I have Countless Divine Swords Chapter 992


A rainbow Saint Monarch, a river flowing out of the air, momentum pounds, runnin ‘towards Zhou Xuanji, and the air conditioning ran away.

Zhou Xuanji resisted and sword qi exploded, spreading the river.

And the pearls flowing through his sword qi, fell on him.


Zhou Xuanji immediately pushed the body’s cold power to offset the burning of pearls.

However, the rainbow Saint Monarch keeps rolling and countless jewellery falls on him.

Zhou Xuanji, acting without speed, came to St. Monarch in the rainbow.

He raised his sword and behaved with anger, and Sword Emperor never followed the outbreak.


The rainbow Saint Monarch was thrown down by him, and a hairdresser followed the dance.

Zhou Xuanji has swiftly sworded his sword qi, which, through his constant repercussions in the body, can tear everything apart.

Rainbow Saint Monarch’s head up again, and his mouth has a piece of blood, apparently injured by Zhou Xuanji.

the sword qi collides with a strong wind, leaving the surrounding air conditioners to dance, as if the snakes walked away.

“Zhou Xuanji, you’re not the same today! But you seem to abandon my holy rainbow!”

The rainbow Saint Monarch shouted in a deep voice, his hair flowing up and his face was no less cold.

I saw Zhou Xuanji displaying Divine Ability, who was not aware of, and he had no fire in his heart.

Before he came, he thought Zhou Xuanji was on his waterway to this day, and now, as a result, no one would have had to use the holy rainbow lane.

The Holy Rainbow Road is the biggest achievement of his life. How can it be abandoned?

“Not abandoning, but I created a better Sword Dao!”

Zhou Xuanji said with a slight smile, which was more stimulating the rainbow Saint Monarch.

The Rainbow Saint Monarch launched an attack, crossing lightning in time and killing Zhou Xuanji.

His hands were strangled, the holy rainbow lane completely erupted, and his speed reached a very high rate.

With a knife, the sword of Zhou Xuanji is constantly being struck.

His speed is increasing, as is Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was the first time to face the endless situation, and he began to remember the unconstitutional creation.

It is He who created the Book with his soul against the Constitution.

He’s been able to keep listening to the ancestral sudden enlightenment.

In this state of sudden enlightenment, he was fast, exceeding the limits.

Even Saint Monarch, a rainbow facing an endless situation, can easily keep up.

“With the unconstitutional creation, my strength is no longer more than his shoulder.”

Zhou Xuanji was well known that he corner of the mouth raise, mobilized in the body’s Paragon divine power, into the pressure of Divine Sword.

He escaped from the attack on Saint Monarch in the rainbow, and began to thrive.

“My Sword Dao, too, should show up.”

Zhou Xuanji thought that he was directly separating hundreds of Great Li Clone and surrounding the rainbow Saint Monarch.

bang! Bang…

He works with all Great Li Clone in Sword Emperor extinction.

Terrible invisible power came from all directions to Saint Monarch in the rainbow.

Cyclone Saint Monarch bites his teeth and mobilizes divine power to resist Sword Emperor’s extinction.

“The man’s power… so suddenly strengthens so much…”

Cyclone Saint Monarch is in shock, and he has made every effort to resist, but there is still a tendency to recruit.

Why are you doing this?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly came to his head, and the Nine Circumstances appeared on the back of Zhou Xuanji.

Sword Soul!

Sword Soul with no creative power!

Creation will destroy!


nine sword souls disappeared at the same time, and the Rainbow Saint Monarch was hit, spreading a large amount of blood, following the backward dumping.

It’s too fast!

This move has transcended the definition of speed, and the rainbow Saint Monarch is completely unable to hide.

He felt that divine power in the body had been pumped, that fleshly body’s asylum had been broken, and that he almost crushed his bones.

“really strong… this is bullying Dao Power…”

The Rainbow Saint Monarch moved, and suddenly he thought about Paragon.

It was also a shock when he met Paragon, who had just been resurrected.

“Senior, my attack just started. Are you ready?”

Zhou Xuanji’s cold voice passed into his ear, staring at his eyes and finding Zhou Xuanji again appeared behind him.


In the palace of the stars, Zhou Xuanji stepped out of the spatial crack, and he went back to his throne and sat down, and then the rainbow Saint Monarch followed out.

The rainbow Saint Monarch has changed a new robe, but his face is bleak, aura is weak.

Zhou Xuanji will call today.

Today, after seeing Saint Monarch of the Rainbow,

He knew Saint Monarch of the Rainbow, who used to have a face before.

“Did he get hurt?”

And today it is in your heart that Saint Monarch of the Rainbow is coming for help.

Zhou Xuanji asked said: “Today, take the rainbow Saint Monarch down and arrange for a home, and then I’ll arrange for him to be a member of our stars.”

Today, Nodded, there are doubts, but the truthful move with a rainbow Saint Monarch.

The rainbow Saint Monarch turned back to Zhou Xuanji, and his eyes were complex and seemed to be somewhat humble.

Zhou Xuanji faces smile and looks forward to their departure.

“Good, not bad.”

Zhou Xuanji was happy and, at the end of the fighting, he realized that he had no place of extinction.

It was not just cultivation realm, but Divine Ability’s rise.

Neon Saint Monarch’s extinction is really strong.

It is sufficient for anyone to fall into despair.

“My Sword Emperor would never be able to do the same.”

Zhou Xuanji was caught in a wonderful fantasy.

He decided that the next stage of cultivation would not be lost!


Ninth Division, Paragon, is not hard for him, sooner or later.

It is

his real concern how Sword Emperor could never be practised into a state of extinction.

Think about it. He slowed his eyes off.

Cyclone Saint Monarch joined dozens of areas near the mass bombing.

After all, the Supreme was immense in the north, not only Paragon of the Kunlun Origin Court, but also a number of powerhouse, although there were no master and disciple ranks, it seemed to the public that he had long been all over the world, but only after having met the ancient antenna, he stopped pointing out other creature.

Cyou Xuanji was once again warmed up by Saint Monarch of the Rainbow Qin, and the creature power that came to pray was becoming stronger.

Almost every day there’s a man big Paragon coming.

Zhou Xuanji would not have received it in person, except for nine large Paragon or famous children.

No one thinks he’s doing it, and his place in the minds of the people has been increasing.

This day.

Today, on the news, Paragon’s army is again out, and the scale is expanding.

Zhou Xuanji immediately sent Sword Emperor five collaborators.


temple of the stars.

“Lordship, now that you have a growing number of areas, the name of Sword Emperor is full, and should you give your influence a name?”

The name is also the flag for Zhou Xuanji’s hand.

We can build cohesion!

“For Sword Emperor, I call it Sword Emperor.”

Zhou Xuanji said with a slight smile, today passing through, immediately getting excited.

Whatever name Zhou Xuanji takes, he feels good.

Because this name will represent Zhou Xuanji’s will!

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