I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1000

A group of creatures outside the world are angry, and their hearts are bleeding!

They saw that the lion-headed creature was completely dead, the Death Substituting Talisman burned out, turned into soot, and could never be resurrected!

After a few breaths, the creature with the head and horse body also screamed and died, not even a strand of ashes left!

After more than ten breaths, among this group of creatures, only the Human Race is still struggling!

“This person can’t be killed!”

“Stop! Can’t kill!”


At this moment, Red Lotus Everyone is anxious!

Be aware that this Human Race boy has a lot of background, and he is an inheritance from a Boss Gu from Great Thousand Worlds!

The background of Major Sect is so terrifying that ordinary people simply can’t imagine it!

If the Major Sect is angered, even Venerable Red Lotus will suffer!

“Just look, don’t make noise!”

Suddenly, a very majestic voice rang out from nowhere.

At the same time, there is a palm print thrusting up, like a meteor, strikes above the sky!

Of course, this palm failed to open the sky, after all, the South Wall was still there.

However, under this palm, Venerable Honglian and the others expression became completely gloomy!

“Are you going to take the initiative to fight?!”

“Dare to provoke me to wait!? If I wait, you will all die!”


Venerable Red Lotus and the others roared, if they weren’t able to enter the Nine Heavens God World now, how could they stand outside and watch!

“I have even levelled the sky!” The voice sounded again, with a hint of domineering in the majesty: “If the South Wall were not there, you ants, I have already levelled!”

As soon as the words came out, Jiang Chen and the others understood in an instant, most of the people who spoke were from the ordinary people!

The Pingtian clan, the origin of its name, is because it once flattened the heaven!

In the three eras of Cang Mie, Huang Mie, and Qing Mie, the sky was dead. The main reason was that the Pingtian clan took action!

Now, the clamor of Venerable Honglian Hepingtian clan, can this clamor ever pass? !

People have killed even the sky!

“What about my Nine Heavens God World beings who are not abiding by the rules!? Do you think everyone is as rules as on the horizon?!!!”

“I am not only not abiding today Rules, and shelter these unruly people! If you don’t accept it, come down now!”


Obviously, that powerhouse of the Pingtian clan has a bad temper and speaks. It is also a Lao Tzu, and it does not play cards according to common sense.

However, these words fell in Jiang Chen’s ears, how comfortable to hear them!

“Although I am a tutor of Shengshi Academy,…how do I feel that this ordinary family has a very good appetite.” Jiang Chen whispered.

“Fellow Daoist! This matter is negotiable! Don’t hurt him!”

After more than ten breaths, I watched that Human Race boy is dying, Venerable Red Lotus and the The others are totally scared!

Venerable Honglian speaks in person, with a very low posture, and is willing to negotiate terms with Jiang Chen and the others, as long as the Human Race boy is released!

“What to discuss!? No discussion! All killed!”

However, before Jiang Chen could speak, the powerhouse of the Pingtian clan refused!

Of course, there is no need to wait for Jiang Chen to speak, the Human Race boy can no longer hold on, and finally turned into a plume of soot!

At this time, I only heard the roar of one after another from outside the sky, and there was even more lightning flashing!

Venerable Honglian and the others are exploded, and the heart is more surprised and angry!

They know, this time has gone wrong!

“He is a descendant of the Human Sovereign clan! You kill him, you are offending the Great Thousand Worlds Human Sovereign clan!” Venerable Red Lotus coldly said: “Wait for the anger of Human Sovereign to come. !”

“Human Sovereign? He counts as a fart! Fake!” The powerhouse of the Pingtian clan bluntly said: “In my eyes, there is only one real Human Sovereign! And he is not in your Great Thousand Worlds !”



The voice fell, and many people saw a palm print hit again, and then it turned into a cloud of mist, and more The rune rules are manifested, covering the day!

This is a kind of Great Divine Ability, one hand shrouding the heavens!

Obviously, the powerhouse of the Pingtian clan has become ruthless, covering up the heavens, preventing the creatures outside the heavens from watching the pictures in Nine Heavens God World!

“Human Sovereign?”

At the same time, Jiang Chen’s expression was in a trance.

Because he thought of the Human Sovereign on Atheus Continent!

That one, but the mysterious powerhouse as famous as Daoist Heavenspan!

It’s just that Human Sovereign and Daoist Heavenspan have never made a move, it seems they have some scruples.

“The Human Sovereign that the Pingtian clan said, is it the one from Atheus Continent?” Jiang Chen whispered.

Speaking, Jiang Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he cried out strangely: “It’s a big loss!”

Immediately, Jiang Chen rushed over and was in that pair of nothingness Rummaging.

However, it is a pity that even the scum of the refining group of creatures is not left!

“They are all gods of Tianzi-level title!” Jiang Chen’s heart is bleeding!

Jiang Chen forgot about this just now, otherwise he would definitely use the forbidden technique to bring these heavenly titles into his hands!

It’s fine now, blood loss!

“Aunt is awesome!”

“Yes, yeah, not only are people beautiful, but also strong!”


At this moment, the three great virtues were praised by the side, especially the bird great virtue. There is no bottom line at all. They directly pulled out a Vermilion Bird feather and made a fan. They are fanning Tianyong Princess. .

Furthermore, Huang Dade’s eyes were not quite right, and he muttered: “Compete with me!? Should this king make a Nine Nether Phoenix feather suit for aunt?”


As soon as this was said, Jiang Chen’s mouth was chuckled, and he slapped Huang Dade on the forehead!

“You have to know, who is your master! Why didn’t I see you want to make me a Nine Nether Phoenix Feather Robe!?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

“Oh, look at what you said.” Huang Dade looked angry and said: “It is said that women are like clothes, you have those beautiful female disciplines, and they are not enough to wear! ??”

“…” Jiang Chen heard this, raising his brows, and suddenly didn’t want to say anything.

These three great virtues were definitely broken by Mu Youde!

“The end of the world is closed, and the ordinary people do not abide by the rules, so… why should I wait to abide by the rules?”

Suddenly, there is a whole body in the sky. A silhouette shrouded in black mist appeared.

He has his feet on black clouds, his body is surrounded by rune, and a dazzling Divine Spark above his head is like a black star that is up and down!

He moved towards Jiang Chen and the others, and he said this loudly, as if he was speaking to the Pingtian clan and the people on the horizon!

“Not good! Go!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, and he said to a few people around him: “It’s the Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple!”

“What are you afraid of? We have aunt.” Bird Dade said fearlessly.

“This is not the Old Ancestor of the Dark God Palace, it is the Dark God Palace, the Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple behind the Dark Temple!” Jiang Chen hurriedly explained: “This person’s cultivation base… Above the Divine King!”

“Oh? Really? Above the Divine King?” Bird Dade lightly said, seemingly indifferent, but the body is very honest, with wings Tearing the Void, The first to run!

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