I Have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1069


Zhou Tanhua felt an uplifting smile as she felt the power of the Constitution.

“This power … really doesn’t feel the same …”

he became stronger!

Much stronger than before!

He turned to look at Zhou Xuanji, excited: “many thanks father …”

He wanted to keep talking, but was interrupted by Zhou Xuanji.

“Don’t be in a hurry, I want to tell you something, you are now on your own and you should know this.”

Zhou Xuanji said seriously, his mood was complicated.

A little bit of anticipation and some shame.

He wanted to protect his children all the time, but now he is urging his son to grow.

Zhou Xuanji tells Zhou Tanhua everything that happened before.

Includes Gugu.

Zhou Tanhua was stunned.

He didn’t expect so many dangers hidden in the seemingly harmonious endless world.

And it was far more dangerous than he had imagined before.

Eternal Existence, even beyond the immortal realm, can hardly protect itself.

“Father, then you are one of the nine ancient aspects … Isn’t it dangerous next? So you taught me the anti-constitutional creation script, so you can deal with these with peace of mind?”

Zhou Tanhua asked with a frown, he gritted his teeth and said: “I’ll help you and give Divine Court to Tianyuan!”

After listening to Zhou Xuanji’s words, he understood why Zhou Xuanji helped him to the top.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head said: “No need, did your father have fewer certain death situations before? Although the enemy is getting stronger, I am getting stronger.”

“You must lead Divine Court to become stronger, so that I can feel at ease against my fate.”

Zhou Tanhua stopped talking.

Zhou Xuanji continues to say: “You have learned to violate the Constitution and create the scriptures, you may encounter this situation too, never take it lightly.”

He waved his right hand and took Zhou Tanhua out of absolute time.

Back in Zhou Tanhua’s palace, Zhou Tanhua looked around.

Even if he learns to create the scriptures against the Constitution, he can’t see through the hand of Zhou Xuanji.

What height has my father’s realm reached?

“Don’t think too much. Once you have mastered the anti-constitutional scriptures thoroughly, I will preach you another supreme way.”

Zhou Xuanji patted Zhou Tanhua’s shoulder and said quietly with a smile.

His expectations for Zhou Tanhua are still high.

After speaking, he disappeared.

Zhou Tanhua sat down and meditated on the chair.

“I have to be stronger.”

Mumbling to himself, his eyes were extremely firm.

While Zhou Xuanji was standing in Sword Emperor Divine Court, a rumor spread endlessly in all directions.

The Gate of Eternal God!

It is said that as long as you step into the eternal gate of God, you will get the Supreme cultivation base!

Qin Zun was originally mortal, just because he’s been to the Eternal God Gate, so powerful that he can challenge the endless overlord!

This rumor boils sentient beings!

Who doesn’t want to be strong?

Who doesn’t want to be the same as Qin Zun, call the wind and summon the rain, might!

On the endless world, talent determines the level.

To be able to reach the existence of Peak, it is the genius of Tianzi that surpasses billions of creations!

For a time, the Quartet endlessly set off a wave of searching for the eternal gate of God!

In the area between North Endless and South Endless, Sword Emperor Divine Court is always guarded, but when the people at Sword Emperor Divine Court hear the rumors, they can’t help but be moved.

Soon, someone guarded the thief and broke into the eternal gate of God.

With the first person, there is the second person.

When the news reached Zhou Tanhua’s ears, things had reached an uncontrollable level.

“What? Isn’t it prohibited by law? Can’t you approach?”

Zhou Tanhua said in anger, and his voice went through the hall.

All the high-level Sword Emperor Divine Court on the hall are ugly.

Yuancheng gritted his teeth said: “It’s beyond control, the other three parties endlessly have creatures coming to find the eternal portal, those guys are crazy!”

Zhou Tanhua was so angry that fluctuates between clear and dark.

Zhou Xuanji told him how horrible Eternal God’s Gate is.

“But … Does the eternal portal really hide opportunity?”

A Tingzun couldn’t help asking. Obviously, he was very emotional!

Zhou Tanhua coldly snorted said: “Yeah, there is opportunity, do you want Qin Zun’s end?”

Qin Zun really might!

But he has fallen!

But his fallen seems to all beings to be too inflated.

This is not directly related to the gate of eternity.

Zhou Tanhua glanced around and guessed everyone’s mind.

He thought for a while, and decided to tell the secret of the eternal gate of God.

When he finishes speaking, everyone is panicking.

Once you enter the gate of eternity, all creatures will be created as Heart Demon?

Qiang Ruozun also has Heart Demon?

The reason Qin Zun challenged the endless overlord was actually forced!

The more they think, the more they are afraid.

Jincheng gritted said: “Not good! Shouldn’t that rumor be released by the eternal gate of God? Even if it is not the eternal gate of God, it is definitely uneasy!”

Complexion greatly changed for everyone.

If this is the case, it will be a disaster on the whole endless world!

“What are we waiting for? Hurry up and contact the other two endless overlords!”

Hong Qin Saint Monarch said quickly, didn’t expect the real crisis has just arrived.

The endless world is really troublesome.

“No, Gu Jue and Zong Ji have disappeared. How long have you not heard from them?” Yuan Cheng shook his head.

I thought it was a retreat, but now I think it makes people shudder.

“What should we do now?” someone asked.

Yuan Cheng’s eyes flickered, said: “Only let the news go!”

In the current situation, the more you block, the more impulsive all beings are.

Zhou Tanhua pondered for a while, and finally nodded agreed.

While beings are crazy for the eternal portal, Sword Emperor Divine Court throws out the truth of the eternal portal.

The sentient beings are uproaring!

Countless creatures are scared.

But there are more creatures that do n’t believe it, I think Sword Emperor Divine Court wants to swallow it.

Zhou Xuanji learned the news, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

He didn’t come forward to stop it.

He also has no ability to stop it successfully.

He is in the hall of the stars, communicating with the spirit of the founder.

“This is the general trend. It belongs to the calamity on the endless world. You can only wait. The ancient statue had also faced such a calamity before. There was before the ancient statue. If you survive, you do n’t have to worry too much, just do your best. “

The spirit of the lord said so, with a calm tone.

Zhou Xuanji sighs said: “Can only the eternal Divine Race survive?”

“Yes, you work harder to make your grandchildren eternal Divine Race.”

The spirit of the founder said with a smile, this guy, since telling the cause of the nine ancient aspects, the whole person seems to let himself go, and when he mentions these great tribulations, it is often ridiculed without worry.

“I want to break through the dual eternal will, can you give me some pointers?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

“I can’t point you, I just have a little will, I don’t have a complete memory.” The spirit of the Lord replied.

Zhou Xuanji How does it sound like it’s playing rogue?

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