I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1047

Zhou Xuanji spoke in the

temple of the stars about his ancestral voice, the tunnels, and he was easy to hear, and the people were comfortable. gradually, he spoke about his ancestral voice, took out a miracle and created the sword with the opportunity to exterminate, and began to practice the sword in the palace


There is no experience with the sword after the achievement is perpetuated

. He

felt that the sword in his hand was no longer a sword, and it was unclear


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The eternal situation is as bad as the cactus, the clouds.

He closed his eyes, and the corner of his mouth was skipped.

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Every day in the North has creature getting different breakthrough.

Ten years later

, the grand sound stopped, and the creatures woke up from sudden enlightenment.

This decade is almost static for the North, and all creature is cultivation.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“What kind of realm has Emperor his Majesty reached?”

“Too awesome, deep down, we don’t think we can pay for the broken bones.”

And none of this generation’s overlord is better suited to reunification than we, Sword Emperor His Majesty! ”

I breakthrough, I breakthrough, Ha Ha Ha!”

From now on, I owe Sword Emperor a favor! ”

All the corners of the North, where creature exists, sing Sword Emperor’s enthusiasm


Kunlun Origin Court.

Emperor Sword Divine Lineage is also cheering


They’re most honored because they’re Sword Emperor’s real disciples and grand disciples.

Zhou Xuanji, after stopping his ancestral voice, also recovered his sword.

He laughed and said,“ Come on in. ”

The sound fell, Zuber tore up space and walked into the temple


He looked at Zhou Xuanji, and his eyes were complicated.

Don’t you know me anymore?” Zhou Xuanji smiled.

For Zuber, Zhou Xuanji always wanted to take it.


is no end to it today, except for him. There is only Zuba’s ancestors


That is, Zuber has the potential to be eternal.

To date, Zhou Xuanji is only aware that the path of unconstitutional creation and annihilation can lead to eternity


“What happened to you after the last time? Why can’t I wear you?” Joffrey asked, very serious.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “One quest for sudden enlightenment, eternal achievement, you understand?”

Joffrey frowned, a face questioned.

“For me, you’ve been hiding in the temple, just trying to get your grandfather on the 1st Layer floor. For me, I helped you step further, even beyond the height you never thought before.” Zhou Xuanji say with a slight smile, with inflammatory tone.

Joffrey, listen to me.

But let him work for Zhou Xuanji, no way!

What’s he like? Does this guy deserve it?

Zhou Xuanji looked through his mind, laughed and said, “Shall we take a look?”

Hearthis, Zuber looked up his eyes.

The atmosphere between the two became delicate.

So far, Zhou Xuanji doesn’t know how strong Dao Ancestor is.


Joffrey promised that both of them would jump out of the temple and enter the empty flashlight.

This is the time when the two men collide in a state of silence.

Fighting here will not affect the endless.

“Your God is not in a good state, you can go straight with me.” Joffrey is serious about it.

Zhou Xuanji took out the great dark gods, the body vanished, like a light.

Zumph complexion slightly change, lift right hand, sleeve down, show a series of buddhist prayer beads.

The whole guy sent golden light, handshaking buddhist prayer beads to kill Zhou Xuanji.

bang! bang! bang! Bang

a golden circle looted from him in the body, then hit Zhou Xuanji.

However, these golden circles did not hurt Zhou Xuanji, directly through his body.

Zhou Xuanji stepped up with a sword, and the momentum wasn’t strong, but it was a super exotic feeling


Like whatever happens, he will survive Eternal Immortal.

Zumph complexion greatly changed, read the ancestors in your mouth, momentum surged.

He lifted his hand to Zhou Xuanji.

The two sides were 100 zhang, but with this applause, Zuber came to Zhou Xuanji instantly.

His right hand was on Zhou Xuanji’s chest, and a golden word appeared, like a spider grid around Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyebrows, and it feels like all the time around it is forbidden.

I’m afraid he’ll be subjected to instantaneous uniforms.

But now his will is eternal, unaffected.

And at this point, Zhou Xuanji laughed and said, “You’re really strong, but I already exist another realm, take out your true book.”

He shakes on his right shoulder and directly shocks Zuber.

Zuber vanished.

Next second, when he came to Zhou Xuanji, he turned his hand and buddhist prayer beads grew bigger, as if the rings were tied to Zhou Xuanji.

And then, one after another buddhist prayer beads became hot, swelling rapidly, turning one after another into a giant sun, flooding Zhou Xuanji’s body


Joffrey raised his arms, shouted said, “Halloween Pearl, the town burned!”

Boom, the horror!

The sun exploded directly, and the sparkloads were blown up, and endless darkness came with wind rolls


Joffrey kept waving in the craziness.

A series of buddhist prayer beads were killed, turned into a circle of little sun, crashed into an explosion, causing a huge explosion.

Terrible momentum has affected the endless time in the North.

Space in many areas has generated fluctuations.

In the galaxy.

He couldn’t fire God suddenly open his eyes, and he was shocked to think, “Who’s fighting?”

Joffrey and Zhou Xuanji? What’s going on


” He’s headed for backup, and the flames on the surface of the sun are lifting the storm


But the next moment, he

stops. “ This guy… ”can’t fire God, he disappears directly, and Universe around him goes down.


the bombing, there was a silver light silhouette walking forward.

It’s Zhou Xuanji.

In the face of the outbreak of Zuber, he seems completely unaffected.

He took out the pressure on Divine Sword, absorbed Zuber’s pressure.

With eternal will, the pressure on Divine Sword mutation is enough to absorb Zuber’s pressure easily.

“ Indeed, it is strong, not even weak to the previous Paragon day, the ancient pride. ”

Zhou Xuanji whispers with a smile, and he expects Zuber more


With such powerhouse joining the Sword Emperor Divine Court, who can stop Fire God?

As for Qin, he had the confidence to face it alone.

Joffrey outside, he already saw Zhou Xuanji’s silhouette, and he was shocked to say,“ No way! ”

How powerful is he!

Ancient pride wants to learn the ancestors so desperately, he can’t do it!

It’s because of his strength that he can survive so far!

He hasn’t fought like this for a long time.

He couldn’t hurt Zhou Xuanji.

While he was shocked, he was very frustrated.

Did he really fall behind?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly came to him, and a sword came to his throat, almost touched his throat, sword edge turned and hit his throat with a flat


God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The power to force Divine Sword to erupt a horrendous power to blow the fleshly body of Zuber down!