I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1003

The forces of Heizhou are standing by, and they have borrowed many powerhouses from Fire God Palace to guard one side, waiting for Jiang Chen to deliver them.

However, they didn’t expect that a strand of Jiang Chen’s true soul was sent to Chi Yun Prefecture!

And now, he is preparing to attack the affiliated forces of Fire God Palace!

Half a day later, north of Chi Yun Prefecture, near Lie Cloud Sect.

After Jiang Chen came here, he did not directly do anything, but hid his breath and set up a formation in secret.

After all, with his current strength and state, if he rushes to the Cloud Sect, there will only be one end, and that is death!

But Formation is different. As long as the Formation is strong enough, it can be cut down, even if the Divine King comes, it will fall!

Of course, Jiang Chen doesn’t have enough materials, and the arrangement of the array can only barely deal with the upper god.

But this is enough!

After all, the most powerhouse in Cloud Sect is the lower main god. Once Jiang Chen’s Formation is successfully arranged, what is the lower main god?

Three days later, thirteen days have passed since Jiang Chen’s pawn solution.

The Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple has been very confused these days. It stands to reason that Jiang Chen should also be here!

However, during these three days, Heizhou has not moved, and even Jiang Chen’s breath has not been noticed.

This makes him very puzzled, is it possible that Jiang Chen, after reincarnation, has changed his personality and temper?

“Not good! It’s a major event!”


At this moment, the Dark Temple received the news that Lie in the north of Yun Prefecture Cloud Sect is destroyed!

Moreover, it was destroyed two days ago!

“The huge sect was destroyed, why did I get the news two days later!?” The Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple was surprised and angry, browses tightly frowns, and was guessing who did it.

At the same time, Fire God Palace came to a group of powerhouses in Heizhou. After hearing the news, one after another was angrily rushed back to Chi Yun Prefecture to search for Jiang Chen.

However, it was two days ago that Lie Cloud Sect was destroyed, and Jiang Chen not only looted Lie Cloud Sect’s treasure in these two days, but also adjusted his interest rate for a day and changed his mind. A lot of recovery!

Moreover, Jiang Chen at this moment is no longer in Chi Yun Prefecture, but has entered Heizhou.

Jiang Chen is not stupid. The huge a small sect has been destroyed. Now Fire God Palace must have dispatched a large number of people and it is almost impossible to set off Yun Prefecture.

Continue to stay in Chi Yun Prefecture, dead end!

“Play slowly with you!”

On this day, Jiang Chen came to the western part of Heizhou and focused on a subsidiary power of the Dark Temple.

As before, Jiang Chen secretly arranged Formation to hide his breath with Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Primal Chaos Qi.

In this way, it was only three days later that the Dark God Temple received the news that one of its affiliated forces was wiped out under their noses!

Also, it was destroyed two days ago!

“Who did it!?”

“The destruction of top secret is a small sect. I am afraid that Divine King can’t do this with such strength!?”


At this moment, both Fire God Palace and Dark God Palace are suspicious, is there a powerhouse beyond Divine King targeting them?

Of course, they also thought that Jiang Chen did it.

However, they don’t think that a Heavenly God Realm cultivator that has just been resolved can have such capabilities.

“Go ahead and send all the high-levels of the affiliated forces under the seat of my Dark God Temple, and the dísciple of Tianjiao to the Dark God Temple!” The Old Ancestor of the Dark God Temple immediately ordered.

He was not sure who was doing it. He thought it was a powerhouse beyond God King Level targeting them.

Therefore, he is somewhat dreaded, and now he can only abandon the car to protect the handsome, first to save the powerhouse of the sect, and the talents.

As for the others, he doesn’t bother to care!

After all, this World is like this, ordinary people will eventually be abandoned and won’t be taken seriously.

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not leave Heizhou, but went to several other affiliated forces in the Dark Temple to take a look.

“en? No one?”

“No one here?”


After half a day, Jiang Chen continued I went to three factions and found that the powerhouses in these factions had disappeared!

The cultivation base of those who remain is not high!

Of course, these are not important to Jiang Chen!

The important thing is that he sneaked into the treasure house of these forces and found it was empty!

This makes Jiang Chen very uncomfortable!

Just leave, why did I move all my old friends away! ?

You know, what Jiang Chen needs most now is “tonics”!

As for these remaining dísciples, what is the use of Jiang Chen to kill them?

None of these people had participated in the pursuit of Divine Sect in the first place, and those participants have all gone now!

“Did you hide in the Dark Temple?” Jiang Chen lightly said, the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, revealing a wicked smile.

Afterwards, he secretly arranged Formations near these forces. As long as the main Divine Grade and others return to the forces, these Formations will be activated!

“I don’t believe it anymore, you will never come back! If you dare to come back, you will all have to die!” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile.

Finally, Jiang Chen walked around in Heizhou, and after setting up Formation in the six forces, he quietly left.

At the same time, Fire God Palace, some high-level officials of the Dark God Palace, are secretly contacting them to discuss who is making this shot.

Even, some people suspected that Linlang Academy secretly acted.

But, of course, when they went to Linlang Academy for verification, they were directly kicked out.

However, Linlang Academy also spoke up, this matter has nothing to do with them.

“Who did it!?” A high-ranking god of Fire God Palace frowned and said: “Quietly annihilated a force under my Fire God Palace seat!”

“The cultivation base does not exceed Divine King, absolutely impossible!”


And when everyone doubted, Chi Yun Prefecture is still in the north……

Jiang Chen is back!

After coming back, Jiang Chen opened a small notebook and soon discovered the next goal!

As before, Jiang Chen once again secretly arranged Formation to suppress and kill a group of powerhouses in this faction. After looting the treasure house, Jiang Chen left the house.

But this time, Fire God Palace was obviously on guard. A group of powerhouses were cruising in Chi Yun Prefecture, and they found out that day!

And this time, they found the clue!

“en? Use Formation to destroy the entire sect!?”

“The same person did it?!”


On this day, a group of high-level officials at Fire God Palace looked ugly, because the Lord of Flames made the shot himself!

He went to the destroyed force, and when he saw those array traces, his face went black!

“A bunch of trash! This method, besides Tianchen, who else can it be?”

“Have you forgotten that he is proficient in full-time, and his Formation attainments are even worse Known as the number one in this era!”

The Lord of Flames scolded him and went to the force that was destroyed before. After some investigation, his face became more gloomy!

“Are you all blind?! Such a large array of traces, you haven’t seen it!?” The Lord of Flames was furious!

“I wait… I didn’t think about this.” Someone explained.

Be aware that Jiang Chen will wipe away the traces of Formation after destroying a force with Formation.

This is the case, these talents will be suspicious, it is the powerhouse that surpasses Divine King.

If they knew that these forces were destroyed by Formation, they would definitely think of Jiang Chen.

It’s just a pity, now it’s too late to think about it!

“My lord! The array traces here… seem to form a line!” Suddenly, someone found something and exclaimed.

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