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– Yeah.

What does it feel like to be surrounded by big white sharks, thieves, tiger whales?

Anyway, the song was panic.

He tried to keep calm and find opportunities to escape.

“This dolphin dares to hit me! Absolutely survivors!”

The big white shark said with a sneer, and his teeth stitched with blood, and terrifying.

The tiger whales are approaching the song, and the thieves are close to their triangle.

“Yeah, that guy can knock you out so far, it should be weak.”

Chu Sing suddenly laughed and said, “Is your team the three of you?”

He was trying to know if there were any other survivors.

“Three people are enough! We’ll be the second three gods!”


tiger whale was proud of said with a smile, raising the name of the Trinity Corps, and he was blinded in his eyes.

Three gods fanboy?

Chu Song is silent.

For the three gods, he was also constantly concerned.

One of the best teams in the Top 10 ranks is estimated to be of concern to all survivors.

But he’d better wonder why these three guys had such a good luck, and they turned into big monster in the ocean.

“Why are you all big animals?” He asked directly.

“That’s because we’re going to…” The tiger whale has a conscious answer.

He hasn’t finished yet. The big white shark yelled at said, “Tell him what this is about!”

Chucko immediately went up and hid from the big white shark’s poaching.

He moved towards swimming fast from the four companions.

He didn’t go all the way forward, giving the big white shark, the thief, the tiger whale the wrong way.

Or else!

Three guys rushed quickly towards him.

so fast!

Chu Song feels behind the water flow, darkening himself, even accelerating.

I didn’t think the three guys were so fast!

He probably estimates it’s faster than normal dolphins!

“stinky brat, you can’t escape!”


tiger whale was called a hoax, and it was him that reduced the anxiety of Chung.

that guy is a iron.

Talking doesn’t go through your head.

Don’t be afraid of the enemy!

I’m afraid of the enemy!

Four survivors, you chase me, and soon you swim out of a kilometer.

Chug is keeping pace with them, slowing down occasionally and stimulating them to accelerate.

On the

other side.

“Their scent has gone far and the head should not be hostile to them, so he deliberately took them away.”

In the team tower, they had simulated various critical situations.

If Chungqiu did not come back and did not exaggerate too much, that would mean that the enemy was too strong, and that he deliberately led the enemy.

“So what do we do now?”


South Palace was nervous to ask that the enemies that would make Chug escape must be strong.

That rich’s bloody smell makes him smell this big squid.

“Let’s go first, and if the enemy returns, then I’m sorry about the head of the mission.”

Quickly decided on the way, and then took three people around the slaughter area in the front.

Chucko’s been swimming for an hour, and three guys behind him started slowing down.

“Grandma, you can’t catch him!”

Tiger whales screamed, played by a dolphin, making him uncomfortable.

The thieves hesitated to say, “Is this guy supposed to be in Lured the tiger away from the mountain?”

The big white shark and the tiger whale don’t hesitate. Is that true?

But they’ve been chasing for so long, even if there are other survivors, when they get back, they’ll be gone.

Chu Sing laughed back and said, “Three idiots.”

Big white sharks, big thieves, tiger whales, almost spit blood.

Damn it!

They all started accelerating, trying to track the song.

At this point, Chug suddenly exploded at full speed.


They quickly disappear from their eyes and see them staring.

“Is this what the hell speed?”

Tiger whales out of surprise, almost collapsed.

After an hour, the prey dumped them?

The thieves immediately stopped, and the mood was so bad.

Chug didn’t swim too far, trying to track these guys and avoid finding them and the others.

And by his knowledge of the heaven, the woman must have taken people out of the place, but not fear 10,000, in case.

Always, he can hear the three guys yelling at him.

“How did they live until now?”

Chu Sing was depressed that he wasn’t thinking of local tyrant.

That guy was smart, but unfortunately bad luck.

The three survivors, not at all of them, returned and began to travel with no destination.

Chu Song thought they were trying to seduce him.

He’s tight, he’s starting to change, and he’s bleeding into the sea, and Chad looks like he’s gone.

Time continues to flow.

It is not known that in the past few hours, three survivors have not stopped and are still on their way.

Chug is getting tired and doesn’t want to follow again.

That is when he suddenly saw three survivors accelerating.

He immediately shivered, busy follow.

“They are definitely the other survivors.”

Chuggy looked forward to thinking that he decided to cut off.

The three reckless men!

Approximately two kilometers ago, sea water coming up and apparently fighting began.

Chug’s past in a state of color, and soon he’ll see the goals of the three survivors.

A bunch of bats!

They’re eating?

Chucko, stop, watch it.

Large marine animals like them, ten and a half days, don’t eat anything at all.

They can be so excited, and it is estimated that there are survivors.

After a while, a word of anger came out:


Chucky saw a big bat that was worse than a poor little bit of a sudden, hit a big white shark in the face, and the wings stabbed the big white shark and started to bite.

This screen reminds Chu of bats.

that guy used the bat as a bat?


bat jumped away, hid from the tiger whale, the big white shark was struggling crazy, was hit by the tiger whale and almost fainted.

It has to be said that the bats are very clever, and that the big white sharks, the thieves, the tiger whales are dumb, and he’s a gangster.

Chu Jing is confused. Where’s this bat companion?

The survivors he met were in small groups, and they didn’t look like a team.

Not all survival teams seem to be full.

The Sea Territory, where he is located, should be all the surviving teams that have just been set up, so most have not been fully staffed.

Chug looked at it for a while, and felt that the survivors were not at all as strong as he had envisaged, but only the size of the body.

We can get involved!

Chu Jing when he touches it.

The big white shark was bitten all over the body, and it seems that the bat strengthens its teeth.

Big thieves and tiger whales attack bats, while big white sharks are looking for opportunities.

This big white shark is less than five meters long, not the world’s largest.

Chu Jing is on fire quickly.

He hit the side of the big white shark, a bite of the big white shark’s fish.

Fish is the weakness of all fish, Chu Song bites, the big white shark hurts hovered over life and death, and it’s crazy.

He was too powerful to hold him steady, but he was brought up.

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