I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1005

The Dark Profound King was furious, and all his Transcending Tribulation items were stolen. There is little hope for him to become the Divine Emperor!

He hates it. If he knew that Jiang Chen was so courageous and dared to come to the Dark Temple to steal the treasure house, he would bring the Nine Turns back to Tianlu with him!

“Yeah? Yes, I stole Nine Turns and return to Tianlu! Hahaha…”

At the same time, the flame master also got the news and laughed constantly.

But soon, his face became serious!

Just because Jiang Chen is so courageous and dare to steal the Dark Temple, he naturally dares to steal the Fire God Palace too!

At this moment, the flame master is very decisive, and all the treasures in the Fire God Palace are included in the soul Sumi, and they are personally kept!

“Tianchen, I am different from other power masters, I just need to take care of myself.” The flame master lightly said with a smile.

In the next few days, the Dark Temple is completely crazy!

The major powerhouses have taken action and traveled to the Great Prefectures to find Jiang Chen’s traces.

Even the Dark Profound King took the shot himself, and he did not hesitate to spend a lot of divine force. He traveled all over the world, thinking of finding Jiang Chen and taking it back to Tianlu!

Where was Jiang Chen while fighting in the Dark Temple?

He… is still in Heizhou!

Also, still in the Dark Temple!

Jiang Chen calculated the thoughts in these people’s minds accurately, knowing that after the Nine Turns Back Tianlu was stolen, the Dark Temple would definitely not be able to sit still!

After all, it’s about whether the Dark Temple can appear a Divine Emperor!

In this way, Jiang Chen lurked in the dark temple, relying on the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, quietly hiding in the dark.

Until five days later, when it was determined that the powerhouse in the Dark God Temple was dispatched, he made another move!

This time, he dropped the already prepared formations directly in the inner treasure house of the Dark Temple, using the technique of Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move to turn out all the treasures inside!

After that, he didn’t even wear out Formation, patted his butt and left!



Three days later, the powerhouse came back. When the internal treasure house of the Dark Temple was found thoroughly looted, the mouth spurt on the spot Blood spilled out, my eyes blacked out, just fainted!

Half a day later, the Dark Profound King learned of this, and his whole body was trembling with anger, and the seven orifices were spraying blood!

He stared at the void in front of him, as if to break through the illusion, and found Jiang Chen!

However, under the protection of Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Sanwei Primal Chaos Qi, as long as Jiang Chen doesn’t make a move, few people in this world can find him!


Finally, the Dark Temple was pressed into a hurry, contacted the major Assassin Organizations of Nine Heavens God World, and paid a great price to Jiang Chen Reward order!

Among them, there is absolutely Shadow Sect!

Absolute Shadow Sect, which is notorious in Nine Heavens God World, and specializes in assassination.

However, this time, although Shadow Sect accepted the assassination, he did not do anything.

Even, Shadow Sect also used its own intelligence network and some Magical Powers, and immediately found Jiang Chen!

“You got into a big disaster!”

Three days later, in a gorge within the valley in Heizhou, the Shadow Sect Young Master relied on intelligence and absolute Shadow Sect Divine Ability, Found Jiang Chen.

As soon as we met, Lou Ying threw a thick pile of silk books on Jiang Chen’s face, and said angrily: “What are you looking at!? Nine Heavens God World More than 30 Assassin Organizations , More than sixty intelligence organizations, all have issued a reward for you!”

“Now, this Nine Heavens God World, there is no place for you! Sooner or later I will be found!”

Jiang Chen saw Lou Ying, he was stunned for a moment, and was surprised how Lou Ying found him.

But soon, he didn’t care about it.

I saw that he picked up the pile of silk books, which was a reward order issued by the major Assassin Organizations and intelligence organizations!

Among them, the one with the highest reward price is actually a power of Tianzi-level title!

“That’s not right…”

After looking carefully for a while, Jiang Chen expressed a weird expression and said: “Where is the’money’ from the Dark Temple now under so many rewards? “

“What do you mean?” Lou Ying was stunned with a dazed expression.

“Their treasure trove has been looted by me. Where did the money from the Dark Temple pay the reward order?” Jiang Chen said, then waved his hand, and the treasure stolen from the Dark Temple appeared on the building. In front of the shadow.

At this moment, Lou Ying was dumbfounded!

In front of him, there are three treasures as tall as small hills, piled up together, divine light rushes into the sky, and there are many rare Supreme Treasures!

Such as the rare immortal gold used to refine the Taoist things, the unknown Divine Stone, and even the cultivation technique of a half-dark temple!

“No wonder the Dark God has given so many reward orders, it turns out that you… did this and the others are angry with God.” Lou Ying had a strange expression, and his eyes were bright, saying: “So many Treasure, can you use it all by yourself?”

“You can’t use it.” Jiang Chen said straightly: “Some things are not needed. You have to sell them for other things.”

“What are you missing? Let’s see what I can trade with you in Shadow Sect.” Lou Ying squinted and stared at the power of the title of Heavenly Word!

You must know that Lou Ying has long been a title god, but the power of his title is only Spirit level.

Now, he has an idea, if he can get the power of the title of Tianzi, he would rather rebuild the title of the god this realm!

Just, can Jiang Chen agree?

“I have nothing to do with you. If you want the power of this Tianzi-level title, you can use it.” Jiang Chen is very generous, seemingly not caring about the power of this Tianzi-level title.

This made Lou Ying a little messy, and the expression stared at Jiang Chen weirdly, and asked: “The things you stole from the Dark Temple are more than these, right?”

“Too many Now, how can I take it all out?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “The outer treasure house of the Dark Temple only has the power of a Tianzi-level title, but the inner treasure house…hehe…”

Jiang Chen stretched out six fingers!

“Six!?” Lou Ying exclaimed. The power of these six Tianzi-level titles is extraordinary!

If it is acquired by a certain power, it means that it can create six heavenly title gods!

If it is well cultivated, these six Tianzi-level title gods will be the six Tianzi-level main gods, and even the Divine King of Tianzi-level!

Even…the Divine Emperor of the heavenly character level!

“Tell the news that I stolen the Dark Temple and tell those Assassin Organizations and intelligence organizations.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile: “I’ll take a look, if they know the Dark Temple has no money Later, would you still chase me for the Dark Temple?”

“This…should not be.” Lou Ying said: “Assassin Organization, intelligence organization, they all use money to sell their lives. If not, Money, how can they sell their lives for you.”

“That’s fine.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “And I…have money now!”

After all, Jiang Chen directly sent the three treasures piled up in front of him to Lou Ying, and said: “Use these, give me a reward order, I want the life of the Dark God Temple, Dark Profound King!”

“The Dark Profound King!? That is beyond the Divine King! As far as I know, the Dark Profound King broke through to the gods a long time ago! It’s only one step away from the Divine Emperor!” Lou Ying exclaimed, assassinating a god, this…it’s too difficult!

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