I Have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1051


Zhou Xuanji felt a bit busy after speaking the ancestors for Xian Xianghua, Hongchen Paragon, and Shenxing Xing. He returned to Kunlun Origin Court and began to travel.

Although Sword Emperor Divine Court is fierce in South Endless, he does not need to appear in person.

Nan Wuhen today is a big meatloaf, anyone can take a sip.

Thanks to the cleanup of the powerhouse by Primordial and Paragon, now the three parties endless overlord do n’t have to show up in person.

Well, one less! Like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

They are all waiting for each other to come first.

I haven’t come to Kunlun Origin Court for a long time, and Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that Kunlun Origin Court had changed a lot.

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At first, Red Dust Paragon was so mighty at Kunlun Origin Court.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of the Paragons of Kunlun Origin Court.

speaking of which is awkward.

Most of these Paragons did not come to him, but worshipped other endless overlords.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

He started on his own path.

From Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty to Emperor Sword Divine Lineage.

After all these years, the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty is still flourishing.

It has a lot to do with Zhou Xuanji.

In the Northern Desolate Territory, Zhou Xuanji has become the largest deity, and the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty has also used this momentum.

All creations from Northern Desolate Territory ascension will be taken care of by Upper Realm. Even if innate talent is not good, no one will easily offend.

The biggest reason is that the discipline of Emperor Sword Court is from time to time, or to marry a wife and have children.

In Earth’s modern terms, they like to go back to Xinshou Village to abuse people.

As long as they don’t mess around, Zhou Xuanji is too lazy to pay attention.

This is a century.

Zhou Xuanji walks all the way before and looks back at those scenery again.

the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, everything has changed, and my mood has changed.

He feels more.

Although there is not much improvement on cultivation base realm, he feels very good.

Don’t forget your original intention, you will always be.

When he returns to the realm of stars, a God Monarch comes to spread the word.

Zhou Xuanji let him enter the temple.

God Monarch half-knelt on the ground, cup one fist in the other hand said: “Sword Emperor His Majesty, Qin Zun is in a great battle in ancient times.

Zhou Xuanji asked said: “Is the endless force of the West Endless in the South recovered?”

“No!” God Monarch replied.

Zhou Xuanji squints.

It seems that this guy Gu Jue didn’t take Qin Zun in his eyes.

Whether he wins or loses, it doesn’t affect Dong endless status.

After all, there are already Zong Ji, Paragon, and Primordial defeated by Qin Zun. He doesn’t lose shame, but just sends Qin Zun to Peak.

Compared with personal reputation, unification of the endless world is the most important thing.

“Sword Emperor His Majesty, do we need to be armed?” God Monarch asked.

He knows Zhou Xuanji is inscrutable, but after all Zhou Xuanji is young, compared with those old monsters, it is estimated to be weaker.

Before Gu Jue came, although he was forced to retreat, Gu Jue was not injured. All sentient beings are guessing that the two have actually reached a certain transaction.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head, said: “He is not my opponent.”

As long as it is not eternal, no one can defeat him.

At best, he can’t defeat the enemy.

When seeing Zhou Xuanji so confident, God Monarch kept talking.

Qin Zun is really too strong.

appeared covering the sky, directly challenge the endless overlord.

Looking at the whole endless world, you can’t find a second person.

“Come on.”

Zhou Xuanji waved and said, hearing this, God Monarch can only leave.

When he leaves the hall, Zhou Xuanji smiles.

“Qun Zun, I’d like to see who you are and what secrets the eternal God has hidden.”

Zhou Xuanji murmured to himself that the Paragon opportunity is likely to come from the eternal gate of God, and perhaps the real Paragon opportunity is hidden in the gate of eternal life.

Paragon Divine Sword System is strong, but it can’t make him invincible.

The real Paragon opportunity is one that is invincible and unstoppable.

Zhou Xuanji then closed his eyes and stopped thinking.


The horrible glare swept across the universe, and countless creations were annihilated.

Hong Qin Saint Monarch sheds her hair, and her divine clothes are shattered, making her look very embarrassed.

In the strong light in front of it stands an extremely marvelous silhouette, with a height of 10,000 zhang, just like the Giant God who opened up Heaven and Earth, which is extremely powerful.

“I ’m waiting for Xiaoxiao! Do n’t want to wreak havoc on me!”

10,000 zhang Giant God growled, hissing and exhausting, making the entire universe tremble.

In addition to Hong Qin Saint Monarch, there are no less than ten immortal realms scattered in all directions, all of them are horrified to look forward to 10,000 zhang Giant God.

“Who is this guy?”

“It ’s a terrible immortal state. At that moment I felt like I wanted to destroy both body and soul!”

“Everyone fight against him!”

“No, this guy is too strong, we are not his opponents at all.”

“When did South Endless have such a super strong existence?”

“You must suppress him, otherwise our people will die tragically!”

The immortal powerhouses quickly reached an agreement and Hong Qin Saint Monarch fought with them for 10,000 zhang Giant God.

In the distance, countless divine weapon are watching, all of them look terrified.

It’s too strong!

How terrible 10,000 zhang Giant God can be felt only from close range.

At the same time, 30% of the endless spies immediately relayed the message.

It was a few days after it reached the Temple of Stars.

Zhou Xuanji immediately found the ancestor and spoke about it.

“You want me to take a shot?” Zufo asked with amused expression.

Zhou Xuanji said seriously: “Do you want to go any further?”


The ancestral Buddha disappeared immediately in the temple.

Zhou Xuanji slightly smiled and go back.

If there is a Zufo shot, it should be stable.

Although Zu Buddha has not fully learned the unconstitutional creation scriptures, his strength is super strong.

The other party is not like Gu Juejiao. Zufo should be able to suppress it easily.

About eight days ago.

The voice of Zufo passed into the halls of the stars.

“Resolved, that guy is the first batch of immortal realm in the post-Guzun period, and his strength is good, I have conquered him.”

The voice of Zu Buddha is very indifferent.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and laughed, this guy really pretended to be forced.

But it really surprised him, that many opponents that could not be solved by the immortal state, Zufo easily suppressed.

It seems that Zufo has made great progress.

Perhaps he can achieve eternity.

After thinking about it, Zhou Xuanji came directly to the temple of the ancestor Buddha.

Zulfo is tinkering with a white jade bottle, seeing Zhou Xuanji appear, frowning said: “Why suddenly appear, do not know to say hello outside?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled: “What? Are you conspiring against me?”

Zulfo coldly snorted, no explanation.

Although he has played for Zhou Xuanji, he still feels uncomfortable.

I always feel lost.

“Can you show me that guy?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

He also wanted to know what was different about the first immortal realms in the post-Guzun period.

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