I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1039

On the verge of flights, on the other hand, the law was contacted by his men.

He sent a trailer who couldn’t fire God, so he wouldn’t be able to find out that person was a long way from being able to fire God.

About an hour.

They meet the detective.

Hey, a little less! People are invited to collect: the fastest rate of updating the Ramadan Court.

He first met Zhou Xuanji and then said, “No Fire God is in the front, and he already noticed my presence, but he didn’t hit me, and he didn’t leave, I’m afraid he was waiting for Sword Emperor his Majesty.”

In Sword Emperor Divine Court, people call Zhou Xuanji his Majesty.

Shit, a little less!

“Well, you guys wait here.”

Zhou Xuanji wandered away at an extremely fast pace and couldn’t even speak.

The detective looked towards the edge, hesitated to say, “We don’t follow?”

You can help Lordship? ”

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court (www.zhaishuyuan.com).

“Get out of here, keep an eye on cultivation, and find you, you’re dead!” On the verge of humming, the detective is busy leaving.


the other side.

Zhou Xuanji has seen no Fire God.

There’s no fire God hovering deep in Universe, with wings wrapped around his body, like a giant sun, surrounded by meteors like gravel.

Zhou Xuanji said: “Senior, long time no see.”

He seems to see that he can’t fire God deliberately wait for him.

“Not long, for me, is a blinking kung fu.”

Fire God can’t answer that he’s not up, he’s still shrinking, he’s not moving.

Zhou Xuanji straight to the point said, “Senior, there is no way of getting a war between the region and the endless, join me, and if the Sword Emperor Divine Court can be united, I stand you as a town beast, enjoying no destiny.”

“The beast?”

Can’t fire God smile, it’s cold.

Zhou Xuanji, can you say something wrong?

“How can you be united?” Can’t Fire God ask.

Zhou Xuanji replied: “I learned to reverse the Constitution and come to life, and have been boycotted.”

Can’t fire God silence.

“I also learned the path of extinction, throughout the ages, that can be counted on ones fingers, the last one being ancient.” Zhou Xuanji continues to say.


Fire God can’t thrive on wings, fire sea rolls Universe.

Zhou Xuanji purple clothed hunting, looking at him quietly and not moving.

As soon as the fire approached him, it vanished automatically and did not cause harm to him.

“The path of extinction! You even know how to exterminate? How did you do that?”

Fire God can’t ask, it’s exciting.

Zhou Xuanji is not hiding.

He had doubts about it.

He passed through the Hereafter, and learned from his offspring ways of extinction.

And his grandson learned the way out of him.

The causal cycle, it doesn’t make sense.

The only explanation is that the path of extermination comes from the Lord.

When he confronted Professor Sword Emperor, the spirit of the Lord followed him on the path of extinction, and he did not think of any other reason.

“The Spirit of the Lord of the Hereafter

Can’t fire God mute, sound shake, somehow think of something.

He was close to Zhou Xuanji, looking cold and severe, and he said, “What are you talking about?”


“I have enemies, too. Aren’t you afraid I’ll be involved with you?”

“You help me destroy the enemy, I help you destroy the enemy, wins.”

It is not unusual not to have Fire God’s enemies, and if he does not have enemies, he will not be sealed.

Moreover, the fact that Fire God was unable to wake up so long did not make any noise explaining what he was blackmailing.

Zhou Xuanji has many enemies, and one more is not afraid.

The Sword Emperor Divine Court will be stronger as long as it is not possible to accept Fire God, and will continue to expand in the course of other endless attacks.


Zhou Xuanji dare fight!

“Okay, you’ll be my lord later!”

Can’t fire God say solsolemnly, finish, he suddenly starts to shout.

Sounds deaf!

Zhou Xuanji also listened to Divine Soul’s downward consciousness to his head.

how strong is this guy’s cultivation base?

You can’t fire God long enough to get ten breaths to shut up.

“On my head, take me to kill the enemy!”

Fire God opened the mouth and say, Zhou Xuanji listened, and when he jumped, he fell on the top of the head of the fire God.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “Exactly, let’s go south!”

I can’t fire God immediately lift wings.

His speed quickly disappeared between the moments in Universe.

He’s afraid of looking all over the world. Say, “Lordship!”

He thought Zhou Xuanji was in trouble.

There was no fire God’s long tsunami that was so horrible.

“Go back, I’ve accepted that I can’t fire God, and we’re going south now, waiting for my good news.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice goes into his ear.


So fast?

Can’t fire God have a plot?


The South is endless.

The darkness of Universe suddenly flew into a huge Fireball, like the sun, the horizontal, and the stars along the way were crushed by his hair.

Zhou Xuanji stood at the top of the head of the Fire God, frowning and saying, “Don’t be so cynical, there is no need to kill innocent people.”

che, you’re very much like the divine. ”

Fire God couldn’t shut up and, although he was unhappy, he was honest with him.

Even so, the space around him will still produce naked eye visible fluctuations.

All the way forward, Zhou Xuanji began to see the endless view of the South.

As soon as Chad sees it, there is no big difference between the endless South and the endless North, but the Greater World is very dense here.

每一方Greater World 里都孕育着无数creature 。

Some Greater World, like Kunlun Origin Court, has a self-contained pyramid, an independent presence and a rule of the day.


Drink together, flash overbearing, have the capacity of the town.

Zhou Xuanji appeared to see only one Deity dysfunctional in golden armor, who had only two zhang high and had ten zhang long long long long spear in his hand, and the cloak behind him wandering like a flame.


Can’t fire God coldly snort, suddenly.

hong long long…

Then Deity complexion greatly changed, and the future was not allowed to be swallowed by Fire God.

Zhou Xuanji shakes his head, thought it was powerhouse, and didn’t expect to die like that.

Can’t fire God open his mouth and spit out a cigarette.

He continued to move with Zhou Xuanji, ignoring it.


seems that he has nothing to do with the universe than the region.

Zhou Xuanji is curious about the deep water that cannot be found in the region.

When he gets back, he has to ask questions he can’t fire God.

Right here.

A huge, unilaterally repressive threat has come.

Zhou Xuanji miniature.

really strong!

Not as strong as Paragon, old and proud!

Primordial Heaven!

“Who am I supposed to be? Fire God, why are you hiding from Tibet?” Primordial’s voice was soaring, and it was unclear which direction it came from.

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