I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 950

The three-eyed man was angry, and he again manipulated green light blade to Zhou Xuanji.

This time, the green light wave became insane and a double knife was wiped out in an attempt to destroy Thousand Hands Sword Buddha.

Thousand Hands Sword Buddha is getting taller, and the hypocrisy of the sword is still boiling, with countless sword shadow coming in.

Big Paragons transformed into meteors not affected by sword shadow, sword qi, and sometimes hit Thousand Hands Sword Buddha, hitting Thousand Hands Sword Buddha with a crumbling hole.

It’s very strong!


seems simple, but countless changes, no stronghold one cannot win.

The most terrifying thing is that we can’t break!

Zhou Xuanji used Setting Destruction Divine Eyes to break the array.

“了不得,怪不得有底气反抗Paragon 天的influence 。”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes are shining.

He doesn’t just want to get in the area of the stars, but he’s got this array.

Think about it. He’s holding the Holy Ghost curse sword.

“Holy Ghost, curse.”

His eyes are cold, mobilizing the real power of Holy Ghost’s curse sword.

Apex Origin Court is the power to subvert one community, representing this great Paragon.

It’s beyond Paragon’s power!

He has never really used the power of the flower court, the most important reason being that no matching opponent has been found.

A while wail like ghosts and howl like wolves passed out of the Holy Ghost curse, whispering.

Three eyes of men staring at the Holy Ghost curse sword, and suddenly he was in distress.

“What’s that sword?”

His swallowed saliva and said that the green light attack had not ceased and could not at all prevent Thousand Hands Sword Buddha from pulling up.

With wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, the Holy Ghost curse spreads a strange black qi, and suddenly explodes like a black light wave sweeping Universe.

The brakes, everybody stop.

The same is true of three eyes, as is the case with Devil Lord, and the Night and Evening Dignity.

Even the big Paragons, who are on the line, have stopped.

All but Zhou Xuanji were surrounded by black qis.

“This is…”

Devil Lord was frightened to say that his voice fell, and he suddenly disappeared from Black qi on the night’s dignity.

But those big Paragons are scared.

The curse’s power to eat their divine power and harm their souls.

They cannot be isolated and can only slow down the process.


power of the Holy Ghost curse goes beyond the Holy Ghost itself, and Holy Ghost is just puppet and has not completely released that curse.

Now, with the help of Paragon Divine Sword, this curse has completely erupted.

“It’s impossible.”

Three eyes of men were shocked, he struggled to get rid of the curse, but the harder he struggled, the faster the curse invaded.

That brake, his eyes flattened through countless images, all of which were his bad portraits.

The tragic ways of death forced him into his eyeball, stimulating his mind.

Zhou Xuanji came before him, and sword tip was flying his throat, smiling at said, “You’re not my opponent, acknowledge allegiance to me.”

The curse has little power to resist even in the universe.

Unless the power level goes beyond the curse.

Three eyes of men were more frightened, and he was caught in a day of war, and he was not sure how to choose.

Zhou Xuanji was stabbed into his chest, and the curse was like breaking the fierce tiger, and it was unstoppable and frightened of his face.

“I recognize allegiance! I recognize allegiance!”

Three eyes men immediately screamed, desperate.

Zhou Xuanji turned to the corner, did not stop immediately, but waited a little while before he took the sword.

The curse goes away, the whole Universe restores calm.

All the big Paragon is a frightened face of avoided a catastrophe.

They look to Zhou Xuanji, full of fear in their eyes.

who the hell is this guy?

“Tell me your name.”

Zhou Xuanji, a three-eyed man, said with a smile, was very peaceful, but that peace fell in the eyes of each other and was a frightening killing plan.

“Today’s ride.” Three eyes men bite their teeth and answer.

He was shaking, and he couldn’t recover for a long time.

The power of the curse is too terrifying for him to have the rest of his heart.

He was conscious that he wanted to stay away from Zhou Xuanji, but his body was very rigid and unable to move.

“Today? Yes, and then you’re still the master of the stars, but there’s one more on your head.” Zhou Xuanji stretched his hand and took the shoulder with a smile today.

hearthis, laugh today with a strong color.


big Paragons around here have seen the clouds today and dared not to speak.

They’re angry, but when they think of the power of the curse, they’re cold.

赤煜Devil Lord 则很兴奋,嗷嗷直叫,仿佛获胜的是他。

Night and moon pride is locked on the Holy Ghost curse sword, and she is thinking about the power of the curse just now.

“Bye, Lord.”

Today, with a tough cup of one fist in the other hand, he says that at this moment he must not find a space for a crack to drill into it, and it’s really not for himself to face.

Zhou Xuanji turned around, looked for the big Paragon, laughing at said, “You’re angry today, and you’ll be proud of it! Wait for me to lead you to Peak-Stage!”

He laughed unbridled, cared for the wind.

His temperament has changed since he learned that God has no status.

He was so calm before, and now he’s gradually showing himself pride.

This arrogance is not inflationary, but realm awakening.


three days of ancient pride, ancient pride is not an invisible life, but only because their realm is above all.

“To take over so many court circles, God is a fly!” The Lord is full of admiration for the evening and the words.

“This will be the real first Step of God, who launched a shock to the ancient pride for three days.”

Subsequently, under the leadership of today, Zhou Xuanji entered the area of stars.

Each star here contains a world where there are more than 100 people, some giant stars, some sand graves, and it’s hard to see.

Today, by taking Zhou Xuanji to his own palace, Zhou Xuanji is sitting on his throne, he takes a deep breath, cup one fist in the other hand asks say, “Lord, has not yet received your name.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled at said: “Zhou Xuanji, head of the Kunlun Origin Court”.

hearing this, staring at three of your own eyes today.

“Zhou Xuanji! Are you the ancient genius who learned the path of the Holy Rainbow?”

Today on cry out in the surprise, the sound is somewhat shaking.

The Rainbow Saint Monarch was Senior for him, and the Rally was a big Transcendent Influence, and the area of the stars was with them, so he heard the name of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji, staring at him, said, “I need to know the area of the stars, can you introduce it to me personally?”

Since it is to be in control of the stars, it cannot be simply said.

He would like to know the area of the stars and would be in full control.

The mentality changes that are taking place today, even for Zhou Xuanji.


are unknown youths in the area of stars, initially in a number of large Paragon sex groups, bringing together the courthouse community, and the latter is becoming more and more joining, so that there are today’s stars.

The cultivation base today reaches the seventh largest Paragon, strong, with a total of one hundred and sixty-six large Paragon under his knees.

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