I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 951


area of the stars is complex, and Zhou Xuanji listened today to it for months before knowing the end.

He twisted his neck, said, “Next, I’m going to lecture on the Dao in the area of the stars, and people can hear it, including you.”

lecture on the Dao?

He just wanted to speak, and Zhou Xuanji took the lead.

“Listen, I am Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji, Lord of the Architecture, newcomer, and I will first wait for the lecture on the Dao, hoping that you will all get comprehension.”

Zhou Xuanji’s voice is all over the stars so that creature in all the world can hear it.

The students didn’t come back to his senses, and he started talking about the ancestors.

Today, with some suspicion, when he listens to the ancestral voice, he’s moved.

What a wonderful language!

He will soon be buried in it.

Your Highness, Mr. Devil Lord, has also been sitting with the Night and Moon pride, and has a sense of silence.

The ancestral sound is enough to make Zhou Xuanji look bigger in the minds of the population.

Time passed.

About 100 years.

Zhou Xuanji stopped talking about the ancestral voices and was silent.

Today, look for Zhou Xuanji’s eyes are full of admiration.

At this moment, he was completely pleasant.

He seriously cup one fist in the other hand saluted, said, “Lord, what was your cultivation doing? What language was that?”

Zhou Xuanji laughed at said: “It’s impossible to say, go on, and I’ll have an arrangement in the back.”


Today, with a passion of passion, leave.

It’s only the ancestral voice, and it’s absolutely great opportunities for the stars.

He’s seen the dawn now.

With Zhou Xuanji, the area of the stars will be strong!

Calm down again, Your Highness.

Zhou Xuanji righthand’s diet fingers, Xian Xianghua, Red dust Paragon, appeared in the palace.

Two women were stuck, and the consciousness was surrounded.

“Is this it?” Xian Xianghua questioned that she could feel aura here very different, thick and warm.

Zhou Xuanji laughed at said: “In the field of stars, there are over 100 court circles here, who wants to take over?”

In this statement, both women are staring at their eyes.

More than 100 court circles!

How long has this been?

His influence has risen to this point?

“Even if we think, it’s not that powerful.” Red dust Paragon shakes his head, and they control the real court, and they control the stars.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, laughing at said: “This is true, so you have to be integrated into the field of the stars before you take up positions, and I will send a soul clone to accompany you so that you may not be given up.”

He is prepared to release the three communities in his soul and to interact with them.

During the next period, he’ll find a way to integrate the stars.

But with his cultivation base realm, it is almost impossible to do so.


Seven Chamber, Paragon, is no good today, and he can’t do it.

In other words, he has to protect the stars, and it’s hard to escape again.

He decided to leave clone oversee in case of a strong enemy, while his true body was hiding in absolute time so as to avoid being tracked by the enemy.

Of course, everything can’t be absolute.

Anyway, he can’t keep running.

When Zhou Xuanji arranged for two women, the area of the stars had fallen into mourning.

All creature is talking about Sword Discussion Empire Zhou Xuanji.


kung fu of the ancestor made all creature not excluding him, but it was fanatic.

From now on, the main players in the various major Paragon denominations have been Zhou Xuanji.

This is a matter of great turmoil.

Zhou Xuanji was strong in the history of the world.

In the area of stars, Zhou Xuanji was also aware of a number of stories about endless universe.

The universe is divided into four parts, East, North, South and West.

All the quartet is a man who does not destroy overlord, in which there is an ancient pride.

Paragon and Primordial were resurrected, fighting each other, and Paragon was struggling for infinition in the North, and the North included the entire area of martyrs and stars.

Primordial did not fight in the south, and its situation was in no way weakened by Paragon.

The ancient pride of this is the infinite overlord, the powerful one.

In addition to the endless universe of the Quartet, many of the areas of Unknown continue to expand.

In the endless universe, there are many of them that cannot be imagined.

In particular, those who survived from ancient times of dignity, they were not imaginable gods, who were said to be united because of their existence.

Those ancient ones have subverted the ancient period of dignity and do not want to repeat it again.

Ancient pride is constrained by them and cannot be exhausted by the commander’s Quartet.

Zhou Xuanji was more interested in endless universe when he was informed of all this.

Paragon and Primordial have begun to rise. How can he endure loneliness as Primordial Chaos?

He arranged for a souls clone, which contributed significantly to the exchange of courtrooms.

Transcending Star Holy Competition has also officially landed in the area of the population.

This event will soon attract popular interest, and countless supreme talent boxes will be ready to participate.


temple of the stars.

Today, clone, who looks at Zhou Xuanji’s soul, reports on developments in the field of stars.

Now he has forgotten the shame before, but he’s excited.

Before Zhou Xuanji arrived, he was just thinking about how to be happy and how to plunder the creature that went on, and now the entire area of the planet was flourishing and vaporized, even with their big Paragon.

He hasn’t felt that positive for a long time.

“Lord, there is an area nearby that is bigger than our planet area, with its Lord holding base reaching nine large Paragon, very overbearing, and every other period of time we have to go to them, and we reject Paragon’s daily package, which is why he is in control.”

His face is very difficult to look at today on the subject of diversion and to mention that nine chamber, Paragon.

Fear, anger, more hate.

In order to protect the area of stars, he had received a number of humiliations.

Of course, these humiliations are not known by their men.

The two areas are far from each other and the stars are not aware of each other’s existence.

Zhou Xuanji Eyes, said: “Nine House, Paragon? In the universe, can this cultivation base be the top?”

He thought there was another realm on Grand Paragon.

God is the best proof without status.

Today, I hesitate to say, “Should we count, or would that guy hold many powerhouses under Paragon’s hands?”

Zhou Xuanji asked said, “Do you mean the time to make a contribution is almost there?”

Today, nodded, the eyes are full of expectations.

“What do you want me to do? Is Zhou Xuanji like a smile yet not a smile?

Today it’s embarrassing to say, “This is all natural for you to decide.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded, said: “We must be prepared to ignore them and to refrain for the time being from being hostile to them, as compared to them, the threat of Paragon’s day.”

Think carefully today, too.

That’s where Paragon is being handled.

“Send people to look at the war and have an opportunity, and we enter it in vain.” Zhou Xuanji instructed.

Nodded today, he’s going to turn around, and suddenly his actions are stuck.

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