I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 988

Zhou Xuanji and the others were caught in panic after the fire God sealed the floor space.

In the face of fire God, they feel like they’re only ants, and each other can destroy them.

Zhou Xuanji tried to get them out of here, but this time, when they didn’t show up, as if they did not exist, they were completely absent from him.

As a result of sweaty, Sword Emperor Five dares to speak, and his body is tight.

The silence of silence has been staring at fire God and not knowing what to think about.

Can’t fire God close, I don’t know if it’s asleep.

The atmosphere is silent.

Such silence lasted for a month.

Zhou Xuanji finally couldn’t stand it. Say, “Senior, how are you gonna be happy?”

Because you’re busy giving him eyes, let him not move.

Zhou Xuanji is staring closely at fire God, and his eyebrows are tight.

He’s not a buffer, it’s a situation like this. It’s a situation that’s too stubborn.

Sword Emperor Five is ready to fight immediately.

They’re also on fire.

And when they go to the Great Island and kill, they prove that they are bold.

It’s better to fight than that.

“I want you to die. Can you die?”

Can’t fire God answer that he didn’t open his eyes, and the tongue was so cold.

Zhou Xuanji, get upset.

He carried out a direct demonstration of Sword-Fusion Technique with a pressure on Divine Sword to kill Fire God.

In front of Fire God, he was directly carrying out Sword Emperor’s extinction!

This time, he integrated the body’s cold power into Sword Emperor’s extinction, hitting fire God.


Can’t Fire God be frozen instantly.

But it’s just a moment.

He couldn’t fire the ice on God, he didn’t move, he didn’t even open his eyes.

Sword Emperor absolutely did not cause half a harm.

“Is that what you can do?”

Can’t fire God’s voice rings and provokes Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji once again carried out Sword Emperor’s extinction, followed by other Divine Ability, which was constantly bombarded on fire God.

The reason and the others had to retreat, some of whom could not afford Zhou Xuanji’s momentum.

Zhou Xuanji appeared so weak in the face of fire God.

Either way he attacks, he can’t shake fire God, or even fire God.

Zhou Xuanji, the more angry he knew he couldn’t fire God was humiliating him.

But he can only do his best so that he can escape.

“Can’t the region be that kind of monster?”

For looking for nothing, desperate questions.

He felt unable to fire God is stronger than the current Paragon.

It is no wonder that three days of ancient pride will not be reunited, and today the Quartet has no peace to interfere with each other, and so many monster in this middle.

No word shaking, and for the first time he saw fire God, he seemed to be calm, and he actually panicked in his heart.

He doesn’t want to die either.

Just personality makes him unable to show emotions.

Zhou Xuanji had enough time to stop.

Worlds Chart stored a source of constant Paragon divine power, and he was not afraid to consume it, but now he makes gasping for breath.

He stared at fire God, biting his teeth said, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I want you to know the gap, your strength is really weak.” Can’t fire God answer.

At this time, it was made up with silent eyes.

They heard an accident.

Seems unable to fire God doesn’t want to kill them.

“Does that sound interesting?” Zhou Xuanji said something.


thought of a possibility in his heart.

But I’m not sure.

“Paragon will kill you if you don’t have rare treasure, and do you think you really have that rare treasure?”

Can’t fire God say that again.

“You guys come here and I’m attracting that rare treasure, not you’re mistaken.”

Hear that, Zhou Xuanji complexion change.

Can’t Fire God manipulate the pearls through the ancestral language?

When you think of this possibility, he’s not creepy.

“Purpose? To be honest, why do you have to bend around, too, Old Senior of the ancient era?” Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath, said solemnly.

The rest of the people are hooked up.

The most frightening thing is to give hope and despair.

Can’t fire God said, “Just because you know it.”


The ancestors?

Zhou Xuanji wrinkles and remains unclear.

“It was created by my Lord, and since countless loads, there is only Zover that brat will, and your rare treasure is from my Lord.”

Can’t fire God answer, he paused, keep saying, “Just stay here and think about what you got earlier.”

When the pearls are the same as the ancestors?

Zhou Xuanji was surprised, wasn’t he aptitude excellence, destiny heaven defying, but the two treasure themselves linked?

He’s in the middle of his thoughts.

They don’t understand because of, without words, Sword Emperor V, look at each other in dismay.

Zhou Xuanji’s sweat on his face quickly disappeared, and he sat empty and started studying the ancestral language.

Others are afraid to disturb, and they understand a little bit.

Dangerous discharge.

They followed the call, and they waited.

When they all close their eyes, they can’t fire God.

He was staring at Zhou Xuanji, with a deep eye.

For a long time, Zhou Xuanji has been working on ancestral language.

His family was in the Kunlun Origin Court, and Kunlun Origin Court was in his soul, and he had nothing to worry about in the area of stars.

Time is lost here.


least Zhou Xuanji did not compare.

He’s been staring at the ancestral script all over the time, and he’s remembering them in deep depth.

He tried to match these words with his ancestral voice, but he never did.

He had a feeling.

When he really understands the ancestral voice, his cultivation base will change.

He started trying, a word with a voice matching.

When all matches are successful, maybe a set of cultivation technique, or Divine Ability.

Somehow, a silver light was surrounded by him.

He’s a whole man like a Layer divine light, showing his eyes.

Can’t fire God open his eyes, and he looked at Zhou Xuanji slightly nodded, and then closed his eyes.

This eye has been seen.

He was surprised.

Looks like Lordship was hitting opportunity.

If Zhou Xuanji gets inheritance or beneath fire God, then is Paragon afraid?

“Calm down… and don’t embarrass Lordship…”

That’s why I thought, trying to calm down.

Time continues to flow.

Zhou Xuanji is growing in silver light and rays of light are growing.

uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,

Because Zhou Xuanji gave them a very powerful pressure.

“What the hell is he doing with comprehension?”

No words, no words, no words, no eyes, no wonder.

“Forget it. That’s what you can’t imagine. He’s changing, moving towards Primordial Chaos.” No Fire God opens the mouth and said.

As soon as that statement is concerned, seven people stare at their eyes, even if they say nothing wrong.

Primordial Chaos Heaven!

Zhou Xuanji is Primordial Chaos?

It’s exciting to ask said, “Really? Is he Primordial Chaos, who’s famous for Paragon?”

He suddenly remembered that Zhou Xuanji had said he was Primordial Chaos, but he didn’t believe it.

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