I Have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 1075


Chapter 1075 Encountering the Ancient Pride Again

“Blessings of fate and misfortune, if you want to achieve a higher status, you must bear all of this.” Supreme is displeased.

He mocked said: “You always do this, shirk responsibility, the worthy of is the founder of all eternity, really admire the junior.”

The spirit of the founder is silent.

That’s it!

The golden eyes of the sky suddenly burst out two golden lights, directly smashing the gate of the emperor.

In the towering woods, Zhou Xuanji walked forward.

It’s been three hours since I came to this world.

He didn’t find a Treasure Item containing Spirit Sea, which made him very distressed.

Do those Treasure Items belong to the realm of Supreme?

It would be too hard for him to meditate and practice hard.

Zhou Xuanji thinks while moving forward.

He wants to find a place to sit down and cultivation for a while.

You ca n’t run around all the time.

At this moment.

Suddenly he noticed a familiar aura, although it was very thin, but he was still sensitively captured.

Ancient is extremely proud!

The guy has come to the eternal gate of God for a long time and even met him in this realm.

Zhou Xuanji hesitated and decided to go and talk to Gu Juejiao.

Although the two have blood feuds, they are still out of blows friendship grows.

They are endless overlords, and they can still talk.

After 5 minutes of time.

Zhou Xuanji discovered the ancient arrogance beside a giant lake.

The ancient arrogant meditation faced the lake, surrounded by strands of naked eye visible hot air, the lake in front of it was boiling.

Zhou Xuanji strolled around without intentionally hiding his aura.

Gu Jue turned his back to him and asked said: “Aren’t you coming?”

Zhou Xuanji smiled: “I’m too careful, and now the whole endless space Already attracted by the eternal gate of God, I ca n’t change anything even if I do n’t come. “

After he came to Gu Jue, he was 30 feet away.

Feeling Gu Juao’s terrifying aura, he was secretly shocked.

How many years?

This guy is so much stronger?

It seems that Realm of Eternal has already been proved.

Zhou Xuanji was afraid after a while.

If he comes in later, wouldn’t Gu Jue be far better than him?

At that time, West Endless will definitely make a comeback and counterattack Sword Emperor Divine Court.

“Are you wondering why I became so strong?” Gu Juejia opened the mouth and said.

Zhou Xuanji is also not embarrassed and asked said: “I just came here, it seems that every realm is different? I came across the Supreme Sky at Upper Realm, and almost died, and the opportunity there was occupied by the Supreme Sky “

As soon as the words came out, Gu Jue suddenly turned his head.

He looked suspicious, and asked: “Supreme sky? Is the little disciple of the founder in legend?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded, didn’t expect Pride has heard.

It seems that the endlessness of the West is still deep, and it can touch the history before the endless world.

Gu Jie frowned, whispered: “Fortunately, I didn’t go up, or I was dead.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and smiled: “I won’t die, Supreme’s Habits are different. “

He briefly described his previous experience.

As for the White Dragon creature, he said nothing.

After listening, Gu Jue sighed: “worthy of is Ancient Saint Sage, broad-minded.”

Zhou Xuanji rolls his eyes and really blows.

I am afraid that this guy can think that Supreme Sky can hear?

“Paragon opportunity I said before, do you still want to be together?” Gu Juejiao glanced at Zhou Xuanji and asked indifferently.

Zhou Xuanji raised an eyebrow.

It seems that this guy is not sure that one person has won the Paragon opportunity.

Since he has come, he will cooperate with him.

“Yes, you already have a clue?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Gu Jue immediately got up. He smiled and was quite arrogant. Said: “I found it 30 years ago. I covered it up and no one can find it.” p> “Since you found it, why didn’t you win the Paragon opportunity?” Zhou Xuanji asked in confusion.

It must be dangerous!

“The Paragon opportunity is guarded by a stone statue. If it is only close to it, it will not alarm the stone statue. But Paragon opportunity is in the stone statue. Once you encounter it or Paragon opportunity, stone The statue will be resurrected. If it wasn’t for me being cautious enough to try it with clone, I’m afraid it has already been blown up. ”

So that’s how it is.

Zhou Xuanji said directly: “Then take me to see!”


The two left immediately.

Along the way, Gu Juejiao began to talk about his experiences over the years.

It turns out that he is not at first in this realm.

He broke through Nine Realms in total, surging around, and finally proved eternity with a treasure stone with eternal will.

He called it eternal treasure stone.

The eternal treasure stone is transformed by the will left by the eternal existence.

Although it does not contain huge power, it can guide the creation of Realm of Eternal.

The cultivation base, which is so ancient and outstanding, is already excellent.

Remember Zhou Xuanji immediately.

If he can get a few eternal treasure stones, Sword Emperor Divine Court can take off.

“Don’t think about it, I have come across one for so many years.” Gu Juejiao hit.

Zhou Xuanji’s idea, he never thought about it.

After six hours.

The two stopped on the cliff, and there was a boundless wasteland below, and at the end of the horizon was a big tree connecting Heaven and Earth. The leaves were green and there were many flying giant beasts circling.

The giant beast, which is not affected by the banning rules, is definitely not simple.

“It seems that someone else found it,” Zhou Xuanji faint smile said.

Following his gaze, there was a white clothed man moving in the wasteland on the east side.

Zhou Xuanji noticed the sword in the hands of the white clothed man.

Is he the person the White Dragon creature is looking for?


Many people use swords.

Moreover, through the sheath, he did not know whether it was a knife or a sword.

Gu frowned. Said: “Use clone first.”

After finishing speaking, he divided a clone.

Zhou Xuanji also separates out of the clone.

The two clones immediately jumped off the cliff, and moved towards the sky in front of the huge tree like the Divine Mountain.

When they moved, the white clothed man noticed them.


White clothed man frowns, didn’t expect there are other creations near here.

They all exist forever.

Immediately, he pulled out his sword, and his knife was straight and looked like a sword.

Instead of killing Zhou Xuanji and Gu Jue, he accelerated toward the sky and trees.

The three started to race faster.

Zhou Xuanji went directly into the state of nothingness and turned into a purple light galloping away, wanting to overpower the white clothed man.

At this moment, the body of the white clothed man suddenly turned into a horizontal tornado, raging away, leaving a long gully along the way.

The ancient arrogance burned with flames, accelerating constantly.

The movements of the three were too big, which caused those flying giant beasts to dive in.

All kinds of weird hissing sounds through the sky.

Innumerable blade qi came out of tornado transformed by white clothed man, killing those flying giant beast blood, and some were crushed to pieces on the spot, very strong.

(End of this chapter)

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