Sword Emperor once again said, “I know, and from now on, whatever you want, we’ll meet you.”

Zhou Xuanji, who doubted looked to Sword Emperor, did not understand each other’s true intentions.

“Father is our descendant.” The daughter of Sword Emperor said with a smile, and also gave Zhou Xuanji a look.

“Let go!”

Sword Emperor suddenly loudly shouted, scaring the girl of Sword Emperor.

She was surprised by the look towards Sword Emperor, and I don’t understand why he was suddenly angry.

Zhou Xuanji is also very different.

“You have to take good care of him. You must not disobey him. Remember!”

Sword Emperor silently instructed, the daughter of Sword Emperor scared herself to kneel.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyes, and he seemed to understand what, the eyes became complicated.


Sword Emperor’s daughter responded that she turned to Zhou Xuanji, and that her eyes were equally complex.

“Go down.” Sword Emperor continues.

Sword Emperor’s daughter nodded, standing up and leaving with Zhou Xuanji.

Before you leave, Zhou Xuanji goes back and says, “Is this all true?”

Sword Emperor did not answer.

Sword Emperor’s daughter right hand waved, and the two men flew out of the light quickly.

After a while.

Sword Emperor ghost says, “It’s true, it’s true.”


Back in the human race tribe, Zhou Xuanji remained silent.

Sword Emperor’s daughter looked for him, wanted to ask, but did not know what to ask.

Eventually, she can only leave with the confusion of her stomach.

Zhou Xuanji fell on the edge of the cliff, and he sat and fell into thought.

“It turns out I was wrong.”

“This is not even Kunlun Origin Court before.”

Zhou Xuanji sighs, his eyebrows are filled with anxiety.

He’s in a heavy mood.

Kunlun came and said, “What are you thinking?”

Zhou Xuanji looked towards him, and the eyes became compassionate, laughing and saying, “Nothing.”

Look at this guy, Zhou Xuanji, there’s some confusion, and the consortium’s thinking of Zhou Tanhua.

Although this guy doesn’t have Zhou Tanhua handsome.

“What does Sword Emperor look like, have you seen?” Kunlun’s excited question.

Zhou Xuanji shook the head, say, “Kunlun, you practice the sword for so long, have you ever dreamed?”

“What’s the dream?”

“Dream, it’s a thing that makes you want to do.”

“Well, then my dream is to be you.”



Zhou Xuanji smiles even more gently, looking at Kunlun’s simple and desired face.

His pats Kunlun’s back, laughing and saying, “Go to practice the sword!”

Kunlun chuckled, get up and leave immediately.

Zhou Xuanji did not continue to feel sentimental and quickly invested in cultivation.

Whatever time it is.

Getting stronger is his goal!

It’s his time not here.


Hundreds of years later, Zhou Xuanji regained the state of God.

He started wandering with a state of God.

One side of the world was visited by him, and he enjoyed the feeling that Heaven and Earth were at large.


During the journey, he found that each side of the world was different, big, small, so was the human race tribe, not all of the world’s human race was children.

The only similarity is that the human race will not grow.

“It seems that human race here is missing something.”

Zhou Xuanji walks in the cloud, whispers.

At this point, there was a silhouette in the front, slapping at him at an extremely fast pace.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and threatened Divine Sword to appear in front of him with sword edge.


The clouds are floating, naked eye can see impact raging to the eighth side.

Zhou Xuanji is bound to see only the Lord standing in front of him.

“Have you been so strong?”

The original coldly said, his eyes were full of killing intent.

Zhou Xuanji said, “You want to kill me?”

He’s not angry, just a little confused.


original raised the right hand, a silver sword showed up empty, and he said, “Sword Dao Supreme Ex – is – tence, why did you tell mortal?”

Is that what this is about?

Zhou Xuanji feels funny and explains that he says, “Not really, in people heart,”

Start the sword immediately, the cold shines Heaven and Earth.

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