I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 949

“What’s in there?”

Devil Lord is pointing at that giant star, curious question.

Zhou Xuanji went and laughed at said: “A trapped giant beast, who deliberately put it here as a winner.”

“What cultivation base?” “The Halloween Devil Lord is after him.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Better than you.”

Devil Lord, listen to me, immediately.

Night and moon cover up and laugh.

They continue to move forward, leading this beautiful landscape.

“Stop it!”

Suddenly, there was a silhouette on the top of the galaxy, wearing formidable silidable silver armor, holding an ax with silver light on his body, an angry face and extremely powerful.

Zhou Xuanji didn’t stop, and said, “Can you introduce me to this area?”

Silhouette was angry with saying, “impudent!”

He was directly axed to Zhou Xuanji, Paragon divine power turned into a bent month, and the situation was unstoppable, shaking the galaxy.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes are staring, and this turns out to be a direct outbreak.

a The path of silver’s shadow was looted from him in the body, blinking in front of silhouette.

Great Li Clone!

Hit the sword!

Silver armor broke, he was directly killed by Great Li Clone.

Devil Lord looks excited. He says, “Nice job!”

That’s all overbearing!


‘s just do it. It’s all dont give face. That’s it!

“It’s time to have a good look.”

Night and moon, whispering down, a pride terrifying aura came from all directions, blocking this Universe.

each and everyone’s light circles show up empty, with a silhouette coming out of each loop.

Everyone spreads great pressure, and cultivation base is all over the three chambers, Paragon.

The first is a three-eyed man in green armor, with heavy helmets, expressionless, with cold eyes staring at Zhou Xuanji.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Three eyes men coldly snorted, the third eye on the forehead was constantly moving, as if it were the eyes of another person, watching Universe independently.

Star field?

Zhou Xuanji looks at Universe, if any.

Spiritual Qi here is very strong, and there are so many circles that fit to fall.

He can’t always walk in the endless universe.

Why don’t you stay here?

Zhou Xuanji is taking such a single thought out of his head, and immediately immediately has a fountain.

“I’m asking you something!”

The three-eyed man blew shouted, and he took it, and the space around Zhou Xuanji suddenly distorted.

At that brake, Zhou Xuanji felt that he was squeezed by space, but with his fleshly body, it was not a problem at all.

He shakes his shoulders, directly shakes intangible pressures.

He smiled and said, “Are you the Lord of the Star Field?”

Three eyes men, pupils shrank, darkness.

what the hell is this guy who is you?

Faced with his Divine Ability, it’s so easy to break.

too terrifying!

“Who the hell are you, what do you want?” Three eyes men solemnly asked, not to be nervous.

It is no good for each other, perhaps a major crisis in the field of their stars.

Other major Paragon is also nervous, and they can see Zhou Xuanji is strong.

“It’s just passing through, and suddenly I think it’s nice here. Do you lack God?”

Zhou Xuanji laughed and asked, straight to the point to say his own thoughts.

Devil Lord, listen, get more excited.


shely of his Lord!

Night and moon dignity is not carefully observed in the field of stars, and the environment is indeed good and worthy of settlement.


big Paragons in the neighborhood are angry.

“impudent! This is insane!”

“Kill him!”

“What the hell is this guy doing? It’s so loud!”

“Let’s take a stand!”

“Is he Paragon’s man?”

Listen to the big Paragons, Zhou Xuanji captured three words from Paragon day.

He immediately asked said, “Paragon? Have you seen him?”

Three eyes men hearing this, immediately understood what he meant, sighed slightly in relief, and answered, “Paragon has been resurrecting for some time, and he’s been recruiting horses, wanting to swallow the North, and his men are strong, and we met with one before.”

Zhou Xuanji was eyebrowing, and he knew that Paragon wanted to be reunited all day without thinking of such a momentum.

It seems that the bodies he met before were not committed by Paragon himself.

Yeah, too.

By the call of Paragon, shake your arm, somehow powerhouse will compete for post-terror prayers.

“Since you have also understood the endless situation in the universe, do you think you have the ability to resist Paragon?” Zhou Xuanji is staring at three eyewitness men, meaning a long question.

Three eyes men listen to me, immediately.

He bites his teeth and says, “I can’t, can you?”

“Yes! I can do it!”

Zhou Xuanji, domineering said with a smile.

He performs Sword-Fusion Technique, bringing his momentum to the forefront, the area of the Hurricane.


three-eyed man was not deterred, but even more embarrassed, playing with said: “Get the fuck out of here! Kill him! Left!”


Hundreds of large Paragon voices, all transformed into stars, circled around Zhou Xuanji at a high speed.

Devil Lord and the Night Divine were switched around the sky and left to the right.

It is very strange to have a different degree of pressure backed up and escalated.

Soon, Red Devil Lord and the Night Dignity felt so bad.

They feel like their souls are being stripped at any time.

“What’s going on?”

The horror of Devil Lord said that he was unable to control his Paragon divine power, which was very painful.

Zhou Xuanji, the Holy Ghost curse is on top of his head.

Thousands of sword shadow came out of space, spread around three people, and sword tip went outside and formed a huge film.


the sword shadow erupted, colliding with the stars of high speed, shocking countless light and shining in the area of stars.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly jumped and left a afterimage where he had never left.

He went directly into the explosion, raised the Holy Ghost curse sword and killed it.

Great Absolute Chaotic Dao!


three-eyed man, complexion greatly changed, immediately picked up his hand, and Paragon divine power made one Layer light barrier, and the sword qi of Zhou Xuanji.

sword qi crashed on high-speed stars, but it didn’t break.

Hundreds of large Paragon continue to rotate at a high speed without any influence.

“courting death!”

The three eyes of men, the roadways, the arms, the green shadow, the green shadow, the hands, the two big knives, and the front.

Those two big knives are rapidly spreading, huge lawlessness, cutting down to Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji would have been injured if he were to leave, and Devil Lord and Night Dignity were not killed.

He jumped up, black hair was blown up by a strong wind, and Thousand Hands Sword Buddha followed up with a knife with his shoulders.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were followed, and a silver light went out with both eyes.

after silver light was dispersed, countless sword shadow was vacant, thousands of swords, each with an autumn.

Saying the sword sea!

Three eyes men stare at the eyes, and he felt that the time around was slowing down.

Time is the source!

that guy!

He was inspired by Zhou Xuanji, who was the master of the stars!

How can you fail?

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