I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1032

“What if we don’t talk about it? Can you still kill me?”

The ancient coldly said that the knife appeared again in his hand, and he was approaching Zhou Xuanji in a step.

Zhou Xuanji took pride and meant a long laugh and said, “This is the first time I met you, you’re weaker than I thought. No, I just got stronger.”

Ancient pride, it feels like Zhou Xuanji’s gone crazy.

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Most of his enemies are afraid to go crazy.

it’s the guy’s condition is already good.

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After the Hereafter, he suddenly felt that ancient pride was not the case.


least on the pattern, what’s the difference between ancient pride and mortal?

The pioneering fathers and his descendants were thinking about opening, and ancient pride was hanging on the endless universe created to claim hegemony over the forefathers.

The pattern can’t work.

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Zhou Xuanji corner of the mouth raise, with silver light coming out, the momentum is going to drive away the roof of the temple.

kill the sword and kill it!

sword light shines.

Ancient pride raised his eyes, and countless sword energy looted his body and let him slightly frowned.

hong long long…

The temple is shaking, causing the creature to be disturbed and the strings to collapse, fearing Zhou Xuanji.

Neon Qin Saint Monarch and the others are still under constant attack, trying to break through the invisible barrier of the temple.

Unfortunately, their divine power can’t do it at all.

“Does your sword seem harmless?”

Ancient pride said with a smile, his footsteps did not stop and kept moving.

Next second, he suddenly stops.

He wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “What’s that sword?”

He felt like some destiny was cut off.

Although there is no influence, this feeling of cynicism makes him even more blatant.

“opportunity to cut the sword.”

Zhou Xuanji say with a slight smile, the sound fell, killing him with pride and pride.

Double knives, wanting to stop Zhou Xuanji from wailing.

In the lightning stone, three causal dignitaries Divine Sword were blocked in front of him as quickly as possible.


The sword struck, the power of the storm allowed the coral wall of the temple to create a crack that could collapse at any time.

Ancient pride knives and three causal dudes Divine Sword are trembling at a microwave.

Zhou Xuanji took off, and he looked down at the ancient glory and said, “Have you ever heard of the path of unconstitutional creation and extinction?”

Ancient frowns, pupil suddenly shrink.

In his heart, he waged a terrible wave.

how does this guy know about the unconstitutional creation?

You know, in order to learn to create a vice constitution, he specializes in soliciting Zuber to study the ancestors.

Thousands of times, let alone the unconstitutional creation, he didn’t even learn the ancestors.

“The Lord creates everything on both sides, and the ancient priests are united, and you have nothing and why have such ambition?”

Zhou Xuanji asked, after all, that he disappeared empty.


And he appeared in front of the ancient pride, and righthand grabbed his ancient, proud shoulder, and two of them came to the blank space created by the state of God.

Ancient pride, he looked to the perimeter, and said, “What is this place?”

He can feel the existence of time, but it’s all static and weird here.

Zhou Xuanji laughed and said, “Here’s the speed!”

He used Sword-Fusion Technique, Battle Physique to blow up!

Two causal dignitaries, Divine Sword, were integrated into his fleshly body, and he had only the opportunity to exterminate the sword.

His hair reached the peak.

“The land of immortality!” You… “

Ancient pride stares again, but he knows Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation base.

How can it be so short?

Zhou Xuanji killed him.

Amazing, mysterious!

Ancient pride is, after all, the strongest of this generation, and even if you cannot keep pace with Zhou Xuanji, he can cope easily.

bang! bang! Bang…

Ancient pride, invisible divine power, protects him, leaving Zhou Xuanji’s attack in no way close, detonated and deaf.

Now the explosion is a myth, concealed by Zhou Xuanji’s ancestors.

Ancient pride also heard the ancestors, whose eyebrows were wrinkled and their anger was rising.

Damn it!

He can’t learn the ancestors. How can he control them?

jealous of taking over his heart at once.

He has to kill this child!

Otherwise his overlord status will be shaken!

The ancients opened their eyes with pride, wandering around and disappearing.

He kept moving, and there were countless sword energy around every time he appeared, like a flower blossom.

As ancient pride rises, there will soon be countless afterimage, as if there were tens of thousands of ancient pride.

Zhou Xuanji also found that his strength was not enough to hurt ancient pride.

“cultivation base accumulates too wide a gap, worthy of this generation strongest.”

Zhou Xuanji sighs in his heart, and if his deity does not reach extreme proportions, I’m afraid it has been extinctly instant kill.

Ancient pride, though not as fast as he is.

God’s state of silence is today’s lost Magical Powers, and there’s no such thing as the ages.

“It seems that only one way to frighten him.”

If Zhou Xuanji thinks, in his eyes, the ancient pride crawls like turtles, it’s just turtleshells that are too hard, and in the course of the fighting, he can do whatever he wants.

He immediately galvanized the path of unconstitutional creation and extinction.

He wanted to try and see how the combination of two high-altitude routes would work.


His momentum escalated, fleshly body broke directly, and the soul was on the verge of collapse.

Ancient pride, he was frightened to say, “What’s your relationship with ancient pride?”


Zhou Xuanji immediately appeared outside thousand zhang, and he was full of silver light, like the future Sword Emperor.

“Do you know it’s ancient? Ancient pride, do you know this power?”

Zhou Xuanji say with a sneer, listening to ancient pride and falsehood.

He goes on saying, “I give you a choice to go back, you deal with the South, and I’m done, and I can give you back the old remnant soul.”

“This choice is not for me to be afraid of you, I just don’t think it’s necessary that you die now, one dead person, the other seriously injured, and the other overlord is cheap.”

The ancient eyes shine and fall into a choice.

Zhou Xuanji now aura reminds him of nightmare that year.

He took a deep breath, said, “Okay!”

He actually wants to retreat, because he can’t keep up with Zhou Xuanji.


is indeed humiliating for him to hold fire in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji right hand waved and released an ancient remnant soul.

The ancient pride was to stop and suck his son’s remnant soul into his sleeve.

He looked deep at Zhou Xuanji and said, “You, good!”

After that, he turned away.

During the blink, he broke the silent time and disappeared without a trace.

Zhou Xuanji grew up and returned immediately to the temple to make sure that ancient pride never killed a horse gun.

And when he landed, the Spirit of his Lord flew out of his eyes.

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