I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1046

Zhou Xuanji did not directly lecture ure ure on the Dao, but wanted to hang out in the Sword Emperor Divine Court to see what is happening in the Divine Court


It does not necessarily really feel that way today.

He walks in the stars, looks like a leisure walk, and he walks across tens of thousands of stars, Greater World.

He suddenly remembered Zhou Tanhua and Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Hey, a little less! I like to invite you to collect: (i) the fastest speed of updating the Japan Court.

He immediately searched for aura’s daughter.

These two brothers created swords and are now famous in the Sword Emperor Divine Court


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Sword Emperor is the endary North, and his Legendary has made Sword Dao hot enough to scald hands, and countless creature begins on the Sword Dao road.

Everything is Sword Dao Supreme, starting to be famous.

Zhou Xuanji first found Zhou Xiaoxuan’s sword section.

Like the Greater World, its sect is hidden in a sand independent space.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Look, the top of the mountains is silhouette in practice the sword.

The clouds are spinning, sword shadow company, and the picture is spectacular.

Zhou Xuanji is up, satisfied nodded.

In his eyes, at the top of a mountain, Zhou Xiaoxuan in a white

robe was sitting, black hair was slight and the air was dusty


The girl already felt Xian Xianghua only I Am Supreme.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t disturb her, just look quiet.

After a while, he came to Zhou Tanhua’s sect world.

This is much cooler than Zhou Xiaoxuan’s section.

Zhou Tanhua’s disciple is only a dozen people scattered in the sword alone.

Alone, perseverance.

This is how every disciple shows up.

Somehow, Zhou Xuanji suddenly remembered his homework of the sword when he was young.

But then he had company.

Jiang Xue, Zhao Congjian, King Sword Bei Xiao, Huang Lianxin will accompany him and not be lonely.

Zhou Tanhua is holding a sword, Murphy.

Zhou Xuanji came after him and said, “What are you thinking?”

In that case, Zhou Tanhua was scared to jump.

He turned down his consciousness, and when he saw Zhou Xuanji, he just relaxed.

He wakes up and says, “Father, what are you doing here?”

Zhou Xuanji beats the sword in his hand, laughs and says, “Does it feel like his sword doesn’t match his strength?”

Zhou Tanhua faces embarrassing colors.

From childhood to age, Zhou Xuanji taught him not to abandon his sword, so every time he abandoned his sword, there was deep guilt


It’s been a long time, and he’s ready to suffer.

“Give me your sword.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a smile, the sound fell and the sword in Zhou Tanhua’s hand flew to his hand.

He put his eternal will directly into sword edge.

He used will tempering this sword.

Zhou Tanhua looked in the eye, and he had a little big mouth.


‘s already so strong?

Zhou Tanhua was shocked, and he knew Zhou Xuanji had been closing down cultivation, just didn’t think it would be strong enough.

He can’t understand Zhou Xuanji’s realm.

Not long.

Zhou Xuanji returned his sword to him.

“This is…”

Zhou Tanhua’s pupils are shocked and can’t believe their eyes


He held his sword and felt that tremendous power, and he could no longer control his emotions.

It’s too strong!

With this sword, his strength will change over Overturn Heaven.

Most importantly, he uses this sword without hindrance.

Like an arm!

It’s easier than before.

He looked for his father, and he said, “Father, isn’t that good?”

From childhood to big, Zhou Xuanji was strict enough for him to understand that there was no shortcut in the world.

“It’s also a test for you, and this sword you can rest assured of bold’s use, just what you do with it, that’s your choice.” Zhou Xuanji means a long say with a smile.

After all, he vanished out of nowhere.

No shadow, no shadow, no aura.

Zhou Tanhua holds treasure sword, if you want.

Zhou Xuanji came into the sky and hesitated to give Zhou Xiaoxuan a little gift.

Think about it, and Zhou Xiaoxuan doesn’t need it either.

He continues to travel to Sword Emperor Divine Court.

He spent two days looking at the entire Sword Emperor Divine Court.

He returned to the temple and distributed his will to cover the entire Sword Emperor Divine Court.

“My name is Sword Emperor, and today we are born Sword Dao, and hope and so forth.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice is sound perfectly Sword Emperor Divine Court.

He started lecture on the Dao before people reacted.

As soon as the ancestors come out, no matter how tall cultivation base comes to sudden enlightenment.


can’t fire God suddenly open my eyes, whispered: “This guy, that’s generous!”

The ancestors are so precious that they will not be leaked out, but Zhou Xuanji goes to the entire Sword Emperor Divine Court lecture on the Dao without fear of being overtaken by his men, a chest that reminds him of the ancient pioneers.

He laughed, then closed.

This solar silence is in Universe, not moving.

The horrendous areas of stars are also calm


There is no region.

On a deserted asteroid, a man in black armor opened his eyes suddenly, and in his eyes he had blood, and he could not see the pupils


He whispered: “The ancestors… that direction is North and who uses it in vain?”

He kept his eyebrows tight, and his tone was full of doubt.

He started listening carefully.

The more he hears, the more shocked he is.

“Eternal will! No wonder we can cover the whole north. Who the hell is it?”

Black men speak to themselves and show fear.

How many years has it been?


endless universe has not been born forever powerhouse.

Return to a permanent powerhouse, that’s ancient!

He took a deep breath, whispered: “Looks like the North can’t get into trouble.”

He immediately rises and disappears.

in front of the temple.

Joffrey sat beneath the tree, and the wind blew, and suddenly he opened his eyes.

He wrinkled his eyebrows and looked a little angry.

“This guy is so bad at his ancestors! But why am I so far apart that I can hear you?”

Does Zhou Xuanji’s understanding of the ancestors go beyond him?


taught Zhou Xuanji!

He knows how hard it is to cultivate the ancestors.

He thought about it, decided to go north and see.

He went straight into the state of God, traveling through time.

The empty flashlight keeps dropping.

Zuber, on the front, listen to Zhou Xuanji’s ancestors.

He was shocked.

He also felt sudden enlightenment.

Zhou Xuanji’s ancestors can still affect him.

That means Zhou Xuanji’s ancestors really went beyond him, and more than one star half a bit


God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Zuber said he suddenly thought of something, complexion greatly changed.

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