I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1001

The two forces that the Lord of Light sat down were destroyed, which naturally caused quite a stir.

The main god of light cannot come out in the Radiant Palace Hall, but he refuses to stop. The only way is to let the other main gods do it.

To know the 36 Peak Master gods, same qi, connected branch, if the main god of Guangming speaks to other gods, the other gods will certainly agree.

Moreover, the main god of light mostly informed them that Jiang Chen had a Peak Divine King beside him, otherwise the Dark Temple would not dispatch a powerhouse above the Divine King!

At this moment, Jiang Chen saw the imposing manner exuding from the opponent, and he knew it was from the Dark Temple.

Combined with what he has done in the past few days, it is natural to be sure that the other party came to him.

“Leave separately.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “A cultivator on top of the Divine King is enough to smooth us out!”

“Master! I’m with you!” Old one Said: “I can’t leave you alone at this time!”

“Hurry up! It’s not life and death!” Jiang Chen said irritably, patted the shoulder of the old one, and said: “when the time comes I will come to you!”

The older one is hearing this, and I won’t say any more, I know the horror above the Divine King!

In the end, several people fled, and Jiang Chen deliberately stayed in place for a while in order to delay the time for the old one and the others.

Of course, Tian Yong Princess is also with Jiang Chen.

For Tianyong Princess, where Jiang Chen goes, she will go wherever she goes. There is no that many why.

If you have to say a reason, it can only be said that Jiang Chen was cheated!

“Tianchen, you are a bit courageous, so you dare to stay!”

After ten breaths, the powerhouse of the Dark Temple came, and a terrifying imposing manner shook Heaven and Earth. The void around him is constantly collapsing!

He is surrounded by black mist, the god ring on his head rises and falls, and the whole universe is dancing with him between raising his hands and feet!

“The dark temple is a good method. For me, a small cultivator of Heavenly God Realm, I actually sent a powerhouse on top of the Divine King.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the expression was indifferent, and there was no trace of fear in his eyes. .

“No way, who made your reputation so big.” This person lightly said with a smile, seeming to praise Jiang Chen, but in fact, the words are full of contempt.

For him, what is Divine King?

If it hadn’t been asleep at the beginning, and only now has just woken up, otherwise the Jiang Chen of the previous life would simply not need 36 main gods to act at the same time, he would be enough!

“I think you are also a generation character. Today I can give you a chance to be loyal to my dark temple. I can save your life and use the power of the dark temple to cultivate you.” This person Said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, sneered, and asked: “Is the Dark Temple no one? Actually want to take me as a dísciple?”

“hmph! old man is just a cherishment.” The voice of this person suddenly became cold and he said: “Since you insist on doing this, then send you off today!” After all, I saw the black mist erupting on this person. , Like those black arrows, there are more runes and laws floating on it!

With the wave of his palm, the sky is full of sharp arrows falling, filling this a side World, and even the void is pierced!

one after another The sound of tremors and explosions sounded constantly. From a distance, the place seemed to be eroded by darkness, and no rays of light could be seen!

“old bastard, you think you can kill me, you are still tender.”

Under the black sky and sharp arrows, Jiang Chen joked and prepared!

He is proficient in Formation. When he talked to this person before, he secretly arranged a Transmission Array!

At this moment, Jiang Chen urged Formation and stepped into it with Tianyong Princess. In a flash, the two disappeared here!

“Oh? It’s careless.” The man lightly said, laughing at himself.

As he said, if it weren’t for his carelessness, even if Jiang Chen arranged the Transmission Array, he could not escape his palm!

After all, the difference between the two sides’ cultivation base is too big!

But, even so, this person is very calm, the black mist flickers in his eyes, and his eyes are open and closed, it seems that everything is clearly understood!

After that, his silhouette disappeared in place, like a black wind, fleeing into the void!

At the same time, apart from the hundred thousand li of Xuansen Temple, Jiang Chen and Tianyong Princess left the Transmission Passage and then moved towards Yong Prefecture and flew away!

Jiang Chen thinks very clearly, now that he wants to block that person, he must use the power of Tianyong Dynasty!

However, before flying far away, a black mist suddenly exploded beside Jiang Chen!

“Hurry up! Go back to the Tianyong Dynasty and move the soldiers!” Jiang Chen pushed the Tianyong Princess away, said resolutely: “This time! You have to be obedient!”

” Oh.” Tianyong Princess doesn’t have any comments. Seeing Jiang Chen so seriously, he naturally obedient.

After all, after her channeling, everything was taught by Jiang Chen.

She listens to Jiang Chen very much.

“Don’t even think about leaving one!”

Just when Tianyong Princess just stepped into the void, a black palm print rushed, and the strikes were on Tianyong Princess’s back!

A mouthful of blood sprayed out from Tianyong Princess’s mouth, and even its fleshy body was cracked and almost burst!

However, she did not hesitate, she was still so obedient, and without turning her head back into the void, she flew towards Yong Prefecture.

At the same time, Jiang Chen escaped directly into the ground, and even with three wisps of Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations Tianzhan concealed his breath!


The powerhouse eyebrows of this dark temple is slightly frowned. After observing in place for a while, he jokingly said: “How terrifying is the power above the Divine King, You can’t imagine it.”



When the voice fell, Jiang Chen’s expression, hiding in the ground, condensed and felt his side The soil is decomposing and disappearing!

In a short moment, this land of thousands of miles has been refined directly and turned into nothingness!

Fortunately, Jiang Chen escaped in time and never showed his silhouette!

But, how powerful is the cultivator above Divine King, and how keen Divine Consciousness!

In just a dozen breaths of time, this person felt the breath of Jiang Chen, even if there were three strands of Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations Celestial Guard, it would be difficult to escape this person’s Divine Consciousness!

In ten breaths of time, Jiang Chen was suddenly hit by a terrifying force. The fleshy body exploded in an instant, and Divine Soul and soul almost collapsed!

If it weren’t for the last moment, the lantern bearer of Myriad Transformations suddenly moved, an obscure force enveloped Jiang Chen’s Divine Soul and soul, I’m afraid that Jiang Chen now is the soul flew away and scattered!

But even if he is not dead, Jiang Chen is already seriously injured!

After a short stay, Jiang Chen hurriedly recast the fleshy body and escaped directly into the void!

But, this time, I didn’t even escape a kilometer, and was swept out of the void by a dark wind!

“Did you run away?”

At this moment, I saw the powerhouse of the Dark Temple appearing in front of Jiang Chen, with a scornful expression, saying: “A game of cat and mouse , It’s time to end.”

“Really?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, a hint of lingering flashes in his eyes, and then chuckled lightly and said: “See you in ten days.”


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