I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1004

Formation was obliterated and left one after another trace. Upon closer inspection, these traces formed a line of characters.

The main god of flames is hearing this, and when I look closely, my face is green at the next moment!

“Copy your hometown!”

Looking at these four characters, the Lord of Flames has no intention to stay here now.

I saw him flee directly into the void, moved towards his Fire God Palace and rushed away!

However, when he arrived at Fire God Palace, he found that there was no abnormality in this place, and he could not detect any trace of Jiang Chen’s breath.

This made him very puzzled, is it possible that Jiang Chen left that line of words, is it deliberately tricking him?

“Impossible! I know him too much! There is definitely a problem with this matter!” said solemnly, the main god of flames. After thinking about it for a while, a hint of joking suddenly flashed in his eyes.

At the beginning, Jiang Chen, as the Divine King, dominated the Nine Heavens God World. 36 Lord Gods have a lot of relationship with him, and it can even be said that they know their roots.

In normally, they will also have some exchanges. Over time, everyone will know Jiang Chen’s personality.

Now, the Lord of Flames dare to be sure, Jiang Chen is definitely going to copy his hometown!

However, in this hometown, the copy is not Fire God Palace!

So… not Fire God Palace, which force will it be?

The Lord of Flames can think of it with his eyes closed that he is close to Chi Yun Prefecture and has enemies with Jiang Chen, and that is Heizhou!

“Hey, yes.” The Lord of Flames smiled jokingly, and ordered that the line not to be passed on!

At the same time, he actually sent someone to the Dark Temple and told the upper level of the Dark Temple that Jiang Chen’s trace was found in Chi Yun Prefecture!

After finishing these things, the Lord of Flames slipped away and disappeared.

If this matter is known to a group of senior officials in the Dark Temple, it is estimated that the face will be green!

After all, the Lord of Flames is in the Dark Temple!

But thinking about it carefully, this is also normal.

Although the 36 main gods are the same qi and connected branch, they normally don’t give in to each other, and even do it!

Even, among these 36 Divine Hearts, they all understand that if their 36 Divine Hearts were of similar strength, they would balance each other, otherwise they would have started fighting!

open strife and veiled struggle, for 36 of them, it’s too normal!

Now, since the Lord of Flames guessed that Jiang Chen is going to the Dark Temple, he is naturally happy, and even secretly helps Jiang Chen!

Of course, Divine Heart is also like a mirror, he is sure, Jiang Chen expected him to do this!

“Tianchen, I will give you the opportunity to go to the dark temple, if you are not miserable enough, then don’t blame me!” The flame master hid in a void, with a joking expression in his eyes. The meaning of expectation.

On this day, a group of powerhouses in the Dark Temple and even the Old Ancestor came to Chi Yun Prefecture.

They began to search for Jiang Chen’s traces, and they almost overturned Chi Yun Prefecture!

However, for three consecutive days, a group of main gods, and even the Old Ancestor above the Divine King, failed to find Jiang Chen’s trace.

This makes many people wonder, is it possible that Jiang Chen has left Chi Yun Prefecture?

“Flame, you said you found Jiang Chen’s trace in Chi Yun Prefecture, what about others!? Why can’t you find it!?”

“I waited for so many main gods, plus An Old Ancestor in the Upper Dark Temple, even the Divine King must be found by us! Now, how can the ants of a trifling Heavenly God Realm escape the eyes of my waiting!?”


A group of powerhouses in the Dark God Temple were very confused, and even found the Lord God of Flames in the sky and questioned them face to face.

The Lord of Flames was very calm, laughed, and said: “I did find his traces in Chi Yun Prefecture a few days ago, but how can it be blamed on me if I didn’t find it?”

“Perhaps, he has already left.”

Speaking of this, the Lord of Flames seemed indifferent, waved his hand, and said: “that’s all that’s all, he was reincarnated, cultivation The base is no longer at the beginning, what is there to be afraid of.”

“This person must die! Keeping it is a curse!” The Old Ancestor said solemnly in the Dark Temple, his body was radiant, and the darkness was like A cloud and mist is gradually covering the entire Chi Yun Prefecture!

He has a bad premonition in his heart, it seems that a major event is about to happen!

Therefore, he desperately wants to find Jiang Chen and kill him completely!

However, right here, a wisp of Divine Sense came into his mind.

It was the voice of a main god from the Dark God Temple. At this moment, thousands of miles were sound transmission, and the voice contained rush and panic, and even more anger!

“The outer treasury of the Dark Temple was looted!”

In just a few words, the Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple was surprised by the complexion pale!

He didn’t say a word, and he went straight to the Void moved towards Heizhou Dark Temple!

However, when he came to the Dark Temple, it was already too late!

From a glance, the Dark Temple is still the same, there is no change, it seems to be safe.

However, after careful sensing, the air is filled with wisps of rune breath!

Moreover, under the ground of the Dark Temple, there are more formation marks that have not faded!

These formation marks are connected into one piece and turned into a Transmission Array, with the purpose of reaching the outer treasure house of the Dark Temple!

“Old Ancestor! The outer treasury was looted! All the contents inside are gone!”

“One power of the title of Tianzi was stolen, and the remaining six lands The power of the word-level title! And Nine Turns Back to Tianlu was also stolen!”


At this moment, a group of powerhouse look pale in the Dark Temple was stolen by people. Treasure, they have a great responsibility!

“Order! At all costs, chase Tianchen!” The Old Ancestor of the Dark Temple roared. He had already noticed that the rune and formation marks left here contained the breath of Jiang Chen!

This time, he is completely angry!

The power of the Tianzi rank title was stolen. This is already a major event!

You know, that thing is the only heir left to the Palace Lord of the Dark Temple!

“The power of the Tianzi rank title, at a price, can be exchanged from other forces. But the nine turns back to Tianlu…” Someone said solemnly, mentioning the nine turns back to Tianlu, Shaking all over!

“That is the Transcending Tribulation for you!” Someone said tremblingly.

The Old Ancestor of this dark temple was hearing this, and his chest was also ups and downs, and he almost fainted!

Be aware that his cultivation base is above the Divine King, and he is only one step away from becoming the Divine Emperor!

And these Nine Turns Back to Heavenly Dew are used to cross the Divine Emperor Heavenly Tribulation!

It’s good now, this thing has been stolen!

Divine Emperor Heavenly Tribulation is so terrifying that few people have ever lived through it since ancient times!

The Old Ancestor of this dark temple prepared for several times before getting the Nine Heavens Dew. I thought it could borrow this thing in the heyday, successfully Transcending Tribulation, and entered the Divinity Emperor Realm.

I never thought…

“Send everyone out! Find me! Living, then must see the person, died, then must see the corpse!” This one of the Dark Temple The Old Ancestor almost roared out, saying: “This Dark Profound King swears here, if you don’t kill Tianchen, you won’t be the Divine Emperor!”

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