I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 989

Primordial Chaos Heaven!

After being informed of Zhou Xuanji’s identity, it was called an excitement with Sword Emperor Five.

“Is he Primordial Chaos daily reincarnation, or was he given Primordial Chaos a day inheritance?”

If Zhou Xuanji was Primordial Chaos day, why would Paragon not recognize it?

In endless worlds, people know that Paragon is the most interested in Primordial Chaos days, and this is the intention of competitors.

Apart from uniformity, Paragon’s desire is to defeat Primordial Chaos.

“Primordial Chaos has no inheritance day, and he’s Primordial Chaos.”

Can’t fire God answer, and the tone is somewhat intolerable.

If he doesn’t look at Zhou Xuanji, he’s lazy enough to handle these worm.

“Is Primordial Chaos your Lord the day?”


And a flame struck with nothing, and it struck him with bleeding, and it fell down.

“I’m all from the ancient era, and Primordial Chaos, three days after the ancient pride, is also my Lord?”

Can’t fire God’s anger, and the sound almost passed out of six people.

There’s nothing to do about bending saluted.

Because cautiously said, “Senior, I don’t think you’re asleep, why don’t you tell us what happened before, let’s junior look at you, Lord, or your might story.”

He can’t fire God in his face.

Fire God is very useful and begins to speak to them about his own Lord.

“My Lord was Paragon of Kunlun Origin Court, which was not exhaustive, but Kunlun Origin Court, when Kunlun Origin Court was as big as Small World.”

Can’t fire God’s tongue, dumb, with seven people into that distant period of ancient life.

“The founder created Kunlun Origin Court and created a generation, and my Lord was the first and direct disciple of the originator, and, when I prayed to him as a teacher, Position of the Kunlun Origin Court had passed on for more than a dozen generations.”

“In that period, Paragon was in position for thousands of years, unlike now, hundreds of millions of years, more than 100 billion years.”

He told me how he was apprenticing to a master.

His Lord opened his mind for him, helping him to reach the height of the day.

The more the fire God can say, the more it takes to speak to God, one after another, and listen to people’s heart.

During that period, Universe had not been so large in the universe, and perhaps it had not been so intense that it could not hear fire God’s story, but it had made seven people warm.

Every myth that shakes Ancient and Modern has been with them now, and they have been invisible and desperate.

It’s been a long time since fire God told me that seven people also heard with keen interest pleasure.

Zhou Xuanji is spreading a growing pressure, and he is moving towards a paradox.

“Senior, you said so long, why don’t you puke your Lord’s name?” It’s curious to ask.

Can’t fire God coldly snorted said, “My Lord’s name is after ancient pride, no creature knows.”

What logic is that?

“You do not understand that the distinction between ancient and post-ancient pride is its raison d ‘être, and you wonder about it, but he’s dead, and you can’t blame it.”

Can’t fire God coldly snorted and said, listening to people in the heart like cats itching.

“I’ve heard of ancient pride because he did one thing, and then the universe exploded and really reached its scale, and that’s why, countless downloads, even if ever, there was a unified universe.”

hearthis, because of the five respects of Sword Emperor looking towards him.

does that guy know so many secrets?

“Nothing but Royal Family knows a lot, and it’s true that when you were on your knees, Old Ancestor, prayed for forgiveness before you grew up.”

Can’t fire God chilly say with a smile, irony, and hear no wrinkling.

Although his words were tattooed, nothing was angry, just thinking about him.

bang! Bang…

It is at this point that a wave of noise came out of Zhou Xuanji in the body, and everyone turned around and saw him only as a pride silver light man.

His aura became more mysterious and big.

“He did it.”

It is not possible to fire God whispered, and the words are filled with joy and expectation.

From the point of view, silence, Sword Emperor’s five-digit screen.

They do not know what Zhou Xuanji is doing in comprehension, nor how powerful Zhou Xuanji will be, but only expected.

At the same time, Zhou Xuanji’s brain exploded.

After countless matches, he finally matched the ancestral tongue fully with the ancestral tongue, while he comprehension to a superfancy technique.

He’s right!

The grand voice is actually cultivation technique!

Push technique in sudden enlightenment!

Ancient constitutional creation!

He entered a mystery in a mystery state.

He created the automated functioning of Paragon divine power in the body in accordance with the Constitution.

divine power starts to change, absorb around hot energy gases.

Only the flames on fire God, like storms, are usually inhaled by him in the body and the storm is erupting.

“The unconstitutional… he succeeded…” cannot fire God whispered, his eyes are lost and he has no idea what he remembers.

He did not prevent Zhou Xuanji from absorbing his own strength, but the others were somewhat incapable of getting back to the edge of underground space.

This heat is so horrible.

Even if they were big Paragon, they couldn’t hold it.

“This flame… how Lordship can absorb…”

Paragon cry out of the surprise, and at this point he cannot be surprised by Zhou Xuanji’s resilience, as they will be burned down to destroy body and soul.

And if there is nothing to say and cause, the color of despair will be shown in their faces.

They didn’t expect to die in Zhou Xuanji breakthrough mutation.

At this point Zhou Xuanji suddenly opened his mouth: “Come to me.”

hearthis, the crowd has been stuck.

They brace oneself flew next to Zhou Xuanji.

Immediately, they show surprise colors.

It’s cold!

Zhou Xuanji, although surrounded by a flame, spreads a cold qi of frozen souls.

Cold fire builds on seven people to feel cold.

At the same time, the cultivation base of Zhou Xuanji began to fly.

He’s moving towards the eighth largest Paragon hit!

An empty sword shadow floats over their heads.

All of these sword shadow were Zhou Xuanji owned by all Divine Sword.

ssword shadow swing, screaming.

The flames are haunted and people cannot see the state of Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji is working on comprehension’s unconstitutional creation.

In the comprehension process, his heart was empty.

He doesn’t understand what kind of kind of reasoning is, just entering a wonderful realm.

No metaphor.

I don’t know.

Under such realm, he felt like he couldn’t do anything. The flame of destructive power was, in his view, just a little creature that was alive.

His heart moves, and these little creature dances around him.

Not only is he in the body’s cold power still floating.

The ice is on the verge, but now they’re perfect together, turning into a whole new force.

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