I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1006

On top of Divine King is the deity.

Since ancient times, many gods have appeared, but not many have been exposed to the world.

Just because, any cultivator that can step into the realm of the gods may become the Divine Emperor!

Therefore, when the overwhelming majority is overwhelming majority, the deity will not be born, and he will secluded cultivation, hoping to take the most critical step and become the Divine Emperor.

However, this era is somewhat special today.

The bright and prosperous age is about to come, and the good fortune is as numerous and gorgeous as the sky full of stars.

Even the gods still want to seize a good luck in the prosperous age, so as to become the Divine Emperor.

So in this era, even if there are several gods, it is not surprising.

However, it is a bit too much to kill the gods.

At least, for Lou Ying, this request of Jiang Chen is too real!

The dignified deity, does it mean that you can kill by killing!

“Nine Heavens God World’s Assassin Organization, intelligence organization, which is not a good role?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “I don’t believe it, that many Assassin Organizations and intelligence organizations, there is no god “

“There are…but there are a few.” Lou Ying whispered, one of Shadow Sect’s superior Old Ancestor, is the deity.

However, those characters are generally not easy to shoot, they are all trump cards of a power!

That kind of existence is the key to preserving the forces, how can you make a move for a reward? !

even more how, this time it is not ordinary people who want to offer a reward, but the Dark Profound King of the Dark Temple!

This person has become famous a long time ago. He is extremely strong and has entered the Divinity Emperor Realm with half of his foot!

For such people, the general gods are gone, and most of them are not their opponents, and they may even fall!

“Wealth can make ghosts push things.” Jiang Chen said: “You help me send a message out, this time I will offer a reward to the Dark Profound King, and I will reward you with a bottle of Heavenly Dew!”

“What!? Nine turns back to Tianlu!?” Lou Ying exclaimed, that thing is incredible!

The Nine Turns Back to Heavenly Dew is a treasure that the cultivator steals from the Great Avenue of Heaven.

This thing is of little use to ordinary people, but for the gods, especially those who are expected to break through to the God Emperor Level, this thing is the key to the door of the Divine Emperor!

With the Nine Turns Back to Heavenly Dew, simply don’t have to worry about Divine Emperor Heavenly Tribulation, and you can spend it safely!

“This thing was also stolen from the Dark Temple?” Lou Ying asked.

“It is estimated that the Dark Profound King prepared it for himself. He also didn’t expect me to steal the treasury of the Dark Temple.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “How? This nine turns back Is the sky dew enough?”

Loying hearing this, did not directly agree.

After all, this matter is of great importance, even the deity must carefully consider it.

“If you believe in me, then transfer these nine back to Tianlu, and I will arrange it.” Lou Ying said: “The reward must be paid first after all.”

“Of course don’t worry.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “The Shadow Sect Young Master has said this, can I not worry about it?”

After that, she has a face in Lou Ying In astonishment, Jiang Chen actually handed Nine Turns Back to Tianlu to him.

“Aren’t you afraid that I took Nine Turns and went back to Tianlu to run away?” Lou Ying asked.

“What is there to be afraid of, a bottle of nine turns back to Tianlu that’s all.” Jiang Chen said: “even more how, you are not that kind of person.”

I know, if Shadow Sect wants to attack Jiang Chen, it is not Lou Ying who is here at this moment, but the killers!

Thinking of this, Shadow Sect should definitely want to help Jiang Chen.

Furthermore, as far as Jiang Chen knows, there are also some grudges between Shadow Sect and the Dark Temple.

Now that the Dark Profound King is offered a reward, it is Jiang Chen’s money. Can Shadow Sect disagree?

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

Finally, Lou Ying left and told Jiang Chen, see you in Heizhou ten days later!

Jiang Chen didn’t say much. Under the all around layout, Formation, after hiding his breath, he began cultivation.

He has obtained many treasures from the Dark Temple, medicine pill rare treasure is countless, with these things, Jiang Chen’s state can not only recover, but even the cultivation base can be improved a lot!

In this way, Jiang Chen hides in Heizhou, quietly cultivation.

Time is slowly passing by…

Until three days later.

On this day, Jiang Chen woke up from the cultivation with a ray of Profound Light flashing in his eyes, just like the brightest light in the world!

Stretching the body, within the body blood energy galloping, the Divine Soul and the soul are extremely bright, divine light is like a big river, covering the whole body, rolling!

The trauma caused by the previous soldiers’ solution has already been completely recovered, and even its cultivation base has broken through to the upper heavenly God!

The most exciting thing for Jiang Chen is that in the past three days, he took a lot of rare treasure and shed more than 500 Spirit Physiques!

At the same time, shocking changes were found on the ribs!

Originally, rune flowers that resemble roses grew on the ribs, but at this moment these flowers are actually unified, turning into an extremely bright rose!

The rose blooms in Jiang Chen’s heart, and in the heart of the flower, there seems to be a god sitting cross-legged, unable to see the appearance, but one after another obscure chanting sound can be heard!

Under the tremor of his body, the gods at the place of his heart suddenly opened his eyes, and a powerful force burst out, sweeping the limbs!

Jiang Chen was shocked, feeling this power, and roughly estimated that with his current strength, he was afraid that he could easily suppress the lower gods!

Even the middle-ranked god has the power to fight!

“Spirit Physique is transformed, roses are fused…” Jiang Chen was delighted, and included the faded Spirit Physique into Soul World.

After that, he got up, after tidying up, he moved towards looked towards the distance.

Today is the day agreed with Lou Ying.

Jiang Chen knows that Shadow Sect has a special Divine Ability and can find him.

So, he is here waiting for Lou Ying to arrive.

However, until the night, there was no silhouette of the building’s shadow.

This makes Jiang Chen a little puzzled, guessing if something unexpected happened to Louying.

Of course, Jiang Chen never thinks that Lou Ying will betray him, let alone run back to Tianlu with Nine Turns.

After all, Jiang Chen is quite accurate when it comes to seeing people.

“Could it be…there is something wrong with Shadow Sect?” Jiang Chen wondered, wondering if he should go to Shadow Sect to see it?

However, few people in this world know the mountain gate of Shadow Sect, even if they want to go, they can’t find it.



Just when Jiang Chen was in doubt, suddenly there was a loud noise from a distance!

Look up, beyond Jiang Chen thousand ten thousand li, in the sky, where the void exploded, and the terrifying void storm swept everything!

The light of the avenue floats up and down in the void, like the ripples spreading, and the a side World is changing color!

Take a closer look, in the light of the avenue, the silhouette is chuochuo, someone is actually fighting!

“Who are you waiting for!? I am the Dark Profound King!”

After a dozen breaths, a roar came out, shaking the entire Heizhou!

At this moment, Jiang Chen stared at the sky, and saw that the Dark Profound King was actually injured!

The top of the head was lifted, one arm was cut off, and even the chest was pierced!

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