I Have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1048


The fleshly body of the ancestor Buddha has just died, and his soul has reshaped the fleshly body with almost no stagnation.

In the strong light formed by the explosion, Zhou Xuanji once again waved his sword and struck the Zufo with the cross of the sword edge.

The Zu Buddha was beaten with fleshly bodies, and he continued to shape himself repeatedly.


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A string of golden buddhist prayer beads appears out of thin air, and emits golden light to hold Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s coercion Divine Sword stopped.

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Dozens of ancestors chanted weird incantation in unison.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t panic, but was curious.

What other tricks does this guy have?

Suddenly he looked up and saw Gwanghae appearing above him. A burst of glow continued to spread in the shape of a ring, and the speed was getting faster and faster, full of confusion.

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Zhou Xuanji squinted, he saw a purple god condensing.

Continuously purple light is flowing in all directions, bright and spectacular.

Zhou Xuanji shook his shoulders, preparing to step out of the seal of the Zu Buddha.

Just now!

purple The shadow suddenly descended and dived down, right hand holding a sword shadow.


Zhou Xuanji tried to avoid, but found that his body movement became abnormally slow.

His eyes widened, and he tried his best to lift the sword.


purple The ghost disappeared out of thin air, Zhou Xuanji within the body exploded, and the rays of light around it were devoured, turning into a purple ocean.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression freezes, and blood drips slowly down the hairline of his forehead.

The ancestors looked at him, their eyes were indifferent, and they said in unison: “brat, you lost.”

Zhou Xuanji moved, took a deep breath, and asked: “What was that just now?”

Magical Powers that can’t be avoided!

That sword just now, he felt that his soul was almost cut off.

It’s really strong!

“You face yourself, but you can’t avoid that ’s all.” Zufo replied.

But just then.

Zhou Xuanji’s corner of the mouth raise, fleshly body bursts out, but the figure is still there.

Eternal Will!

Will endure, fleshly body and soul are there!

The ancestors had wide eyes and couldn’t believe their eyes.

How could he be completely fine!

“What the hell is going on?” Zufo asked in a trembling voice, his tone tense.

Zhou Xuanji smile said: “I have transcended the immortal realm, no matter how you attack, you will not be able to cut off my will.”


The ancestral Buddha choked.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t take another shot. To this extent, it was enough.

He looked at the true body of Zufo and asked said: “How about, would you like to join me, I will teach you how to go upstairs to the 1st Layer.”

The Zufo is silent.

He also understands that he cannot defeat Zhou Xuanji, which makes it difficult for him to accept.

But he was more concerned about Zhou Xuanji’s realm.

He wants to do that too.

Zhou Xuanji slightly smiled, two purple lights burst out from the eyes, and everything around them changed quickly and changed back to the kaleidoscope of time and space.

“What is this?”

Zufo asked with amazement, eyes widened.

Zhou Xuanji smile said: “Just going back in time and returning to the scene before our war, otherwise this fragmented space-time will spread and affect the endless world.”

Zulfo is silent again.

He was astounded by Zhou Xuanji’s strength.

He can juggle time easily and shake his heart completely.

“Okay, from now on, I will use it for you!” Zufo clinching one ’s teeth said.

He understands what this decision means, and in the future he may become a laughing stock on the endless world.

Zhou Xuanji smiled: “Let’s go, go back.”

He turned and jumped out of statelessness.

Zulfo follows closely from behind.

They have just returned to the realm of stars, and Fire God can’t appear beside them.

The huge body blocked the eyes of Zhou Xuanji. He looked down at the Buddha and asked Said Shen: “What do you want to do?”

Zulfo complexion ashen, coldly snorted, no answer.

Zhou Xuanji smile said: “From now on, we are all our own, don’t worry.”


Are …

Unable to stop Fire God, he did not expect Zhou Xuanji to conquer the Buddha.

He knows the character of Dao Ancestor Buddha.

This guy is stubborn and is the first time to surrender to someone.

“Okay, I’ll arrange a place for him first.” Zhou Xuanji dropped this sentence, and was ready to take Zuzu away.

Zulfo shook his head, said: “No, just open up my temple here!”

With a wave of his right hand, a crack in the space was torn open, and he followed into it.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t stop either. In this case, it came from the ancestor Buddha.

He moved towards Unable to Fire God nodded and flew to the Temple of Stars.

At this point, Zufo joined Sword Emperor Divine Court.

Not many people know about it, and Zhou Xuanji has no intention of preaching it.

Sword Emperor Divine Court is strong enough for all sentient beings to show off one’s ability.

A month later.

Zhou Xuanji begins to talk about the Dao Ancestor Buddha’s knowledge of the ancestral script.

Only after mastering the ancestors and their ancestors and writings, can we start cultivation to create an unconstitutional sutra.

As for the way of extinction, that’s another difficulty.

Zhou Xuanji can’t teach extinction right now, it feels a lot like can be understood, but not described.

After learning the ancestral characters, Zufo felt stepped into the door of a brand new World. He was grateful to Zhou Xuanji, and decided to stay in Sword Emperor Divine Court, and began to retreat cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji doesn’t need him to do anything, just oversee.

Sword Emperor Divine Court is also very difficult to face, or Sword Emperor Divine Court will be too weak.

Spring is coming and autumn is coming, time is so worthless on the endless world.

Two hundred years passed in a hurry.

There is news from South Endless.

Qin Zun fought in Paragon and Primordial days.

On the ninth day of the war, Qin Zun finally won. He was seriously injured for two days and disappeared without disappear without a trace.

South Endless is completely chaotic. Just like North Endless before, heroes from all walks of life rise and fight everywhere.

In the Hall of Stars.

Zhou Xuanji heard the fate of Qin Zun after hearing Yuan Cheng, and he was very moved.

“But it was three days later. I did n’t expect to end the Quartet endlessly, so I ended up hiding in Tibet. This is really a different past. The current period is not inferior to the three days after. p>

Zhou Xuanji lamented that he had no other ideas.

Paragon and Primordial are defeated and defeated, just to stop them for a while.

These two guys are embarrassed. Without Qin Zun, I’m afraid it won’t be long before they get into trouble.

Zhou Xuanji has always kept in mind their fight for the three Destiny robberies.

“Lordship, do we have to take some action to seize the South Endless?” Yuan Cheng asked.

Zhou Xuanji smile said: “Okay, just save the South Endless beings in the deep waters, you can arrange it, let the Divine Court army commanded by Hong Mon Saint Saint Monarch rush to South Endless, remember to build a teleport array, the more The better. “

Yuan Cheng surprises, cup one fist in the other hand with a smile: “Subordinates take orders!”

Nan Endless now has Paragon days, Primordial days, and there is no powerful existence to deter them.

Looking at Yuan Cheng’s departure, Zhou Xuanji laughed.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

He immediately sound transmission to Jinchen.

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