I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1034

“Your disciple is missing, too?”

Zhou Xuanji looked weird, questioned.


that a coincidence?

Zhou Xiaoxuan looked at Zhou Tanhua and said, “Yeah, you got to help me find it, that’s my favorite two disciple.”

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hearthis, my brothers get up and go.

They’re also afraid that, as Zhou Xuanji said, disciple mysterious is missing.

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He’s going to see for himself who the hell is in the Sword Emperor Divine Court!


In the empty.

Paragon sat in a skeleton car every day, and three flames, Divine Bird, took the limo.

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After the war of great pride, he began to wander.

As one of the three days after his ancestors, he is now running around, called face to face.

He hated gnash the teeth

once he thought about it.

“Paragon, you’re really good at it.”

A laugh came from the front, and it was ironic.

Paragon looked up and said, “Primordial, why do you have to dig me? What difference do I make?”

hearthis, Primordial is silent.

Primordial, while not joining the endless, North and West struggles, was as successful as he was in all rumours in the south.

Even though he was so helpless, he could not all unite the South.

There’s a lot of winds in the south, like a hard bone, dying without surrendering, causing him to lose his head.

These guys are still strong, making him useless.

“Paragon, if you join me, will you listen to me?” Primordial opens his mouth every day.

He didn’t show up and couldn’t capture the direction of his voice.

Paragon’s face has become illusory and is trapped in an artificial battle.

At first, he stood side by side with Primordial, even over Primordial and Primordial Chaos.

Now let him be Primordial’s man, absolutely humiliating.

“Did I say that before you?” Paragon day solemnly asked.

Primordial answered the saying: “Today’s different days, you are not eligible to bargain with me.”

Paragon was struck deeply and anger took his heart.

At this moment, he even had a impulse with Primordial day burn both jade and common stone.

“You want to give up without revenge? Paragon, did you forget how the ancient priests came up? He’s been humiliated, and you’ve been targeting him, why can’t you learn his tenacious?”

Primordial’s voice is ringing again, leaving Paragon’s body slightly trembled.

Paragon’s heart collapsed completely.

The anger of revenge goes beyond his self-esteem.


A few years passed.

In the North, without the Paragon day interference, Sword Emperor Divine Court began to expand madly, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and increasingly influence volunteered for Sword Emperor Divine Court.

Zhou Xuanji did not manage these things personally, but focused on searching for Sword Emperor Divine Court.

Since the disappearance of Zhou Tanhua, Zhou Xiaoxuan disciple, there has been a continuing disappearance of creature mysterious inside Sword Emperor Divine Court.

The impact of this incident is growing and cannot be concealed.

Within Divine Court, rumors are spreading.

Some believe that nothing has been done, and others believe that nothing has been done.

Of course, it’s just a little bit smaller than the Sword Emperor Divine Court.

This day.

Zhou Xuanji found a recently disappeared creature residence.

The person was a child who disappeared at home for five hours and his parents went to the press and was captured by the spirit sense of Zhou Xuanji.

There are a lot of disappearances like this, but their world is different, it’s a commercial island, discipline, hundreds of years that will not appear, so it attracts Zhou Xuanji’s attention.

Inside, Zhou Xuanji looked closely.

The ancient colourous house, with a lot of ceramics, with ink paintings on the wall, seems to be the first home of a book.

In a commercial island like this, very few people would.

Life is busy with cultivation, or making resources, and there’s not much to build creature here.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly stopped by the bed, and his eyes locked a small gap in curtains.

“Finally got you.”

Zhou Xuanji was muttering and left a little aura on that small gap, which was very thin and almost as fast as it could be said to dissipate.

Over the years, Zhou Xuanji has experienced many such situations, and only this small gap has left aura behind.

After three cents, he vanished.

He went straight into the state of God, wandering through the North and searching for that aura.

About half an hour.

Zhou Xuanji finally caught that aura.

He jumped out of the state of God quickly and came to a frozen continent.

bone chilling wind, underneath the stars, the continent seems very silent.

Zhou Xuanji walks ahead, and he seems to be slow, but fast, horizontal over the continent.

He came to an azure stone monument.


‘s such an stone monument in the world of ice and snow, which is quite a surprise.

Zhou Xuanji slapped it.


The ice is broken, the cold winds go back.

stone monument, however, did not have a live bomb, and it was not damaged.

Zhou Xuanji, take out the main gate.

The main emperor dropping from the sky, smashing stone monument on azure stone, smashing stone monument directly.

The main gate followed me up, Zhou Xuanji was bound to see a black hole.

The cave came and cried.

“Let me out…”

“Why? Why me?”

Kill me! Kill me!


Zhou Xuanji heard frowns. What’s going on down there?

He uses Setting Destruction Divine Eyes to reach the darkness.

Soon, he saw a blood pool in the dark, surrounded by blood qi, where tens of thousands of souls were struggling, trying to fly out, and couldn’t do it.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyebrows are wrinkling tighter.

This is cultivation pool!

Somebody’s got these souls for cultivation materials!



black hole looted a shadow and flew out of the hole quickly, killing Zhou Xuanji.

In the lightning stone, Zhou Xuanji ignored and ran away from each other’s attacks at risk and risk.

He’s got eyes to see, it’s an old man who’s spreading his head, skinny as a match, double blood red, robe broken, like a ghost, and it’s creepy.

Zhou Xuanji took out the pressure on Divine Sword and cut it off and cut it off into two and a half.

Say it late, that’s fast.

The whole process makes it impossible to blink even the eyes.

Zhou Xuanji lifts his left hand and swings quickly and absorbs all the souls in the blood pool into his sleeve.

“Don’t you dare hurt me! If you can’t get the area out of the way sooner or later, you’ll have to blame me, Blood Soul Zu, and you won’t be able to do it!”

oldman brutally said with a smile, murderous aura.

His body was quickly restored to complete, and he followed his hand to Zhou Xuanji.

This applause is too fast, Zhou Xuanji comes only in time.


He was shot out, Blood Soul Joe followed him.

Under the aegis, Zhou Xuanji can only use the deity.

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