I Have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1070


“Come in.”

Zhou Xuanji opened the mouth and said, when the heart moved, the gates of the Hall of Stars opened.

The Zufo flew in.

Zhou Xuanji can’t help but be curious as he looks fierce.

Is this something wrong?

Usually, Zufo studies the anti-constitutional creation script in his old nest and rarely comes out.

The Zufo excited said: “The eternal gate of God has appeared. Shall we go for a wave?”

“What to do, be careful of trouble!”

Zhou Xuanji said ill-humoredly, and then the danger of the eternal gate of God is spoken.

After listening, Zufo dismissed, said: “Whoever told you this is uneasy.”

“Since the eternal gate can create the heart demon of all steppers, it means that it is not against someone. Qin Zun’s killing you may have something to do with your enemy. No reductions. “

“The Eternal God Gate has copied that many Heart Demon, but you and me?”

“Even if we don’t go, we can’t destroy the eternal gate of God.”

“If we go, we can strengthen ourselves so that we are not overtaken by others.”

“You do n’t go because you are afraid of the possible troubles of the eternal gate of God. Other creatures have gone and become stronger. You have been standing still. Those enemies will not let you go. “

The words of Zufo make Zhou Xuanji think deeply.

It looks like you don’t care about the future, but in fact it has Great Dao.

That’s right.

What is he worried about?

Since ancient times, there are many powerhouses who have broken into the eternal gate of God.

Gu Zun has also been there.

The Lord has also been there!

What is he afraid of?

Now the tendency for sentient beings to flow into the eternal gate of God has erupted and cannot be stopped at all.

Zhou Xuanji began to throb.

Would you like to go to the Gate of Eternity?

If the other two Overlord Level influences go, then Sword Emperor Divine Court is likely to fall behind.


Can’t sit still!

Zhou Xuanji immediately recruited Zhou Tanhua.

Soon, Zhou Tanhua enters the temple.

Zhou Tanhua is nodded towards the ancestor, then looks at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji said: “After the persuasion of the Buddha, I plan to go to the gate of the eternal god, when the time comes I will leave a clone outside the soul, if there is no major problem, let Sword Emperor Divine Court Go too. “

“Why did you suddenly change your mind again?” Zhou Tanhua asked in amazement.

Are even your father caught in evil?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled. It was his fault.

He said the words of Zufo again.

Zhou Tanhua was also spoken.

The reason is simple.

This is the trend.

They can’t be saviors.

It’s okay to be dangerous inside the gate of eternal god, but I’m afraid it’s really opportunity.

Sword Emperor Divine Court Although dominating the North and South Endlessness, if other influences rise, it will be difficult to control.

“Okay, father, you must be careful.”

Zhou Tanhua hesitated for a while, nodded and said.

Zulfo urged said: “Come on, you can’t fire God, the guy has already gone.”

“He went? Didn’t he keep me away from the eternal gate of God?” Zhou Xuanji frowned.

“He was scared before, but when he saw so many creatures gone, he put his guard down.” Zufo replied.

hearing this, Zhou Xuanji’s face twitched.

His fears of the eternal gate of God began with the inability to fire God.

This dog hair …

Zhou Xuanji immediately separated a clone of the soul, and then left with the ancestor.

In the absence of God, the two are moving very fast.

The Zu Buddha asked said: “Did you not break through for a long time?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him, said: “How long, my age is not enough for you to break through a small realm.”

Zulfo gave him a glance, said: “I mean relative to the speed of your progress.”

Zhou Xuanji is silent.

That’s true.

Since breaking through the eternal will, his cultivation base has really not improved. Before, Qin Zun’s way of extinction could only strengthen him.

Without external factors, he has no way to become stronger.

That’s why he used to run out of unreachable areas.

“As one of the nine ancient aspects, the eternal gate of God opens at this time. It is estimated that you want to create a battlefield for you. If you refuse to enter, you will be eliminated sooner or later.” Zufo said meaningfully.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, said: “Wait when you enter the eternal gate of God, and maybe wait for us is nightmare.”

Zulfo shook his head. He didn’t worry about it.

He had fortune-telling for himself.

Good luck on this trip!

Unable area.

Darkness in the sky, countless creatures are distributed here.

At the center of sentient beings, there is a giant door exuding endless rays of light. It is dazzling and dazzling, as if it is the entrance to Bliss World, which makes the nearby creations look yearning and timid.

The Gate of Eternal God!

Although countless creatures have poured into the eternal gate of God, more creatures are hesitant.

No one knows what’s hidden in the gate of eternity.

Just now.

A silhouette came galloping.

He exudes a powerful momentum, red light entangled himself, like a god, rushing into the eternal gate of God with no fear.

“That’s the endless ancient Tongxuan!”

“Gu Tongxuan is here too. It is said that he is Gu Jue’s most respected son!”

“The ancient arrogance has disappeared, and now Gu Tongxuan has rushed into the eternal gate of God, which shows that the gate of God is indeed opportunity.”

“Let ’s go!”

“Rush in together!”

Creatures are discoursed spiritedly, and immediately a lot of creatures fly into the eternal gate of God.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji and Zufo also came.

Zhou Xuanji of Realm of Eternal can break into the eternal gate of God directly without being found by the creatures.

Zhou Xuanji’s godless state is forcibly cracked as soon as he enters the eternal gate of God.

A mighty rays of light broke Zhou Xuanji and Zufo.

“this power ……”

Zhou Xuanji was scared and wanted eyes opened but couldn’t do it.

He felt imprisoned by invisible power, unable to move even a little bit.

After a while.

He slowly opened his eyes and found himself standing on a cliff.

He has not suffered any harm, and his eternal will has not been harmed.

“Here is …”

Zhou Xuanji squints and glances at Heaven and Earth in all directions.

Under the cliff is Boundless Desert, which stretches the land of ten thousand li.

Lonely peaks stand above Desert.

Zhou Xuanji tried to fly, and found that there seemed to be some kind of rules that prevented him from taking off.

He can only walk on foot, even if he jumps, once lifted off, the pressure suddenly rises.

He is curious.

What the hell is this World?

He jumped down the cliff, landed in Desert, and began to walk.

Now that you’re in, look at the situation first.

It is said that there are countless opportunity in the eternal gate of God, he would like to see if it is true.

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